Prevelo Zulu Four Heir Preview

Prevelo Zulu Four Heir preview - featured photo

Pre-Orders begin on Monday, June 29 at 11am PST.

The Prevelo Zulu Four Heir is one of the best kids mountain bikes you can get.
Getting on the pedals when mountain biking on the Prevelo Zulu Four Heir
The Prevelo Zulu Four Heir works well inside.

This is Prevelo’s Zulu Four Heir. It has 24 inch wheels and a standover height of 25 inches. The bike was designed to fit kids ranging in age from 8-11 years old. Highlights of the build include an 80mm travel fork with carbon lowers and a 12-speed 1x Shimano drivetrain. This matte radical red machina weighs in at 25.39 lbs and it retails for $1,499.00 USD.

Stay tuned. We will drop our full review for this bike within a week.