Riding Bootleg Canyon with Kids

Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park - Boulder City, Nevada

Mountain biking Bootleg Canyon with kids: Just 30 minutes southeast of Las Vegas lies Boulder City, Nevada. This small town sprouted from the desert as a result of needing to house contractors building the Hoover Dam. The construction of the dam was a WPA project from FDR’s New Deal agenda enacted to bring the county out of the Great Depression.

Fast forward to the late 1990s and a local by the name of Brent Thomson spearheaded the trail building in the western mountains bordering the city. Along with the help of many friends, this trail network would become the Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park. Unfortunately, Brent passed away in 2009 – but his love for mountain biking has evolved to become a unique destination for mountain bikers all over the world.

Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park - Boulder City, Nevada

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Getting To Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

If you’re approaching from the north, you’ll have to go through Las Vegas on I-15. Once in Vegas, after exit 42 just hop on I-515/I-11 south and take that to Nevada Hwy 93.
Once in Boulder City, you access Bootleg by taking a left turn on Veteran’s Memorial Drive and another left on Yucca Street.
Mountain biking family
DVO Suspension Winter Gravity Series

MTB Races & Shuttle Service

900 Canyon Road
Boulder City NV 89005

Website: www.bootlegcanyonracing.com

Check the website for several mtb races and events through the winter months.


Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park Trail Map

Bootleg Is A Warm MTB Winter Wonderland

We visited Bootleg Canyon for the first time a little over 3 years ago as an escape from Salt Lake City’s dreary and cold “Inversion” season. Inversion is a cleansed word describing SLC’s pollution problem and this usually occurs in the months of January and February.

The novelty of being in the sun, enjoying 50º-60º temperatures, AND riding mountain bikes with the family in the dead of winter is strong incentive for loading up the mini van and hitting the road. More than once, the weather has been so favorable, we have camped at nearby Lake Mead in January and February. It can be windy at times with gusts reaching well over 20 mph. For optimal riding, be sure to check the weather in advance.

Bootleg Canyon bike sculpture
Camping at nearby Lake Mead - MTB road trip to Bootleg

When you approach the zone via Canyon Road/Yucca Street from the “downtown” area, you’re greeted by a wonderfully crafted metal mountain bike sculpture designed by a local shop by the name of Ornamental Iron Works. The bike is about 12 feet long x 8 feet tall. And, because it’s a mountain bike, it featured faux full suspension. The sculpture is an appropriate preface of what’s to come. Some of the trails at Bootleg require big-time skills.

Be prepared to ride at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

Be Prepared To Ride At Bootleg

Riding Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park will make you better – but you better be prepared! The terrain can be steep, exposed, and sharp rocks grace almost every trail. Be sure your bike is in excellent working condition. You are going to need your brakes and suspension, so make sure they are ready to go. Make sure your tire pressure is correctly set – or at the very least, you will get a flat. You could also tear a tire, dent a wheel, or smash a derailleur.

For first time visitors, we recommend wearing a full-face or enduro helmet with removable chin bar when riding Bootleg. Gloves are also a must. Knee-pads, elbow pads, butt-pads, neck braces and chest protectors are also common protective gear at Bootleg Canyon. These should be a requirement if you are going to ride the downhill trails.

We would strongly recommend a full-suspension mountain bike for riding Bootleg. If downhill mountain biking is your specialty, there will be plenty to do.

Mountain Biking With The Family At Bootleg Canyon

There are no lifts to get you to the top of the trails. You can pedal, self-shuttle, or get a paid shuttle on most weekends. The graded, unpaved road from the base of the hill next to the restrooms and large parking areas is most commonly used to reach the top of the mountain. If you are going to the start of the downhill trails, you will hike-a-bike for about .25 miles up from where the graded road ends.

Pedaling up to Bootleg MTB trails
Bootleg Canyon shuttle

Some of the trails at Bootleg Canyon are challenging to say the least. If you are going to ride here with smaller kids, an adult with at least strong intermediate skills needs to pre-ride all the trails you intend to ride with the little ones. There is plenty to keep a young family busy, but it will be best if you plan ahead and make your itinerary based on your group’s riding ability.

When you are at the top of the graded road, you can see Las Vegas. While looking at the city, the hike-a-bike trail to the downhill trails is on your left. And, the trail Boy Scout is towards your right.

There are options for getting warmed up when riding Bootleg with your family. To get acquainted with the dirt, take a ride on the trail Desert Cruise and return to the base area on the River Mountains access road/trail.

Boy Scout and East Leg

When you’re ready to dial it up a notch, head up Red Mountain Access Road via pedal power or shuttle and try East Leg. Or, head to the top of Red Mountain Access Road and ride Boy Scout. Both Boy Scout and East Leg are gobs of fun and are rated as intermediate trails.

Boy Scout is one of our personal favorites because it’s features consist of everything we like about riding mountain bikes in the desert: fast corners, challenging but passable technical sections, tough turns, narrow lines, and even a few climbs. When you ride this trail over and over, you’re going to get better at mountain biking. You will ride it a little faster, clean a technical section with a bit more flow and finesse, transition to a climb in the correct gear, and so on.

kid on full-suspension bike at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

Inner Caldera, West Leg, Girl Scout, Mother

Other intermediate trails include Inner Caldera, West Leg, Girl Scout, Mother, and a handful more. Explore these trails. Have a good time riding in this Southwest mountain biking mecca. Similar to some experts no longer calling Pluto a planet, the IMBA once designated Bootleg Canyon as one of its EPIC rides. Once you visit and ride Bootleg in person, you can judge the retracted designation for yourself.

Mother and son riding Inner Caldera trail at Bootleg Canyon MTB park
Mom rides Bootleg Mountain Bike Park with young son

Downhill Trails

The trails Sidewinder, Snake Back, and Ginger are a few of the advanced downhill trails in the park. These tracks are tough. There’s a reason why all the pictures of the downhill trails only feature the kids. Mom and dad just don’t have the skills for these.

You get to the top of the downhill tracks by shuttling your downhill bike or pedaling your trail bike to the top of Red Mountain Access Road. Then, you have about a .2 mile hike-a-bike/pedal to the start zone. All the downhill trails split off of Sidewinder. If you can ride the fist 150 feet of Sidewinder, you’re going to have a good time on these downhill trails. Again, ride within your skill-set and hunt out the downhill trails that make you happy.

