Riding The Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park With Kids

Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park - Boulder City, Nevada

Just 30 minutes southeast of Las Vegas lies Boulder City, Nevada. This small town sprouted from the desert as a result of needing to house contractors building the Hoover Dam. The construction of the dam was a WPA project from FDR’s New Deal agenda enacted to bring the county out of the Great Depression. Fast forward to the late 1990s and a local by the name of Brent Thomson spearheaded the trail building in the western mountains bordering the city. Along with the help of many friends, this trail network would become the Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park. Unfortunately, Brent passed away in 2009 – but his love for mountain biking has evolved to become a unique destination for mountain bikers all over the world.

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Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park - Boulder City, Nevada

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Getting To Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

If you’re approaching from the north, you’ll have to go through Las Vegas on I-15. Once in Vegas, after exit 42 just hop on I-515/I-11 south and take that to Nevada Hwy 93.
Once in Boulder City, you access Bootleg by taking a left turn on Veteran’s Memorial Drive and another left on Yucca Street.
All Mountain Cyclery - Boulder City, Nevada

All Mountain Cyclery

1601 Nevada Highway
Boulder City, NV 89005

Website: www.allmountaincyclery.com
Phone: 702-453-2453

Visit the website for weekend shuttle information from October – May.

DVO Suspension Winter Gravity Series

Winter Gravity Race Series

900 Canyon Road
Boulder City NV 89005

Website: www.downhillmike.com

A 3-part mountain bike race series featuring DH, Enduro, and Dual Slalom events. Events are Jan – March.


Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park Trail Map

Bootleg Is A Warm MTB Winter Wonderland

We visited Bootleg Canyon for the first time a little over 3 years ago as an escape from Salt Lake City’s dreary and cold “Inversion” season. Inversion is a cleansed word describing SLC’s pollution problem and this usually occurs in the months of January and February. The novelty of being in the sun, enjoying 50º-60º temperatures, AND riding mountain bikes with the family in the dead of winter is strong incentive for loading up the mini van and hitting the road. More than once, the weather has been so favorable, we have camped at nearby Lake Mead in January and February. It can be windy at times with gusts reaching well over 20 mph. For optimal riding, be sure to check the weather in advance.

Bootleg Canyon bike sculpture
Camping at nearby Lake Mead - MTB road trip to Bootleg

When you approach the zone via Canyon Road/Yucca Street from the “downtown” area, you’re greeted by a wonderfully crafted metal mountain bike sculpture designed by a local shop by the name of Ornamental Iron Works. The bike is about 12 feet long x 8 feet tall. And, because it’s a mountain bike, it featured faux full suspension. The sculpture is an appropriate preface of what’s to come. Some of the trails at Bootleg require big-time skills.

Be prepared to ride at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

Be Prepared To Ride At Bootleg

Riding Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park will make you better – but you better be prepared! The terrain can be steep, exposed, and sharp rocks grace almost every trail. Be sure your bike is in excellent working condition. You are going to need your brakes and suspension, so make sure they are ready to go. You need to make sure your tire pressure is correctly set – or at the very least, you will get a flat. You could also tear a tire, dent a wheel, or smash a derailleur.

For first time visitors, we recommend wearing a full-face or enduro helmet with removable chin bar when riding Bootleg. Gloves are also a must. Knee-pads, elbow pads, butt-pads, neck braces and chest protectors are also common protective gear at Bootleg Canyon. These should be a requirement if you are going to ride the downhill trails.

We would strongly recommend a full-suspension mountain bike for riding Bootleg. If downhill mountain biking is your specialty, there will be plenty to do.

Mountain Biking With The Family At Bootleg Canyon

There are no lifts to get you to the top of the trails. You can pedal, self-shuttle, or get a paid shuttle on most weekends. The graded, unpaved road from the base of the hill next to the restrooms and large parking areas is most commonly used to reach the top of the mountain. If you are going to the start of the downhill trails, you will hike-a-bike for about .25 miles up from where the graded road ends.

