Das Optics Sunglasses Review


What’s better than a pair of sports glasses designed to protect your eyes and make it easier to see the trail while mountain biking? A pair made by a company owned by a 12-year-old rider and his dad, of course.

Das Optics sunglasses review

DAS Optics glasses (the name comes from the business’ mascot, their dog named Das) was founded by Grady Jensen and his dad, Chris. Grady wanted a pair of sunglasses similar to the ones that his friends wore on the trail, but rather than just buy him some, Chris decided to start a company that makes their own. The sunglasses retail for $40 USD and ten bucks from each sale of the glasses goes to the nonprofit of the buyer’s choice – making this a more than worthy endeavor.

The backstory isn’t the only boss angle in the DAS Optics story . The lenses and frames are slightly customizable thanks to an included sticker pack. Das Optics offers two models of sunglasses – the V2 and Sendees. We’re talking about the Sendees in our review.

Designed to be very lightweight, as well as protective, the lenses have UV protection and are large enough to fit comfortably while covering a good portion of the face. The shield-style design goes up over the eyebrows and down towards the cheekbones, providing plenty of coverage on the sides of the eyes as well. There are even small vents in the lenses to help prevent fogging and improve aerodynamics. Das Optics shades measure about 6 inches from temple-to-temple so they will fit adult-sized heads, too.

Das Optics review - vent detail.
Das Optics sunglasses in case
Das Optics sunglasses review - about 6 inches wide

The frames come in two different colors, black and white, ensuring that they’ll coordinate with the rest of your mountain biking gear. The white ones have lenses that have a bit of rainbow reflection to them, while the black ones have clear lenses. Don’t worry, both provide plenty of protection while out on the trail. And, although mountain biking is the first activity on the list, these sunglasses also handle other sports, such as Nordic skiing and downhill skiing. They are designed to work with different types of helmets and stay in place thanks to the solid earpieces.

Das Optics descending

Although the Das Optics Sendees were designed with kids in mind, these sunglasses will fit adult faces as well. The frames come undecorated, with a pack of stickers (and yes, even adults will enjoy putting them on their sunglasses) that contains pairs of small designs for the bottoms and sides of the frames. This ensures that you really can make them your own. The Das Optics sunglasses also come with a hard carrying case so your kids’ rad shades don’t get crushed when they’re not on the noggin’

Das Optics climbing

Our dirt rat really got his 1980’s on when he paired the Das Optics sunglasses with a yellow and blue jersey, pink gloves, and half shell. He’s tried to wear the sunglasses with his Fly Racing full-face mtb helmet, but the padding in the helmet won’t allow the temples of the sunglasses to get in there comfortably. That’s not a bad thing. Only dads should wear sunglasses with full-face helmets, right?