Mountain Biking (most of) The Whole Enchilada With Kids

Mountain biking the Whole Enchilada with kids

Are you considering mountain biking the Whole Enchilada with kids? The Whole Enchilada is widely recognized as one of the best mountain bike rides in the world. It is located near Moab, Utah. Depending on your research and where you start the ride, you will see its distance is anywhere from 26-35 miles. The long end of this includes an approximate 5 mile section where you pedal back to your car on roads and paved bike paths. The ride is composed of different sections. If conditions allow, you will start at the Burro Pass section and descend through the Hazard County Section, Kokopelli Section, Porcupine Singletrack Section, and the Porcupine Rim Section. If you do this ride in its entirety, you will begin in an alpine environment at an elevation of over 11k feet with aspen groves and stream crossings. At the end of the day, and 7k feet vertical descent – you are back in the desert.

Mountain biking the Whole Enchilada with kids

NOTE: We rode The Whole Enchilada on October 22nd and even though Burro Pass was technically open, we did not start at the top. Due to recent moisture at the higher elevation, sections of the trail were icy and the local shuttle companies collectively determined that it was not safe. We were dropped off at the top of the Hazard County zone. That’s ok by me. NOT riding on ice is one of my favorite things. I guess we’ll have to do it again next year.


Wait – You Haven’t Done The Whole Enchilada Before?

I’m a 40-something mountain biking dad living in Salt Lake City and this was my first time riding The Whole Enchilada. What is my problem? Believe me, it’s a long list.

A few years ago, I decided that my first time riding this iconic trail would be with the entire family. How could it not be? If I was to do this ride without my family it would be like me taking a solo trip to Hawaii in the dead of winter. I am not kidding. This is how it would go: I would come back to Salt Lake City all tan and give the kids some crummy sea shells. Then I’d tell them how I started drinking at 9 in the morning, jumped off cliffs right into the ocean, swam with sea turtles as big as my desk, etc. Yeah – this would just not fly. We all ride. And, we all ride together. Mountain biking the Whole Enchilada with kids was clearly the only way to go.

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To prep for the ride, I got some advice from my step-brother Erik and bike shop friend, Steve. They’ve both ridden the trail more than once and told me to bring plenty of water because it’s a long day out on the bikes. Erik said he ran out of water one time and had to ask for some along the way. Steve told me he didn’t bring enough food once and had a rotten time. You gotta bring the right clothes, too. No one wants to be hot or cold and have over 25 miles to go. I’ve also heard horror stories involving mechanical mishaps and injuries on this trail. Bashed derailleurs and cables, shredded tires, bent wheels, concussions, smashed wrists and broken collar bones were almost expected as part of the ride.

IMPORTANT: If you’re considering mountain biking the Whole Enchilada with kids, we stress that an adventurous adult with both good fitness and at least intermediate mountain biking skills pre-ride the Whole Enchilada. This way, you can properly gauge your younger riders’ fitness and skills to see if you will have a successful outing. You can just do the lower sections of the trail solo in order to assess if those in your group will be safe and have a good time. You should also closely examine the embedded map to get an understanding of the elevation.

How To Overpack For Riding The Whole Enchilada

I knew my role on the ride would be that of the Sherpa after considering some of the dreadful things noted above. The comfort and safety of my clientele are paramount. If conditions allow- we will achieve our goals of summiting and return to base camp in tact. If my clients don’t enjoy the adventure, I don’t get return visits. On most long mountain bike rides with the family, I usually bring a normal sized hydration pack with a 2 liter bladder, lunch, a couple of energy bars, some tools and a spare tube.

This time around I overpacked on purpose. A 30L Backpack. You read that right. When I Googled the brand and model, the autosearch didn’t return ‘daypack”. It said ‘backpack’. If push came to shove, I could have attached a sleeping bag and bivouac to the thing. It’s absolutely huge.

Here is a list of everything I put in the pack.

  • 3L water bladder
  • 1 extra 25oz stainless steel water bottle
  • 1 12oz energy drink
  • Rain jacket
  • Long sleeve dry fit shirt
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • First aid kit
  • Plastic tire irons
  • 2 spare tubes
  • Multi tool
  • Small roll of utility tape
  • Energy bars and other snacks
  • A ham sandwich with cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard
  • Extra USB battery for phones and cord
  • Bike light

This thing weighed a ton. I deserve a stupid medal. Literally, a “Stupid” medal. The best part about this is that in order to save weight, I took the car key off my key ring and left the other 8 keys in mini van. Pure. Genius.

Everyone in my family has a proper full-suspension mountain bike with tubeless tires and a dropper. We all have helmets with removable chin bars.

Riding The Whole Enchilada With A Ten Year Old

My biggest concern was riding with my 10-year old. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a skilled kid. He can do a lot of technical moves I won’t even try. But you have to agree that 10 is on the young side for this one. Take a close look at the embedded map and you’ll see there are a few demanding climbs. His resume is pretty good, though. Prior to our Whole Enchilada trip, he did about a 23 mile all-mountain ride from Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley to the bottom of the PCMR’s Canyons base area. He’s also done the Wasatch Crest a couple of times. He definitely has the chops. This was his longest ride and I just wanted the experience to be a good one.

When we finished the last leg of dirt and hit the pavement for the ride back into town, he finished the ride like a boss. There is a bike path that follows the Colorado River for a bit. We even have this section of pavement on our list of best Moab mtb rides for families and beginners.

Camelbak LUXE hydration pack for kids

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MTB Hydration Packs for Kids

Trail MTB Helmets

Now that you have a young mountain biker, get a lid on that kid.

Trail Helmets For MTB Kids

G-Form knee pads for kids

Knee Pads For Kids

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MTB Knee Pads for Kids

We are ready for this mountain biking bucket list experience

Shuttles For The Whole Enchilada

You can self-shuttle this if you have the resources. Most people don’t. Plan ahead and book as soon as you can. There are several options in Moab for booking a shuttle to ride The Whole Enchilada.

Whole Enchilada Shuttle Co.

Coyote Shuttle

Porcupine Shuttle Company

Moab Bike Shops

Poison Spider Bicycles
497 N Main St • Moab, Utah

Chile Pepper Bike Shop
702 South Main St. • Moab, Utah

Rim Cyclery
94 West 100 North • Moab, Utah

Getting Started For The Day

We had to be at the shuttle drop off at 9:45 on Sunday morning. This was Bike Church at its finest. People from around the world sharing a common faith and knocking something big off the bucket list. There were riders from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom. It always makes me happy how this wonderful activity brings us all together.

After our driver got all the bikes loaded, we were off. We headed out town and headed southeast for a few miles and then made the left turn onto La Sal Loop Road. The drive up into the mountains was great. Think about it. You start off in beautiful, red rock Moab and make the way up to a true alpine environment. The sage bushes and red dirt magically transforms to pine trees and granite right before your eyes. The elevation gain will make your ears pop a couple of times as you’re whisked to the trailhead.

As mentioned above, we started at the Hazard County section due to ice up higher at Burro Pass. I was keen to bring along some cash so our youngest could tip our driver and tell her thank you on our family’s behalf. We were finally on our way.

Getting ready to ride the Whole Enchilada trail - Hazard County trailhead

Hazard County Section

This section of the ride started off on single track and it quickly led to a bit of a climb. There were a couple of stretches where we had to get off our bikes due to the grade and/or terrain and walk. This took about 15 minutes of climbing to get to where the first downhill section began.

As you start downhill, it’s hard not to stop and just look around. You’re cruising along at elevation and marveling at the expansive palate of colors ahead. We rode this in October and our immediate surroundings were composed of greens and yellows. But off the range in the distance, you could see the massive vistas my home state is famous for. Riding this section of trail is kind of trenched and rutted, but most of it is still wide enough you don’t have to be concerned about clipping a pedal. There are switchbacks and rock gardens. Nothing too technical, but you have to be an intermediate mountain biker to take on this initial section of The Whole Enchilada. Our youngest handled this part of the trail with ease.