Pedaling up to Bootleg MTB trails
Bootleg Canyon shuttle

Some of the trails at Bootleg Canyon are challenging to say the least. If you are going to ride here with smaller kids, an adult with at least strong intermediate skills needs to pre-ride all the trails you intend to ride with the little ones. There is plenty to keep a young family busy, but it will be best if you plan ahead and make your itinerary based on your group’s riding ability.

When you are at the top of the graded road, you can see Las Vegas. While looking at the city, the hike-a-bike trail to the downhill trails is on your left. And, the trail Boy Scout is towards your right.

There are options for getting warmed up when riding Bootleg with your family. To get acquainted with the dirt, take a ride on the trail Desert Cruise and return to the base area on the River Mountains access road/trail.

When you’re ready to dial it up a notch, head up Red Mountain Access Road via pedal power or shuttle and try East Leg. Or, head to the top of Red Mountain Access Road and ride Boy Scout. Both Boy Scout and East Leg are gobs of fun and are rated as intermediate trails. Boy Scout is one of our personal favorites because its features consist of everything we like about riding mountain bikes in the desert: fast corners, challenging but passable technical sections, tough turns, narrow lines, and even a few climbs. When you ride this trail over and over, you’re going to get better at mountain biking. You will ride it a little faster, clean a technical section with a bit more flow and finesse, transition to a climb in the correct gear, and so on.

kid on full-suspension bike at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

Other intermediate trails include Inner Caldera, West Leg, Girl Scout, Mother, and a handful more. Explore these trails. Have a good time riding in this Southwest mountain biking mecca. Similar to some experts no longer calling Pluto a planet, the IMBA once designated Bootleg Canyon as one of its EPIC rides. Once you visit and ride Bootleg in person, you can judge the retracted designation for yourself.

Mother and son riding Inner Caldera trail at Bootleg Canyon MTB park
Mom rides Bootleg Mountain Bike Park with young son

The trails Sidewinder, Snake Back, and Ginger are a few of the advanced downhill trails in the park. These tracks are tough. There’s a reason why all the pictures of the downhill trails only feature the kids. Mom and dad just don’t have the skills for these. You get to the top of the downhill tracks by shuttling your downhill bike or pedaling your trail bike to the top of Red Mountain Access Road. Then, you have about a .2 mile hike-a-bike/pedal to the start zone. All the downhill trails split off of Sidewinder. If you can ride the fist 150 feet of Sidewinder, you’re going to have a good time on these downhill trails. Again, ride within your skill-set and hunt out the downhill trails that make you happy.

Kid with protective neck brace on downhill mountain bike trail - Bootleg Canyon
Riding downhill mtb trail at Bootleg Canyon
Riding the hourglass on a full-suspension enduro bike at Bootleg Canyon

Racing At Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park

In the months of January, February and March – you and the family can race at Bootleg Canyon. Enduro, Downhill and Dual Slalom races are offered to riders age 6 and up. “Downhill” Mike Scheur is the Race Promoter for the events and his team does a great job running the show.

Downhill Mike Scheur

Downhill Mike, Says…

“Bootleg is great for families because there are so many there. If there was only one family at our events, it may be hard to convince others to come. However, these families seem to know each other and are very welcoming to new families just getting into the scene. They not only make you feel welcome and at home – but they are helpful as coaches and as resourceful as one can become for the sport and way of life.”

Mountain biking mom
Mountain biking family
Downhill racer

These races are a lot of fun and a great way to ease the winter-time blues. Last year, our whole family raced one of the enduro events. You may even see some of the pros. Mountain bike racers Rachel Strait, Logan Binggeli, Cody Kelley, and Mitch Ropelato often make appearances here to kick off their seasons. Even World Cup overall champion downhill rider Aaron Gwin shows up once in a while to get his groove on. For more information and registration, visit www.downhillmike.com.

Current Trail Stewards And Other Features At The Bike Park

“Brent Thomson was not alone in his efforts when building trails”, exclaims Mike Scheur. “Dan Haskin is the acting Trail Boss at Bootleg. His brother Jeff and others started on the trails back when the sport was in it’s infancy. The local bike shop, All Mountain Cyclery and Dan Haskin have been providing maintenance and building some new stuff, too. Our crew, Bootleg Canyon Gravity Racing, works on all race trails before and after each event.”

