Mountain Biking Gloves For Kids


Mountain Biking Gloves For Kids – Mountain bikers of all ages, yes, including kids, wear gloves for a multitude of reasons. They protect the hands in case of accidents and falls. Gloves help your young riders grip the handlebars, providing plenty of needed support. In addition, gloves keep your hands warm on cold days and wick away sweat on hot ones. Extra protection against random tree branches and bushes that appear at just the right height on the trails is yet another reason. Basically, gloves are important. The best pairs are stylish, comfortable, made to fit small hands, and provide all of the required levels of protection. It may seem like the perfect pair is hard to find, but it’s out there. The ones that we’ve reviewed here are all contenders, so keep your specific needs in mind and check out what these pairs have to offer.

Mountain Biking Gloves For Kids Comparison Chart

ProductMSRPBuy from
Fox Head Youth Ranger MTB Gloves$19.46 - $25.95Amazon
Giro DND Jr II Youth Bike Gloves$7.95 - $27.55Amazon
Dakine Prodigy Bike Gloves - Kids$22.00Amazon
Troy Lee Designs Air Youth Bike Gloves$22.00Jenson USA
Fly Racing - 2019 F-16 Gloves (Youth)$24.95BTO Sports
Seven iDP - Transition Gradient Glove (Youth)$21.99BTO Sports
PEARL iZUMi Jr MTB Gloves - Kids$20.00REI
Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Fyce Gloves - Full Finger$24.99Treefort Bikes
FreeMaster Full Finger Gel Cycling Gloves$16.99Amazon
Fox youth mtb gloves - black

Fox Head Youth Ranger MTB Gloves

Made by a company with plenty of experience in the field, the Fox Head Youth Ranger MTB Gloves are designed to look just their popular adult pairs, only smaller. Available in a snappy combination of golden yellow with black accents, these gloves will help your young rider stand out while on the trails – in a good way, of course. The four-way stretch fabric keeps the gloves snug on the fingers and hands, while a hook and loop closure fastens around the wrist to ensure that they stay in place. The fabric is extremely durable and can hold up to tough spills and falls. Meanwhile, the fabric remains very breathable while helping your child keep their grip on the handlebars at the same time.

Giro mountain biking gloves for kids

Giro DND Jr II Youth Bike Gloves

Available in four different sizes (youth extra small through youth large) and six colors and patterns, it’s easy to find a pair of the Giro DND Jr II Youth Bike Gloves that your child will want to wear. Color choices include black, black with a purple abstract floral pattern, and even pink and red camo. On top of style, these gloves include a number of important safety features and high tech components, like silicone fingertips that are compatible with smartphone screens. The knuckles have flex zones for comfort, and the reinforced fingertip sections are incredibly sturdy. The gloves are made of a breathable material that wicks away moisture while stretching (another comfort factor) at the same time. Plus, they slip onto the hands, leaving your child with few excuses not to wear them.

MTB Helmets For Kids

Make sure your kids have proper, well-fitting head protection.

Mountain Bike Helmets For Kids

G-Form knee pads for kids

Knee Pads For Kids

Knee pads are another level of protection for young riders.

MTB Knee Pads for Kids

Camelbak LUXE hydration pack for kids

Hydration Packs For Kids

Is your kid big enough to carry their own water and supplies?

MTB Hydration Packs for Kids

Dakine youth prodigy kid mtb gloves

Dakine Prodigy Bike Gloves – Kids

The Prodigy Bike Gloves by Dakine come in solid black, making it easy to match them with the rest of your child’s gear. In addition to the two sizes available, youth large and youth extra-large, these gloves include a number of comfort fit measures. They fasten at the wrists with a handy hook and loop closure, keeping them snugly in place no matter how bumpy the trails may be. In addition, the palm is made of a synthetic material that allows for breathability while enhancing the gloves’ gripping power. The back features a nose wipe section (for those with on-trail allergies), and plenty of stretchy, breathable fabric for comfort. Plus, the fabric contains odor control technology, so you won’t have to wash them so often.