Horsing around at a trail junction on the Whole Enchilada mtb trail - Moab
Here's mom riding the Whole Enchilada

Kokopelli Section

Nothing out of the ordinary here. This section of trail is mainly wide dirt and double-track. Its purpose is to play the role of a connector and transition you to the Porcupine sections. There’s a small climb in this zone. Overall, it’s pretty easy going and nothing technical.

Kid giving The Notch a go on the Whole Enchilada
Tyge sends a drop while riding The Whole Enchilada in Moab
Sending a drop on The Whole Enchilada mtb trail - Moab, UT
Wyatt sends a drop while riding The Whole Enchilada near Moab, Utah

Upper Porcupine Singletrack (UPS) And Lower Porcupine Singletrack (LPS) 

This is where the fun really started for us. You’re out of the alpine environment and on top of a big sandstone slab more popularly known as southern Utah. Enjoy the mileage as you work your way across terrain that defines this trail. There are several technical sections that you can session over and over. You will find drops and playgrounds for jibs. There are a few tricky climbs, too. I had to walk my bike several times.

Being elevated above the Colorado River along the very last singletrack section is stunning. Before you know it, you’re at the level of the river and headed back into town.

Gorgeous views are all over the place on the Whole Enchilada trail in Moab
On the way back to Moab after completing The Whole Enchilada

This Is An Epic Mountain Bike Ride For Your Family 

Our ride took just under eight hours and we really soaked up the experience. We took a lot of breaks for resting, eating, and staying hydrated. The sun was out and the wind was calm so the kids could session climbs, drops and jibs. If you’re fortunate enough to give this ride a shot with your family, it’s could easily be one of the best experiences on the bikes your clan will ever share together. It’s as difficult as it is fun and we’d like to hear from you on our Instagram post if you’ve done the ride with your family.

Whistler’s Lord Of The Squirrels, An Epic Family Mountain Bike Ride

Lord Of The Squirrels - Whistler family mountain bike ride

Whistler’s Lord Of The Squirrels

Part of an epic family mountain bike ride in British Columbia

Lord Of The Squirrels – A minor obsession

From the instant I heard about the new trails Into The Mystic, On The Rocks, and Lord Of The Squirrels – I kind of obsessed over riding them this summer with my wife and kids. The trails opened near the end of summer 2017 and they showed off a part of Whistler we have not seen before. Some trails were well established in the lower Mt. Sproatt area, but this ride takes you up through the forest and almost above treeline.

The trails were built by WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycling Association) with support from the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Another organization, the Trails Planning Working Group, is municipal committee designed to bring all the collaborators together. Dan Raymond was hired to be the project manager for the Lord Of The Squirrels.

Be Prepared For This Ride

This is not your typical family bike ride. It is in the wilderness and climbs on Into The Mystic and On The Rocks are strenuous. Depending on where you start this ride, the elevation gain is significant. We started pedaling from our condo at we ascended about 3,500 feet! When you do this ride with your kids, it’s important to be aware of your capabilities.

Our youngest is 11 years old and already great on the pedals. But in order to ensure his enjoyment and success on Into The Mystic, we did a few training rides in Park City before we left on our trip.

We knew what type of food to bring as well as how much. We all filled our hydration packs to capacity and made sure our bikes were in good condition. Just to be safe, in addition to the basics, I brought along an extra derailleur cable, spare tubes and and extra battery with an additional SD card for the action camera. My wife brought along an extra USB battery pack if a phone ran out of juice. We were dressed in appropriate clothing and to make sure it did not rain – we packed light rain jackets.

Be prepared to ride Lord Of The Squirrels with your kids
Bring plenty of food and water for this epic mountain bike ride.
Family at the Lord Of The Squirrels trail in Whistler
We were keen to pack rain jackets and check the weather.
Lord Of The Squirrels map - MTB with Kids route

How We Got To Into The Mystic

To start, we began from the Aspens on Blackcomb condos and went through the Whistler Village. We then hopped on the Valley Trail at the golf course to get to Rainbow Park. From Rainbow Park, here are the trails we used to get arrive at Into the Mystic:

  • Whip Me Snip Me
  • Danimal
  • Hot Dog Alley
  • Scotia Creek Access Road
  • Sirloin
  • Darwin
  • Flank

Take a minute and donate to WORCA right now. They are one of the groups responsible for making trails like this happen. And, because of contributions from families like yours and mine, WORCA can build more trails so families can make more memories and enjoy the outdoors together.

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Whistler's Lord Of The Squirrels

Check Out Other Stuff For MTB Kids
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Into The Mystic

This Is A Long, Tough Climb – Even Without Kids

The beginning of this trail welcomes you with a marquis constructed from logs and a steel plate sign with the name of the trail cut from it. It’s like you’re at the start of a life-sized board game or a ride at an amusement park. Pedaling starts off easy enough, but you’re soon ascending along one of the most beautifully crafted climb trails in middle earth.

Family photo at the Into The Mystic trailhead
The kids explore a creek on the Into The Mystic Trail
Almost to the top of Into The Mystic

Fit riders will make easy work of this in a couple of hours or so. The trail is not a bunched up string of switchbacks and that makes it a pleasure to climb. We saw a kid who was similar age to our 11 year old on this trail pedaling with his dad. He was crushing the climb and we did not catch them.

Mother and son doing some hike-a-bike on Into The Mystic

About two-thirds of the way up on Into The Mystic you come across a platform with benches and railing adjacent to a creek down a small canyon path. Chains have been bolted in the rock so you can make your way down to a creek in the canyon. The kids went down for an explore and to see if they could catch a chat with Gollum. We took a long break here so we could rest and refuel. Three of us had to do plenty of resting and hike-a-bike on Into The Mystice, while our oldest son pedaled the entire trail. When you’re near the end of Into The Mystic, the trees become sparse. You start to notice more rocks, small grounds of grass and more open space.

Pond on the Whistler's Into The Mystic Trail

On The Rocks

On The Rocks Could Be The Star Of The Show On This Ride

You are on the edge of the tree line and the environment is quite is over-the-top. Vivid wildflowers, exposed rock and a palette of greenery complement your immediate surroundings. I think it’s similar to when a PNW native sees Moab in-person for the first time.

On The Rocks is a spectacular trail in Whistler

Off to the distance you can see several other peaks adorned with snow and glaciers. The start of this trail is more climbing, but once you reach about 5,900 feet – most of the hard pedaling is over. Our youngest took a few rests on the first part of this trail. Good thing – because I certainly needed the breaks as well.

On The Rocks
Doing a snow crossing On The Rocks

Snow fields are fun!

Once you start descending On The Rocks, you may encounter snow fields you will have to ride through or ferry your bike across. All four in the family ended up with wet feet and squeaky brakes. Overall, I think we encountered a total of 10 areas where the trail was snow covered. This was a fair trade-off because the trail had only been opened for two days and we were due to leave town in the morning. There are also several small ponds and basins filled with runoff. I don’t know how many of these qualify as lakes, but they are one of the highlights of the ride.

Tyge riding On The Rocks

Lord Of The Squirrels

Slow but steady

It took us a whopping six hours to get to the Lord Of The Squirrels trailhead from our condo. Please take this into consideration if you are planning on doing this ride with your kids. With the exception of our 15 year old, who can be considered an expert mountain biker, I think the rest of us are intermediate to strong intermediate mountain bikers regarding fitness, skill and and mettle. And it must be said that if my wife had her way – we would only ride uphill. We took it real slow the entire day by taking too many breaks to count, gigs of photos and made sure no one got hangry.


After getting through the last couple of snow fields, Lord Of The Squirrels is a downhill romp through the woods. It’s very enjoyable because after we encountered about 6 other riders on the trail – it was all ours. We were expecting a lot more people due to the recent opening.

The trail is aptly rated as intermediate so no one had to get off the pedals and walk the rock rolls, roots, bridges and tech sections. All of the trails features were enjoyed by the family from top-to-bottom. The trail is only over a year old. The dirt has not settled. The roots are still raw and untidy. If you have experienced new trail in this region, you know the sound your tires make – and the density of the trail surface. It’s a lot of fun.

