We Choose The Best Locks For Mountain Bikes

Best bike locks for mountain bikes
Best bike locks for mountain bikes

Mountain Bike Theft Happens

According to the National Bike Registry, 1.5 million bicycles are stolen each year. Bike locks are the only deterrent to thieves on the lookout for mountain bikes. Sometimes, would-be thieves only decide to strike when they see an poorly bike. After your see which three locks we have selected, read on to learn about our best practices for keeping your mountain bikes safe and sound.

The best u lock for mountain bikes

Best U Lock For Mountain Bikes: Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini-6 U-Lock

The Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini-6 U-Lock is the best U lock on the market today. This tiny black and orange beauty weighs 39% less than its parent, the Mini-5. Keep this key lock in your bag, or throw it in your pocket if you are traveling light. Use the Evolution Lite Mini-6 on your travels on transportation, metro areas, and public bike racks.

U Lock Materials

The Mini-6 is made out of max-performance steel. This means all 6 x 2.75 inches are created out of high-quality, long-lasting materials. Not to mention the substance of the stuff only weighs 1.95 pounds! There are also 3 keys made of stainless steel, as well as 1 LED key fob replacement.

U Lock Durability

The thickness of this U lock is 11 millimeters of hardened steel. That means a drop or a fall won’t destroy it. For even more durability, this mountain bike lock has a rotating dust cover and stopper plug to prevent the lock from failing due to debris.

U Lock Level of Protection

Kryptonite rates their locks on a 10-point system. The number 1 is the most basic level of protection, and 10 the most secure. The Evolution Lite Mini-6 rates as a 7.

The high-security cylinder is resistant to both drills and picks. Not to mention there is a reinforced cuff over the crossbar and cylinder. Twist attacks? Not anymore. This bike lock boasts protection in the form of a double-deadbolt, bent-foot design.

As an added safety precaution, this lock is eligible for the Key Safe Program. This program allows you to register your key number to make replacement simple. There is an additional fee, but it allows you to use this U lock for a very long time to come.

Finally, you can register for optional, $2500 anti-theft protection on the official Kryptonite website.

The best chain lock for mountain bikes

Best Chain Lock For Mountain Bikes: Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain Lock

In terms of chain locks, the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain Lock is the best in the business. Black and orange are the colors, 35.5 inches is the length, and 6.1 pounds is the weight. Although heavier than U locks, the chain lock is longer, more durable, and can withstand more malicious treatment.

Chain Lock Materials

The chain links and 3 included keys are made from 3T manganese steel, and the sleeve on the outside is made from water-resistant nylon. The purpose of this accessory is to protect your mountain bike from the tough lock chains underneath. As an added bonus, the sleeve also protects the chain from nasty weather!

Chain Lock Durability

The 1090 integrated chain lock boasts 6-sided links, 10-millimeters apiece. It is also able to withstand quite a bit of mistreatment, whether from the climate or those with cruel intent. Furthermore, a sliding dust cover is included to protect the lock cylinder from dust, rocks, and other debris.

Chain Lock Level of Protection

Since the Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain Lock is a Kryptonite, it follows the same security point system as the first product on our list. However, this lock received an 8 and there are plenty of reasons why. Not the least of which is the oval crossbar headlock that works to double the strength of the mechanism!

The Series 4 1090 also eliminates the usual vulnerability at the end of chain links. How? By using a hardened deadbolt to secure the chain at each of the ends. Kryptonite calls this the End Link Design. Additionally, this bike lock features a cylinder resistant to drills and picks.

The $2500 anti-theft protection is optional, and it is available on the official Kryptonite website. Additionally, this bike lock qualifies for the Key Safe Program. Simply register your key numbers, and if your keys are lost or stolen you pay a small fee to receive replacements.

Thule cable lock for mountain bikes

Best Cable Lock: Thule Cable Lock 6ft One-Key System

One of the best cable locks to keep your mountain bike safe is the Thule Cable Lock 6ft One-Key System. At 6 feet long, there is no bike size you cannot wrap this black lock around. In fact, you can secure up to 4! Whether on your hitch rack, cargo carrier, or roof rack, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your bicycle.

Cable Lock Materials

The Thule Cable Lock is made of braided steel, and double coated with plastic. This helps protect your bike, rack, and vehicle from scratches. Additionally, the whole thing is self-coiling which comes in handy when trying to store it. That goes double for storing in small spaces such as a backpack or beach bag!

Cable Lock Durability

The hefty plastic coating protects the steel from bad weather, and the hinged cap protects the cylinder from dust and dirt. Hefty braided steel forms a strong 10mm diameter underneath the polyethylene, meaning you can give this product the business without fear!

