Whistler, British Columbia - Canada | Part of the Lost Lake Trails area
2.6 miles DISTANCE
H 2,186 ft. L 1,000 ft. ELEV FT.

Pros: easy technical and gradual climbs, nice views, super fun for beginners

Cons: can be crowded

This trail is part of the Lost Lake trails and one of our family’s favorites when we visit Whistler. It’s the perfect warm up for getting out on the trail bikes with the little ones because it’s accessible from Whistler Village and not a big commitment. We’ve been really fortunate to ride this trail a few years in a row and it’s one of the measuring sticks we use to mark our kids’ progress as they get grow older.

There are plenty of spots to pull over to take a break and be out of the way so as not to hinder other riders, runners or hikers. The trail is a very wide single track and offers access to additional trails in the system. The climbs are steady but gradual. The descents are as fun as you want to make them without being harrowing.

The entire area is signed pretty well. And, you can always get a good idea of where you are by referencing the many trail intersections along the route.


Getting there: (from Whistler Village)

  • Start at the intersection of the Valley Trail and Blackcomb Way
  • Be sure to gawk at the dirt jumps as you make your way north
  • As you continue, cross Lorimer Road and Fitzsimmons Creek
  • You’ll end up at the Lost Lake trailhead. There’s a small bike shop and café with restrooms there. You’ll also see a kiosk with a large map of the area.


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