Best 24-inch Mountain Bikes for Kids


Best 24-inch Mountain Bikes for Kids: Hitting the trails with your 8-11 year old? If your rider isn’t quite big enough for a full sized mountain bike, but is ready to graduate from a 20-inch wheel bike, a 24-inch wheel bike may be the perfect middle ground. 24-inch bikes can last your kiddo 2-3 years and can definitely take your kid to the next level. Check out our list of best mountain bikes for 8-11 year old boys and girls below.

Best 24-inch mountain bikes for kids MTB

Importantly, before you shell out the money on a new mountain bike for your kid, you’ll want to be sure that your kid can straddle the bike with both feet flat on the ground (for beginners) or on tip toe (for more advanced riders). Get a good stand-over height measurement by measuring your child’s inseam.

Additionally, we recommend that you look for a bike that has the biggest wheels available for your kid’s stand-over height. Firstly, bigger wheels roll more easily over obstacles on the trail. Secondly, a bike with larger diameter wheels will be more stable and more efficient for longer rides than smaller wheels because they require less effort to keep their momentum going. Kids on the taller side may fit on a 26-inch wheel bike, so you might want to check out our list of  best mountain bikes for 11-14 year old kids before making a purchase.

Here is an overview of our top ten best mountain bikes for 8-11 year old boys and girls. These mountain bikes all have 24-inch wheels. Check out the comparison table at the end of the article to see all the size, cost and other data in one place.

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Prevelo Zulu Four 24-inch mountain bike

Prevelo Zulu 4

The Prevelo Zulu Four is a top-tier 24-inch mountain bike engineered for young riders eager to conquer challenging trails. Its low and narrow geometry, combined with a slack head tube angle and short chainstays, ensures excellent control over rough terrain. Crafted with lightweight aluminum and custom-formed 6061 triple-butted tubing, the bike offers durability and agility.

Additionally, featuring stealth cable routing and a readiness for a dropper post, the Zulu Four provides a sleek appearance with room for future upgrades. Furthermore, its tubeless-ready wheels and tires, along with a 12mm Thru-Axle rear hub, enhance stability and responsiveness. The kid-engineered direct mount crank maximizes pedaling efficiency.

Moreover, with 95% assembly out of the box, requiring only basic installations like the handlebar and pedals, the Zulu Four is designed for easy setup and immediate trail enjoyment. In essence, it offers young riders a high-performance mountain biking experience in a compact package.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height25-inches
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesTektro M281 Hydraulic Disc
Shifter(s)10 speed Microshift Advent X Pro
DerailleurMicroshift Advent X
ForkSpinner 300 24 AIR - 100mm travel
Live PricePrevelo/span>
Specialized riprock 24 kids mountain bike

Specialized Riprock 24

The Specialized Riprock 24in kids’ bike is a great step up for kids ready to shred. It’s designed with aggressive geometry and top-notch components to support skill progression. The bike boasts a high-quality butted alloy frame, internal cable routing, dropper post compatibility, hydraulic disc brakes, and a reliable 1x drivetrain. Not only are the structure and components suited for advanced riding, but the geometry is too, with a steep 67-degree head tube angle that instills confidence when riding downhill. Its nearly 1000mm wheelbase ensures stability on challenging terrain, while the short 390mm chainstays allow for agile handling. Plus, the 73.5-degree seat tube angle keeps them in a strong position for climbing.

The Specialized Riprock features quality components that enable our young riders to keep honing their skills. The microSHIFT Advent 9-speed drivetrain offers smooth and dependable gear shifting across a wide range. Hydraulic disc brakes, equipped with C-STAR Hydraulic Disc Brake brakes and 160mm rotors, provide reliable stopping power for downhill confidence. Lastly, the Specialized Ground Control Sport tires, 2.35 inches wide, deliver excellent grip and traction on various terrains.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24-inch
Min. Standover Height23 inches
Frame Material6061 Alloy
DrivetrainmicroSHIFT Advent, 9-speed
BrakesC-STAR Hydraulic Disc Brake
Shifter(s)microSHIFT Advent SL-M6190, 9-speed
DerailleurmicroSHIFT Advent, 9-speed
Live PriceCompetitive Cyclist