Mountain biking kid on wood skinny
Bootleg Canyon Welcomes You - sign
Advanced jump line at Bootleg Canyon mountain bike park

Near the main base area, there are a few jump lines you’re free to session. Just treat it like a sledding hill and be on the lookout for oncoming downhill traffic prior to dropping in. Northeast of the base area, there is a see-saw feature, wood skinnies, small gap jump and a couple more senders. North of the metal bike sculpture near the entry of the bike park, there is another advanced jump line. On your left as you enter the park, there is a pump track.

Bootleg Canyon Truly Offers Something For Every Mountain Biker

It’s safe to say most mountain bikers are not familiar with riding in the Southwest. And with it’s proximity to Las Vegas, Bootleg Canyon is very accessible compared to many other riding destinations.

This zone has earned its place on our winter month road trip itinerary year after year. We eagerly look forward to riding its challenging and unique terrain when the temperatures drop at our home and the local trails are covered in snow. When you visit Bootleg, you’re going to have plenty to do. You can easily enjoy a long weekend with the family so you can experience all this great zone has to offer mountain biking families.

Coast Gravity Park

Coast Gravity Park featured image

Like many of you, we found out about Coast Gravity Park while watching the movie Arrival a few years ago. Coast Gravity Park is located near the town of Sechelt in British Colombia. Cliche warning: they say ‘getting there is half the fun’ and that is certainly true when it comes to CGP. At the very least make a weekend of it. Chances are you have to ferry in from Vancouver.

Coast Gravity Park featured image

Helpful Information About Coast Gravity Park

Day Passes: $65 CAD at the park | $58.50 CAD if you buy at least 24 hours in advance online.

Website: www.coastgravitypark.ca | You will find a lot of additional travel information as well as where to stay on the CGP website.

Phone: 604-989-5431

Ferry Travel: It takes a total of about 2.25 hours to get from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal to the Coast Gravity Park. If you are planning your trip from a less-common destination, please see the maps and schedules at www.bcferries.com


This mountain bike park was the inception of The Coastal Crew. Originally composed of Dylan Dunkerton, Kyle Norbraten, and Curtis Robinson – these 3 mountain bikers chose to create their own bike park experience which could be utilized and enjoyed 12 months out of the year. During the “slow season” from August 30th – May 15th, the park is only open on Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting).

Coast Gravity Park trail legend sign
Bikes on shuttle

Need to plan the ultimate birthday party and solidify your position as the best parents ever? As of this writing, you can reserve the entire park starting at $929.49 CAD a day. There are no lifts in the park – just shuttle vehicles. You are encouraged to buy your tickets online several days prior to your visit so the facility can have enough staff and vehicles on site to accommodate riders. Visitors who purchase passes at least 24 hours in advance also save 10%.

Canadian flag and shuttle at Coast Gravity Park

Coast Gravity Park Trail Map

About The Bike Park

There are 12 trails in the park and that was enough to keep our familia very happy. Everyone in our clan is at least a solid intermediate mountain biker and that means we got to experience most of what the bike park had to offer. To get acclimated, cruise down the trail Mr. Green so you’ll get a sense of the slope and terrain. After this warm up run, you can ramp it up on the intermediate through the pro-line runs if you’ve got the skills. Our kids really liked the trail Lift Off because of a table jump that would huck them for several feet. If you’re ready for a little hike-a-bike, you can push your bike above where the shuttle drops you off and ride the advanced trail Dynamite Panther. During our visits, all the trails we rode were in excellent condition.

Hitting a jump on Lift Off

If you choose not to pack a lunch and drinks, you can take a advantage of the outdoor Coast Gravity Grill. The food is very good and made fresh every day.

Coast Gravity Park - tacos
Cruising through the trees at Coast Gravity Park

The vibe at Coast Gravity Park is very family friendly and low key. We’ve had the opportunity to ride CGP a couple of times and on both occasions the other riders and all the staff were very helpful and courteous. Keep in mind that Coast Gravity Park is kind of rustic. That’s just our way of saying there are only portable restrooms on site. If you need to rent bikes, be aware that you will have to pick them up in Sechelt, Vancouver, or elsewhere.

