Deals On Mountain Bikes For Big Kids – January 2020

Mountain bike deals for teens - January, 2020

Deals on mountain bikes for teens and pre-teens – Are you searching for a mountain bike to fit your pre-teen or teen or NICA rider?  There are some some killer deals on select mountain bikes happening now. May of these bikes are 2018 or 2019 models, but if you’re looking to buy new, you’ll want to strongly consider one of these deals. Many shops are generally looking to get rid of remaining inventory to make room for newer models. These six mountain bikes have good quality components and are available now – but not for long!

Mountain bike deals for teens - January, 2020

January 2020 deals on mountain bikes for teens and pre-teens

orbea m50 eagle 27.5 carbon hardtail mountain bike

Orbea Alma M50 Eagle 27.5″ (2019) | 50% off | ONLY Medium Size Left!

One of the most amazing deals on mountain bikes for teens this month! Orbea designed the Alma to create a light, fast bike that you can take anywhere. Complete with Orbea’s OMP carbon frame, the Alma 27.5” M50 is a mean trail ripping machine. The RockShox Recon TK air fork sports 100mm of travel that will guide your rider effortlessly over obstacles, while the Mach 1 Klixx wheelset is tubeless ready. The SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain provides your young rider with a huge 12-speed gear range to get through any terrain, and Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes give you optimal stopping control. Orbea’s wide handlebar and low stem make handling a breeze, and the Selle Royal seat keeps you comfortable even on long rides. The medium frame Alma M50 has a stand-over height of 28.9 inches and is made to fit riders ranging in height from 5’5″ to 5’11” tall.

picot mach 6 carbon mountain bike

Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Race Xo1 Eagle Mountain Bike (2018)| 20% off | ONLY Large Size Left!

The Pivot Mach 6 carbon into lively and witty bike. See our full Mach 6 review. Whether you’re churning out the watts to get to the top of the next hill or bombing down technical terrain – the Mach 6 carbon yearns to help you build and release the kinetic energy that makes this sport so rewarding and fun. Pivot uses a DW-link for its ability to soak up the chunder without compromising pedaling. The Mach 6 climbs like a short-travel bike, and descends with power and authority. The Fox Factory Float DPX2 shock provides 155-millimeters of buttery-smooth travel. Additionally, the SRAM Eagle drivetrain offers massive gear range. The large frame Pivot Mach 6 carbon has a stand-over height of 29.25 inches.

santa cruz tallboy a d complete mountain bike

Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy A D Complete Mountain Bike (2019) | 30% off 

The Santa Cruz Tallboy A D Complete Mountain Bike doesn’t care if you call it a trail bike, an XC racer, or just a good old mountain bike. It’s all of these things, but all it wants to do is rip. Made from dependable and rugged aluminum alloy, this is a lightweight short-travel bike with that’ll pedal with all day long, with quick acceleration and an efficient SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain. Additonally, this bike boasts a Fox Float Performance DPS  shock and the RockShox Recon RL fork. Finally, being a Santa Cruz, the Tallboy is set up to rip right out of the box, this model is your most affordable ticket to getting out the trails on a Santa Cruz full-squisher. Currently available in sizes S, M, L and XL with a minimum standover height of 27.75″

juliana joplin mountain bike for teens

Juliana Joplin D Mountain Bike (2019) | 30% off | ONLY Medium Size Left!

The Juliana Joplin is a trail bike built for speed and distance on technical trails. Your teen or pre-teen rider will find many things to like about this mountain bike. Firstly, the shock has been specially tuned for lighter riders and provides 110mm of VPP suspension. Secondly, the aluminum frame adds durability and value. Thirdly, the Rock Shox Recon 120mm Fork can handle rock gardens with ease. Additionally, the SRAM NX 1×11 drivetrain offers a wide range of gears. The Medium size stand-over height = 27.6″.

norco fluid fs 1 mountain bike

Norco Fluid FS 1 (2019) | 20% off 

With its confidence-inspiring geometry, playful ride handling, incredible suspension feel and unmatched fun factor, the Fluid FS will take your teen’s’ trail riding experience to the next level. Designed around 27.5″ wheels for XS-M frame sizes and 29″ wheels for M-XL, the Fluid FS gives medium riders a choice of wheel size allowing them to further fine tune handling characteristics based on their size, riding style and preferences.  The Fluid FS 1 mountain bike includes a RockShox Revelation RC fork with 130mm travel and the RockShox Deluxe R shock. The Norco Fluid FS1 is available in sizes S, M, L and  with a minimum stand-over height of 29.5 inches.