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Radio Zuma 24 inch kids bike

Radio Bike Company Zuma 24in Bike

Radio’s Zuma range streamlines the process of selecting a kid’s bike, and the Zuma 24in Bike is a good choice for beginner family mountain bike outings and weekend adventures. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame and fork, it offers durability and comfort for young riders. Equipped with double-wall rims and kids-specific components, such as those from Promax, KMC, FSA, and VEE Rubber, it ensures a smooth ride and easy handling. Additionally, featuring 2.25in tires and a comfortable geometry, the Zuma provides stability and confidence for kids as they learn to balance and pedal. Whether navigating trails or city streets, parents can rest assured that their child is well-prepared on their Zuma.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height24 inches
Frame Material6061-T6 alloy
Drivetrain1x 8
BrakesPromax Disk-310
Shifter(s)Promax BL-42
DerailleurPromax BL-42
Live PriceCompetitive Cyclist
Cannondale Trail Plus 24 inch kids mountain bike

Cannondale Trail Plus 24 Kids’ Bike

The Cannondale Trail Plus bike is tailored for kids between 4’1″ and 4’6″ tall, and is designed to make off-road adventures both easy and enjoyable. With its oversized 24×2.6″ tires, riders experience remarkable grip and a smooth ride, aided by its surprisingly lightweight. The big tires boast ample air volume, which absorbs bumps and ensures traction on steep hills, reducing slips and boosting confidence.

Its durable yet lightweight alloy frame enhances maneuverability and adds to the fun of riding, while powerful disc brakes provide unparalleled stopping power and control on rugged terrain. Designed with smaller hands in mind, the light-action 8-speed shifting system makes gear changes effortless. Coupled with the super grippy Kids’ Plus-Size wheels and tires (24×2.6″), this bike excels at soaking up bumps and gripping diverse terrain, further enhancing the thrill of trail riding.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height24 inches
Frame MaterialC3 Alloy
Drivetrain1x 8
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brake
Shifter(s)8-speed trigger shifter
DerailleurmicroSHIFT M21S
Live PriceREI
woom off 24 inch Best Mountain Bikes for 8-11 Year Olds

Woom OFF 5 – 24 inch wheel bike

The Woom OFF 5 gives kids a superlight and durable mountain bike perfect for challenging rides on tough terrain. The hydraulic disc brakes make it easy for children to negotiate even steep descents without getting tired. Full speed uphill, full control downhill! There are many features to love about this 24-inch wheel bike. Firstly, the frame is made of light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminum with butted tubes. Secondly, the geometry is designed for agile and easy handling. The low entry, very low sitting position, and forgiving steering geometry provide good control and more riding fun. Thirdly, there are 8 speeds. The SRAM X4 twist shifter makes for easy transitions. Fourthly, two independently operated V-brakes with braking power are adapted for children. Finally, the high-quality, lightweight tires for good shock absorption, low rolling resistance, and maximum grip. Read our full Woom 5 review.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height20.28 inches
Frame Material6061 aluminum
BrakesV brakes Brake
Shifter(s)SRAM trigger shifter
DerailleurSRAM X5 derailleur
Live PriceWoom

Marin Riftzone Jr 24

Marin designed the Rift Zone Jr, to provide young shredders with a fun full-suspension bike. Built around Marin’s Multi-Trac suspension system, the Rift Zone Jr. is Marin’s most playful and fun youth full suspension bike to date. The bike’s light aluminum frame creates a snappy feel that is equally at home on rolling hills as it is on steep downhill singletrack. Firstly, the 120mm X-Fusion Velvet and X-Fusion O2 Pro rear shock provide a supple and smooth ride. Secondly, the Deore 1×11 drivetrain provides all the gears you need to make it up the steepest climbs.  Thirdly, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide incredible stopping power when descending those steep chutes. Finally, the bike is rounded out with Marin Tubeless Ready wheels for fewer flats and incredible traction.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24-inch
Min. Standover Height23 inches
Frame Material6061 Alloy
DrivetrainShimano 1×11
BrakesShimano MT201 hydraulic Disc
Shifter(s)Microshift SLM 895
DerailleurShimano Deore
ForkXFusion Velvet RLC 120mm
ShockXFusion O2 4R
Live PriceJenson
Wahoo 24 Trail Trek kids mountain bike

