Downhill Bikes For Kids

The best downhill bikes for kids


First-generation mountain bikers are having families of their own and that has helped grow the demand for purpose-built mountain bikes. As a result, downhill bikes for kids are starting to become more popular. Several race events offer a junior downhill category on their tracks. A kid-sized downhill bike is a mandatory tool for the job when those 12 and under are ready to hit the gnar.

Take note – some of the downhill bikes in this article will also suffice as enduro bikes for kids.

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Downhill Bikes With 20 Inch Wheels

All of these downhill bikes for kids feature front and rear suspension with disc brakes. The forks for this group are limited to single-crown designs because kids in this category just don’t weight enough to warrant a dual-crown fork.

Commencal Clash 20 - downhill mountain bike for kids

Commencal Clash 20 2019

Commencal offers a wide range of bikes for kids, so if the Clash 20 is on the small side, Commencal has more in their lineup. One of our kids rode a Meta for a season and he put it through the ringer.

Standover Height: Not Available
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20 inch wheel downhill bike for kids - Norco Fluid 20

Norco Fluid FS 1 20

These are great because Norco has a long history of designing tough, full-featured bikes for kids. This updated version of the Fluid features a Manitou fork with 120mm of travel and a Fox rear shock.

Standover Height: 19.6 in
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MeekBoyz Beast - 20 inch downhill bike for kids

MeekBoyz Mini Beast

This is the ultimate downhill bike for kids with 20-inch wheels. A T700 carbon frame and Fox Kashima coated suspension would make a rider of any age eat their vegetables and get good grades in exchange for this bike. MeekBoyz also makes downhill bikes with 24-inch wheels and 26-inch wheels.

Standover Height: 20.47 in
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Lil Shredder Prodigy - 20 inch downhill bike for kids

Lil Shredder Prodigy

Way back in the day – like a whole five years ago, Lil Shredder was one of the only brands on the block to build a purpose-built downhill bike for kids. Each bike they ship is custom built from the frame up for downhill riding or trail riding.

Standover Height: 20.47 in
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The best full face mtb helmets for kids

Full Face Helmets
Full face mtb helmets for kids are a necessity when jumping bikes or riding technical terrain.

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Downhill Bikes With 24 Inch Wheels

There are some nice looking options in this group because it’s where manufacturers can start to trim off the weight without sacrificing performance. If you have kids who actually need a 24 inch wheel downhill bike are young ninjas.

Kona Process - 24 inch wheel downhill bike for kids

Kona Process 24

Lots of groms got started on a Stinky-24. Now, Kona offers the Process 24. This bike has 100mm of travel in the front and the rear. Kenda Kinetic tires, Shimano brakes, and a Deore drivetrain are featured in the build.

Standover Height: 26.4 in
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24 inch downhill bike for kids - Transition Ripcord

Transition Ripcord

The Ripcord has gone through a couple of designs since its arrival and it’s a great option for your gravity-minded wild child. A SRAM drivetrain and Maxxis tires are featured components. A RockShox suspension package tames the bumps and landings.

Standover Height: 26.57 in
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Rocky Mountain Reaper 24 - downhill bike for kids

Rocky Mountain Reaper

Depending on which size frame you choose, the Reaper can take 24-inch, 26-inch, and 27.5 inch wheels. This ensures your kid’s downhill bike can fit for as long as possible. See our review for the Rocky Mountain Reaper 26. We had a great time with this bike because it could handle technical terrain and it was a pleasant pedaler.

Standover Height:
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Norco Fluid FS1 24 - downhill bike for kids

Norco Fluid FS 1 24

We reviewed the Norco Fluid 24 and both of our riders loved it. A 100mm dropper comes standard with the build just in case your kiddos have to earn their turns. The bike also features the popular kid-sized saddle, pedals, grips and bars from SDG components.

Standover Height: 22.4 in
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Trailcraft Maxwell 24

Trailcraft Maxwell 24

MTB With Kids has reviewed the Maxwell 24 as well. It’s by far the lightest bike in the category so when the lifts stop running, your family can still be riding. Several build options are available from this Ft. Collins, CO family run company.

Standover Height: 25 in
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Whistler's Lord Of The Squirrels

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Protective gear for kids

Protective Gear For Kids
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Downhill Bikes With 27.5 and 29 Inch Wheels

These are adult-size bikes available in either extra-small or small frame sizes. No limits here. All the kids downhill bikes in this list feature dual-crown forks for maximum suspension. Have fun on your shuttle laps and shredding park. All of these bikes are available in adult sizes. We list standover heights for the smallest size available.

Norco Sight 27.5 - dh bike for kids

Norco Sight 27.5

See our review featuring the Norco Sight 27.5. This bike has a RockShox suspension package with 150mm of front travel and 140mm of travel in the shock. Another highlight of the bike are its tried-and-true tires from Maxxis. Add in the dropper post and Eagle drivetrain and you have one of the best downhill bikes for kids available.

Standover Height: 25.59 in
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PIvot Phoenix downhill bike

Pivot Phoenix

Bikes are tools, not jewels – but you still may hesitate to get this downhill bike scuffed up and and dirty. The DW-link suspension design is paired with Fox Kashima coated products. And, the he 29-inch wheels are adorned with tough Maxxis tires. This bike is available in adult frame sizes from small to extra-large.

Standover Height: 26.5 in
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Trek Session - downhill bike for teens and kids

Trek Session

It looks like a Session because it is a Session. Code RSC brakes and 190mm of travel make this carbon framed monster crush rocks, roots and race times. A SRAM drivetrain and Bontrager goodies help keep this downhill bike a leader in its class.

Standover Height: 28.3 in
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Norco Aurum - Carbon downhill bike for teens and kids

Norco Aurum HSP C2

This Aurum has a carbon frame, RockShox suspension and a SRAM drivetrain. Code 4 brakes, E*Thirteen rims and Maxxis Assegai tires complement a geometry designed to storm down the steep and rough terrain our your choice.

Standover Height: 24.84 in
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GT Fury - Downhill bike for kids and teens

GT Fury Expert 2019

This is a very well priced bike for a ride that features a carbon front triangle. 200mm of X-Fusion suspension, Shimano Zee drivetrain, TRP Slate brakes, and Schwalbe Magic Mary tires make the GT Fury a very capable [rock] gardening tool.

Standover Height: 27.6 in
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