Woom Off 5 Preview


Introducing the Woom Off 5 Kids Mountain Bike. Woom gets it. Design a light bike that’s comfortable and kids are going to like it – we mean really like it. Woom specializes in making bikes that are easy to ride. In a word, Woom bikes are FUN!

Now, with another season of experience under its well-fitting belt, Woom has launched the Off series. This is a group of purpose-built kids mountain bikes complete with disc brakes and Schwalbe tires. Oh, did we mention a carbon freakin’ fork?! The Woom 5 Off is available at a very reasonable price-point, too.

We’re in the process of writing a full review and video summary for this beauty, but wanted to share a quick glimpse of what’s to come.

Here’s a brief overview. Firstly, the Woom OFF 5 is a super light mountain bike for kids. Secondly, the hydraulic disc brakes make it easy for children to handle descents without getting tired. Thirdly, the 5 Off  has a super light frame and kid sized components to make it an excellent climber. Finally, we bet your kiddo will love this bike!

Wheel SizeBike WeightChild AgeSaddle Height RangeMSRPLive Price
Woom Off 420"17.2 lbs6 - 8 years old23.9 in - 29.5 in$669.00 USDcheck
Woom Off 524"18.9 lbs7 - 11 years old28.2 in - 32.28 in$679.00 USDcheck
Woom Off 626"20.5 lbs10 - 14 years old30.9 in - 38.4 in$699.00 USDcheck

Why buy a Woom Kids Mountain Bike?

  1. Woom bikes are lightweight. These bikes are 40% lighter than a conventional children’s bike, making them significantly easier to ride.
  2. Woom bikes are designed just for kids. The kid-sized components improve your rider’s safety and comfort. Check out our full review of the Woom 5.
  3. Kids learn to ride faster when they are comfortable. Woom bikes are more comfortable for kids because of their light weight and  kid sized components .
  4. Woom bikes hold their value.  Once your kids outgrows this bike you can pass it on to siblings or re-sell  it at a good price.
  5. Free shipping. Woom offers nationwide free shipping and free 30-day return shipping on all kids bikes.
  6. Fast delivery. Woom ships UPS Ground and your Woom Bike will typically arrive in 3-5 business days
  7. Satisfaction guaranteed. Woom offers free 30-day return shipping for all of their products.