SixSixOne Rage Youth Knee Pad Review

SixSixOne Rage Youth Knee Pad Review


Rage Youth Knee Pad Review – Providing your kid with knee and elbow protection is a great way to boost his/her confidence on the bike and decrease the risk of a painful injury from a fall. A lot of youth sized products have caught up in the bike industry, but we have struggled to find pads that fit our skinny kids well while being light enough to wear during a longer ride.

SixSixOne Rage youth knee pads are heavy-duty pads with an internal soft cap over the knee and two round, thick EVA foam padding areas on the sides. The Rage knee pads are composed of 50% Neoprene, 15% Kevlar, 15% EVA, 15% Nylon, and 5% Plastic. The back of the knee knee pad is open to release heat and enable full range of motion. Both the top and bottom of these pads can be secured with velcro straps.

Review of SixSixOne Rage Youth Knee Pads

At this stage, the SixSixOne Rage Youth Knee Pads are broken-in and ready for another day of riding.

The overall quality and craftsmanship of these knee pads is very good. Our 10 year old wore them for several days in-a-row; in the mud and rain – and even crashed in them a couple of times. We know that aside from cost, how they look and fit, you always wonder ‘How will these hold up in crash?’. Well, we have the answer for you.

Crashing In The SixSixOne Rage Youth Knee Pads

Our young mountain biker took a digger in the Whistler Bike Park on Crank It Up while wearing his SixSixOne knee pads. It had been raining all day, and with the determination of Icarus, he hopped on one of the wall rides near the top of the trail. These wall rides have vinyl graphics on them and when they’re wet- they are slick. Lacking the right speed and/or angle, our kid slipped out and fell a few feet into the dirt.

The pads protected him on the front and sides of his knees just fine. I like the fact that manufacturers are aware that mountain bike knee pads need to be designed differently than knee pads for other sports.

The Look And The Fit

Rage youth knee pads are black with white screen printed graphics. The velcro straps wrap around the back of the leg and are secured across the front of the knee pad on the top and bottom. They look great.

Side view of the SixSixOne Rage Youth knee guard

Side view of the SixSixOne Rage Youth Knee Pads. We love how they have protection on the exterior right-side and left-side of the knee pads.

Regarding the fit, we stated earlier that our kid has skinny legs. The circumference of your favorite pint glass is about the circumference of our rider’s knees. His knees are so skinny that we tied a couple of knots in the strap so the velcro aligns on the front in order to fasten the pad. It’s our kid’s opinion that this is uncomfortable and leads to chaffing. Dad definitely needs to take the time to shorten up the strap by sewing it properly and getting rid of the knots.

At A Glance:

  • Burley padding saved knees on numerous occasions!
  • Durable – stands up to use/abuse
  • Loose fit over time – the straps stretched and became too loose to secure tightly