About Mountain Biking With Kids

About Mountain Biking With Kids


Starting The Next Family Adventure

If you have taught young kids to ride bikes with you, I believe that you’ve helped build a foundation of fun, health and citizenship which will last a lifetime. Growing older sucks, but mountain biking with my kids makes it a lot more tolerable. I can recall several rides with my family where I’m simply reveling in the moment as we flat-out romp through the woods. Even though I’m the adult – I have the exact same feelings of hard work and exhilaration my kids do when we’re on the bikes together.

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  • Old Red Bull Rampage Site
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  • Blue Velvet - Whistler Bike Park
  • Mountain biking with kids at Little Creek Mesa

The more I have thought about the site, the more excited I get. Not only does it allow my family to document our experiences doing something we love – it’s also going to be available to people like you, from around the world, so you can share your stories and spread the word about mountain biking, trail building and maintenance, land stewardship, trail etiquette, and why our passion for this wonderful activity matters.

About Our Mountain Biking Family

My Name is Brett and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m married to a wonderful woman named Traci and we have two sons, ages 13 and 10. We are not professional mountain bikers but we have been able get around on the bikes quite a bit over the last 9 years or so.

In the dead of winter last year, we were going through all the images from our family adventures. Traci said “You’d better build us a website”. Well, my wife isn’t just the good looking one, she’s also the smart one. I’m a freelance graphic designer who works with a couple of really good developers, so I figured – what the heck, let’s do it. After hundreds of hours of work and a pretty big chunk of change, we’re almost done with step one.