Kid with protective neck brace on downhill mountain bike trail - Bootleg Canyon
Riding downhill mtb trail at Bootleg Canyon
Riding the hourglass on a full-suspension enduro bike at Bootleg Canyon

Racing At Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park

In the months of January, February and March – you and the family can race at Bootleg Canyon. Enduro, Downhill and Dual Slalom races are offered to riders age 6 and up. “Downhill” Mike Scheur is the Race Promoter for the events and his team does a great job running the show.

Downhill Mike Scheur

Downhill Mike, Says…

“Bootleg is great for families because there are so many there. If there was only one family at our events, it may be hard to convince others to come. However, these families seem to know each other and are very welcoming to new families just getting into the scene. They not only make you feel welcome and at home – but they are helpful as coaches and as resourceful as one can become for the sport and way of life.”

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Mountain biking mom
Downhill racer

These races are a lot of fun and a great way to ease the winter-time blues. Last year, our whole family raced one of the enduro events. You may even see some of the pros. Mountain bike racers Rachel Strait, Logan Binggeli, Cody Kelley, and Mitch Ropelato often make appearances here to kick off their seasons. Even World Cup overall champion downhill rider Aaron Gwin shows up once in a while to get his groove on. For more information and registration, visit www.downhillmike.com.

Current Trail Stewards And Other Features At The Bike Park

“Brent Thomson was not alone in his efforts when building trails”, exclaims Mike Scheur. “Dan Haskin is the acting Trail Boss at Bootleg. His brother Jeff and others started on the trails back when the sport was in it’s infancy. The local bike shop, All Mountain Cyclery and Dan Haskin have been providing maintenance and building some new stuff, too. Our crew, Bootleg Canyon Gravity Racing, works on all race trails before and after each event.”

Mountain biking kid on wood skinny
Bootleg Canyon Welcomes You - sign
Advanced jump line at Bootleg Canyon mountain bike park

Near the main base area, there are a few jump lines you’re free to session. Just treat it like a sledding hill and be on the lookout for oncoming downhill traffic prior to dropping in. Northeast of the base area, there is a see-saw feature, wood skinnies, small gap jump and a couple more senders. North of the metal bike sculpture near the entry of the bike park, there is another advanced jump line. On your left as you enter the park, there is a pump track.

Bootleg Canyon Truly Offers Something For Every Mountain Biker

With it’s proximity to Las Vegas, Bootleg Canyon is very accessible compared to many other riding destinations in the Southwest US.

This zone has earned its place on our winter month road trip itinerary year after year. We eagerly look forward to riding its challenging and unique terrain when the temperatures drop at our home and the local trails are covered in snow. When you visit Bootleg, you’re going to have plenty to do. You can easily enjoy a long weekend with the family so you can experience all this great zone has to offer mountain biking families.

We highly recommend visiting Bootleg Canyon with kids for families that want to get some sunshine in the winter months. Check out our Trails and Destinations page for more ideas for family mountain biking adventure.

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Free MTB Movie Night - Dec 13, 2020

Have you seen all of these before? Here’s a list of movies and a very exciting 2019 women’s XC race you can watch for free online today. We’ve chosen a couple of old favorites as well as a film released just a couple of months ago. Get the popcorn going and enjoy.

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Ok. We’re sneaking in a movie from professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones. He takes on exploring climate change and how it has become a politicized, money driven issue.

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Ryan Leech in Kranked 6 – Progression

Ryan is the ageless O-G of the North Shore and trials riding. This is a bonkers clip from 2006. Take a look at his online mtb coaching site, too.

The Flying Squirrels and Radical Rippers

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This one always chokes dad up because of the little kids at the beginning. He clearly remembers being at the old Whistler skills parks when the kids were still on a balance bike and 20in bike. Created by Scott Secco and Ryan Howard – this was part of a past Dirt Diaries film contest that took place during Crankworx Whistler.

Danny Macaskill – Industrial Revolutions

Mom found this one years ago. The music and cinematography are on par with Danny’s riding.

Gifts for Mountain Bike Kids Ages 1-3

Cycling and mountain biking gifts for kids 1-3 years old

Looking for the mountain bike gifts for toddlers? If your kiddo prefers outside to inside, we’ve got you covered! Make your kid’s #newbikeday or pick up a few things that will help ’em hit the trails in safe and stylish comfort. Check out our favorite gifts for adventurous toddlers below.

VIEW the complete Mountain Biker Gift Guide

Holiday gifts for mountain biking kids ages 3 - 5
Vitus Smoothy balance bike for toddler mountain bike gift

Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike

Balance bikes are the best mountain bike gifts for toddlers! The Vitus Smoothy is a great choice. First, it is lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds. Second, it is secure and stable to help kids gain confidence. Vitus has a specially designed balance bike saddle that features a ‘scoop’ shape so your child will be sat in the correct position all of the time. Third, this bike has loads of style!  This bike is designed to make learning and progression easy and fun, helping your toddler learn to ride whilst having a great time.

Compare live pricing at…

Specialized MIPS Mio Toddler Helmet mtb gift

Specialized MIPS Mio Toddler Helmet

When your toddler is old enough to sit in a trailer, ride in a child seat mounted on your bike, or able to ride a balance bike, they should wear a helmet. The Specialized Mio MIPS Youth Helmet is perfect for toddlers for many reasons. First, this helmet features a magnetic buckle for ease of use. Second, the bright bold graphics will make them want to wear it. Third, the Mio helmet features the Headset SC fit system that makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit.  Fourth, the in-molded shell improves the strength and reduces the weight of the helmet. It is MIPS-equipped which helps manage certain impact energies. Finally, the Mio has lots of additional features including reflective webbing to increase visibility and an integrated visor to shelter the eyes from the sun. This helmet is toddler sized which works for children about up to age three.

