Best Stocking Stuffers for Mountain Bikers

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Mountain Bikers


You don’t have to go big when cruising through our gift lists. Here are some of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers. Go small and stock up on trail snacks or items that will help maintain the bikes and keep them looking good. Everyone in the family has a few frame protection decals on their bikes to help prevent cable rub when the bikes are transported on the van.


The best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers
wolf tooth b rad strap stocking stuffer gift for mountain biker

Wolf Tooth B-RAD Medium Strap and Accessory Mount

The B-RAD Medium Strap and Accessory Mount allows mountain bike riders to carry accessories on the bike frame instead of in jersey pockets or backpacks. This useful strap allows riders to securely strap 2-3.25″ diameter items like CO2 cartridges, tubes, jackets, bags, and more. The Wolf Tooth B-RAD strap is made of lightweight, durable, rust-proof materials. It includes the mounting plate, strap, and associated ED-coated hardware.

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arcade belt adventure stocking stuffer for MTB

Arcade The Ranger Adventure Belt

These belts are excellent stocking stuffers for everyone in your family! If you have never bought an Arcade belt, try it out! It’s a game-changer. These stretchy belts are adjustable and come in kids and adult sizes. Every active person should own one. Highly adjustable and colorful, you’ll find an Arcade belt for everyone on your list.

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all mountain frame protection is best stocking stuffers

All Mountain Style Frame Protection 

Protect your bike! The All Mountain Style frame guards provide protection from impacts and abrasion for mountain bike frames to keep re-sale value high. Constructed from an adhesive, semi-rigid PVC they adapt to the shape of your bike’s frame and allows repositioning while installing. These frame guards are available in colorful and unique designs and patters for customizing and protecting your bike.

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UnTapped Organic Maple Waffles are great stocking stuffers for mountain bikers

UnTapped Organic Maple Waffles

Riding snacks should be delicious and portable. Un Tapped Organic Maple Waffles are flavored with real maple syrup and maple sugar. These little waffles are delicious, packed with quick calories, and pocket-sized for snacking on the trail!

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Dirt Series Podium Water Bottle 

Everyone needs a new water bottle! Designed especially for the mountain bike crowd, the Dirt Series Podium 21oz Bottle from CamelBak aims to quench thirst without any weird tastes from inside your bottle or on the valve. A self-sealing Jet Valve prevents spills and splatters and a gentle squeeze of the bottle delivers a high-flow of your beverage.

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Tire levers are one of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers

Pedro’s Bicycle Tire Levers (pair) 

Pedro’s award winning tire levers feature molded box construction and a proprietary plastic composite blend that makes them the strongest levers available. The unique chisel tip shape easily inserts beneath the tire bead and the slightly thicker shape keeps the lever securely in place. Additionally, the bold shape of the lever and helpful dual spoke hooks makes removal of even the tightest tires a simple task. These levers are some of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers.

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rockshox high volume shock pump stocking stuffer for mountain biker

RockShox High Volume Shock Pump

Whether you’re riding on the trails or racing competitively, the pressure in your suspension will have a significant impact on your performance. If your shocks don’t have enough pressure, then you could bottom out your suspension. Inversely, if you have too much pressure, then your ride might be too rough. The RockShox High Volume Suspension Pump allows you to pump up your front and rear shock with incredible accuracy. This high volume pump can reach up to 300 PSI.

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Clif Bars Clif Bloks  

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crank borthers multi-17 tool stcking stuffer for mountain bikers

Crankbrothers Multi-17 Tool

Perfect for the stocking and a hip pack! The Crankbrothers Multi-117 Tool is all you need! With the Multi-17 you’ll be ready for basic mechanical problems, or real technical puzzlers. Comes with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches, 4 spoke wrenches, a chain tool, Torx T-25, 2 screwdrivers, and an 8/10 open wrench. The Torx wrench is cool for disc brake rotors.

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Nano Tech Bike Cleaner by Muc-Off

Clean bikes are happy bikes! Nano Tech Bike Cleaner by Muc-Off can turn your filthy rigs into a squeaky-clean machines. It’s fully biodegradable, so you won’t have to worry about washing off your bike in the backyard or driveway, only to have nasty chemicals making their way into the surrounding watershed.

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Pedro’s Pro Brush Kit

Give them the tools to keep their bikes clean and shiny! Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bicycle maintenance ensuring better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, increased life of all parts of the bike, and more fun on your next ride! Pedro’s Pro Brush Kit offers a set of four unique brushes designed specifically to easily and quickly clean all parts of the bike.

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Timber Mountain Bike Bell

This perfect little mountain bike bell is one of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers. The Timber Mountain Bike Bell is not your average biking bell. Designed for when you need “more cowbell”, this bell mimics the more passive noise that a cowbell produces as a more polite way to alert others of your presence. This bell even comes with an integrated on/off switch so you can ride in silence when the bell isn’t needed.

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Lezyne Twin Kit CO2 NICA gift

Lezyne Twin Kit – CO2

The Lezyne Twin Kit will get any mountain bike rider back on the trail fast! This useful kit two 16 gram CO2 cartridges, a pair of easy-on-your-rims nylon tire levers and the indispensable Twin Speed Drive CO2 inflator. The Twin Speed Drive is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves, so you don’t have to worry about carrying an adapter with you.

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Stocking stuffer for mountain bikers - Pedros Chain Lube

Pedro’s X Dry Chain Lube 

This chain lube is best suited to keep your chain clean and lubricated in dry to mixed conditions. Pedro’s X Dry Drip won’t collect dirt and muck that eventually bogs down your drivetrain. This formulation uses safe, natural base carrier, so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals ruining the environment.

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gifts for mountain bikers stocking stuffer socks

Cycling Socks!

If socks in stockings isn’t a holiday tradition yet, it should be! When it comes to on-bike comfort, little things make all the difference. Bontrager cycling socks are constructed with key arch compression for a fit that heightens every ride. Thermal wool and Profila Dry moisture-wicking options for the best cycling socks in every season.

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carve ixs knee pads gifts for stockings of mountain bikers

Carve Evo Knee Pads by iXS

Keep those knees looking pretty! The Carve Evo Knee Pad by iXS is a super-lightweight, highly flexible knee pad. The Carve Evo takes the sting out of nasty spills without inhibiting your ability to pedal swiftly. These pads are certified to European standards for motorcycle padding (EN 1621). The XMatter padding is removable, so you can more easily wash these knee pads after long days on the trail.

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