We get it. Good things cost good money. But I have never heard anyone say, "I really shouldn't have bought that great mountain bike." Not long ago, kids' mountain bikes and accessories were not very good. Youth mountain bikes from big manufacturers were heavy and poor performing. My favorite bike shop mechanic called this the "curse of the kid bike." Well, the curse has been broken, manufacturers are investing in designing good gear for young riders. Here is some of what we've been able to get our hands on.

Trailcraft Maxwell 26 Review

Written by Brett | October 14, 2018 SHARETWEET

Is the full-suspension Trailcraft Maxwell 26 a do-it-all kids' mountain bike? Read the words; look at the photos and videos. Then, choose a color.


The Best Mountain Bike Racks For Families

Written by Brett | October 10, 2018 SHARETWEET

Here are our picks for bike racks. They are not cheap, but they will ensure your family's mountain bikes arrive at the trail head undamaged.


Patagonia Black Hole 60L Duffel Bag Review

Written by Traci | October 2, 2018 SHARETWEET

These Patagonia duffel bags hold more than the average daypack or medium sized suitcase. But are they a good option for your family on the go?


Woom 5 Review

Written by Brett | August 30, 2018 SHARETWEET

The Woom 5 was designed in Vienna, Austria – just like Beethoven's 5th symphony. Is this a coincidence? Is this a cycling masterpiece? Read on!


Alta Racks, Alta Six GPR Bike Rack Review

Written by Brett | August 24, 2018 SHARETWEET

We tried out the Alta Racks, Alta Six GPR bike rack system. This bike rack holds up to six mountain bikes and it's made in America.


Bell Super 3r Helmet With MIPS For Kids – Review

Written by Brett | August 12, 2018 SHARETWEET

A removable chin bar for the Bell Super 3r provides another level of protection for your kid's cute face when trail conditions get rowdy.


Five Ten Freerider Contact Mountain Bike Shoes for Kids – Review

Written by Brett | August 4, 2018 SHARETWEET

Kids grow out of stuff fast. That means our 11 year old got to try out a pair of Five Ten Freerider Contact mountain biking shoes for the season.


Trailcraft Maxwell 24 Review

Written by Brett | June 30, 2018 SHARETWEET

The Trailcraft Maxwell 24 is a premium full-suspension mountain bike for kids. The model we review in this article featured a Shimano XT components and Stan's No Tubes wheels.


Downhill Bikes For Kids

Written by Brett | June 28, 2018 SHARETWEET

Kid-sized downhill mountain bikes are special machines for bike parks and shuttling. They're equipped with dual-suspension and ready to hit the rowdy technical tracks and jump lines.


Summer 2018 Audiobook Selections For MTB Families

Written by Brett | June 4, 2018 SHARETWEET

It's finally road trip time! Before you load up the mountain bikes, load up your smartphone or cd player with these audiobooks we've enjoyed over the years.


Enduro Bikes For Kids

Written by Brett | May 7, 2018 SHARETWEET

Over the last few years, enduro races have started to allow kids aged 12 and younger to participate. Here are some of the full-suspension mountain bikes for kids that allow for technical descending and pedaling the transitions.


Spawn Yoji 14 Review

Written by Brett | April 18, 2018 SHARETWEET

We got our hands on a Spawn Yoji 14. This highly adjustable kids' bike for riders aged 2.5 and up features 14 inch wheels, hand brakes and a fab saddle.


5 Full Face Mountain Biking Helmets For Kids

Written by Brett | March 23, 2018 SHARETWEET

Full face mountain biking helmets will help protect your kids' cute grills as well as your investment in advanced orthodontics.


Orbea MX 24 Trail Mountain Bike Review

Written by Dan | March 18, 2018 SHARETWEET

This 24 inch wheeled mountain bike was put through its paces by a young girl who has raced and jumped the bike. Read what she says about this front-suspension option from Orbea.


Prevelo Alpha Two – Kids’ Bike Review

Written by Brett | January 30, 2018 SHARETWEET

If your 4-6 year old biker is ready to transition to their first pedal bike from a balance bike or bike with training wheels, you should look at this 16-inch wheel offering from Prevelo.


5 Mountain Biking Shorts For Kids

Written by Traci | November 1, 2017 SHARETWEET

We've tried a few different brands of mountain biking shorts for our kids over the years. These shorts from popular brands are built for fit, comfort and function.


Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior Neck Brace Review

Written by Traci | October 29, 2017 SHARETWEET

The Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior neck brace can be partnered with a one piece full-face helmet to provide your aggressive grom an additional level of protection.


Scott Scale RC JR 24 Mountain Bike Review

Written by Brett | October 25, 2017 SHARETWEET

The Scott Scale RC JR 24 is a race ready cross country mountain bike designed specifically for kids. Find out if this frame and build is a good fit for your young rider.


October Audiobook Selections for Family Mountain Biking Road Trips

Written by Brett | October 6, 2017 SHARETWEET

We've chosen three seasonal favorites for October's audiobooks. Bring these along so your young mountain bikers look forward to the next long drive.


Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes for Kids – Review

Written by Traci | September 20, 2017 SHARETWEET

These mountain biking shoes for kids are a wonderful accessory if your kids like to ride with flat pedals and get rowdy.


Here Are Three Audiobooks You May Enjoy On Your Next Mountain Biking Trip With Kids

Written by Brett | September 6, 2017 SHARETWEET

A story about audiobooks on a mountain biking with kids website? Abso-freakin’-lutely! Audiobooks are the reason why our mountain biking kids don’t mind long trips in the car.


Trek Fuel Ex Jr. Review

Written by Brett | August 19, 2017 SHARETWEET

Our youngest has been on this ride for a few months. Find out if the full-suspension Trek Fuel Ex Jr. irons out the bumps while keeping the weight low enough to do the job as an all-mountain/enduro kid's bike.


SixSixOne Rage Youth Knee Pad Review

Written by Traci | July 22, 2017 SHARETWEET

Knee pads are mandatory for some of our mountain bike rides. Here's how the current knee pads for our 10 year old measure up after a few weeks of heavy use.


Bell Super 2r Helmet Review

Written by Brett | May 7, 2017 SHARETWEET

Has your kid crashed and hit his/her face on a cross-country mountain bike ride? Read our review or the Bell Super 2r to see what we think about these after a season of riding.


Dakine Shuttle 6L Hydration Pack

Written by Brett | June 5, 2016 SHARETWEET

We picked up this handy accessory during one of our north-of-the-border trips. See how we like it after a season of use.

Mountain Biking with Kids pics from Instagram
  • Here’s @wat_is_good  at a NICA race last Saturday. He is staged 10th out of over 50 riders in his category. He finished 12th. I can’t get him to race a hard tail. He’s racing flat pedals on his Tracer with the suspension open. Sheeeesh. #kidsthesedays ;)
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Kids Five Ten mtb shoes for sale
Full face mountain bike helmets for kids - for sale