Compare live pricing at…

Strider sport 12 balance bike for toddlers

Strider 12 Sport Kids’ Balance Bike 

The Strider Sport offers young riders a great opportunity to build essential skills for biking. The Strider will help your child learn to successfully balance on a bike. Because this bike does no have pedals or cranks, your kiddo can balance and glide forward with ease. Importantly, the Strider Sport features smaller diameter handlebar for better control, ultra-light one-piece wheels that are durable and never need air. The bar and seat clamps provide additional adjustment to accommodate height. Recommended for ages: 18 months- 5 years old.

Compare live pricing at…

rei rainwall rain jackt for mountain bike toddlers

REI Co-op Rainwall Toddler Rain Jacket

We can’t think of anything more fun than riding your bike through puddles! This rain jeacket is build to last! First, the REI Co-op Rainwall rain jacket is made of ripstop nylon. Second, the shell is waterproof and windproof to 60+ mph and sealed seams help block inclement weather. Third, the 3-panel hood has a rain brim, hook-and-loop adjustment tab in back and elastic on the sides of the opening. Fourth, elastic cuffs and front stormflap seal out the elements and the droptail hem extends coverage. This jacket is one of our favorite mountain bike gifts for toddlers.

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Woom 1 balance bike - yellow toddler gift

Woom 1 12-inch wheel Balance Bike 

The Woom 1 balance bike is designed to enable toddlers to easily hop on and roll away. Firstly, the Woom 1 is made of light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminum. This bike only weighs 6.6 pounds. Secondly, beginner geometry with 12″ wheels lead to easy handling. Thirdly, the very low entry and low sitting position combine with a long wheelbase to provide good balance and more riding fun. Additionally, your kiddo can even learn to brake with mini v brakes created to fit very small hands. Even if a child has only just started to walk, the Woom 1 helps them to gain confidence and a sense of balance on two wheels.

Compare live pricing at…

strider toddlet 12 balance bike snow skis gift

Strider 12 Snow Skis – Kids’

Transform your kid’s Strider 12 balance bike into a snow-friendly shred sled! The Strider 12 Snow Skis can provide tons of fun. Your young rider will improve their riding balance and stability on the slopes all winter long. Why get these skis? First, with the skis attached, your child’s bike gets more year-round use. Second, the no-tool installation attaches skis to each wheel with a secure buckle and strap system (included). Third, these durable plastic skis are lightweight to glide easily in powder and down sledding hills, yet built to withstand toddler-level thrashing. These skis are compatible with Strider 12 Classic, Strider 12 Sport and Strider 12 Pro balance bikes (not included).

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Zippy Rooz toddler little kids gloves gift

ZippyRooz Toddler Full Long Finger Bike Gloves

Keep your young rider’s hands comfortable and protected! Zippyrooz Toddler & Little Kids Full Long Finger Bike Gloves are made to fit the smallest riders. These gloves are well designed to meet your kids riding needs. First, the minimal padding on the palm ensures easier grip but still offers protection. Second, these gloves will keep little fingers warm in cooler temperatures and are breathable enough for warmer days. Finally, these gloves boast soft thumb material for wiping running noses.

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strider bike rocking base for toddlers

Strider Bike Rocking Base

A perfect gift for the youngest riders! Transform your child’s Strider Bike into a rocking-horse bike with the Strider Bike Rocking Base. Made from durable plastic, this base is designed to work with Strider Bikes. This base will turn a strider bike into fun, low-to-the-ground, indoor rocking bike. Importantly, it is easy to install a strider to the base in seconds. Bonus! This toy requires no batteries and won’t make any annoying sounds!

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early rider big foot mountain bike for toddler gift

Early Rider Big Foot 12 Balance Bike

Big Foot 12 has low slung frame with a saddle height of just 12.2 inches for the littlest riders. The frame, fork, hubs, rims, steerer, stem and handlebars are all aluminum.  Additionally, all bearings are maintenance free sealed cartridges. To set this bike a part from other balance bikes, the 2.25″ tires with knobbly treads will provide traction and soak up every bump. Kid sized Ritchey controls with a powerful, light pull rear brake to give that extra stopping confidence.

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Shred til Bed Alphabet Book gift kids

Shred Til Bed – The MTB Animal Alphabet Book

What do you do when it’s too dark to ride? Read a book about mountain biking, of course! Shred til bed is an animal alphabet book for your mountain bike kid. Young riders will love the illustrated A-Z animals in the book. Older kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy seeing their favorite MTB features in hard-cover print.

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burley mykick balabe bike for toddlers

Burley Kids’ MyKick Balance Bike

The Burley Kids’ MyKick Balance Bike gives kids a head start in learning how to balance on two wheels. The seatpost and handlebars are adjustable, allowing you to change the fit as they grow. Its 12-inch tires are rubber with flat-free technology. The MyKick Balance Bike is available in red , green or pink.

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Best Bikes For Kids 1-3 Years Old

The best bikes for 1 - 3 year olds

Looking for the best bikes For kids 1-3 years old? These 12-inch wheel bikes are made for the smallest riders. Our list includes four balance bikes and one pedal bike. Why? A balance bike is an excellent first step to help your kiddo learn balance and steer on two wheels. No pedals means that your rider will have an easier time learning to balance and will build confidence quickly. For more info on balance bikes check out The Glory of Balance Bikes.

The best bikes for 1 - 3 year olds

Balance bikes

If you are looking for a first bike for your 1-3 year old, we’re true believers in the magic of the balance bike. Balance bikes are the best first step to help your kiddo develop the coordination to balance and steer without having to think about pedaling. Most important, be sure to choose a balance bike that will fit your little one. Be sure the minimum seat height is low enough for your kiddo to sit on the seat with both feet touching the ground. First, measure your child’s inseam length to determine minimum seat height. Then look for a balance bike with the largest diameter wheels that will accommodate your child.

Pedal bikes

If at 2-3 years old, your little rider has already mastered the balance bike, but is still small enough, the Cleary Gecko 12 is an amazing first pedal bike.

Note: Taller 2-3 year old kids may fit better on a 14-inch or even 16-inch wheel bike. Check out our lists of Best 14-inch bikes and Best 16-inch bikes before making a purchase.

Here is an overview of our top five 12-inch wheel bikes 1, 2 and 3 year old kids

Check out the comparison table at the end of the article to see all the size, cost and other data in one place.