Cable Lock Level of Protection

Thule does not include a system to rate the level of protection offered by its products. However, there is ample information online that would place the safety rating at a 5 out of 10. You can trust it for many situations such as travel, but professional bike thieves can break through with with inexpensive cable cutters.

The cable lock is a one-key cylinder, and you can have the cylinders to all of your Thule products keyed the same. That makes it easier for you. However, that also makes it much easier for a thief to steal all of your Thule items.

There is also a lifetime manufacturers warranty available from Thule on the lock itself.

Best kids mountain bikes

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Our 3 Best Practices To Protect Your Mountain Bikes

Tip 1: Inside Is The Safest Storage Place

Even mountain bikes stored in the garage or out on a balcony should be locked. Once when traveling in California, we visited an aquarium and took great care to take the front wheels off the bikes and store all four of them in the van as opposed to locking them on the bike rack.

Tip 2: Use Multiple Locks

All locks do is buy you time and help deter theft. We have four bikes to keep safe and we often use a combination of all the types of locks mentioned in this article when camping.

Tip 3: Keep Your Locked Bikes Within Eyesight

Even if we have multiple locks on our mountain bikes, I always keep them in eyesight. When we stop a restaurant after a ride, my wife knows I will not sit at a table where we cannot see the bikes. We always leave someone in the car if we go to a grocery store.

Snake Hollow Bike Park Map


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Large map - Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

Parents Can Help Develop Kids’ Love of Mountain Biking

recognize good work, old rampage site, virgin UT

Kids want to be recognized for their accomplishments and hard work – especially by their parents. In order to foster intrinsic enjoyment of mountain biking, it’s important to use the right language when praising our kids. Repeating a single phrase like “good job” is not effective and can backfire because repetitive praise can sound disingenuous. Here are some tips to show your kids that you noticed their mountain biking efforts and help them to recognize their improvement and accomplishments.

Praise The Process, Not The Person

Research shows that kids praised for their efforts rather than their abilities tend to choose tasks that are more challenging and are more interested in learning new ways to achieve success. Try to take note of what your kid does well on the trail and remark on the process.

Instead of “You are such a good climber”, say “You worked hard to get up that steep hill, nice climbing!”

Instead of “You are fast!” try “You’re riding faster around the corners today, you are gaining great bike control”

Emphasize Effort And Strategy While Your Kid Is Mountain Biking – Not The Outcome

Part of the fun of mountain biking is the effort and strategy involved. Each ride presents new challenges and kids have to figure out how to best handle them. If you can point out the ways that your kid is dealing with these mtb challenges, you can increase their confidence, which can encourage them to keep trying.

“I saw how you stood up to push to the top of that hard climb, good work!”

“You found a good way to steer around that root”

“I noticed that you’re getting off your bike to walk when you feel uncomfortable. Riding within your ability zone is very important – way to go!”

Non-Verbal Signs Of A Job Well Done

High fives and fist bumps demonstrate approval. You can even come up with your own special ways to celebrate successes – like a secret high five/knuckles combination that is only known by you and your kids.

Keep It Real

Don’t inflate praise – you kid will spot a false compliment a mile away. Recognition doesn’t need to be glowingly positive to work. You can completely leave out judgement on whether you think something is “good” and just let your kid know he/she has your attention. “I noticed” or “I see” are two ways to do this.

“I noticed that you are riding right in the middle of the trail.”

“I see that you’re riding in a middle gear”

“I saw you get your bike over that big rock”

Effective praise can help your child recognize his/her accomplishments and boost confidence on and off the bike!

Go to: MTB with Kids Tip #7  Enjoy the Journey

Mountain Biking with Kids is a Journey, Not a Destination

ride home

If you had to drive to get to your mountain bike ride, the ride home is still part of the ride in your kid’s mind. Taking a few steps to make the ride home enjoyable can make the memory of a bad ride better and a good ride, great!

Re-Fuel Bring a cooler with cold drinks for the ride home. Chilled fruit and veggies are great for the way home. You know that food tastes great after hard, physical work. Take advantage of this opportunity and try to balance the junk you fed them on the trail with some healthy, delicious food.

Connect Take the time to chat with your kid about things that he/she did especially well or really enjoyed on the mtb ride. If the ride was challenging for your child, acknowledge them for there perseverance. Don’t forget to mention that you really enjoyed your time together.

Get comfortable Bring extra clothes and socks for the ride home. If it’s late, they can change into their pajamas and cover up with blankets for the ride home. Our kids like to change into their slippers in the car!

Relax Sometimes, it’s just nice to chill. Play some good music or listen to a book on tape. We listen to a LOT of books on tape while traveling to and from mountain biking rides. Here are some links to information about some of out favorites:

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