CGP is easy on the eyes

Moab Mountain Bike Trails For Beginners

Beginner mountain bike trails in Moab for families and kids

Moab is home to some of the best mountain biking trails on the planet! But before you take on The Whole Enchilada, Slickrock Trail, Captain Ahab, and others with your small kids or beginner mountain bikers – you gotta start small and start safe. This list of beginner mountain bike trails for families in Moab was put together so you can still get a dose of what this amazing area has to offer. One of the best things about mountain biking in Moab is that there is plenty to do. You can introduce your kids to mountain biking with one of these short rides and hike surreal desert landscapes on the same day. As your skills and your children’s mountain biking skills increase you can return to Moab and go on longer, more technical rides.


Jurassic Trail
Area: Klondike Bluffs | Distance: 3.2 miles one way 

The Jurassic Trail is a beginner-friendly smooth singletrack trail with very little elevation change. This hardpacked dirt trail skirts the edge of a mesa. The Jurassic Trail is located in the Klondike Bluffs mountain biking area, a network of 50+ miles of singletrack located 20 minutes north of Moab.

The Jurassic trail begins half a mile north of the south parking area and can be reached via Inside Passage (single track but more climby) or on the 4×4 Klondike dirt road (boring but flat). The Jurassic Trail is a smooth singletrack trail with almost no elevation change. Jurassic follows the edge of the mesa to the west of the Copper Ridge road. There are no difficult climbs (7% max grade) and nothing technical to make beginners uncomfortable.

We’d recommend this trail for beginners, although riders of any ability level might enjoy it. Intermediate riders might choose to opt for the Dino Flow trail that adds some more technical challenges.

Beginner mountain bike rides in Moab

Getting To Jurassic Trail In Moab, Utah

The Jurassic Trail is most easily accessed from the South Klondike Trailhead in the Klondike Bluffs area. To reach the trailhead from Moab, drive north on Hwy 191 for 16.0 miles to the signed junction for Klondike Bluff Road. Turn right onto Klondike Bluff Road and continue 2.9 miles on the unpaved road to the South Klondike Trailhead. NOTE: There is no water available in the area, so be sure to plan ahead!

The Great Pyramid Loop
Area: Dead Horse Point – East side trails (Intrepid Trail System) | Distance 4.2 miles 

The Intrepid Trail System was designed for riders of differing skill and fitness levels. The Great Pyramid Loop is a fun loop for families with beginner riders who have some experience riding on dirt. The Great Pyramid is technically easy and mostly flat with some gentle climbing on first half of the loop, so you get to end on a downhill.

The trail system starts at the north end of the Dead Horse Point visitor’s center parking lot. After a short length of two-way trail (Intrepid), it forks into a loop. The Great Pyramid Loop (Intrepid – Great Pyramid- Raven Roll) is easy to follow. You’ll find signs at each intersection and rocks and logs define the trail. The trail is mostly well-packed dirt with a few rock and very short sand sections. There are no true technical areas to speak of, but you’ll come across a few small rock steps (2-5″ in height) that true beginners might choose to walk over. Although the trail has great views, it is more than 50 feet away from the cliffs so parents can relax while biking with kids. Be sure to take the time to hike out to the marked overlook points (Colorado River Overlook and Pyramid Canyon Overlook) along the trail.

NOTES: Dead Horse Point altitude is around 6000 feet. It’s usually at least 10 degrees cooler there than in Moab. There are bathrooms and water available in the visitors center at the trailhead and at the group picnic site. The Great Pyramid Loop trail flows well and is a super fun ride. Riders of all ability levels will enjoy this loop.

Great Pyramid Loop - beginner mountain bike trail in Moab

Getting To The Great Pyramid Loop Trail In Moab

About 10 miles north of Moab, turn west off Highway 191 towards Canyonlands National Park on Highway 313. Drive 14 miles and turn left toward Dead Horse Point. Four miles later, pay your entry fee ($15 per car in 2018, significantly higher than most Utah state parks) at the gate house and drive another two miles to the visitors center. The trailhead is at the north end of the parking lot.