Exiting the trail, you’re back near the start of Into The Mystic. Depending on where you started from, you may have a bit of ride to get to home base. On the way back our 15 year old was not done. He broke off for a bit to give Cheap Thrills a whirl.

Our Final Thoughts

This ride is beautiful. I hope I have the opportunity to compare it to others around the world while riding with my family. For me, it was hard and you have to work for it. That helps keep it sustainable and special. The bike park is awesome, but Lord Of The Squirrels is just a different kind of awesome on the other side of town. When your heart is pumping and your legs don’t want to climb anymore, you just look around at where you are and take it in.

Exiting Lord Of The Squirrels

Best Seattle Mountain Bike Trails for Kids

Seattle area mountain biking for families

Best Seattle Mountain Bike Trails for Kids: There’s nothing more exciting than getting your kids hooked on an activity you love. But for mountain bikers, that can be a bit of a challenge. It can be really hard to find good beginner trails for kids that keep them interested and help them progress, without being too challenging and overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best mountain bike trails in the Seattle area for kids. These trails are all easily accessible, with optional features that kids can challenge themselves on. They’re well signed, so you won’t run into any surprises, and most cater to beginners specifically, so you won’t have more aggressive riders coming up behind and passing. And most of all, they’re fun. Your kids will have a blast exploring and riding all of these trails – whether they’re riding a strider, or riding their mountain bike harder than you.

Duthie Hill Bike Park

Duthie Hill is a huge bike specific park, with something for everyone. While it’s got plenty of bigger intermediate and expert terrain and features, what really sets it apart for kids and beginner riders is how the whole park is designed for progression. There are trails and features designed to help riders of any ability level grow. So younger kids can just get a feel for pedaling and cornering on dirt, and as they progress, there are easy building block features that will challenge them without being overwhelming.

Even really young kids who are still on balance bikes can get a feel for singletrack riding at Duthie. And most of the trails at Duthie are designated as directional, so everyone will be going the same way. That’s especially helpful for kids who can struggle with stopping and starting again when they meet riders coming the opposite direction. Duthie Hill made our list of best Seattle mountain bike trails for kids because it provides a fun, safe environment to grow as riders.

Duthie Hill mountain biking 01
Duthie HIll mouintain biking 02

Palouse To Cascades Trail

The Palouse to Cascades Trail, formerly known as the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, is the perfect option for kids who want to ride a little further, but aren’t as interested in technical terrain. It’s a wide, mostly gravel trail that follows an old railroad bed, and even goes through a tunnel. The tunnel is an adventure not to be missed, and the mellow riding means you don’t even need a bike with real mountain bike tires. Because it’s on the railroad grade, the climb and descending are very gradual, so even kids who just learned to pedal or use hand brakes can stay in control.

The whole trail is over 100 miles long, we recommend riding shorter sections and setting up a shuttle with multiple cars so that they can ride point to point in the downhill direction of the trail. Our favorite section of trail for kids starts at the Iron Horse State Park and drops West towards Cedar Falls. From Iron Horse to Cedar Falls is 23 mostly downhill miles, but you can cut it shorter depending on how much energy your kids have. This section is mostly gently downhill, and includes a railroad tunnel so bring lights and headlamps. The John Wayne Pioneer Trail is the perfect place for kids to build confidence and experience for longer, more technical rides. This is definitely a big adventure, so grab your mountain bike shoes, put on your bike shorts, and get ready for a fun day!

Palouse to Cascades Trail
Palouse to Casades Trail

Black Diamond Open Space (BDOS)

The Black Diamond Open Space is a conveniently located trail network with a high concentration of great beginner and intermediate trails. Located close to Henry’s ridge, Black Diamond Open Space is flatter and less demanding than much of the riding in the Seattle area, and its densely packed trails make it easy to stack small loops of riding and cater to any skill or endurance level.

Like Duthie Hill, the BDOS trails are optimized for progression with plenty of optional features, and a variety of blue and green trails. Kids can build skills on easy trails, and then quickly step up to more technical trails in the same area. And there are plenty of more interesting intermediate and expert trails for parents and older kids. BDOS is a great place to go ride with your kids and learn about what kinds of trails they prefer, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley’s trail system isn’t quite as tightly stacked as Duthy or BDOS, which means there’s more riding between intersections. And there aren’t any really big climbs or descents, instead it’s mostly flowy up and down riding that helps build endurance and bike handling skills for kids.

Most of the trail at Paradise Valley is beginner or intermediate, so don’t worry about taking a wrong turn and ending up in over your head. Instead, you can plan bigger loops and ride continuously with your kids. It’s not quite as easy to progress to more technical trails or bigger features here, instead it’s an ideal place to just solidify all-round bike handling skills and fitness.

Child mountain biking in the Seattle area

About The Author

We are evo Seattle, a mountain bike shop with an emphasis on invitation & getting everyone out having fun on the trails. evo is a one stop shop for all things bike repair while also offering mountain bike rentals.

evo explores the collaboration between culture and sport by seamlessly joining art, music, streetwear, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and wakeboarding. Our aim is to bring all things relevant to the urban, action sports lifestyle into one creative space. Whether it is on the website, on the phone or in our stores, our aim is to make all who come into contact with evo feel welcome and excited about their experience.

Check out our Destinations and Trails page for more fun places to ride and visit! We’d love to hear about your favorite places to ride bikes with your family, too. Share your faves with us on Instagram or Facebook

Best Mountain Bike Trails for Kids In St George, Utah

Best mountain bike trails for kids and families in St. George, Utah

Mountain bike trails for kids in St George: The riding scene in the St. George area has developed into one the best places to mountain bike on the planet. Famously known for its proximity to the Red Bull Rampage events, the local trail group, bike shops, and other trail constructing individuals and local government entities have developed several areas where riding can be enjoyed by your entire family. Best of all this list is just scratches the surface for where you can ride. You can also take a look at our Gooseberry Mesa article.

Best mountain bike trails for kids and families in St. George, Utah

Please do your best to get current trail conditions by stopping by one of the local bike shops and speaking with staff. Chances are good that the people you speak with will have had a hand in building or maintaining the trails and they will be able to set you up with a great ride. Consider donating to the Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association when you plan your visit, too. These guys are experts on mountain bike trails for kids in St George.

Be prepared with the proper clothing, protective gear, tools, food and water. Don’t get caught off-guard when riding these areas. We always suggest that a responsible adult in your family with at least strong intermediate skills pre-ride each of these trails so you can properly gauge your family’s abilities for technical features, attention span and distance. Also, some of these rides are accessed via dirt roads and take a bit of time to find for the first time. The same goes for route-finding. You can help ensure a good time when you share these trails with your clan by knowing the route. Often, there will be other riders around who can assist, but don’t rely on this. It’s up to you to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe.


Bearclaw Poppy

The Bearclaw Poppy trail is best suited for mountain bikers with beginner through expert skills.

This trail is definitely one of our favorite mountain bike trails for kids in St George. Bearclaw Poppy will always be near-and-dear to our hearts because it’s where our kids learned to ride their mountain bikes in the desert. Start on the Bloomington end [south of St. George] and make this trail as long as you like. This trail is directional, meaning that you pedal up on the south side of the trail and descend on the north side of the trail. Take a look at the map and you can see the “rungs” where you can bail-out if your young/novice kids have reached their limit.

Best mountain bike trails in St. George - Bearclaw Poppy
Family-friendly mountain bike trails in St. George, Utah

Once you’re near the top of the directional section, you’ll see some light colored hills called the “acid drops”. These are great fun to roll down and jump once you’re up to the task. If you can pedal to the top of the acid drops, consider yourself a fit rider.

After the acid drops you can continue towards Green Valley through a wash and head to the top of what’s called the “Lion’s Paw”, “Clavicle Hill”, or “Three Fingers Of Death”. However long you choose to make this ride, be sure to return on the “downhill only” trail. It’s a lot of fun.