Prevelo Alpha Zero

The Alpha Zero balance bike is a great ride to help little ones learn balance before they jump on a pedal bike. Firstly, the Alpha Zero features a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. Secondly, the Alpha Zero comes with Tektro rear v-brakes with small reach brake levers. This will help your kid learn to brake before they learn to pedal.

As expected, Prevelo goes the extra mile to engineer bikes for kids to be confidence inspiring, easy, and fun to ride as possible. Above all, Prevelo bikes feature low minimum seat heights and low bottom brackets. This geometry places the rider close to the ground (lowering the center of gravity) to help kids feel more confident, learn easier and ride better.

Buy this balance bike from:

Saddle Height11.5in - 15.6in
DrivetrainBalance Bike
Frame Material6061 Aluminum/Alloy
BrakesRear V-Brakes
Claimed Weight8.5lbs

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

The Strider 12 Classic is the traditional entry-level balance bike. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles on this simple and durable balance bike. The Strider Classic 12” balance bike is lightweight to help make learning to ride easier for first time balance bike riders. Importantly, the Strider classic utilizes basic characteristics as the top-selling Strider 12” Sport at an affordable price for the budget-minded family.

Buy this balance bike from:

Saddle Height11in
DrivetrainBalance Bike
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
Claimed Weight6.7lbs

Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike

The Vitus Smoothy balance bike is one of the lightest, most durable and stylish on the market. The Smoothy features a unique cast Magnesium frameset that features a useful carry handle and integrated footrests for coasting. The headset upper and lower bearings make the steering control smooth and reliable. Fine tune the height of the handlebars.

Vitus has a specially designed balance bike saddle that features a ‘scoop’ shape so your child will be sat in the correct position all of the time. This ensures they can steer effectively and are positioned perfectly, giving themselves the best possible change of balancing effectively. Also, the seat-post is fully height adjustable allowing room for growth

Buy this balance bike from:

Saddle Height12 inches+
DrivetrainBalance Bike
Frame MaterialMagnesium
Claimed Weight7.1 pounds

Woom 1 Balance Bike

The Woom 1 Balance Bike features a high quality and light weight frame and components. Most importantly, the Woom 1 has an extremely low step-through height and an adjustable seat height to fit the smallest riders. Specifically, Woom designed this bike for ages 18 months-4 years or height 32″-39″. In addition, the Woom 1 comes with high quality V-brakes to enable easy braking at an early age.

Buy this balance bike from:

Saddle Height10.2in - 14.5in
DrivetrainBalance Bike
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
Claimed Weight7.4lbs

Cleary Gecko 12 Single Speed

The Gecko 12” single speed bike is an great option for introducing cycling to your little one. Firstly, this tiny kids pedal bike is light. In fact, it weighs just 15 pounds for the coaster brake or 13 pounds for the freewheel option. Secondly, the Gecko single speed includes front and rear child-specific hand brakes on both coaster brake bike, and freewheel option. Thirdly, the saddle, grips, handlebars and brake levers are designed for little riders. Fourthly, Cleary designed the bike geometry to enable riders to sit on the seat with their feet safely planted on the ground. Both seat height and reach to the handlebars are adjustable with one bolt, to easily optimize the fit.

Buy this balance bike from:

Saddle Height?
DrivetrainSingle Speed
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
Claimed Weight13lbs

Comparison chart: Best 12-inch wheel bikes for 1, 2 or 3 year olds 

Alpha Zero
Strider 12 Classic
Balance Bike
Smoothy Balance Bike
Woom 1
Balance Bike
Cleary Gecko 12
Single Speed
Saddle Height11.5-15.6 inches11 inches12 inches10.2-14.5 inches?
Drivetrainbalance bikebalance bikebalance bikebalance bikesingle speed
Frame6061 aluminum alloyaluminum alloymagnesiumaluminum alloyaluminum alloy
Brakesrear V brakesnonenoneV brakesV brakes
Claimed Weight8.5 pounds6.7 pounds7.1 pounds7.4 pounds13 pounds

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Best Bikes for Kids 3-4 Years Old

The best bikes for 3-4 year old boys and girls

Bikes for Kids 3-4 Years Old: There are lots of kids bikes available online. However, many of these bikes are super heavy with cheap full-sized components which make them hard to ride safely. MTBwithkids recommends choosing a bike designed specifically for 3 and 4 year old riders. Our list of best bikes for 3-4 year olds includes balance bikes, pedal bikes and bikes that are designed to transform from balance to pedal bikes. These bikes all have 14-inch wheels and span experience and skill levels from true beginners to little rippers.

The best bikes for 3-4 year old boys and girls

Balance bikes

If your 3-4 year old is just starting to ride, we’d highly recommend choosing a 14-inch wheel balance bike for their first bicycle. Balance bikes are an excellent first step to help your kiddo develop the coordination to balance and steer without having to think about pedaling. When choosing a balance bike, it’s important to be sure that the minimum seat height is low enough. Your kiddo should be able to sit on the seat with both feet touching the ground. You’ll want to measure your child’s inseam length to determine minimum seat height and then look for a balance bike with the largest diameter wheels that will accommodate your child.

Pedal bikes

If at 3 or 4 years old, your little rider has already mastered the balance bike, there are a few manufacturers designing 14-inch wheel kids bikes that are well made, lightweight and fun to ride.

Note: kids on the taller side may fit on a 16-inch wheel bike, so you might want to check out our list of Best 16-inch bikes  before making a purchase.

Here is an overview of our top five 14-inch wheel bikes for 3 or 4 year old kids. 

Check out the comparison table at the end of the article to see all the data in one place.

Strider Balance Bike 14x Sport

Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike

The Strider 14x Sport is an amazing bike that designed to grow with your child. Firstly, the 14x comes with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars to grow with your growing kid.  The 14x starts off as a balance bike, which helps riders gain confidence and balancing ability. Importantly, once your kiddo is ready to pedal, just attach the Easy-Ride Pedal Kit. Converting the 14x from balance bike to pedal bike is quick and easy. The Strider 14x Sport will fit riders 37-49 inches tall (Inseam (16-23 in). This is one of the classic bikes for kids 3-4 years old.