Trek full stache 8 mountain bike

Trek Full Stache 8 (2019) | 20% off | available in M and L sizes only

Full Stache 8 is a full suspension 29+ mountain bike perfect for rugged backcountry riding. This bike has some impressive features for teen riders. Firstly, the Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame provides extra stiffness.  Secondly, the SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain gives a huge gear range for quick climbing and blistering sprints. Thirdly, the Fox Float rear shock provides 130mm of travel mirrored by the RockShox Pike fork. Fourthly, aggressive 29×3.0˝ Bontrager XR4 Tubeless Ready mid-fat tires on beefy 40mm rims will roll over just about anything. As an added bonus, Trek also threw in a a Bontrager Dropper post. The height range for a medium is listed as 5’3″-5’8″ and the height range for a large is listed as 5’8″-6’2″.

We hope our list of deals on mountain bikes for teens and pre-teens is helpful. We’ll try and publish a list of new deals monthly, since you never know when your teen will hit that growth spurt and outgrow their bike and all their shoes and clothes!

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Best Mountain Bike Trails for Kids In St George, Utah

Best mountain bike trails for kids and families in St. George, Utah

Mountain bike trails for kids in St George: The riding scene in the St. George area has developed into one the best places to mountain bike on the planet. Famously known for its proximity to the Red Bull Rampage events, the local trail group, bike shops, and other trail constructing individuals and local government entities have developed several areas where riding can be enjoyed by your entire family. Best of all this list is just scratches the surface for where you can ride. You can also take a look at our Gooseberry Mesa article.

Best mountain bike trails for kids and families in St. George, Utah

Please do your best to get current trail conditions by stopping by one of the local bike shops and speaking with staff. Chances are good that the people you speak with will have had a hand in building or maintaining the trails and they will be able to set you up with a great ride. Consider donating to the Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association when you plan your visit, too. These guys are experts on mountain bike trails for kids in St George.

Be prepared with the proper clothing, protective gear, tools, food and water. Don’t get caught off-guard when riding these areas. We always suggest that a responsible adult in your family with at least strong intermediate skills pre-ride each of these trails so you can properly gauge your family’s abilities for technical features, attention span and distance. Also, some of these rides are accessed via dirt roads and take a bit of time to find for the first time. The same goes for route-finding. You can help ensure a good time when you share these trails with your clan by knowing the route. Often, there will be other riders around who can assist, but don’t rely on this. It’s up to you to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe.


Bearclaw Poppy

The Bearclaw Poppy trail is best suited for mountain bikers with beginner through expert skills.

This trail is definitely one of our favorite mountain bike trails for kids in St George. Bearclaw Poppy will always be near-and-dear to our hearts because it’s where our kids learned to ride their mountain bikes in the desert. Start on the Bloomington end [south of St. George] and make this trail as long as you like. This trail is directional, meaning that you pedal up on the south side of the trail and descend on the north side of the trail. Take a look at the map and you can see the “rungs” where you can bail-out if your young/novice kids have reached their limit.

Best mountain bike trails in St. George - Bearclaw Poppy
Family-friendly mountain bike trails in St. George, Utah

Once you’re near the top of the directional section, you’ll see some light colored hills called the “acid drops”. These are great fun to roll down and jump once you’re up to the task. If you can pedal to the top of the acid drops, consider yourself a fit rider.

After the acid drops you can continue towards Green Valley through a wash and head to the top of what’s called the “Lion’s Paw”, “Clavicle Hill”, or “Three Fingers Of Death”. However long you choose to make this ride, be sure to return on the “downhill only” trail. It’s a lot of fun.

Snake Hollow Bike Park

The Snake Hollow Bike Park is suited for mountain bikers with beginner through expert skills. 

This area opened in 2018 and we always stop by for a session when we’re in town. There are four separate zones that comprise the bike park and it’s really, really cool.

Snake Hollow Bike Park pump track
Snake Hollow Bike Park jump line

There are jump lines, elevated features, drops, and pump tracks. Even if you’re in town for just a day, check this place out. Kids on strider bikes through bros [brōz] on dirt jumpers will be able to spend hours here. Here is our full post for the Snake Hollow Bike Park.

St. George Area Trail Organization And Bike Shops

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association
Make a donation

Bicycles Unlimited
St. George, Utah

O-T-E Hurricane
Hurricane, Utah

Red Rock Bicycle Co.
St. George, Utah

Rapid Cycling
St. George, Utah

Zion Cycles
Springdale, Utah


The Zen trail is best suited for adventurous intermediate through expert mountain bikers.

