Squamish, British Columbia - Canada | Part of the None area
2.6 miles DISTANCE
H 1862 L 1183 ELEV FT.
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Pros: super fun roller coaster of a ride

Cons: the climb up the fire road (but its totally worth it!)

I’ve heard people call Half Nelson a downhill pump track. That description is somewhat correct, but I’d say it’s more like a roller coaster. This amazing trail descends 900 feet and includes 20 wood bridges, 68 berms, and 102 jumps/rollers/tabletops. Half Nelson allows riders of all levels to experience the trail. It’s a blast to keep your wheels on the ground and roll the jumps and perfectly sculpted berms. If you like air under your wheels, the jumps are made perfectly for that. Half Nelson will give you a thrill, whatever your ability level, because you choose how to ride it.

Getting There (From Squamish)

  • From Highway 99, exit on Mamquam Road and drive East
  • Pass Quest University
  • Mamquam Rd. will become Garibaldi Park Road
  • Continue up the gravel road
  • Park across from Ring Creek FSR junction (this is where Half Nelson ends)
  • Pedal up the Ring Creek FSR, staying to the right
  • After the Psudo Tsuga, trailhead, the road hairpins and gets steeper
  • Continue up to the Half Nelson Trailhead Shelter and kiosk
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