Buy this 14″ wheel kids bike from:

Saddle Height16-23 inches
DrivetrainBalance Bike
Frame MaterialSteel
Claimed Weight12.5 pounds
Prevelo Alpha One kid bike

Prevelo Alpha One

The 14″ Alpha One is the smallest pedal bike in the Prevelo lineup and fits most 3 to 4.5 year olds. The Alpha One is packed with features to get little riders off to the right start. Firstly, Prevelo included confidence inspiring low and narrow geometry. Secondly, this lightweight bike is made of 6061 aluminum frame with custom formed tubing with an aluminum alloy fork with chromoly steerer. Finally, stopping is easy with Tektro front and rear v-brakes with small reach brake levers and a rear coaster brake (removable with optional freewheel kit). You will appreciate this kids bike!

Buy this 14-inch wheel kids’ bike from:

Saddle Height15.6-17.5
DrivetrainSingle speed
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesTektro aluminum V-brakes & coaster brake
Claimed Weight14.4 pounds
Woom 2 kid bike

Woom 2

The Woom 2 was developed specifically for kids that are new to or have only recently begun pedaling. Importantly, this bike is designed with short cranks and a low bottom bracket to enable your child to put their feet on the ground without losing balance. The Woom 2 is a great transition from balance bike to pedal bike and enables fast learning. Woom 2 was designed to fit kids 37″-43” inches tall. A separate freewheel kit is available for purchase.

Buy this 14-inch wheel kids’ bike from:

Saddle Height16-19 inches
DrivetrainSingle speed
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesCoaster and v-hand brakes
Claimed Weight12 lbs 3 oz.
Prevelo Zulu One kids' bike

Prevelo Zulu One

This bike has to be seen to be believed. It is truly one of the bikes for kids 3-4 years old. See our Prevelo Zulu One Review for photos of this bike in action.  The Prevelo Zulu One packs high performance mountain bike features into a tiny 14-inch wheel size package. Each component is carefully chosen to provide the best performance for young riders ready to mountain bike with mom and dad.

Specifically, the Prevelo Zulu One comes with front and rear disc brakes! Your kid will be safely able to modulate speed and stop quickly when needed. In addition, this amazing little machine features a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and BOXT™ rear stays and forged rear dropouts. Additionally, this 14” bike ships with a bonus short seat post. This adds options for height adjustment. All things considered, you can’t go wrong with the Pevelo Zulu One.

Buy this 14-inch wheel kids’ bike from:

Saddle Height16-25 inches
DrivetrainSingle Speed
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesTektro hydraulic disc
Claimed Weight15.9 lbs
vitus kid 14 blue best 14 inch wheel bike

Vitus Kid 14

The Kid 14 from Vitus is designed with child specific geometry. This bike is is optimized for agility and control to give your 3 or 4 year old greater confidence. First, the Vitus Kid 14 features child friendly components. This bike boasts short reach adjustable brake levers, smaller diameter handlebar grips and a bespoke chainset. Second, the Kid 14 features single speed gearing and Tektro V-Brakes for easy operation and reliable braking. Third, the Vitus 14 features a reduced Q Factor. This brings the pedals close to the center of the bike to improve pedaling efficiency, Fourth, the 14 features 14″ wheels and all-purpose Vee Speedster tires. Finally, this little bike is equally at home on hard pavement or off-road trails.

Buy this 14-inch wheel kids’ bike from:

Saddle Height16.5-19.5 inches
DrivetrainSingle Speed
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesTektro V brakes
Claimed Weight13.3 lbs

Comparison chart: Best 14-inch wheel bikes for 3 and 4 year olds 

14x Sport
Balance Bike
Alpha One
Woom 2Prevelo
Zulu One
Vitus Kid 14
Saddle Height16-23 inches15.6-17.516-19 inches16-25 inches16.6-19.5 inches
Drivetrainbalance bikesingle speedsingle speedsingle speedsingle speed
Framesteelaluminum alloyaluminum alloyaluminum alloyaluminum alloy
BrakesnoneV brakes and coasterV brakes and coasterhydraulic discv brakes
Claimed Weight12.5 pounds14.4 pounds12.2 pounds15.9 pounds13.3 pounds

Best Mountain Bikes for Kids 5-8 Years Old

The best mountain bikes for 5, 6, 7, and 8 year olds with 20 inch wheels

Mountain Bikes for Kids 5-8 Years-old – Hoping to get your kid a bike they can take out on the trails this year? The 20-inch bikes on our list might be a great fit for your 5, 6, 7 or 8 year old rider.

Bike fit is an essential aspect of choosing the right bike. Look for a frame with a stand-over height that will allow your kid to stand astride the bike with both feet flat on the ground, for optimal comfort and safety. To determine the stand-over height, find your rider’s inseam measurement by measuring the length of the leg on the inside from crotch to ankle.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 and stay-near-home guidelines, kids' bikes have become very popular and a lot of manufacturers cannot keep inventory. You may wish to see our Kids Bikes For Sale - October 2020 post.
The best mountain bikes for 5, 6, 7, and 8 year olds with 20 inch wheels

20-inch wheels give young riders plenty of control and nimble turning, but without being too small to roll over rocks and roots on the trail. Luckily, there are many good 20” wheel kids bikes to choose from. Check out Ten Things to Know Before You Buy a Kid’s Mountain Bike

Here is an overview of our top seven 20-inch wheel bikes for 5, 6, 7 or 8 year old kids. Check out the comparison table at the end of the article to see all the size, cost and other data in one place.

Prevelo Zulu Three kids mountain bike

Prevelo Zulu Three

If you’re looking for high performance mountain bike features on 20-inch wheel size package, the Zulu Three is a great option. Each component is the real deal and has been carefully chosen to provide the best performance and fit for young riders ready to tear up the trails.

