5 Full Face Mountain Biking Helmets For Kids

full-face mountain biking helmets for kids


Full-face mountain biking helmets for kids: A proper fitting helmet keeps your children safe while they’re riding the trails. A full face mountain biking helmet can offer improved protection. These full face mountain biking helmets for kids are far more advanced than the ones that emerged ten years ago. They are lighter. Hard outer shells with molded interiors made of advanced foam polymers are designed to cushion blows to the head. Yet, the proper fitting helmet is comfortable to wear. On top of that, the helmets featured here come in an array of colors and sizes, all of which should placate even the most meticulous kid, even as the safety features make mom and dad happy.

100% Status Jr. Downhill/BMX Youth Helmet

The 100% Status Jr. Downhill/BMX Youth Helmet is designed for safety. Its exterior consists of lightweight fiberglass, making it comfortable to wear. The interior, most of which is made of EPS foam, also has a removable liner that can be tossed into a washing machine for easy clean up after riding on a hot day. The cheek pads and chinstrap liner are also removable and washable, ensuring that no matter how messy things get, the helmet will look as good as new.

Speaking of the way the helmet looks, it’s available in three color combinations: Kelton Blue, DDay White, and Black Meteor. There are three different sized outer helmets to choose from, youth small, youth medium, and youth large, and the interior section comes in two different sizes for a snug fit. The visor is completely adjustable, and it screws into place so that it won’t come loose while your child is riding. On top of this, the helmet is compatible with a number of different emergency release systems. One of our favorite full-face mountain biking helmets for kids

Leatt GPX 4.5 Junior full face helmet

Leatt GPX 4.5 Junior Helmet

Leatt is well-known for its innovative neck braces. You can read our review for the Leatt Jr. DBX neck brace. And, over the years they have expanded their offerings to include helmets. The Leatt GPX 4.5 Junior Helmet has is made with Leatt’s 360º Turbine Technology. Its purpose is to reduce rotational acceleration to the head and absorb energy during a crash. These features are accomplished through the design and materials.

The helmet’s shell is is 10% smaller than other brands and that can result in up to 20% less rotational forces to the brain, head and neck. Other safety features of the helmet include a breakaway visor and emergency cheek pad removal. Of course it’s compatible with Leatt chest protectors. And, it even includes a kit so you can use your hydration pack – hands free. These kids’ lids are both certified ECE 2205 or DOT and weigh in at 1150g (ECE);  1300g (DOT).

Kids Full Face MTB Helmet, Fly Racing Default

Fly Racing Default Full Face Mountain Biking Helmet For Kids

Fly makes some of the least expensive full-face mountain biking helmets for kids. This option weighs in at about 2.5 lbs and it’s available in several colors and youth sizes. The lightweight design and poly-alloy materials make it as comfortable as some carbon helmets costing at least twice as much. 21 vents help keep riders cool as they bomb their favorite dh trails, jump lines, or bmx tracks.

The padded chin strap is an additional feature that keeps this full face helmet stay put. An easy-to-thread and fasten nylon strap with d-rings are responsible for securing the helmet. When your little womprat starts to stink up this lid from the inside the cheek pads and liner can easily be removed and hand washed. One of our kids wears this full face mountain biking helmet. He really likes it.

Fox Youth V1 Full Face Helmet

Fox Youth V1 Race Full Face MTB Helmet

Style meets function in the Fox Youth V1 Race Helmet. This helmet comes in an astounding array of colors, including pink, yellow, orange, red, white, and blue, all with black accents. Not only does this helmet look nice, but it offers plenty of protection, as it exceeds current Department of Transportation (DOT) and Economic Condition for Europe (ECE) standards. The exterior of this helmet consists of polycarbonate that’s been molded into a sleek, yet efficient design. The interior has an EPS performance foam liner that cushions every blow, especially those that occur when falling off of a mountain bike.

Each helmet has 13 different vents built into it for airflow. Nine of these vents are intake ones, meaning that fresh air will flow through the helmet while your child is on the move, while the other four are exhaust vents, pushing warm, sweaty air out. The Youth V1 helmet comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large – practically guaranteeing that there’s one to fit your child.

Kids Full Face Helmet, Kali Protectives Zoka

Kali Protectives Zoka Full Face Helmet

With an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – a type of modern plastic that’s lightweight and durable) outside and an impact foam lined interior, this helmet offers the ultimate level of protection at an affordable price. The Kali Protectives Zoka helmet comes in two different sizes – medium and large – and has an inner liner that’s both removable and washable. There’s also a motorcycle-style visor that can be pushed up or down, depending on the level of sun blocking and additional protection needed.

Your child won’t overheat in the helmet, thanks to the 12 vents included in the overall design. Six of these vents are in the chin area, while the other six are located in various places elsewhere on the helmet. All allow for plenty of airflow on hot days. This Kali helmet also comes in two different color combinations, slash green and black and slash matte red and black, guaranteeing that it will match just about any mountain biking outfit.

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