Snake Hollow Bike Park

The Snake Hollow Bike Park is suited for mountain bikers with beginner through expert skills. 

This area opened in 2018 and we always stop by for a session when we’re in town. There are four separate zones that comprise the bike park and it’s really, really cool.

Snake Hollow Bike Park pump track
Snake Hollow Bike Park jump line

There are jump lines, elevated features, drops, and pump tracks. Even if you’re in town for just a day, check this place out. Kids on strider bikes through bros [brōz] on dirt jumpers will be able to spend hours here. Here is our full post for the Snake Hollow Bike Park.

St. George Area Trail Organization And Bike Shops

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association
Make a donation

Bicycles Unlimited
St. George, Utah

O-T-E Hurricane
Hurricane, Utah

Red Rock Bicycle Co.
St. George, Utah

Rapid Cycling
St. George, Utah

Zion Cycles
Springdale, Utah


The Zen trail is best suited for adventurous intermediate through expert mountain bikers.

One of our new favorites for  mountain bike trails for kids in St. George. This trail makes you a better mountain biker because there are several climbs and descents that will only be completed by strong, competent riders. Personally, I’m just not good enough to ride small sections of this trail, so I have no problem walking parts of Zen. It used to take us several hours to do the loop with the kids because we are adhere to the old adage, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. This is not a joke. The trail is very pedally. There is plenty of hike-a-bike for anyone less than an expert rider. The trail has a few spots of exposure. When you max out at elevation, you’re on a cliff. If you eff up and screw around on the cliff, you could die. Other than that, this trail is a must.

Climbing the Zen Trail in St. George, Utah
A narrow passage on the Zen Trail in St. George, Utah

Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll [not to be confused with Barrel Trail] is a great time for mountain bikers with at least intermediate skills.

This trail is in the Santa Clara vicinity. We love it because it offers great technical climbs and descents. Once you max out in elevation you look off the mesa to the west into a zone of untraveled desert landscape. It’s remarkable that there are vacant expanses like this. Ride it clock-wise. The last mile or so has you meandering in and out through a few small gulches. Barrel Roll is absolutely one of our favorite mountain bike trails in St. George.

Mom does a technical section of the Barrel Roll trail
Barrel Roll - one of the best mountain bike trails in St. George, Utah


The Guacamole trail is recommended for mountain bikers with at least intermediate skills.

From St. George, head towards Zion National Park/Springdale. After you pass through Virgin, you need to make your way up to Guacamole by taking a left on Dalton Wash Road. On your way up, please be respectful of the small watermelon and pecan farm on the left side of the road when you approach the fork ahead. Slow down and don’t kick up dust. Head left when you reach the first fork for the mtb trails as directed by the sign. Stay right at the second fork. You’ll eventually end up on the top of a mesa where there’s a prominent parking area.

Optional drop on the Guacamole trail
Best mountain bike trails in St. George - Guacamole

The Guacamole trail is a giant chunk of rock sprinkled with fun, punchy climbs and techy descents. If you’re able to ride this trail a few times during the year, you’ll challenge yourself to clean climbs and descend without dabs. There are several areas along the trail where you can session features such as steppy climbs, rock rolls and jumps. Review the map and explore options such as Holy Guacamole and Salt On The Rim. There are a few sections of the trail with cliff exposure.

The Old Red Bull Rampage Site

The Old Red Bull Rampage site is recommended for mountain bikers who like to get loose, get air, and get rowdy.

This area is where O-G’s Wade Simmons, Cédric Gracia, Lance Canfield and many others made their mark in the Utah desert. Now, led by local riders such as Logan Binggeli, Jeremy Hottinger, Ethan Nell, and Jaxson Riddle, the “Old Rampage Site” is pretty much a free-for-all where you can rip you own lines and experience what has been built up over a couple of decades.

Old Red Bull Rampage site - near Virgin, Utah
POV of a line at the old Red Bull Rampage site

To get to the old Rampage site, turn north out of Virgin on Kolob Terrace Road. Drive past the BMX track on Kolab Terrace Road about a mile and there’s an accessible area with a power line on a shallow arete on the left side of the road up a bit from a BLM campground on the right side of the road. You can see a couple of lines from this area, but the good stuff is west of this first parking area. Head up the dirt road to the left. You may have to ride from here if you don’t have a high clearance vehicle. There are a lot of features and lines in this zone and it’s all unsanctioned. None of the trails in this area are formally named and therefore will not appear on the maps. The Wild Wild West still does exist. You just have to know where to look.

Dropping in at the old Red Bull Rampage site
Old Red Bull Rampage site - getting air

The Best Mountain Biking Trails In St. George Are All Over The Place

The best way to find the best mountain bike trails for kids in St George is going to be speaking with someone at a bike shop in the area you’re visiting. Whenever we travel, we stop by a local shop and politely ask where we should ride. We are sure to communicate our skill level, how old the kids are, what type of bikes we have, and if we’re up for something easy going or ambitious. Bike shop staff are going to have to the most up-to-date and accurate information. Take advantage of this, and when you’re getting data- pick up a shop t-shirt or shop stickers. Better yet, come prepared with a six-pack and hand it over to an employee of age. A little kindness goes a long way.

There are several more trails in the St. George are that are just out there waiting for you. Gauge your family’s riding experience; get out there and explore!

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Visiting Sprockids Mountain Bike Park In Gibsons British Columbia

Mountain biking with kids at Sprockids Bike Park

Gobs of people make the pilgrimage to Whistler every summer to ride the bike park; the area’s valley trails or get a dose of Crankworx. But if you’re ready to literally broaden your mtb family’s horizons and expand your portfolio of riding in beautiful western BC, we have a great option. Hop on a ferry and head even further west to Gibsons on BC’s Sunshine Coast and visit the Sprockids Mountain Bike Park.

Mountain biking with kids at Sprockids Bike Park

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Getting To The Sunshine Coast

You have to take a ferry to access the BC’s Sunshine Coast from West Vancouver. It takes just under two hours to get from Horseshoe Bay [Vancouver] to Langdale [Gibsons] not including waiting to board the ship. We strongly recommend reserving a ferry ride so you don’t get surprised by a busy travel day. Fares are reasonably priced and you can easily just do the jaunt as a long day-trip.

Boarding the ferry from North Van to Langdale
On the ferry deck to Sprockids

Helpful Resources For Sprockids Mountain Bike Park

Getting To The Sprockkids MTB Park

Simply hop on the Sunshine Coast Highway from the ferry port at Langdale or Gibsons. About halfway between the two towns, head north on Stewart Road.

Gibsons BC Area Bike Shops

Elphi Cycles - Roberts Creek, BC

Elphi Cycles

1058 Roberts Creek Road
Roberts Creek, BC

Phone: 778-458-2636

Off The Edge

5519 Wharf Avenue
Sechelt, BC

Phone: 604-741-0767


Sprockids Mountain Bike Park Trail Map

Visiting Sprockids Is A Family-Fun-For-All

A wonderful skills park and about 8.5 miles of trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced mountain bikers await you in this fun and well developed zone. The trails near the bottom of the mountain range from easy to intermediate. The upper portion of the mountain has a few black rated trails.

Sprockids Park sign
Skills park - Sprockids
Riding the Sprockids Park with mtb kids

When we visited the park, we had a ball at the skills course for around half an hour and then ventured off to ride some single track.

A route we chose took us to the top of Fuzzy Hugs. After descending that, we hit a couple other intermediate trails. The riding there is classic BC. Giant old trees, beautifully built wood features, and that sooooo sweeet sound of tires humming over just-right-dirt that doesn’t grease up.

Sprockids MTB Park - Fuzzy Hugs

The park is not lift-served and you can’t shuttle because we all like earning the ride down, don’t we? There are a few bike camps that use the area, so don’t be surprised if you run into groups of other riders.

Sign post at Sprokids bike park

Getting around at Sprockids is super easy. You can identify where you are based on trail intersections and several well-placed trail sign posts with maps.