Lazy-EZ Loop
Area: Moab Brand Trails System Distance | 3.1 miles 

Take note that this ride is best suited for competent beginners and intermediate riders. A fun loop for competent beginners and early intermediate riders. This loop is a bit more challenging than the Bar M trail for beginner riders who are hoping for a little bit of challenge. The Lazy EZ Loop is a 3-mile singletrack loop made of two different trails – Lazy is the eastern trail and EZ is on the west. This loop has is designated as a one way loop, which makes for less trail congestion.

Prepare for around 150 vertical feet of mild climbing.

To get to the start of EZ/Lazy, take the double track Short Loop 1/10 of a mile from the main parking area. This loop is designated as a one-way ride starting with EZ, so take a right at the trailhead.

EZ offers nice views of the Wingate cliffs to the west. EZ trail skirts the edge of a small ridge and is mostly smooth hardpacked dirt with a few slick rock sections. There are a few rock outcrops that are mellow enough for beginners to ride with little concern. After about 1.5 miles, you’ll come to the Lazy Trail.

Lazy has more downhill than up and is fun to ride. From Lazy, you’ll enjoy views of the La Sal Mountains and Arches National Park The loop travels over rolling desert terrain, with long views into Arches National Park to Balanced Rock, the Windows and the Klondike Bluffs. We especially enjoy the swoopy downhill section near the end.

Get out there and enjoy the ride! The Lazy-EZ loop is a nice trail for riders of all skill levels. Beginner riders will find it mildly challenging. Not only is Lazy EZ a nice loop in itself, it also accesses other trails so you can extend your ride if you choose.

Lazy EZ Loop - beginner mountain bike trail in Moab, Utah

Getting To The Lazy EZ Trail In Moab

To get to the Moab Brand Trails System, drive 7-miles North of Moab on Highway 191. Turn east onto a gravel road – opposite from the Gemini Bridges turnout. You’ll see Bar M signs advertising a cowboy dinner. After getting off the highway, immediately turn right and continue down the road as it curves left into a dirt parking lot. The ride begins here.

Bar M Loop
Area: Moab Brand Trails System North of Moab | Distance: 8 miles 

This ride is best suited for true beginners and intermediate riders who would like a warm-up ride. Bar M Loop is a super easy well signed mostly double track ride with beautiful desert scenery. There is hardly any change in elevation. T Many families ride this trail, including baby trailers and trail-a-bikes. he loop is eight miles long, but does have several escape trails throughout the area in case you need to get back to the parking lot quicker than planned.

The east side of the loop has a few non-technical slickrock spots to play around on. It’s a great area to give true beginners a taste of what slickrock riding is all about. There are also a few short downhill sections to get the amazing feel of flowing effortlessly through the desert on your bike. Here you can pick up speed and blast down through the sand and stone to see what your bike is capable of. Fear not though, there’s nothing technical here.

The views also become more dramatic as you can see Arches National Park in the distance. Keep an eye out for spur trails that lead to overlooks for even better vistas.

The ride consists of mellow singletrack with a few low-threat technical sections for beginners to test their meddle (but if anything is still too hard, there’s no shame in walking.) Other than these few rocky spots, the path is smooth, well marked, and excellently maintained.

Beginning mountain bike trails in Moab - Bar M trail

Getting To The Bar M Loop In Moab

To get to the Moab Brand Trails System, drive 7-miles North of Moab on Highway 191. Turn east onto a gravel road – opposite from the Gemini Bridges turnout. You’ll see Bar M signs advertising a cowboy dinner. After getting off the highway, immediately turn right and continue down the road as it curves left into a dirt parking lot. The ride begins here.

Moab Canyon Pathway and Highway 128 path (paved)

The Moab Canyon Pathway follows the former path of Highway 191. This path has been re-paved and extended so it forms a nice paved bike path from the north end of Moab to Highway 313. Connecting to this trail at the Colorado River is the paved path along State Route 128.

Moab Canyon Pathway

This trail can be ridden as a destination in itself or as a connection to Brand Trails, Gemini Bridges or Highway 313. The path begins at the pedestrian/bike bridge that crosses the Colorado River on Highway 128, just north of Moab. The super smooth blacktop snakes through 2 miles of the red rock canyon to the entrance of Arches National Park. The path continues past Arches National Park for another 6.5 miles, and 525 vertical feet of climbing, crossing under Highway 191 to the beginning of Highway 313.