Firstly, low and narrow Prevelo geometry keeps the rider low, balanced and in control. Secondly, Tektro front and rear hydraulic disc brakes make speed control and stopping easy. Thirdly, the specially designed Shimano ZEE 10-speed drivetrain and derailleur. Importantly, this amazing component features a clutch that can be turned on with the flip of a switch to eliminate derailleur bounce over hard terrain and reduce chain drops.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike from:

Stand-over Height22 inches
Drivetrain1 x 10
Frame Material6061 Aluminum/Alloy
BrakesTektro hydraulic disc
Claimed Weight22.2 pounds
ForkSR Suntour XCM Air SL 20 - 80mm travel
ShifterShimano DEORE RAPIDFIRE Plus

Cleary Bikes Owl 20-inch 3 speed Bike - Kids gift

Cleary Owl 20 3-Speed

Watch your kid’s confidence and coordination improve as they master gears with the Cleary Bikes Owl 20in 3 Speed Kids’ Bike. Cleary designs bikes that have lots of features to love. First, the Owl frame and fork are lightweight and built to withstand anything your kid can dish out. Second, the geometry is optimized to ideally respond to steering inputs while remaining stable. Third, there are only three gears, so it isn’t overwhelming. The Cleary Bikes Owl best fits young adventurers with an inseam measurement between 19 and 23in. In conclusion, the lightweight construction and reliable components create a bike that’s ready to guide your little shredder around the neighborhood and on the trails.

Above all, Cleary designs bikes for kids of every size and ability to ride safely and comfortably. Note: steel is strong and tough. Cleary bikes have no rider weight limit and are able to survive anything your kids can dish out. This bike is also available in a 3-speed model.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike from:

Stand-over Height19.3 inches
Frame MaterialSteel
BrakesTektro V-Brakes
Claimed Weight19 lbs
Shifter3-Speed Sturmey Archer
Early Rider Limited Seeker 20-inch Kids Bike

Early Rider Limited Seeker 20

The Seeker 20 is built for broadening horizons for 5-9 year old riders. The Seeker 20 has many features that your young rider will love. Firstly, the 11-36 tooth cassette gives a wide gear range to make light work of those hills. Secondly, the short-stay geometry is optimized for maneuverability and performance. Thirdly, the lightweight rigid fork is super durable, saving you the servicing of a shock.  And, as it’s made from super strong aluminum, it will withstand the inevitable drops and crashes. Finally, the bump soaking 2.25″ balloon mud tires provide all the cushioning a young adventurer needs.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike from:

Stand-over Height21.5 inches
Drivetrain1 x 10
Frame Material6061Aluminum Alloy
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
Claimed WeightNA
ShifterBox 4 P8 Multi Twin Shifter
Vitus 20 inch wheel kids bike

Vitus 20

The Vitus 20 kids’ bike is ideal for taking your kid’s riding to the next level. Several aspects of this bike will give junior riders more confidence which can translate to better trail riding experiences. First, the Vitus 20 features modern geometry to help with comfort, control and stability. Second, the kid-sized components are proportioned for smaller riders. Third, the lightweight aluminum frame and fork are light and strong. Finally, the Shimano Altus 7 speed drivetrain provides just enough gears.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike from:

Stand-over Height20 inches
Drivetrain1 x 7
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesTektro Jl510-rs Short Reach
Claimed Weight18.7 lbs
ShifterShiamano Altus Rapidfire
Woom 4 kid bike

Woom 4

The Woom 4 is an excellent  light 20” wheel bike that can be your kids first introduction to gears. Specifically, the Woom 4 includes a SRAM X4 8-gear shifter to help your rider tackle varying terrain and grades. The 8 gears and light Kenda off-road tires make it a great bike for exploring and longer rides. Importantly, the Mini V-Brakes with levers suitable for small hands make stopping safely easy. This bike was designed for ages 6 to 9 years with a height of 45″-51”inches. All in all, the Woom 4 is an excellent choice.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike from:

Stand-over Height19.5 inches
Drivetrain1 x 8
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
Claimed Weight16.9 lbs
ShifterSRAM X4 Grip
Norco Fluid FS1 20 kids Mountain Bike

Norco Fluid FS1 20

The Norco Fluid FS1 20 is a progressive, aggressive trail bike designed for young riders to tackle a wide range of demanding trails with confidence and capability. Norco specially designed this bike to meet the needs of the smallest rippers. To start, the Fluid FS1 20 boasts a stand-over height of only 19 inches. Next, the Fluid FS1 20 features 100mm of Fox Performance FLOAT rear suspension matched to a Manitou J-Unit Expert Air 120mm fork. These youth-tuned suspension components will smooth out the bumps and provide some cushioning for drops and jumps. Importantly, this bike includes a dropper post that is optimized for riders below 90 pounds. Additionally, the Norco Fluid FS1 20 features SDG youth-specific touch points, a SRAM GX 10-speed drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

Buy this kids’ full suspension bike from:

Saddle Height22 inches
Drivetrain1 x 10
Frame Material6061 Alloy
BrakesShimano BR-MT500 hydraulic disc
Claimed Weight?
ForkManitou J-Unit 20
ShockFox Performance FLOAT 3
ShifterSRAM GX Trigger
Cannondale Trail 20 Kids mountain bike

Cannondale Trail 20

When your kid is ready to take to the trails for off-road adventures, the Cannondale Trail 20 might be the bike for them. This kids’ mountain bike features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and smooth suspension fork. Additionally, the handlebar, grips, brake levers, saddle and cranks are designed to fit young riders.  Importantly, Cannondale designed the Trail 20 with a lower range gear ratio to make it easier to start pedaling and climb hills.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike from:

Stand-over Height20.5 inches
Drivetrain1 x 7
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
Claimed Weight24 lbs
ShifterShimano Tourney Revo Twist Shifter

Comparison chart: Best 20-inch wheel mountain bikes for 5, 6, 7 or 8 year olds 

Prevelo Zulu Three22 inches1 x 10aluminumTektro hydraulic disc22.2 lbsSR Suntour XCM Air SL 20 - 80mm travelShimano DEORE RAPIDFIRE Plusnone
Cleary Owl 20 3-Speed19.3 inches1 x 3SteelV Hand19 lbsrigid3-Speed Sturmey Archernone
Early Rider Limited 2021.5 inches1 x 106061 Aluminum AlloyHydraulic disc brakes?rigidBox 4 P8 Multi Twin Shifternone
Vitus 2020 inches1 x 76061Aluminum AlloyTektro Jl510-rs Short Reach18.7 lbsrigidShiamano Altus Rapidfirenone
Woom 419.5 inches1 x 8Aluminum AlloyV Hand16.9 lbsrigidSRAM X4 Gripnone
Norco Fluid FS1 2022 inches1 x 76061Aluminum AlloyShimano BR-MT500 hydraulic disc?Manitou J-Unit 20SRAM GX TriggerFox Performance FLOAT 3
Cannondale Trail 2020.5 inches1 x 76061 Aluminum AlloyV Hand24 lbsrigidShimano Tourney Revo Twistnone

Gifts For Mountain Biking Families in 2020


Updated for 2020 – Here is a list of gifts for mountain biking families. These gifts can help your mountain biking family get out and ride together! Our family is at its very best when we are all together on the bikes. And, we hope you feel the same.

