Pro Mountain Biker Haley Batten Tells Us About Little Bellas

Stories and News Written by Haley | July 13, 2018 SHARETWEET

Park City professional mountain biker Haley Batten tells us about mentoring young ladies through her partnership with the Little Bellas program.


Trailcraft Maxwell 24 Review

Reviews Written by Brett | June 30, 2018 SHARETWEET

The Trailcraft Maxwell 24 is a premium full-suspension mountain bike for kids. The model we review in this article featured a Shimano XT components and Stan's No Tubes wheels.


Downhill Bikes For Kids

Stories and News Written by Brett | June 28, 2018 SHARETWEET

Kid-sized downhill mountain bikes are special machines for bike parks and shuttling. They're equipped with dual-suspension and ready to hit the rowdy technical tracks and jump lines.


Mountain Biking Dads – Father’s Day 2018

Stories and News Written by Brett | June 17, 2018 SHARETWEET

Dads from Hong Kong, Venezuela, Italy, and Canada tell us what they enjoy most about riding bikes with their kids. Happy Father's Day to all the MTB dads out there.


Summer 2018 Audiobook Selections For MTB Families

Stories and News Written by Brett | June 4, 2018 SHARETWEET

It's finally road trip time! Before you load up the mountain bikes, load up your smartphone or cd player with these audiobooks we've enjoyed over the years.


The Outlaw Bike Team

Stories and News Written by Brett | June 1, 2018 SHARETWEET

The Outlaw Bike Team is a group of young Utah gravity mountain bikers led by a dedicated coach. Learn a little about the team and what they have in store for the upcoming season of riding fast and free.


Here’s To The Mountain Biking Moms

Stories and News Written by Brett | May 13, 2018 SHARETWEET

We reached out to a few moms around the world to see why they enjoy mountain biking with their kids. All of these little stories and comments are lovely and demonstrate why mountain biking is so much fun for families of all ages.


Enduro Bikes For Kids

Reviews Written by Brett | May 7, 2018 SHARETWEET

Over the last few years, enduro races have started to allow kids aged 12 and younger to participate. Here are some of the full-suspension mountain bikes for kids that allow for technical descending and pedaling the transitions.


Never Having To Say “Just Me” – Why I Joined A NICA Mountain Bike Team

Stories and News Written by Chiana | April 24, 2018 SHARETWEET

This feature was written by high school mountain biker Chiana Rossiter. Read on as she shares some of her NICA mountain biking experiences.


The Captain Ahab Trail

Trails Written by Brett | April 23, 2018 SHARETWEET

If your family has a couple years of mountain biking experience and everyone's up for a challenge, consider the Captain Ahab trail in Moab.


Spawn Yoji 14 Review

Reviews Written by Brett | April 18, 2018 SHARETWEET

We got our hands on a Spawn Yoji 14. This highly adjustable kids' bike for riders aged 2.5 and up features 14 inch wheels, hand brakes and a fab saddle.


Visiting SkyPark At Santa’s Village

Stories and News Written by Brett | April 3, 2018 SHARETWEET

Ready for something new in southern California? Spend a day at the renovated and revitalized SkyPark At Santa's Village. The bike park offers several fun trails and there's plenty of other activities at this winter-themed park.


10 Things To Know Before Buying A Kid’s Mountain Bike

Stories and News Written by Traci | March 29, 2018 SHARETWEET

Buying your kid's next mountain bike can be a lot easier if you do your research and work with your local bike shop to obtain a proper fitting bike.


5 Full Face Mountain Biking Helmets For Kids

Reviews Written by Brett | March 23, 2018 SHARETWEET

Full face mountain biking helmets will help protect your kids' cute grills as well as your investment in advanced orthodontics.


Orbea MX 24 Trail Mountain Bike Review

Reviews Written by Dan | March 18, 2018 SHARETWEET

This 24 inch wheeled mountain bike was put through its paces by a young girl who has raced and jumped the bike. Read what she says about this front-suspension option from Orbea.


Boys Bikes And Girls Bikes – What Is The Difference?

Stories and News Written by Traci | March 18, 2018 SHARETWEET

Some bike manufacturers classify their bikes as Boys Bikes or Girls Bikes. We take a quick look at how this came to be and question if it's still necessary.