Sprockids MTB Park - descending a trail with mtb kids
Sprockids MTB Park - elevated feature
Deck to skinny at Gibsons BC Sprockids Park

The kids seshd’ a few features along the way so they could find the right lines and demonstrate how years of gymnastics classes could be brought to the bikes.

CMBTA - Coast Mountain Bike Trail Association

When you visit, consider making a contribution to the local trail organization, CMBTA [Coast Mountain Bike Trail Association].

Fuel Up For The Next Ride

When you’re ready to recharge the batteries and grab something to eat – explore the town of Gibsons. Visit the harbor and stop at one of the many local eateries.

Gibsons BC harbor stroll
Smitty's Marina - seafood restaurant
Cabin-boat. Not a house boat.

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Maui Wowee: Mountain Biking Maui With Kids

Mountain Biking Maui With Kids

Are you thinking about a trip to Maui? Mountain biking Maui with kids is amazing. Here’s one active families story about theie MTB adventure in paradise.

One of the most popular attractions on the island of Maui is to wake up at three in the morning to bus to the 10,023 foot summit of mount Haleakalā. There, you can watch the sun tear through inky pillowed clouds, releasing a pyrotechnic sunrise. Glorious for adults and whine-inducing for sleep-deprived children. Like many, when my kids are not sleeping, they prefer cycling to aesthetic contemplation.

Mountain Biking Maui With Kids

Vistiting Haleakalā and Makawao Forest Bike Park

We slept in and left for the summit after seven, when Haleakalā National Park opens to cars without reservations. Our goal: a mountain bike descent from the summit via the Skyline Trail and Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area. The ride is 18 miles long. However, that includes 7000 feet of downhill and little up. This trail is definitely doable for kids accustomed to a few hours on a bike. Apart from some loose rock at the top, tight turns and achy brake fingers, the ride is generally not technical.

Mountain biking Maui's Skyline trail
MTB With Kids - Maui Skyline Trail
Taking a break while mountain biking in Maui

Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail starts just past the desolate multihued crater where the Haleakalā High Altitude Observatory perches at the edge of the park. The first five miles of the trail are on double-track. This is a mercy for those awestruck by views of distant Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa set in the sparkling big blue.

Unlike their mom, the children were not bothered by the sensation of imminent flight off the mountain towards the Alenuihaha Channel. A park ranger said the road had recently been graded, but it can be ugly with sand and fist-sized hunks of sharp a’a lava rock.

Mountain biking in Maui
Young girl mountain biking in Maui with family
Checking out a cave while mountain biking with kids in Maui

Mamane Trail

At the top of the fog belt, where rider and vegetation return to earth, we took a snack break before heading down the Mamane Trail. We flushed ring-necked pheasants and chukars as we cruised the pine forest on well-maintained singletrack.

A collapsed lava tube marks a junction with the upper Waiohuli Trail and a transition to the tropical rainforest. That trail leads to the dirt Waipoli Road that transforms into a one-lane asphalt road with 20 magnificent switchbacks accomplishing the last 1000-foot drop. We saw three hikers and two cars the entire ride.

Tricky Logistics

There are no licensed shuttles or guided tours of the Skyline Trail. Skyline skirts the Hawaiian Homelands, areas sacred to native Hawaiians and off limits to commercial activity per the state. Since I was the only one with a driver’s license, I considered the possibilities. One potential option included stealing a mobility scooter from the Kahului Costco parking lot. Except that twenty years from now I do not want the family legend to contain a story about how mom was busted driving up the side of a Hawaiian volcano at four miles per hour.

The real options are few. Firstly, rent a second car and leave it at the bottom. Secondly, hitch back up to your car. Or thirdly, to keep asking until you find someone who has half a day available to drive you around. I lucked out offering da kine tip via a ride-sharing app for the run back up to the summit.

With two cars, leave one near Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm at the end of the descent. Count out riding on the busy two-lane highway. Drivers on Maui are courteous to riders. However, the long shoulderless sections of road lined with grabby tropical plants are a particularly bad idea for children.

Best kids mountain bikes

Kids’ Mountain Bikes
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Whistler's Lord Of The Squirrels

Go On A Family Bike Ride
What’s on your bucket list for family mountain bike rides? How about Whistler’s Lord Of The Squirrels?

Real cost bike calculator

Have A Good Laugh – Or Cry
Find out how much that mountain bike really cost you with our mountain bike real cost calculator

Bike Park At The Kahakapao Recreation Area

Having worshipped at the House of the Sun, the next day we joined Maui’s party of the jungle at the Makawao Forest Preserve’s Kahakapao Recreation Area. You know it’s going to be good when you roll into the parking lot. We noted both tots jamming on striders and construction workers celebrating a lunch ride with huge grins on mud-splattered faces. It’s not just the chorus of tropical birds making noise, there were happy human whoops coming from the forest. Plus, the air smelled like tropical flowers.

Maui mtb fun with kids

The bike park starts with a couple pauma (pump) tracks; ‘akahi akahi (novice) and akamai (expert) skills areas; and even offers a repair station with tools. The skills areas feature a small teeter-totter, bridges, log rides, jumps of varying sizes and shapes and generously banked turns. The steeper jumps were hard-packed and booger-slick, requiring extra momentum for successful takeoff and landing. Fallen leaves and mud obscured some portions of the parks, but popular lines were clear.

Maui mtb roller coaster
Getting a little air on a wood wave in Maui
Shredding mountain bike trails in Maui
Hitting a jump on Maui

The main trails are designed by IMBA’s Trail Solutions and maintained by the local IMBA chapter, the Maui Mountain Bike Coalition. These trails work out to a few variations on a couple miles of upward grind followed by a swoopy run down. Everyone we met recommended climbing the East Trail and descending via Pineapple Express.  Pineapple Express is a  two mile long tasty flow trail with solid berms banking tight turns, whoop de doos, table jumps and a fat BC-style wallride near the end. More advanced climbs and descents are an option.

Mountain biking Maui with kids can be educational, too!

As an educational bonus a parent would appreciate, trails were sprinkled with interpretive signs. Take a break! Firstly, you can learn about the history of the preserve, which was planted by prisoners in the 1960s. Secondly, learn about tools like the kahakapao, an adze Hawaiians once used to shape canoes.

All in all we had a great time at Makawao Forest Preserve’s Kahakapao Recreation Area. We made one last visit to the skills area before foraging for the penultimate post ride treat of the tropics: shaved ice.

Shaved ice in Maui makes everyone happy
Shaved ice while visiting Maui
Enjoying shaved ice after mountain biking in Maui

Before you start mountain biking Maui with kids, check in on trail conditions via coconut wireless, aka direct person-to-person information sharing. Various websites, maps and trail apps have inexplicably different names, lengths and ratings for the same trails. For example, East Trail and East Kahakapao Loop, rated both easy and difficult as well as being one, two and three miles long.

Neither GPS nor cell service are reliable under heavy tree cover. Plus, island weather varies by microclimate, a situation only decipherable by someone in the area. However, in general morning tends to be sunny and rain visits in the afternoon.

Renting Bikes on Maui

We picked up bikes at Krank Cycles Maui in Makawao . Krank Cycles had an extra small, full-suspension Marin Hawk Hill that fit my nine-year old. For the taller ones, the shop has a formidable quiver that includes Santa Cruz, Knolly and BMC. While a couple of 20-inch bikes were available, they said 24-inch bikes might be a future possibility. Rentals come with a helmet, water bottle, repair kit and a backpack, but those with a preference for clipless pedals have to bring their own.

If out of luck with the ever-shifting landscape of vacation equipment rental companies, you might consider buying (and triple-checking the assembly of) smaller bike-shaped-objects from Walmart and donating them afterwards. The cost would not be far off from renting and still less expensive than an evening of mai tais and pupus at the Sheraton.

Mountain Biking Maui With Kids for the Win!