We have chosen practical gifts that will hopefully allow you and your active kids to keep the good times rolling, properly inflated, sheltered, locked up, documented and stored.


Holiday gifts for mountain bike families
The GoPro Hero 9 is a great gift for mountain bikers no matter what time of year it is

GoPro Hero 9

GoPro action cameras get better every year and the GoPro Hero 9 is loaded for what mountain bikers need. The built-in HyperSmooth stability feature irons out the jitters and you can capture video in 5k format. The lens cover is easily replaceable in case it gets scratched. Voice commands, live-streaming, and a wide variety of mounts make this item a must-have for families who are ready to document their adventures.

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yakima hangover mountain bike rack for families

Yakima Hangover 6 Rack 

The Yakima Hangover 6 rack is perfect for big families or small families that like to ride with friends! Constructed of heavy-duty steel, Yakima’s first-ever vertical bike rack safely hauls up to 6 mountain bikes to the trailhead. The easy-to-operate tilt mechanism with two adjustable mast angles keep your bikes from bumping into your vehicle and makes accessing the tailgate or back hatch a breeze with bikes unloaded. Available in 4-bike or 6-bike options, the HangOver’s vertical orientation carries more bikes in less space. Read our full Review of the Yakima Hangover 6.

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Helinox Chairs

Three years ago, we purchased four Helinox chairs (one for each family member) as a Christmas gift. After 3 years of use, we remain impressed with the quality and durability of these chairs. The Helinox chairs are compact and light, taking up about half the space of our old heavy foldable camping chairs. This not only helps when we road trip in the minivan, but also makes it possible to put them into a backpack for short hikes. These chairs assemble easily – our kids can have their chairs built in less than a minute. Read our full review at: https://mtbwithkids.com/helinox-two-camping-chair-review/

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Kids Ride Shotgun Bike Seat

Take your kiddo with you on your bike ride so they can experience the joys of cycling. The Kids Ride Shotgun Shotgun Seat is a front-mounted child seat that mounts on your frame and is perfect for kids 2 to 5 years old. It has full rubber protection for alloy or carbon frames, adjustable width and angle to all mountain bikes, and a quick-release fitting for easy installation and removal. See our full review here: https://mtbwithkids.com/shotgun-kids-mountain-bike-seat-review/

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Thule Chariot Cadence Kids Trailer

Bring your little ones along for the ride with the Thule Cadence Kids Trailer. This easy to use bike trailer provides a safe and comfortable ride for your kids. Easily attach it to your bike with Thule’s patented ezHitch. It has space to fit up to 2 kids and even has extra storage space to carry along extra cargo.

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This is the best dslr camera for mountain biking - at an entry level price point

Canon T7i DSLR For Mountain Biking Photos

We recently upgraded to this 24mp Canon DSLR with 18-55mm lens so we could get sharper action shots and achieve better results in low light. The camera can shoot 6 frames per second and its auto-focus is more than adequate when upgrading from a smartphone. A 16gb SD card can hold over 500 images. It also shoots HD video at 1920 x 1080 resolution. If you want a similar camera with a weather-sealed body, consider the Canon 80D.

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Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag 55L

Everyone in the family could use a new Black Hole 55L Duffel Bag. You might want to choose different colors for each person, so you can find the bag you need easily. The 55 L Black Hole duffle has plenty of storage capacity for gear-intensive weekend travels or longer trips. The ripstop fabric will withstand wear and tear from endless adventures. It’s also highly water-resistant to keep your stuff dry in case of wet weather. Deployable backpack straps make it easy to carry while wheeling your bike. These duffles are one of our favorites gifts for mountain biking families. Read our full review.

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Marmot Halo Tent: 6-Person 3-Season gifft for mountain bike families

Marmot Halo Six-Person Three-Season Tent

A tent is one of the gifts for mountain biking families that keeps on giving! The Marmot Halo Tent’s extra-large interior easily holds up to six members of your family. The four-pole design can easily withstand a stormy day. The double-door, double-vestibule design allows easy entry as well as providing convenient of out-of-the-rain storage space for mountain bikes. The 81-inch interior height allows a six-foot person to easily stand up straight in the middle.

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Best Stocking Stuffers for Mountain Bikers

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Mountain Bikers

Updated November 2020– You don’t have to go big when cruising through our gift lists. Here are some of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers. Go small and stock up on trail snacks or items that will help maintain the bikes and keep them looking good. Everyone in the family has a few frame protection decals on their bikes to help prevent cable rub when the bikes are transported on the van.


The best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers
PNW Components’ Loam Grips gift for mountain bikers

PNW Components Loam Grips

PNW Components’ Loam Grips are a perfect stocking stuffer. The Loam Grip features two contrasting patterns that play an important ergonomic role. Thin strips run horizontally across the grip’s surface for enhanced traction and supple feel. The thicker mountain pattern helps support the pad of your hand. Best of all, these grips come in a wide variety of colors (orange, blue, teal, green, grey, red, black, purple and brown) allowing you to customize your ride. (If the recipient has a dropper post, you’ll want to seriously consider adding a matching Loam Lever).

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Safey glasses with clear lenses for mountain bikes is one of the best stocking stuffers

All Mountain Style Frame Protection 

Protect your bike! The All Mountain Style frame guards provide protection from impacts and abrasion for mountain bike frames to keep re-sale value high. Constructed from an adhesive, semi-rigid PVC they adapt to the shape of your bike’s frame and allows repositioning while installing. These frame guards are available in colorful and unique designs and patters for customizing and protecting your bike.