Parents can pull their babies behind their bikes in trailers and all ages can enjoy the pathway, even if it is just for a leisurely stroll. Kids can try their new bikes on the flat sections on either end, since only the middle 4 miles have noticeable grade.

Mountain bikers can use the paved bike path for direct access to the multiple trails at the Moab Brands Trail System and Gemini Bridges area (near mile 6) which adds a great warm-up on pavement to the trail and slickrock rides. From there, mountain bikers can access unlimited miles of dirt and slickrock routes including the Sovereign Trail, Bartlett Wash and Monitor & Merrimac areas.

The Moab Canyon Paved Path has got to be one of the most scenic bikeways around. It connects the Courthouse Wash trailhead near Arches National Park with Highway 313 that leads to Canyonlands National Park. Along the way, the trail provides access to the Bar M trails and the Mag 7 trails (Gemini Bridges).

Beginner mountain bike trails in Moab for families and kids

Zen Trail

Zen trail - Utah mountain biking

Trailside Mountain Bike Park

Trailside Bike Park - Park City, Utah

The Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

The Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

There’s an incredible new St. George mountain bike park in southern Utah. Just across from the street on the east side of Snow Canyon High School lies the Snake Hollow Bike Park. You and the kids can explore four separate zones where the whole fam can increase your mountain biking acumen and artistry.

The Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

Mom, dad and the womp rats are encouraged to ride in a beginner to advanced level dirt jump zone, pump tracks and skills loops, gravity and progressive drop features, and gravity jump trails. When you see this for the first time in person, you will be amazed at the breadth of terrain and features. What was once a vacant wash is now yet another slice of mountain biking paradise in the St. George area. The park is expansive. The total property size is 80 acres and the is just Phase One.

The majority of the dirt jumps are tables and they have take-off ramps with welded steel foundations and wood ladder surfaces. The angles and transition of the jumps on the beginner and intermediate lines are very well crafted and they encourage you to hit them at speed in order to clear them.

A couple of bigger features in the park include an elevated table with a step-up step-down and a tall whale-tail.

In addition to the bike skills zones, there is a covered pavilion with picnic tables, drinking fountains, and restrooms.

How The Bike Park Was Funded

Financing was obtained from two resources in order to build the facility – the RAP (Recreation, Arts & Parks) tax from the city of St. George and transient room tax dollars from Washington County.

Why a bike park with this money? Marc Mortensen, the Assistant City Manager of St. George told us that the bike park was included in the original appeal to have the RAP tax approved so the tax would gain the support of the cycling community. Other types of activities that qualify for RAP funding include art, music, theater, dance, cultural arts, and natural history. Marc also said, “Our city council understands the importance of mountain biking and what it’s done here. We think mountain biking is in the top five reasons of why people come to St. George and we want to capitalize on that.”

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association
FlowRide Concepts
The city of St. George, Utah
Washington County, Utah
Washington County RAP tax
Mountain biker at the Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

FlowRide Concepts from Boulder, Colorado was selected to build the bike park. They worked closely with City of St. George Park Planning Division and their existing park architects on staff to create the venue. The area’s local trail organization, DMBTA (Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association) also played a role with the development of the area.

Advanced zone at the Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George

How To Get To The Snake Hollow Bike Park

  • Get off I-15 at the St. George Blvd. exit and head west.
  • Turn right on Bluff Street
  • Turn left on Sunset Blvd.
  • Turn right on Lava Flow Drive (2400 West)
  • The Snake Hollow Bike Park will be on the right side of the road across the street from the Snow Canyon High School

NOTE: the label on the Google Map is incorrect. The bike park is there, though – we promise!

Phase Two Of The Bike Park And The NICA Influence

NICA stands for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. It’s the organization responsible for developing high school mountain biking leagues across the united states. Over the last few years, St. George has hosted Utah NICA races including this year’s state championship races.

