Woom Kids’ Bike Helmet Review

Woom kids' bike helmet review - featured image

Every single bike riding kid needs to have her/his head protected in case of a fall. This is where the Woom Kids Bike Helmet comes in. This helmet contains all of the safety features that your child needs, whether they are riding on some basic trails or on the sidewalks. It retails for $69.00 USD.

Safety Matters With This Kids’ Bike Helmet 

The idea behind the Woom Kids Helmet is that kids need additional protection that adults do not because they fall in different ways and their brains are still developing. This is why Woom’s Matthias Gurtner, who developed the helmet, declared that “A helmet that’s truly safe for a child is not simply a smaller version of an adult helmet.” This means that the safety features on the Woom are quite different.

Protection provided by the helmet extends to the back of the head, as well as the temples, and the interior of the helmet has padding that can be adjusted as necessary. The visor bumper provides some extra padding in the forehead region, and the exterior of the helmet is made of polycarbonate plastic. The Woom logo on the helmet is reflective and similar to the line up of Woom bikes, each size of the Woom kids’ helmet is specifically designed for the physiology and head measurements of each age group.

Fastening the magnetic Fidlock magnetic clasp on the Woom bike helmet is a cinch - not a pinch
Detail view of the magnetic chin strap clasp on the Woom Kids Helmet
Extra bumper pads are included with the Woom Kids Bike Helmet

Additional Features Of The Woom Kids Bike Helmet

Not only is the Woom Kids Helmet designed to cushion the head in case of a mountain bike accident, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. There are 24 different vents built into the top to provide plenty of airflow, as well as four internal air channels. There’s also fly nets covering each vent. These allow air to flow through, but help keep pesky insects out. The side cords won’t twist up (in fact, they are untwistable!) and the helmet fastens securely to the head with a cleverly designed magnetic pinch-free buckle that fits under the chin.

You can see the fly netting in the vents of the Woom kid-sized bike helmet
Woom helmet review. Three-quarter view.

Colors and Sizes

The Woom Kids Helmet comes in five bright candy colors, including purple, blue, yellow, green, and red, ensuring that your child can choose his or her favorite. There are three sizes to choose from as well. The small helmets are for heads that measure 18.9 to 20.9 inches in circumference, mediums will fit 20.5 to 22-inch heads, and the largest is for kids with a head circumference of 21.7 to 23.6 inches. Each helmet comes with a size adjustment dial, but for the best protection, you should measure your child’s head to see where it falls on the chart.

Final Thoughts On This Kid Lid

Your kids need a helmet that’s designed specifically for them. The Woom Kids Helmet proves this case, thanks to the additional coverage zones, bright colors, and extra features. Our test rider loves her helmet because she knows it helps keep her safe. She also thought the fit was comfortable and it looked cool. When you’re looking for your kid’s next helmet, know that this award winning design is not just a sized-down adult helmet – it has been crafted to fit children to provide the fit and protection parents want.

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