Whistler, British Columbia - Canada | Part of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park area
3.1 miles DISTANCE
H 3436 L 2214 ELEV FT.
Easy Does It - Upper on Trailforks.com
  • Mountain biking with kids on Whistler's EZ Does It
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Pros: fun and flowy introduction to downhill riding

Cons: can be crowded, wood can become slick in wet conditions

EZ Does It is a wide and smooth flow trail for beginner riders. It’s is a great trail to get familiar with riding downhill on groomed trail conditions. The high, banked corners are fun to practice riding at slightly higher speed than usual. This trail is a good warm-up for intermediate riders and provides all day fun for novices. There are a few bridges that cross over some of the more advanced trails.

Note: The wood can be slick in the often wet conditions at Whistler. We failed to warn our youngest and had not taught him how to deal with riding on slick surfaces (relax and keep it straight, don’t brake or turn). He went down hard on our first run of the trip and it took a few days for him to get over the fear. 

Getting there (from Whistler Bike Park)

  • Take Fitzsimmons lift
  • Take a left to Upper EZ Does It
  • Follow trail signs
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