Hartland Road, Mount Work – Victoria, BC


Mountain Biking Hartland Road: This area was a stop during our 2013 trip to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. At the time, we had no idea that Comox and Cumberland were highly regarded as mountain biking destinations as well. Hartland Road was plenty of fun with a 6 year old and a 9 year old. The area is nicknamed the “The Dump” because of its immediate proximity to the local landfill. You can smell the the landfill in all its glory at certain areas of the riding zone. Hence, “Pooh Corner”.

Pooh Corner - Hartland Road, Victoria BC


This area is located around 20 minutes, 10 miles from downtown Victoria. You literally park just outside of the Hartland Landfill at the end of Hartland Road. One of our favorite features of the area, like the rest of BC, was the abundance of wild blackberries growing all over the place. If you can, plan your visit in late July or early August to take advantage of this.

  • Hartland Road BC - covering sign
  • Hartland Road BC - map detail
  • Hartland Road BC - blackberries
  • Hartland Road BC - sign post

The riding is a great mix of cross-country and downhill trails. A decent all-mountain bike or a full-suspension XC rig would be great for your adventures in the area. You can link up trails and really get around as the trails are in close proximity to one another and intersect frequently. The landscape isn’t as stunning as other riding venues on the island. However, we really liked these trails because they were so close to Victoria.

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