Even the most dedicated beach potatoes typically plan for an adventure or two while vacationing on Maui, the most action-oriented of the Hawaiian islands. Cram into an underwater metal sausage for a submarine tour or hang loose for a high-altitude shred session? Five minute flight on a zipline verus hours of red dirt roller coaster? Booze cruise versus jungle mountain bike jam? Maui MTB nō ka ʻoi! Undeniably, mountain biking maui with kids is the best!

Cassie Ferguson

About The Author

When she’s not Mountain Biking Maui with kids, Cassie Ferguson lives in Salt Lake City with two children that wisely suppress their giggles when mom walks her bike downhill. A sometime science writer specializing in computational science, Cassie will fully transmogrify to graduate student in occupational therapy at the University of Utah starting fall 2019.

MTBwithKids would love to hear about your family mountain bike adventures!

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Riding Bootleg Canyon with Kids

Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park - Boulder City, Nevada

Mountain biking Bootleg Canyon with kids: Just 30 minutes southeast of Las Vegas lies Boulder City, Nevada. This small town sprouted from the desert as a result of needing to house contractors building the Hoover Dam. The construction of the dam was a WPA project from FDR’s New Deal agenda enacted to bring the county out of the Great Depression.

Fast forward to the late 1990s and a local by the name of Brent Thomson spearheaded the trail building in the western mountains bordering the city. Along with the help of many friends, this trail network would become the Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park. Unfortunately, Brent passed away in 2009 – but his love for mountain biking has evolved to become a unique destination for mountain bikers all over the world.

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Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park - Boulder City, Nevada

Helpful Resources For Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park

Getting To Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

If you’re approaching from the north, you’ll have to go through Las Vegas on I-15. Once in Vegas, after exit 42 just hop on I-515/I-11 south and take that to Nevada Hwy 93.
Once in Boulder City, you access Bootleg by taking a left turn on Veteran’s Memorial Drive and another left on Yucca Street.
All Mountain Cyclery - Boulder City, Nevada

All Mountain Cyclery

1601 Nevada Highway
Boulder City, NV 89005

Phone: 702-453-2453

Visit the website for weekend shuttle information from October – May.

DVO Suspension Winter Gravity Series

Winter Gravity Race Series

900 Canyon Road
Boulder City NV 89005


A 3-part mountain bike race series featuring DH, Enduro, and Dual Slalom events. Events are Jan – March.


Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park Trail Map

Bootleg Is A Warm MTB Winter Wonderland

We visited Bootleg Canyon for the first time a little over 3 years ago as an escape from Salt Lake City’s dreary and cold “Inversion” season. Inversion is a cleansed word describing SLC’s pollution problem and this usually occurs in the months of January and February.

The novelty of being in the sun, enjoying 50º-60º temperatures, AND riding mountain bikes with the family in the dead of winter is strong incentive for loading up the mini van and hitting the road. More than once, the weather has been so favorable, we have camped at nearby Lake Mead in January and February. It can be windy at times with gusts reaching well over 20 mph. For optimal riding, be sure to check the weather in advance.

Bootleg Canyon bike sculpture
Camping at nearby Lake Mead - MTB road trip to Bootleg

When you approach the zone via Canyon Road/Yucca Street from the “downtown” area, you’re greeted by a wonderfully crafted metal mountain bike sculpture designed by a local shop by the name of Ornamental Iron Works. The bike is about 12 feet long x 8 feet tall. And, because it’s a mountain bike, it featured faux full suspension. The sculpture is an appropriate preface of what’s to come. Some of the trails at Bootleg require big-time skills.

Be prepared to ride at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

Be Prepared To Ride At Bootleg

Riding Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park will make you better – but you better be prepared! The terrain can be steep, exposed, and sharp rocks grace almost every trail. Be sure your bike is in excellent working condition. You are going to need your brakes and suspension, so make sure they are ready to go. Make sure your tire pressure is correctly set – or at the very least, you will get a flat. You could also tear a tire, dent a wheel, or smash a derailleur.

For first time visitors, we recommend wearing a full-face or enduro helmet with removable chin bar when riding Bootleg. Gloves are also a must. Knee-pads, elbow pads, butt-pads, neck braces and chest protectors are also common protective gear at Bootleg Canyon. These should be a requirement if you are going to ride the downhill trails.

We would strongly recommend a full-suspension mountain bike for riding Bootleg. If downhill mountain biking is your specialty, there will be plenty to do.

Mountain Biking With The Family At Bootleg Canyon

There are no lifts to get you to the top of the trails. You can pedal, self-shuttle, or get a paid shuttle on most weekends. The graded, unpaved road from the base of the hill next to the restrooms and large parking areas is most commonly used to reach the top of the mountain. If you are going to the start of the downhill trails, you will hike-a-bike for about .25 miles up from where the graded road ends.

Pedaling up to Bootleg MTB trails
Bootleg Canyon shuttle

Some of the trails at Bootleg Canyon are challenging to say the least. If you are going to ride here with smaller kids, an adult with at least strong intermediate skills needs to pre-ride all the trails you intend to ride with the little ones. There is plenty to keep a young family busy, but it will be best if you plan ahead and make your itinerary based on your group’s riding ability.

When you are at the top of the graded road, you can see Las Vegas. While looking at the city, the hike-a-bike trail to the downhill trails is on your left. And, the trail Boy Scout is towards your right.

There are options for getting warmed up when riding Bootleg with your family. To get acquainted with the dirt, take a ride on the trail Desert Cruise and return to the base area on the River Mountains access road/trail.

Boy Scout and East Leg

When you’re ready to dial it up a notch, head up Red Mountain Access Road via pedal power or shuttle and try East Leg. Or, head to the top of Red Mountain Access Road and ride Boy Scout. Both Boy Scout and East Leg are gobs of fun and are rated as intermediate trails.

Boy Scout is one of our personal favorites because it’s features consist of everything we like about riding mountain bikes in the desert: fast corners, challenging but passable technical sections, tough turns, narrow lines, and even a few climbs. When you ride this trail over and over, you’re going to get better at mountain biking. You will ride it a little faster, clean a technical section with a bit more flow and finesse, transition to a climb in the correct gear, and so on.

kid on full-suspension bike at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

Inner Caldera, West Leg, Girl Scout, Mother

Other intermediate trails include Inner Caldera, West Leg, Girl Scout, Mother, and a handful more. Explore these trails. Have a good time riding in this Southwest mountain biking mecca. Similar to some experts no longer calling Pluto a planet, the IMBA once designated Bootleg Canyon as one of its EPIC rides. Once you visit and ride Bootleg in person, you can judge the retracted designation for yourself.

Mother and son riding Inner Caldera trail at Bootleg Canyon MTB park
Mom rides Bootleg Mountain Bike Park with young son

Downhill Trails

The trails Sidewinder, Snake Back, and Ginger are a few of the advanced downhill trails in the park. These tracks are tough. There’s a reason why all the pictures of the downhill trails only feature the kids. Mom and dad just don’t have the skills for these.

You get to the top of the downhill tracks by shuttling your downhill bike or pedaling your trail bike to the top of Red Mountain Access Road. Then, you have about a .2 mile hike-a-bike/pedal to the start zone. All the downhill trails split off of Sidewinder. If you can ride the fist 150 feet of Sidewinder, you’re going to have a good time on these downhill trails. Again, ride within your skill-set and hunt out the downhill trails that make you happy.

Kid with protective neck brace on downhill mountain bike trail - Bootleg Canyon
Riding downhill mtb trail at Bootleg Canyon
Riding the hourglass on a full-suspension enduro bike at Bootleg Canyon

Racing At Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park

In the months of January, February and March – you and the family can race at Bootleg Canyon. Enduro, Downhill and Dual Slalom races are offered to riders age 6 and up. “Downhill” Mike Scheur is the Race Promoter for the events and his team does a great job running the show.

Downhill Mike Scheur

Downhill Mike, Says…

“Bootleg is great for families because there are so many there. If there was only one family at our events, it may be hard to convince others to come. However, these families seem to know each other and are very welcoming to new families just getting into the scene. They not only make you feel welcome and at home – but they are helpful as coaches and as resourceful as one can become for the sport and way of life.”

