PNW Components Loam Grips Review


Nearly every part of a mountain bike can be customized to suit your preferences, including the grips. Not only do they serve an essential contact point on the bike – giving the rider a comfortable place to hold the handlebars and stay under control – they’re one of these easiest components to upgrade and customize. PNW Components Loam Grips are designed to be comfy – so they feel great.

PNW Components Loam Grips Review

The trick with the Loam Grips is to put them on the bike so that they face the proper direction. On the outside end of the grip, just align the “PNW” letters so they are horizontally aligned and legible. Each pair has a mountain pattern that’s supposed to be mounted facing upwards. This section is thicker than the other parts of the grip, using ergonomics as part of the design, allowing for plenty of comfort when you hold on it. The remaining parts contain thin textured strips that provide grip traction as well as structure in the outer zone that helps the grip absorb some of the bumps on the trail before they reach the hands and arms.

PNW Components Loam Grips in the box

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The PNW Components Loam Grips are available in different colors, including: Safety Orange, Blackout Black, Seafoam Teal, Cement Gray, and Really Red. This allows you to choose the pair that will work best on your bike, as far as color-coordinating is concerned. Also, the pattern on the grips, which incorporates all of the design and usage features described above, is attractive and stands out a bit. Even if you choose a color that completely blends in with your handlebars.

Detail shot of the PNW Components Loam Grips

Installing the grips is almost as easy as removing your current pair. After removing your yucky old, worn out grips, do some light cleaning to remove any grime that was under them on the bars. Then, push the new grips into the place; rotate them so the mountain design is facing the correct direction – and tighten them down using a 3mm hex wrench. Be careful to tighten the grips to the proper specs with carbon bars.

End o seafoam teal PNW Components Loam Grips

How To Install Your PNW Components Loam Grips

The single clamps have a closed-end, helping them stay put. Once the correct side is up – the mountains that have extra padding – you just need to fasten them in place to prevent any slippage while riding. Since the Loam Grips are lightweight, coming in at a mere 90 grams for the entire pair, they won’t add much additional weight to the bike itself. In addition, they are 133.5 millimeters wide and 30 millimeters in diameter, making them fit onto a variety of mountain bikes.

Gray PNW Components Loam Grips
Mom's PNW Components Loam Grips

Both Traci and Tyge have been using the PNW Components Loam Grips this year. Wear-and-tear is obvious on Tyge’s set, but the grips aren’t dead yet. They’re still functional and safe. Every few rides, we’re sure to check that they are tight and secure so they will not rotate and slip due to abrupt or steady force.

Wear and tear after a season using the PNW Components Loam Grips

Overall, the grips have performed as designed. The thicker sections of the grip – where the bulk of your hand wraps, are still comfy and have plenty of life left. The only parts that have broken away are due to not so carefully laying the a bike down on concrete or pavement. The colors have not faded and there are no cracks or tears. When you’re ready to upgrade or replace your grips, give the PNW Components Loam grips a shot. Your hands, fingers, and forearms will thank you.