One of our new favorites for  mountain bike trails for kids in St. George. This trail makes you a better mountain biker because there are several climbs and descents that will only be completed by strong, competent riders. Personally, I’m just not good enough to ride small sections of this trail, so I have no problem walking parts of Zen. It used to take us several hours to do the loop with the kids because we are adhere to the old adage, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. This is not a joke. The trail is very pedally. There is plenty of hike-a-bike for anyone less than an expert rider. The trail has a few spots of exposure. When you max out at elevation, you’re on a cliff. If you eff up and screw around on the cliff, you could die. Other than that, this trail is a must.

Climbing the Zen Trail in St. George, Utah
A narrow passage on the Zen Trail in St. George, Utah

Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll [not to be confused with Barrel Trail] is a great time for mountain bikers with at least intermediate skills.

This trail is in the Santa Clara vicinity. We love it because it offers great technical climbs and descents. Once you max out in elevation you look off the mesa to the west into a zone of untraveled desert landscape. It’s remarkable that there are vacant expanses like this. Ride it clock-wise. The last mile or so has you meandering in and out through a few small gulches. Barrel Roll is absolutely one of our favorite mountain bike trails in St. George.

Mom does a technical section of the Barrel Roll trail
Barrel Roll - one of the best mountain bike trails in St. George, Utah


The Guacamole trail is recommended for mountain bikers with at least intermediate skills.

From St. George, head towards Zion National Park/Springdale. After you pass through Virgin, you need to make your way up to Guacamole by taking a left on Dalton Wash Road. On your way up, please be respectful of the small watermelon and pecan farm on the left side of the road when you approach the fork ahead. Slow down and don’t kick up dust. Head left when you reach the first fork for the mtb trails as directed by the sign. Stay right at the second fork. You’ll eventually end up on the top of a mesa where there’s a prominent parking area.

Optional drop on the Guacamole trail
Best mountain bike trails in St. George - Guacamole

The Guacamole trail is a giant chunk of rock sprinkled with fun, punchy climbs and techy descents. If you’re able to ride this trail a few times during the year, you’ll challenge yourself to clean climbs and descend without dabs. There are several areas along the trail where you can session features such as steppy climbs, rock rolls and jumps. Review the map and explore options such as Holy Guacamole and Salt On The Rim. There are a few sections of the trail with cliff exposure.

The Old Red Bull Rampage Site

The Old Red Bull Rampage site is recommended for mountain bikers who like to get loose, get air, and get rowdy.

This area is where O-G’s Wade Simmons, Cédric Gracia, Lance Canfield and many others made their mark in the Utah desert. Now, led by local riders such as Logan Binggeli, Jeremy Hottinger, Ethan Nell, and Jaxson Riddle, the “Old Rampage Site” is pretty much a free-for-all where you can rip you own lines and experience what has been built up over a couple of decades.

Old Red Bull Rampage site - near Virgin, Utah
POV of a line at the old Red Bull Rampage site

To get to the old Rampage site, turn north out of Virgin on Kolob Terrace Road. Drive past the BMX track on Kolab Terrace Road about a mile and there’s an accessible area with a power line on a shallow arete on the left side of the road up a bit from a BLM campground on the right side of the road. You can see a couple of lines from this area, but the good stuff is west of this first parking area. Head up the dirt road to the left. You may have to ride from here if you don’t have a high clearance vehicle. There are a lot of features and lines in this zone and it’s all unsanctioned. None of the trails in this area are formally named and therefore will not appear on the maps. The Wild Wild West still does exist. You just have to know where to look.

Dropping in at the old Red Bull Rampage site
Old Red Bull Rampage site - getting air

The Best Mountain Biking Trails In St. George Are All Over The Place

The best way to find the best mountain bike trails for kids in St George is going to be speaking with someone at a bike shop in the area you’re visiting. Whenever we travel, we stop by a local shop and politely ask where we should ride. We are sure to communicate our skill level, how old the kids are, what type of bikes we have, and if we’re up for something easy going or ambitious. Bike shop staff are going to have to the most up-to-date and accurate information. Take advantage of this, and when you’re getting data- pick up a shop t-shirt or shop stickers. Better yet, come prepared with a six-pack and hand it over to an employee of age. A little kindness goes a long way.

There are several more trails in the St. George are that are just out there waiting for you. Gauge your family’s riding experience; get out there and explore!

Check out our Destinations and Trails page for more fun places to ride and visit! We’d love to hear about your favorite places to ride bikes with your family, too. Share your faves with us on Instagram or Facebook