Prevelo Alpha Two – Kids’ Bike Review

Reviews Written by Brett | January 30, 2018 SHARETWEET

If your 4-6 year old biker is ready to transition to their first pedal bike from a balance bike or bike with training wheels, you should look at this 16-inch wheel offering from Prevelo.



Stories and News Written by Brett | January 16, 2018 SHARETWEET

Want to plan a summer trip to Canada from the U.S. so your can mountain bike with your kids? We're sharing some of the things we've learned over the years.


A Bike-Minded Family Heads Norte

Stories and News Written by Becky | November 18, 2017 SHARETWEET

The non-profit youth bike club Norte gets more kids on bikes by showing them what can be gained for the community when they participate and join this unique club.


The 2017 Red Bull Rampage Weekend

Stories and News Written by Liz | November 7, 2017 SHARETWEET

The Mallen family attends Red Bull Rampage 2017 in southern Utah. Read about how to get tickets, where to stay, and the Fanpage for the groms.


5 Mountain Biking Shorts For Kids

Reviews Written by Traci | November 1, 2017 SHARETWEET

We've tried a few different brands of mountain biking shorts for our kids over the years. These shorts from popular brands are built for fit, comfort and function.


Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior Neck Brace Review

Reviews Written by Traci | October 29, 2017 SHARETWEET

The Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior neck brace can be partnered with a one piece full-face helmet to provide your aggressive grom an additional level of protection.


5 Tips For Mountain Biking With Kids In Colder Weather

Stories and News Written by Jeanette | October 28, 2017 SHARETWEET

The Soley family lives in Pennsylvania. They make the most of riding season by being well-prepared for the upcoming cold weather.


Scott Scale RC JR 24 Mountain Bike Review

Reviews Written by Brett | October 25, 2017 SHARETWEET

The Scott Scale RC JR 24 is a race ready cross country mountain bike designed specifically for kids. Find out if this frame and build is a good fit for your young rider.


October Audiobook Selections for Family Mountain Biking Road Trips

Reviews Written by Brett | October 6, 2017 SHARETWEET

We've chosen three seasonal favorites for October's audiobooks. Bring these along so your young mountain bikers look forward to the next long drive.


Video – Horsethief Bench Drop-In, Mountain Biking With Kids

Stories and News Written by Brett | October 4, 2017 SHARETWEET

The Horsethief Bench Drop-In near Loma, Colorado is unique. Thankfully, it has remained one of the most accessible and difficult sections of trail in the western U.S.


5 Family Friendly Mountain Bike Rides In Colorado

Stories and News Written by Amy | October 1, 2017 SHARETWEET

Fall is here and Colorado offers great mountain biking for families. Out of a ga-jillion possibilities, we chose five trails/areas we hope you will explore with your kids.


Video – Evolution, Mountain Biking With Kids

Stories and News Written by Brett | September 27, 2017 SHARETWEET

Bellingham, Washington is a lot of fun for mountain bikers of all ages and skill levels. Here is our 14 year-old taking a lap down one of the area's best trails.


Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes for Kids – Review

Reviews Written by Traci | September 20, 2017 SHARETWEET

These mountain biking shoes for kids are a wonderful accessory if your kids like to ride with flat pedals and get rowdy.


Whistler’s Summer Gravity Camps – Mountain Biking With Kids

Stories and News Written by Brett | September 13, 2017 SHARETWEET

Whistler's Summer Gravity Camps offer week-long mountain biking clinics for young riders. Here's a summary of our kid's experience.


Video – Dirt Merchant, Whistler Bike Park With Kids

Stories and News Written by Brett | September 10, 2017 SHARETWEET

Our 14 year-old mountain biker takes a lap on Dirt Merchant in the Whistler Bike Park. This was part of his week with SGC in July, 2017.


Here Are Three Audiobooks You May Enjoy On Your Next Mountain Biking Trip With Kids

Reviews Written by Brett | September 6, 2017 SHARETWEET

A story about audiobooks on a mountain biking with kids website? Abso-freakin’-lutely! Audiobooks are the reason why our mountain biking kids don’t mind long trips in the car.


Trek Fuel Ex Jr. Review

Reviews Written by Brett | August 19, 2017 SHARETWEET

Our youngest has been on this ride for a few months. Find out if the full-suspension Trek Fuel Ex Jr. irons out the bumps while keeping the weight low enough to do the job as an all-mountain/enduro kid's bike.