Phase Two development of the the Snake Hollow Bike Park will include a brand new cross country loop suitable for NICA events. Marc Mortensen said, “Funding for a 5 to 5.5 mile long race course has already been approved through the previously mentioned tax funds. After we get the trail flagged, its construction will rely on a lot of volunteer hours from our local high school kids, the DMBTA, and others willing to help.” The new course will undulate through an environment accented with lava rocks, sage brush. The high school across the street is a logistical asset to large events because as opposed to other venues because it offers ample pave parking.

The estimated completion time for the Phase Two race loop is during the late spring of 2019. Other improvements for the second phase of the bike park will include more shaded pavilions and additional parking.

St. George Is Excited To Have You Visit And There Is More To Come

As the only year-round bike park the state of Utah, Marc exclaims “This is going to be a very popular [bike] park and hopefully another reason for people to spend an extra day in St. George.”

St. George already has 300 miles of trails in the area, so this new venue is only going to help solidify the city’s commitment to drawing active families down to southern Utah. In order to keep the good times going, Washington County has established a trails committee to explore additional projects.

We strongly suggest you make the effort to spend some time at this place. There seriously is something for all to enjoy.

Map - Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

View a large version of the Snake Hollow Bike Park map.

Gooseberry Mesa – Big Loop

Mountain biking Gooseberry Mesa with kids

Church Rocks Trail

Church Rocks mountain bike trail in St. George, Utah

Thunder Mountain Trail


Whistler’s Lord Of The Squirrels, An Epic Family Mountain Bike Ride

Whistler's Lord Of The Squirrels - not just another family bike ride

Whistler’s Lord Of The Squirrels

Part of an epic family mountain bike ride in British Columbia

From the instant I heard about the new trails Into The Mystic, On The Rocks, and Lord Of The Squirrels – I kind of obsessed over riding them this summer with my wife and kids. The trails opened near the end of summer 2017 and they showed off a part of Whistler we have not seen before. Some trails were well established in the lower Mt. Sproatt area, but this ride takes you up through the forest and almost above treeline.

The trails were built by WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycling Association) with support from the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Another organization, the Trails Planning Working Group, is municipal committee designed to bring all the collaborators together. Dan Raymond was hired to be the project manager for the Lord Of The Squirrels.

Be Prepared For This Ride

This is not your typical family bike ride. It is in the wilderness and climbs on Into The Mystic and On The Rocks are strenuous. Depending on where you start this ride, the elevation gain is significant. We started pedaling from our condo at we ascended about 3,500 feet! When you do this ride with your kids, it’s important to be aware of your capabilities.

Our youngest is 11 years old and already great on the pedals. But in order to ensure his enjoyment and success on Into The Mystic, we did a few training rides in Park City before we left on our trip.

We knew what type of food to bring as well as how much. We all filled our hydration packs to capacity and made sure our bikes were in good condition. Just to be safe, in addition to the basics, I brought along an extra derailleur cable, spare tubes and and extra battery with an additional SD card for the action camera. My wife brought along an extra USB battery pack if a phone ran out of juice. We were dressed in appropriate clothing and to make sure it did not rain – we packed light rain jackets.

Be prepared to ride Lord Of The Squirrels with your kids
Bring plenty of food and water for this epic mountain bike ride.
Family at the Lord Of The Squirrels trail in Whistler
We were keen to pack rain jackets and check the weather.
Camelbak youth hydration pack for sale
Camelbak mini MULE kids hydration pack for sale
Lord Of The Squirrels map - MTB with Kids route

How We Got To Into The Mystic

To start, we began from the Aspens on Blackcomb condos and went through the Whistler Village. We then hopped on the Valley Trail at the golf course to get to Rainbow Park. From Rainbow Park, here are the trails we used to get arrive at Into the Mystic:

  • Whip Me Snip Me
  • Danimal
  • Hot Dog Alley
  • Scotia Creek Access Road
  • Sirloin
  • Darwin
  • Flank

Take a minute and donate to WORCA right now. They are one of the groups responsible for making trails like this happen. And, because of contributions from families like yours and mine, WORCA can build more trails so families can make more memories and enjoy the outdoors together.

