Trax MTB Towing Device Review


Trax MTB Towing Device Review: Easy to install and effective without adding a lot of additional weight, the Trax MTB system was designed and developed in Spain – and helps you safely tow another mountain bike behind you. The main part of the system attaches to the seat post of the front bike, with a Kevlar cable that ends in a loop system connected to the stem of the rear bike. Whether you want to ensure that your young mountain biker stays close behind you, or need to tow a broken bike (complete with rider, of course), the Trax MTB does the job. Buy this item direct from Trax MTB. As of this review, MSRP is €38 / $41.55 USD.

Trax MTB towing device attached to a mountain bike

To attach the Trax MTB to the bike doing the towing, you just need three zip ties. The device needs to be mounted to to seat post of the towing bike. There are three included with the device. Even better, the Trax MTB connects the bike being towed with a simple loop that takes mere seconds to attach and remove. You may not even have to stop mid-ride to unhook the bikes. Whether you want to take a break from towing the mountain bike behind you or the terrain warrants some hike-a-bike, the simple loop is easy to unhook. The rider of the rear bike just needs to pull up on the loop, removing its hold on the stem, and the spring-loaded cable will automatically retract.

The Trax MTB towing device is small and light

We thought we could find some reusable ties, but after doing a quick search on Amazon, we could not find any. You need to thread 5mm wide ties through the device and the only reusable ties we could find were too wide. You do have to break the ties to remove the device from your bike, so be careful not to damage your seat post.

Manufacturer Videos From Trax MTB

Here are a couple of great videos that demonstrate how the Trax MTB system is used.

If you have a dropper, and if you have the room, we suggest mounting the Trax MTB device to the lower part of the post that goes in the seat tube. Don’t mount the Trax MTB device to the upper part of the dropper post, the part of the post that travels up and down. You could scratch/damage your dropper or crush the towing device.

Installing the Trax MTB towing device

Weighing a mere 170 grams (a little over 1/3 of a pound), the Trax MTB won’t weigh you or your fellow rider down. It’s easy to remove from the lead bike and stash in a go-bag or hydration pack with your other gear, as the lightweight and small size prevent the device from taking up too much space.

A simple three-flange adaptable system holds it to the seat post of the lead bike. It fits posts between 27.2 to 31.6 mm. Plus, no tools are required to install the Trax MTB. Sturdy? Light? Easy to install? Yes. Yes. And, yes.

The Trax MTB system is designed to tow a maximum of 200 pounds, bike and rider included. When it’s engaged, the front rider should stay at or below the recommended 6mph speed, simply for safety reasons. The cable extends 2.2 meters, or a little over 7 feet, keeping the riders at a safe distance from one another.

Father towing son with the Trax MTB towing device

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