Bontrager Quantum MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet Review


Mountain bike helmets provide mandatory protection. They protect your head in case of a fall and are designed to absorb and dissipate as much of the impact as possible, doing their best to prevent traumatic brain injuries or worse. Not all helmets are created equally, and the Bontrager Quantum MIPS Bike Helmet is definitely one that you should be taking a second look at – in a good way.

Bontrager Quantum helmet with MIPS review

Not only does it come in nine different colors, including a cool teal and volt combination, black, white, and several shades of blue, among others, but it contains top-of-the-line protection. Plus, with three sizes to pick from, small, medium, and large – finding just the right fit is easy. After all, you don’t want a helmet that’s too large, because it could slip while you’re riding and not protect your head properly. Plus, the BOA fit system helps you quickly and easily fit the helmet to your head. The helmet features an adjustable clasp and the length of the chin straps can be adjusted.

BOA adjustment system on the Bontrager Quantum MTB helmet

The helmet will will fit heads ranging from 51-57cm (small), 54-60cm (medium), 58-63cm (large). And, it weighs 335g through 410g.

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Visor detail - Bontrager Quantum mtb helmet with MIPS
Rear view - Bontrager Quantum bike helmet with MIPS protection
Bontrager Quantum helmet with MIPS - trailside repair

When it comes to safety features, the designers at Bontrager have been thorough. The built-in MIPS protection system covers the head and prevents against angular impacts and multi-directional damage. There are lock-down dividers that help keep the helmet in place, as well as an in-mold composite skeleton making it strong and effective.

Style for miles with the Bontrager Quantum MIPS helmet

In addition to the safety features, the helmet contains recessed and internal channels that allow for airflow – which help keep your head cool as you ride. The washable helmet pads also wick away sweat mid-ride. There’s even a removable snap-on visor that keeps the sun out of your eyes but removes easily if you no longer need it.

Our kid has been using this helmet for a few months now and he still likes it. He hasn’t complained about it being uncomfortable or heavy. It’s well ventilated and good looking. The visor does its job and the BOA fit system provides a snug fit. We’ve affixed a GoPro compatible mount on the top of the helmet. This will let our kid sport an action camera, like a GoPro Hero 8 or the Bontrager Ion Pro RT light.

This helmet holds a GoPro, or Bontrager ION light with easse

The Bontrager Quantum MIPS helmet in our possession has survived a couple of minor crashes. It’s dirty, but structurally safe and sound. The helmet is great for trail rides with our NICA team. Mom and dad need new helmets soon, and based on our son’s experience with the Bontrager Quantum, we may end up with the same model.

Kid riding mountain bike with the Bontrager Quantum helmet