Video: Wyatt Rides Whistler’s Cheap Thrills


Our family wrapped up the 2018 PNW tour last week and it was wonderful. We got to see a few new places and explore a bit in areas that have become perennial favorites. In Whistler, all four of us were able to ride Top Of The World and Lord Of The Squirrels together. As a dad, nothing has brought me more joy than being with my family while on the bikes.

On the way out from Lord Of The Squirrels, Wyatt wanted to ride Cheap Thrills and 99er. This is an edit of his lap down Cheap Thrills.

As I was watching this for the first time, I felt yet another genuine sense of pride for both my kids. They are able to handle some pretty advanced terrain on the bikes now. To be honest, I am a bit jealous. Their mountain biking abilities have certainly eclipsed mine. I know my capabilities though – and I can appreciate the proper combination of physical and mental skills to properly ride trails like this. At least my job of video editor and content publisher is safe. Well, for at least another week or two.


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