Mountain biking mom
Mountain biking family
Downhill racer

These races are a lot of fun and a great way to ease the winter-time blues. Last year, our whole family raced one of the enduro events. You may even see some of the pros. Mountain bike racers Rachel Strait, Logan Binggeli, Cody Kelley, and Mitch Ropelato often make appearances here to kick off their seasons. Even World Cup overall champion downhill rider Aaron Gwin shows up once in a while to get his groove on. For more information and registration, visit

Current Trail Stewards And Other Features At The Bike Park

“Brent Thomson was not alone in his efforts when building trails”, exclaims Mike Scheur. “Dan Haskin is the acting Trail Boss at Bootleg. His brother Jeff and others started on the trails back when the sport was in it’s infancy. The local bike shop, All Mountain Cyclery and Dan Haskin have been providing maintenance and building some new stuff, too. Our crew, Bootleg Canyon Gravity Racing, works on all race trails before and after each event.”

Mountain biking kid on wood skinny
Bootleg Canyon Welcomes You - sign
Advanced jump line at Bootleg Canyon mountain bike park

Near the main base area, there are a few jump lines you’re free to session. Just treat it like a sledding hill and be on the lookout for oncoming downhill traffic prior to dropping in. Northeast of the base area, there is a see-saw feature, wood skinnies, small gap jump and a couple more senders. North of the metal bike sculpture near the entry of the bike park, there is another advanced jump line. On your left as you enter the park, there is a pump track.

Bootleg Canyon Truly Offers Something For Every Mountain Biker

With it’s proximity to Las Vegas, Bootleg Canyon is very accessible compared to many other riding destinations in the Southwest US.

This zone has earned its place on our winter month road trip itinerary year after year. We eagerly look forward to riding its challenging and unique terrain when the temperatures drop at our home and the local trails are covered in snow. When you visit Bootleg, you’re going to have plenty to do. You can easily enjoy a long weekend with the family so you can experience all this great zone has to offer mountain biking families.

We highly recommend visiting Bootleg Canyon with kids for families that want to get some sunshine in the winter months. Check out our Trails and Destinations page for more ideas for family mountain biking adventure.

Coast Gravity Park with Kids

Coast Gravity Park featured image

Coast Gravity Park with Kids – Like many of you, we found out about Coast Gravity Park while watching the movie Arrival a few years ago. Coast Gravity Park is located near the town of Sechelt in British Colombia. Cliche warning: they say ‘getting there is half the fun’ and that is certainly true when it comes to CGP. At the very least make a weekend of it. Chances are you have to ferry in from Vancouver.

Coast Gravity Park featured image

Helpful Information About Coast Gravity Park

Day Passes: $65 CAD at the park | $58.50 CAD if you buy at least 24 hours in advance online.

Website: | You will find a lot of additional travel information as well as where to stay on the CGP website.

Phone: 604-989-5431

Ferry Travel: It takes a total of about 2.25 hours to get from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal to the Coast Gravity Park. If you are planning your trip from a less-common destination, please see the maps and schedules at


This mountain bike park was the inception of The Coastal Crew. Coastal Crew was originally composed of Dylan Dunkerton, Kyle Norbraten, and Curtis Robinson. These 3 mountain bikers chose to create their own bike park experience. One which could be utilized and enjoyed 12 months out of the year. During the “slow season” from August 30th – May 15th, the park is only open on Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting).

Coast Gravity Park trail legend sign
Bikes on shuttle

Need to plan the ultimate birthday party and solidify your position as the best parents ever? At the present time, you can reserve the entire park starting at $929.49 CAD a day. There are no lifts in the park – just shuttle vehicles. You are encouraged to buy your tickets online several days prior to your visit. This will ensure that the facility can have enough staff and vehicles on site to accommodate riders. Visitors who purchase passes at least 24 hours in advance also save 10%.

Canadian flag and shuttle at Coast Gravity Park

Coast Gravity Park Trail Map

About The Bike Park

There are 12 trails in the park. That was enough to keep our familia very happy. Everyone in our clan is at least a solid intermediate mountain biker. Consequently, we got to experience most of what the bike park had to offer. To get acclimated, cruise down the trail Mr. Green so you’ll get a sense of the slope and terrain. After this warm up run, you can ramp it up on the intermediate through the pro-line runs if you’ve got the skills.

Our kids really liked the trail Lift Off because of a table jump that would huck them for several feet. If you’re ready for a little hike-a-bike, you can push your bike above where the shuttle drops you off and ride the advanced trail Dynamite Panther. During our visits, all the trails we rode were in excellent condition.

Hitting a jump on Lift Off

If you choose not to pack a lunch and drinks, you can take a advantage of the outdoor Coast Gravity Grill. The food is very good and made fresh every day.

Coast Gravity Park - tacos
Cruising through the trees at Coast Gravity Park

The vibe at Coast Gravity Park is very family friendly and low key. We’ve had the opportunity to ride CGP a couple of times. On both occasions the other riders and all the staff were very helpful and courteous. Keep in mind that Coast Gravity Park is kind of rustic. That’s just our way of saying there are only portable restrooms on site. If you need to rent bikes, be aware that you will have to pick them up in Sechelt, Vancouver, or elsewhere.

We highly recommend visiting Coast Gravity Park with kids! Visit our MTB Destinations and Trails page find more kid and family friendly adventure recommendations.

CGP is easy on the eyes

Moab Trails For Kids

Beginner mountain bike trails in Moab for families and kids

Moab Trails for Kids – Moab is home to some of the best mountain biking trails on the planet! But before you take on The Whole Enchilada, Slickrock Trail, Captain Ahab, and others with your small kids or beginner mountain bikers – you gotta start small and start safe. This list Moab trails for kids is made up of our favorite beginner mountain bike trails in the area.

Moab Trails for Kids = Family Mountain Biking Fun

One of the best things about mountain biking in Moab is that there is plenty to do. In fact, you can introduce your kids to mountain biking with one of these short rides and hike surreal desert landscapes on the same day. As  your children’s mountain biking skills increase you can return to Moab and go on longer, more technical rides. Without doubt, Moab is a great place to spark a love for mountain biking.


Jurassic Trail
Area: Klondike Bluffs | Distance: 3.2 miles one way 

A perennial favorite of Moab trails for kids, the Jurassic Trail is a beginner-friendly smooth singletrack trail with very little elevation change. This hardpacked dirt trail skirts the edge of a mesa. The Jurassic Trail is located in the Klondike Bluffs mountain biking area, a network of 50+ miles of singletrack located 20 minutes north of Moab.

Getting started

The Jurassic trail begins half a mile north of the south parking area. This trail can be reached via Inside Passage (single track but more climby) or on the 4×4 Klondike dirt road (boring but flat).

Jurrasic Trail Overview

The Jurassic Trail is a smooth singletrack trail with almost no elevation change. Jurassic follows the edge of the mesa to the west of the Copper Ridge road. There are no difficult climbs (7% max grade). Above all, there is nothing technical to make beginners uncomfortable.

We’d recommend this trail for beginners since there are no technical challenges. For that reason, intermediate riders might choose to opt for the Dino Flow trail found in the same area. Dino Flow will add a bit more technical challenge.

Beginner mountain bike rides in Moab

Getting To Jurassic Trail In Moab, Utah

The Jurassic Trail is most easily accessed from the South Klondike Trailhead in the Klondike Bluffs area. To reach the trailhead from Moab, drive north on Hwy 191 for 16.0 miles to the signed junction for Klondike Bluff Road. Turn right onto Klondike Bluff Road and continue 2.9 miles on the unpaved road to the South Klondike Trailhead. NOTE: There is no water available in the area, so be sure to plan ahead!

The Great Pyramid Loop
Area: Dead Horse Point – East side trails (Intrepid Trail System) | Distance 4.2 miles 

The Great Pyramid Loop is perhaps the most scenic trail in our list of Moab trails for kids. The Intrepid Trail System was designed for riders of differing skill and fitness levels. The Great Pyramid Loop is a fun loop for families with beginner riders who have some experience riding on dirt. The Great Pyramid is technically easy and mostly flat with some gentle climbing on first half of the loop, so you get to end on a downhill.