Into The Mystic

This Is A Long, Tough Climb – Even Without Kids

The beginning of this trail welcomes you with a marquis constructed from logs and a steel plate sign with the name of the trail cut from it. It’s like you’re at the start of a life-sized board game or a ride at an amusement park. Pedaling starts off easy enough, but you’re soon ascending along one of the most beautifully crafted climb trails in middle earth.

Family photo at the Into The Mystic trailhead
The kids explore a creek on the Into The Mystic Trail
Almost to the top of Into The Mystic

Fit riders will make easy work of this in a couple of hours or so. The trail is not a bunched up string of switchbacks and that makes it a pleasure to climb. We saw a kid who was similar age to our 11 year old on this trail pedaling with his dad. He was crushing the climb and we did not catch them.

Mother and son doing some hike-a-bike on Into The Mystic

About two-thirds of the way up on Into The Mystic you come across a platform with benches and railing adjacent to a creek down a small canyon path. Chains have been bolted in the rock so you can make your way down to a creek in the canyon. The kids went down for an explore and to see if they could catch a chat with Gollum. We took a long break here so we could rest and refuel. Three of us had to do plenty of resting and hike-a-bike on Into The Mystice, while our oldest son pedaled the entire trail. When you’re near the end of Into The Mystic, the trees become sparse. You start to notice more rocks, small grounds of grass and more open space.

Pond on the Whistler's Into The Mystic Trail

On The Rocks

On The Rocks Could Be The Star Of The Show On This Ride

You are on the edge of the tree line and the environment is quite is over-the-top. Vivid wildflowers, exposed rock and a palette of greenery complement your immediate surroundings. I think it’s similar to when a PNW native sees Moab in-person for the first time.

On The Rocks is a spectacular trail in Whistler

Off to the distance you can see several other peaks adorned with snow and glaciers. The start of this trail is more climbing, but once you reach about 5,900 feet – most of the hard pedaling is over. Our youngest took a few rests on the first part of this trail. Good thing – because I certainly needed the breaks as well.

On The Rocks
Doing a snow crossing On The Rocks

Once you start descending On The Rocks, you may encounter snow fields you will have to ride through or ferry your bike across. All four in the family ended up with wet feet and squeaky brakes. Overall, I think we encountered a total of 10 areas where the trail was snow covered. This was a fair trade-off because the trail had only been opened for two days and we were due to leave town in the morning. There are also several small ponds and basins filled with runoff. I don’t know how many of these qualify as lakes, but they are one of the highlights of the ride.

Tyge riding On The Rocks
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Lord Of The Squirrels

It took us a whopping six hours to get to the Lord Of The Squirrels trailhead from our condo. Please take this into consideration if you are planning on doing this ride with your kids. With the exception of our 15 year old, who can be considered an expert mountain biker, I think the rest of us are intermediate to strong intermediate mountain bikers regarding fitness, skill and and mettle. And it must be said that if my wife had her way – we would only ride uphill. We took it real slow the entire day by taking too many breaks to count, gigs of photos and made sure no one got hangry.

After getting through the last couple of snow fields, Lord Of The Squirrels is a downhill romp through the woods. It’s very enjoyable because after we encountered about 6 other riders on the trail – it was all ours. We were expecting a lot more people due to the recent opening.

The trail is aptly rated as intermediate so no one had to get off the pedals and walk the rock rolls, roots, bridges and tech sections. All of the trails features were enjoyed by the family from top-to-bottom. The trail is only over a year old. The dirt has not settled. The roots are still raw and untidy. If you have experienced new trail in this region, you know the sound your tires make – and the density of the trail surface. It’s a lot of fun.

Exiting the trail, you’re back near the start of Into The Mystic. Depending on where you started from, you may have a bit of ride to get to home base. On the way back our 15 year old was not done. He broke off for a bit to give Cheap Thrills a whirl.

This ride is beautiful. I hope I have the opportunity to compare it to others around the world while riding with my family. For me, it was hard and you have to work for it. That helps keep it sustainable and special. The bike park is awesome, but Lord Of The Squirrels is just a different kind of awesome on the other side of town. When your heart is pumping and your legs don’t want to climb anymore, you just look around at where you are and take it in.

Exiting Lord Of The Squirrels
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