Air youth mountain biking gloves for kids - Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee Designs Air Youth Bike Gloves

If your child wants a colorful pair of gloves to wear on their rides, look no further than the Troy Lee Designs Air Youth Bike Gloves. We love these mountain biking gloves for kids! These protective hand covers (that’s what they are, after all) come in a number of very bright colors, including red, light blue, and pink, as well as a standard black that matches everything. They come in sizes ranging from youth extra small to youth large, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a pair even as your child’s hands grow. The body of the gloves is made of spandex, keeping them comfortable and secure on the hands, while the leather palms provide plenty of gripping ability and security, in case of a fall. The leather is perforated, allowing for plenty of airflow as well.

Fly Racing mountain biking gloves for kids

Fly Racing – 2019 F-16 Gloves (Youth)

Another colorful option, your little mountain biker will want to wear their Fly Racing 2019 F-16 Gloves. These gloves have a neoprene cuff and top-hand support, helping them stay in place once your child is on the trails. The thumb section is reinforced for protection and longevity, and the padded palm is designed to help keep the hand safe from scrapes while allowing for plenty of gripping power. Speaking of grips, the fingers contain special material that makes it easy to hang onto bike handles, and the adjustable wrist closure keeps everything secure. Color choices include mixed shades of red, blue, pink, yellow, and gray, as well as basic black. Also, these gloves come in sizes ranging from extra-extra-extra small to large, so they’ll fit even the tiniest riders.

7IDP Transition Gradient Gloves for mtb kids

Seven iDP – Transition Gradient Glove (Youth)

A low-profile design and full, four-way stretch fit make the Seven iDP Transition Gradient Gloves a great option for kids who don’t want to wear a bulky pair of gloves while riding. Without sacrificing comfort or protection, these gloves are designed in a manner that will make even the pickiest young rider happy. The color combinations, ranging from red, blue, or graphite gray with the company logo “airbrushed” across the top of the hands, make them cool to wear. Sizes include youth small through youth large, and the stretch fit and lack of fasteners make them easier to wear. Padded fingers and palms provide just enough coverage without being bulky, and the sleek, streamlined look will pair nicely with other types of gear.

Pearl Izumi Jr mountain biking gloves for kids

PEARL iZUMi Jr MTB Gloves – Kids

Comfort and protection combine in the PEARL iZUMi Jr MTB Gloves for kids. Featuring a classic camo pattern on the back of the hands, with gray reinforced palms, these gloves are just as stylish as the others, only in an understated way. The aforementioned palms are made of breathable synthetic leather, while the backs consist of a blend of polyamide, elastane, and polyester. Combined, this is the level of protection and breathability that kid’s mountain bike gloves need. The thumbs have a low-profile wiping surface to help deal with sweat and runny noses, and the hook and loop closures keep the gloves securely in place on the trails. There are three sizes to pick from, a simple small through large, ensuring that your kids will find a pair that fits.

Fox Racing Fyce mountain biking gloves for kids

Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Fyce Gloves – Full Finger

“Fun” is the key to describing the Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Fyce Gloves in one word or less. Your little ripper will love these mountain biking gloves for kids. With colorful back sections that your young rider will want to show off to their friends and a mostly solid palm that includes a few fun stripes, these gloves really do make a style statement. On top of that, they include a number of important safety features, like a silicone section on the underside of the fingers that improves grip, plus durable fabric throughout that protects the hands from tree branches and scrapes on various riding surfaces. Held in place with a grippy hook and loop closure, these gloves also feature a palm section made of Clarino fabric that’s touchscreen-friendly.

Freemaster youth full-finger mountain biking gloves

FreeMaster Full Finger Gel Cycling Gloves

Designed for women, but in sizes that will fit older girls and teens, the FreeMaster Full Finger Gel Cycling Gloves are comfortable and attention-getting. The palms of the gloves feature a material that’s anti-abrasive, providing plenty of protection, as well as anti-slip and anti-shock, thanks to built-in pads. The thumb section is made of wick-able terry cloth, while the other fingers contain a capacitor material designed to allow for plenty of smartphone use without having to remove the gloves mid-ride. Sizes include small, medium, and large, all with a hook and loop wrist fastener. With a whimsical butterfly and flower design, as well as pink accents, your young rider will make an impact on the trail in these gloves.

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