A Short Interview With Andrew Shandro From SGC – Summer Gravity Camps

Stories and News Written by Brett | July 21, 2017 SHARETWEET

Andrew Shandro is keeping the kids stoked in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park with his week-long clinics dedicated to riders who want to progress.


Video – Lower A Line, Whistler Bike Park

Stories and News Written by Brett | July 18, 2017 SHARETWEET

Wyatt tekes a POV lap on the world famous A Line trail in the Whistler Bike Park.


Our Family Mountain Bikes In The McCall Idaho Area For The First Time

Stories and News Written by Brett | June 19, 2017 SHARETWEET

We took off for a quick weekend mountain biking trip to McCall, Idaho with the entire family. You could easily spend a week there.


A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Kidsworx Rotorua With Marcello Ojerio

Stories and News Written by Brett | May 21, 2017 SHARETWEET

Read about the family-friendly fun that is a growing part of Crankworx Rotorua.


Trikes To Trails Is A Great Way To Get Your Young Rider Mountain Biking

Local Partner Written by Brett | May 8, 2017 SHARETWEET

This is a program for young riders in the Salt Lake City area. It's professionally designed to transition kids from the early stages of riding a bike to mountain biking.


Bell Super 2r Helmet Review

Reviews Written by Brett | May 7, 2017 SHARETWEET

Has your kid crashed and hit his/her face on a cross-country mountain bike ride? Read our review or the Bell Super 2r to see what we think about these after a season of riding.


Meet A Daughter-Father Mountain Biking Duo From Pisgah Forest

Stories and News Written by Brett | April 30, 2017 SHARETWEET

Hannah Dickson and her dad Wes are two mountain bikers whose local riding choices include the beautiful Bracken Mountain Preserve in North Carolina.


The Mallen Family Heads West And Dives Into The 2017 Sea Otter Classic

Stories and News Written by Brett | April 24, 2017 SHARETWEET

A family of mountain biking enthusiasts make the trip out to California so their twin boys can test their mettle against some of the best riders on the continent.


How To Ride Better: Choose The Right Bike For Your Trail

Adult Ride Written by Cecilia | April 19, 2017 SHARETWEET

Having the right bike for the right trail applies to riders of all ages and abilities. Former mountain biking world champ, Cecilia Potts, tells us why.


Crankworx Rotorua 2017 – Keeping Up With The Griffins

Stories and News Written by Brett | April 3, 2017 SHARETWEET

This is not the look of fear. It's concentration. And, it took place at Crankworx Rotorua in New Zealand on the first stop of this year's world tour.


This NICA League Is The Product Of A Family Riding Bikes

Stories and News Written by Kimberly | March 31, 2017 SHARETWEET

One the Wisconsin NICA Founding Chairs tells her story of how mountain biking with her toddler lead to the creation of state's high school MTB league.


Mistakes Were Made – Volume 01

Stories and News Written by Brett | February 9, 2017 SHARETWEET

Not everything goes as planned. We thought it would be a good idea to share some of our sharable "Oh crap!" moments.


Video – Blue Velvet

Stories and News Written by Brett | August 29, 2016 SHARETWEET

This is a glimpse of what happened when we took our youngest son on Blue Velvet for the first time. This trail is in the Garbanzo Zone of the Whi...


My Trek Dirt Series Experience

Adult Ride Written by Traci | August 15, 2016 SHARETWEET

I attended the Trek Dirt Series during the summer of 2016 in Park City, Utah. If you're considering this clinic to improve your mountain biking skills, here's a synopsis of my weekend.


The Glory of Balance Bikes

Stories and News Written by Kimberly | May 12, 2016 SHARETWEET

The title says it all. But, if you are considering training wheels for your kid's first bike, read on.


Get A Mountain Bike That Fits

Stories and News Written by Kimberly | May 12, 2016 SHARETWEET

A bike that fits will help your child be safe and have a good mountain biking experience.


Mountain Biking Trail Etiquette

Stories and News Written by Kimberly | May 10, 2016 SHARETWEET

Let's face it. The world is getting smaller every day and many of our beloved trails are multi-use. Exhibiting proper trail etiquette with children helps ensure mountain biking's growth and sustainability.


Video – Somewhere Over There

Stories and News Written by Brett | September 1, 2015 SHARETWEET

This trail is amazing. It features rock rolls, roots, hairpin turns and an elaborate section of wood work.