Getting started

The trail system starts at the north end of the Dead Horse Point visitor’s center parking lot. After a short length of two-way trail (Intrepid), it forks into a loop. Of course, this trail can be ridden as an out and back if you decide to turn around at any time.

The Great Pyramid Loop Overview

The Great Pyramid Loop (Intrepid – Great Pyramid- Raven Roll) is easy to follow. You’ll find signs at each intersection and rocks and logs define the trail. The trail is mostly well-packed dirt with a few rock and very short sand sections. There are no true technical areas to speak of. However, you’ll come across a few small rock steps (2-5″ in height) that true beginners might choose to walk over. Although the trail has great views, it is more than 50 feet away from the cliffs so parents can relax while biking with kids. Be sure to take the time to hike out to the marked overlook points (Colorado River Overlook and Pyramid Canyon Overlook) along the trail.

NOTES: Dead Horse Point altitude is around 6000 feet. As soon as you arrive at the trailhead, you may notice the elevation. Thus, it’s usually at least 10 degrees cooler there than in Moab. Importantly, there are bathrooms and water available in the visitors center at the trailhead and at the group picnic site. The Great Pyramid Loop trail flows well and is a super fun ride. All things considered, riders of all ability levels will enjoy this loop.

Great Pyramid Loop - beginner mountain bike trail in Moab

Getting To The Great Pyramid Loop Trail In Moab

About 10 miles north of Moab, turn west off Highway 191 towards Canyonlands National Park on Highway 313. Drive 14 miles and turn left toward Dead Horse Point. Four miles later, pay your entry fee. At this time, $15 per car, significantly higher than most Utah state parks. Then drive another two miles to the visitors center. The trailhead is at the north end of the parking lot.

Lazy-EZ Loop
Area: Moab Brand Trails System Distance | 3.1 miles 

Take note that this ride is best suited for competent beginners and intermediate riders. A fun loop for competent beginners and early intermediate riders. This loop is a bit more challenging than the Bar M trail for beginner riders who are hoping for a little bit of challenge. The Lazy EZ Loop is a 3-mile singletrack loop made of two different trails – Lazy is the eastern trail and EZ is on the west. This loop has is designated as a one way loop, which makes for less trail congestion.

Prepare for around 150 vertical feet of mild climbing.

Getting Started

To get to the start of EZ/Lazy, take the double track Short Loop 1/10 of a mile from the main parking area. This loop is designated as a one-way ride starting with EZ, so take a right at the trailhead.

Lazy – EZ Overview

EZ offers nice views of the Wingate cliffs to the west. EZ trail skirts the edge of a small ridge and is mostly smooth hardpacked dirt with a few slick rock sections. There are a few rock outcrops that are mellow enough for beginners to ride with little concern. After about 1.5 miles, you’ll come to the Lazy Trail.

In comparison, Lazy has more downhill than up and is fun to ride. From Lazy, you’ll enjoy views of the La Sal Mountains and Arches National Park The loop travels over rolling desert terrain. Whats more, you’ll be treated to long views into Arches National Park to Balanced Rock, the Windows and the Klondike Bluffs. This trail is fun! Accordingly, we especially enjoy the swoopy downhill section near the end.

Get out there and enjoy the ride! The Lazy-EZ loop is a nice trail for riders of all skill levels. Beginner riders will find it mildly challenging. In conclusion, not only is Lazy EZ a nice loop in itself, it also accesses other trails so you can extend your ride if you choose.

Lazy EZ Loop - beginner mountain bike trail in Moab, Utah

Getting To The Lazy EZ Trail In Moab

To get to the Moab Brand Trails System, drive 7-miles North of Moab on Highway 191. Turn east onto a gravel road – opposite from the Gemini Bridges turnout. You’ll see Bar M signs advertising a cowboy dinner. After getting off the highway, immediately turn right and continue down the road as it curves left into a dirt parking lot. The ride begins here.

Bar M Loop
Area: Moab Brand Trails System North of Moab | Distance: 8 miles 

This ride is best suited for true beginners and intermediate riders who would like a warm-up ride. Bar M Loop is a super easy well signed mostly double track ride with beautiful desert scenery. There is hardly any change in elevation. Many families ride this trail, including baby trailers and trail-a-bikes. The loop is eight miles long, but does have several escape trails throughout the area in case you need to get back to the parking lot quicker than planned.

Bar M Overview

Firstly, the east side of the loop has a few non-technical slickrock spots to play around on. Secondly, it’s a great area to give true beginners a taste of what slickrock riding is all about. In addition, there are also a few short downhill sections to get the amazing feel of flowing effortlessly through the desert on your bike. As soon as you get here you can pick up speed and blast down through the sand and stone to see what your bike is capable of. Fear not though, there’s nothing technical on this trail.

Surprisingly, the views also become more dramatic as you can see Arches National Park in the distance. Keep an eye out for spur trails that lead to overlooks for even better vistas.

Overall, the ride consists of mellow singletrack with a few low-threat technical sections for beginners to test their mettle (but if anything is still too hard, there’s no shame in walking.) Despite these few rocky spots, overall the path is smooth, well marked, and excellently maintained. To conclude, this is an amazing trail system for beginning riders and one of our top 5 Moab trails for kids.

Beginning mountain bike trails in Moab - Bar M trail

Getting To The Bar M Loop In Moab

To get to the Moab Brand Trails System, drive 7-miles North of Moab on Highway 191. Turn east onto a gravel road – opposite from the Gemini Bridges turnout. You’ll see Bar M signs advertising a cowboy dinner. After getting off the highway, immediately turn right and continue down the road as it curves left into a dirt parking lot. The ride begins here.

Moab Canyon Pathway and Highway 128 path (paved)

Importantly, the Moab Canyon Pathway follows the former path of Highway 191. This path has been re-paved and extended so it forms a nice paved bike path from the north end of Moab to Highway 313. Connecting to this trail at the Colorado River is the paved path along State Route 128.

Moab Canyon Pathway

The Moab Canyon Pathway is a great for a couple reasons. Firstly, this trail can be ridden as a destination in itself or as a connection to Brand Trails, Gemini Bridges or Highway 313. The path begins at the pedestrian/bike bridge that crosses the Colorado River on Highway 128, just north of Moab. Additionally, the super smooth blacktop snakes through 2 miles of the red rock canyon to the entrance of Arches National Park. The path continues past Arches National Park for another 6.5 miles, and 525 vertical feet of climbing, crossing under Highway 191 to the beginning of Highway 313.

Moab Canyon Pathway Overview

Since this paved, parents can pull their babies behind their bikes in trailers. In addition, riders of all ages can enjoy the pathway, even if it is just for a leisurely stroll. Kids can try their new bikes on the flat sections on either end, since only the middle 4 miles have noticeable grade.

Mountain bikers may choose to use the paved bike path for direct access to the multiple trails at the Moab Brands Trail System and Gemini Bridges area (near mile 6). Undoubtably, this will add a great warm-up on pavement to the trail ride. From there, mountain bikers can access unlimited miles of dirt and slickrock routes including the Sovereign Trail, Bartlett Wash and Monitor & Merrimac areas.

Summing up, the Moab Canyon Paved Path is one of the most scenic bikeways around. It connects the Courthouse Wash trailhead near Arches National Park with Highway 313 that leads to Canyonlands National Park. Additionally, along the way, the trail provides access to the Bar M trails and the Mag 7 trails (Gemini Bridges).

As has been noted, the Moab area has lots of fun for the whole family. With this in mind, we hope this list of Moab trails for kids is helpful in planning your family mountain biking trip to Moab. What have we missed?  We’d love to have you contact us on facebook or instagram and share your favorites.

Check out the MTB with Kids Destinations and Trails page for more ideas on family adventures.

Beginner mountain bike trails in Moab for families and kids

Zen Trail

Zen trail - Utah mountain biking