5 Tips For Mountain Biking With Kids In Colder Weather


Tips for biking with kids in cold weather – Natural born dare devils make their “worry-wart” mom a nervous wreck but also a very proud one. Jordan Soley and Jason Soley are twin 5 year old boys. Since day one, both boys have been obsessed with wheels. Tonka trucks, wagons, tractors and lawn mowers – you name it/ When they discovered a bike, it was love at first sight. And once their legs grew long enough, they were off pedaling.

Allowed to ride in the house in the cold winter of Pennsylvania is where they learned to pop their first wheelies – training wheels and all. They were even hitting ramps with those things on. The next winter the training wheels came off. Winter is a great time for riding even when you’re too big to ride in a house.

You can get your kids riding outside in ally types of weather with the proper gear. They need that movement. And you probably need the break!

Soley twins riding a ferry with their mountain biking family
Hitting the dirt jumps
Jordan and Jason - mountain biking brothers

Here Are 5 Tips For Mountain Biking With Kids In Colder Weather

Plan Shorter Rides

A short ride is better than all day on the couch! Although riding can break a sweat, we need to take note of our colder outdoor temperatures winter brings. Try keeping the rides high activity, but shorter in duration when biking with kids in cold weather.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Sounds easy enough. You know this concept. Your first layer should be something that wicks away moisture, the mid layer being thermal to keep warm and the outer layer is our wind stopping layer. So go ahead and pick up that windbreaker for the holidays.

Consider A Winter Helmet

Hat as a key ingredient for warmth. As 30 percent of body heat is lost through the head, less vents are best for winter riding. If two helmets aren’t an option especially for our growing riders you could use a helmet cover which simply goes on over the helmet. Or, try a ski cap under your helmet.

Use Running Gloves or Cold Weather Bike Gloves Instead of Regular Bike Gloves

Warm fingers and make a HUGE difference! If your kids’ hands are big enough, try cold weather running gloves instead of your biking gloves. Running gloves work great because they’re made of thicker, warmer fabrics. Many of them even have textured material such as a thin coat patterned rubber to help grip the handlebars.

Keep The Warm On The Inside

Cozy and delicious! My best tip yet if the kiddos will allow is a thermos filled with warm water or better yet delicious tea or cocoa for a warm hydration break. You can also pre-warm, by drinking something hot just before you head out.

One of the mountain biking Soley boys
Mountain biking with kids in colder weather

As for now the boys are hitting trails across America as they travel in an RV with their parents. They have noticed riding is a bit more popular in Colorado, Washington and such and are loving it. It provides the boys with a bike friendly atmosphere and more diverse riding.

Check out our list of Holiday Gifts for Mountain Bikers form some items that will be helpful when biking with kids in cold weather.

Jeanette Soley - Nomadic by NatureThanks to Jeanette Soley and her family for contributing this article. Follow the boys and their adventures on Facebook at Nomadic By Nature and let them know your favorite season to ride and how you stay warm. Hey maybe they might swing by and go for a ride with you!