Photo Of The Week – Little Creek Mesa

It's a blast to ride Little Creek Mesa. This zone is near Hurricane, Utah.

Little Creek Mesa near Hurricane, Utah – is kind of like Gooseberry Mesa’s little brother. Don’t be shy of giving this area a shot. Navigating can be a bit challenging because you have to rely on cairns as opposed to painted marks on the slickrock. And, you have to make a few correct turns depending on the loop you want to ride.


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Photo Of The Week – McCall, Idaho

Mountain biking with kids in McCall, Idaho.

Here are the kids pedaling along the Baby Bear trail in the Bear Basin zone near McCall, Idaho.

These trails were a ton of fun. If you have younger kids who are learning how to ride, we cannot recommended this area enough.

There are several green and blue trails which offer nice, steady ascents and rewarding declines through the woods.

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Photo Of The Week – Jumping Into Summer 2017

Jumping into summer 2017 - Mountain Biking With Kids

Summer in Utah is our family’s season. We work hard from November through May so we can make the most of the daylight hours from June through October.

This is our younger rider jumping the whale tail at the Trailside Bike Park near Park City. Trailside Bike Park is a fantastic facility that was built by Basin Recreation. The grounds consist of a bike park with several trails, jump lines and skills features; a skatepark; and a disc golf course.

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Getting The Wheels Off the Ground

Photo of the week - mountain biking with kids

Do your kids jump their bikes? This is a skill that takes a lot of time and practice. It’s best to start small – very small. And, never eclipse your comfort level. This picture was taken at the old Redbull Rampage site near Virgin, Utah.

Photo Of The Week – Kids At Sea Otter With Danny MacAskill


One of the best things about mountain biking with kids is meeting the professional athletes. More often than not, kids’ real life heroes make themselves accessible to say hi and take a photo or two.

Here is Danny MacAskill hanging out at the 2017 Sea Otter Classic with a few young rippers.

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These Bikes Don’t Get Put Out To Pasture – They Just Get New Wranglers

An old 24" Kona Stinky

Bike of the week - circle photo

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If I had a dollar for every older mountain biker who said “I started out on one of those!” I’ll bet I’d be able to get a pretty schmancy shrimp dinner somewhere.

This is a 2006 Kona Stinky 2-4. It’s called a “2-4” because it features 24-inch wheels. Back in the day, I think this was the only ride in town [from a high-end manufacturer] for kids who liked to get gnarly. The bike’s suspension package is composed of a 100mm travel Marzocchi fork and 4-inch travel Fox Vanilla rear shock. Its 13-inch frame is still the perfect size for groms who are moving up in size and skills.

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The brakes on the Kona Stinky 2-4 have been upgraded to Shimano Deore calipers and levers from the original stock Hayes Sole package. Beefy 2.1-inch wide Kenda tires and a SRAM x7 rear derailleur are the only other parts that differ from the original build.

It’s not a trail or XC bike. This is a tank intended for lift-served riding and/or shuttling. Using the tried-and-true internationally accredited bathroom scale weighing technology and protocol, this beast weighed in at just over 36 lbs.