Trek Wahoo 24 Trail mountain bike

The Wahoo 24 Trail is a sturdy bike tailored for young adventurers who relish exploring uncharted territories. Crafted with a robust aluminum frame, it finds an ideal balance between agility and toughness. Consequently, it enables young riders to navigate twists and turns on the trail effortlessly, while also boasting the resilience to tackle rugged terrain.

Featuring a 9-speed 1x drivetrain, the Wahoo 24 Trail provides an abundance of gears, facilitating the conquering of steep inclines with ease. Whether ascending uphill or descending downhill, the bike’s disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power, empowering riders to modulate their speed and halt safely as necessary.

Tailored for riders measuring between 51 and 59 inches tall, the Wahoo 24 Trail perfectly suits burgeoning adventurers eager for trail thrills. Noteworthy are the hydraulic disc brakes, which furnish the same formidable stopping capabilities found on adult mountain bikes, ensuring safety and control throughout each ride. Simultaneously, the 9-speed drivetrain offers a diverse range of gears without overwhelming young riders, while the wide and knobby 2.4-inch tires deliver ample traction for navigating challenging terrain with confidence.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24-inch
Min. Standover Height20.8 inches
Frame MaterialAlpha Silver Aluminum
DrivetrainmicroSHIFT Advent RD-M6195M, 40-46T max cog
BrakesTektro HD-J285 hydraulic disc, short reach
Shifter(s)microSHIFT Advent Quick Trigger Pro SL-M6295, 9 speed
DerailleurmicroSHIFT Advent, 9-speed
Live PriceTrek
Trailcraft Maxwell 24, full-suspension mountain bike for kids

Trailcraft Maxwell 24

Trailcraft is well known for making some of the best kids’ bikes.  The old saying goes that “you get what you pay for”. Unquestionably, you get one of the best trail-riding kids’ mountain bikes in the business if you buy the Maxwell 24. Your mtb kids can dominate any kind of trail thanks to this full-suspension bike. With attention to detail, all of the components used on this Maxwell 24 are of the highest caliber and kid-sized.  Never worry about the quality that you are getting with the Trailcraft Maxwell 24. Without reservation, these bikes get our highest recommendation as one of the very best 24-inch mountain bikes for kids.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height25 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Drivetrain1×10, 1×11
Brakes3 Options, Shimano
Shifter(s)2 Options, Shimano
Derailleur2 Options, Shimano
ForkRST Snyper 100mm
ShockMonarch R-100mm travel
Live PriceTrailcraft
Rocky Mountain Reaper 24 - mountain bike

Rocky Mountain Reaper

The Rocky Mountain Reaper is a design that allows your young mtb enthusiast to send it big and pedal on demanding trails. It’s a full-suspension kids’ mountain bike that allows you to switch out the 24-inch wheels for 26-inch wheels. On account of this versatility. you can keep the bike in the family for an extended period of time. This bike boasts great components and is definitely one of the best 24-inch mountain bikes for more advanced MTB kids.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24-inch (stock)
Min. Standover Height27.24 inches
Frame MaterialFORM(TM) Alloy
DrivetrainShimano 1×10
BrakesShimano MT200 2 Piston / Shimano RT30 180mm / Shimano RT30 180mm
Shifter(s)Shimano Deore
DerailleurShimano Deore
ForkSuntour Raidon 32 LOR DS 120mm
ShockRockShox Monarch R
Live PriceRocky Mountain