Elbow Pads For MTB Kids

The best mountain biking elbow pads for kids

Like knee pads for kids, elbow pads are an important part of kid’s mountain biking gear. They protect the elbows in case of a fall by limiting scrapes and other superficial (yet painful) injuries from occurring. The newest elbow pads for mtb kids are available in a series of stylish colors, and made of very lightweight, yet strong materials, these elbow pads will defy all of your child’s objections. The five models reviewed here are all well-recommended, as well as designed by some of the best-known names in mountain biking safety gear. Your child will actually want to wear them, or at least, not complain as much about them before taking to the trails.

Mountain Biking Elbow Pads For Kids Comparison Chart

ProductMSRPBuy from
G-Form Pro-X3 Elbow Pads - Youth$43.99Competitive Cyclist
Leatt - Contour Elbow Guards (Youth)$59.00BTO Sports
IXS - Carve Evo+ Elbow Armor (Bicycle) (Youth)$99.00BTO Sports
Alpinestars - Paragon Lite Elbow Protector - Kids’$52.95Backcountry
Fox Launch D3O Youth Elbow Guards$64.95Jenson
G-Form youth mtb elbow pads

G-Form Pro-X3 Elbow Pads – Youth

Check out the G-Form Pro-X3 Elbow pads for kids. These guards cover a good part of the arm, stretching from the middle of their lower arms to a length halfway to their shoulders, making them perform like a rash guard as well as an elbow pad. Most of the protection is focused on the elbow portion, which is covered by a soft, flexible foam that hardens instantly on contact. This ensures that the elbow pads are lightweight and breathable, yet provide the necessary level of protection when your child needs it the most. Not only do these G-Form Pro-X3 Elbow pads stay in place thanks to the compression sleeves with silicone grippers on either end, but they also look great as well.

Leatt Contour elbow pads for mtb kids

Leatt – Contour Elbow Guards (Youth)

Comfort and style combine in the Leatt Contour Elbow Guards. Initially designed for MX bikes, these pads are similar to styles designed for adults, only they come in a youth size, allowing your child to wear a set just like those worn by their idols. The patterned gray on black sleeves stretches from the wrists all of the way to a spot just shy of the shoulder, with a slim fit that easily slides on under a mountain bike jersey. The compression sleeves help the elbow guards stay in place while providing extra protection in case your child falls or gets too close to a boulder or tree branch on the trail. The protective hard shell near the elbow is made of Leatt’s patented HDPE High-Density Poly Ethylene material, while the rest is made of their MoistureCool wicking fabric. Under the hard shell casing is a layer of Leatt 3DF impact foam, providing even more protection.

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G-Form knee pads for kids

Knee Pads For Kids

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IXS elbow pads for mountain biking kids

IXS – Carve Evo+ Elbow Armor (Youth)

Available in three different sizes (youth small through youth large), as well as two different color combinations, it’s easy to find a pair of IXS Carve Evo + Elbow Armor that your child will want to wear. No matter the size, these elbow pads feature LoopLock fasteners that keep them firmly in place, as well as silicone grippers for an additional level of support. Once they’re on, unless your child wants them off, these elbow pads aren’t going anywhere. Color choices include gray or camel, both with the IXS logo in a darker print that helps it stand out. These elbow pads are extremely lightweight, coming in at a mere 270 grams (or half of a pound) for the entire set. With safety features that include the use of IXS’s patented X-Matter material for maximum absorption no matter how hard the fall and an open-cell foam cover that also cushions the blow, these elbow pads mean business.

Alpinestars Paragon Lite Elbow Protector kids mountain bike pads

Alpinestars Paragon Lite Elbow Protector – Kids’

If your young rider crashes, without pads, it can be the end of a fun day on the trails.  The Paragon Lite elbow pads offer protection while feeling light and flexible. The pads feature a slip-on closure to save you the time of messing around with velcro straps, while silicone printing in the cuffs prevents slippage.

Leatt 3DF youth elbow pads - kids mtb protection

Fox Launch D3O Youth Elbow Guards

These pads are great for kids who like to race downhill or catch huge air. The Fox Launch D3O Youth Elbow Guards combine impact-absorbing technology and sleek design. While riding, the Launch Elbow Guard stays flexible for ease of movement and comfort. In the event of an impact, the insert instantly hardens to dissipate the force of the crash. The slip-on, perforated neoprene guard has a hook and loop adjuster for a tailored fit. Importantly,  these pads are breathable and moisture-wicking to keep your young shredder comfortable all day long.