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Picky Bars Real Food Energy Bars stocking stuffer for mountain biker

Picky Bars Real Food Energy Bars

Who’s sick of chemically tasting bars and sugary gels? We are!  Stockings need treats! Picky Bars are active nutrition for your mountain biking family. Picky Bars actually taste like food. Bonus: they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and vegan.

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Dirt Series Podium Water Bottle 

Everyone needs a new water bottle! Designed especially for the mountain bike crowd, the Dirt Series Podium 21oz Bottle from CamelBak aims to quench thirst without any weird tastes from inside your bottle or on the valve. A self-sealing Jet Valve prevents spills and splatters and a gentle squeeze of the bottle delivers a high-flow of your beverage.

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Tire levers are one of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers

Pedro’s Bicycle Tire Levers (pair) 

Pedro’s award winning tire levers feature molded box construction and a proprietary plastic composite blend that makes them the strongest levers available. The unique chisel tip shape easily inserts beneath the tire bead and the slightly thicker shape keeps the lever securely in place. Additionally, the bold shape of the lever and helpful dual spoke hooks makes removal of even the tightest tires a simple task. These levers are some of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers.

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Fox Racing Digital HP Shock Pump gift for mountain biker

Fox Racing Digital HP Shock Pump

Keep your family’s mountain bike bikes well-dialed! Fox Racing Shox’s Digital HP Shock Pump brings digital precision to your shock.  This pump spans zero to 300 PSI in half-unit increments. A replaceable battery eliminates the need to keep track of external charging cords.

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Clif Bars Clif Bloks  

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Crankbrothers Multi-10 Tool

Perfect for a stocking and a hip pack! The Crankbrothers Multi-10 Tool is slimmer and more compact than the Multi-17. While it lacks the chain tool and nipple wrenches, it contains all the super handy tools that you’ll really use on a regular basis on the trail or on the tailgate to keep your bike rolling smoothly.

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Nano Tech Bike Cleaner by Muc-Off

Clean bikes are happy bikes! Nano Tech Bike Cleaner by Muc-Off can turn your filthy rigs into a squeaky-clean machines. It’s fully biodegradable, so you won’t have to worry about washing off your bike in the backyard or driveway, only to have nasty chemicals making their way into the surrounding watershed.

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Pedro’s Pro Brush Kit

Give them the tools to keep their bikes clean and shiny! Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bicycle maintenance ensuring better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, increased life of all parts of the bike, and more fun on your next ride! Pedro’s Pro Brush Kit offers a set of four unique brushes designed specifically to easily and quickly clean all parts of the bike.

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Timber Mountain Bike Bell

This perfect little mountain bike bell is one of the best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers. The Timber Mountain Bike Bell is not your average biking bell. Designed for when you need “more cowbell”, this bell mimics the more passive noise that a cowbell produces as a more polite way to alert others of your presence. This bell even comes with an integrated on/off switch so you can ride in silence when the bell isn’t needed.

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Lezyne Twin Kit CO2 NICA gift

Lezyne Twin Kit – CO2

The Lezyne Twin Kit will get any mountain bike rider back on the trail fast! This useful kit two 16 gram CO2 cartridges, a pair of easy-on-your-rims nylon tire levers and the indispensable Twin Speed Drive CO2 inflator. The Twin Speed Drive is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves, so you don’t have to worry about carrying an adapter with you.

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Stocking stuffer for mountain bikers - Pedros Chain Lube

Pedro’s X Dry Chain Lube 

This chain lube is best suited to keep your chain clean and lubricated in dry to mixed conditions. Pedro’s X Dry Drip won’t collect dirt and muck that eventually bogs down your drivetrain. This formulation uses safe, natural base carrier, so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals ruining the environment.

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gifts for mountain bikers stocking stuffer socks

Cycling Socks!

If socks in stockings isn’t a holiday tradition yet, it should be! When it comes to on-bike comfort, little things make all the difference. Bontrager cycling socks are constructed with key arch compression for a fit that heightens every ride. Thermal wool and Profila Dry moisture-wicking options for the best cycling socks in every season.

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Stans DART Tool 

Keep the whole family rolling with the Stans DART Tool. Tubeless tires were supposed to mean the end of flats, but while flats are significantly reduced, they still remain a part of our life with tubeless setups. Stan’s DART Tool aims to make the inevitable tear or large puncture quick to fix by plugging holes and instantly sealing flats.

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Gifts For Mountain Biking Teens in 2020

Holiday gifts for mountain biking teens

This list of gifts for mountain biking teens features full-sized bikes from Norco, Santa Cruz, and Pivot; shoes from Five Ten; a Bike Tools multi-tool and an Evoc hip pack. Our sixteen year old tends to break stuff because of how he rides and where he rides so we’ve even included a wheelset from Stans NoTubes.


Holiday gifts for mountain biking teens
Tifosi Optics Davos Sunglasses mountain bike teen gift

Tifosi Optics Davos Sunglasses

The Tifosi Optics Davos Sunglasses deliver high quality performance at an affordable price. Your teen mountain biker will appreciate the the large lens design and sporty wrap to ensure unobstructed vision. Vents in the lenses prevent fog buildup during grueling climbs or finish line sprints. Fully adjustable nose and ear pads allow your NICA racer to dial in the perfect fit. Additionally, they’re made with hydrophilic rubber so they actually get grippier when wet, meaning they won’t slip even on the sweatiest rides.

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Dakine Hotlaps 5L hip pack teen gift MTB

Dakine Hotlaps 5L Hip Pack 

Many teens don’t want to wear a backpack when they ride. The Dakine Hotlaps 5L hip pack may be the answer. This bag comes with a 2L, lumbar-shaped hydration reservoir to keep your NICA rider hydrated. As a huge bonus, it has plenty of space to store all their riding essentials. The cargo pocket features organization so your teen can store their phone, tools, and food neatly.

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Niterider Lumina 1000 Boost Bike Light 

Give your teen the light they need to have safe and fun night ride adventures with the Niterider Lumina 1000.  The NiteRider offers a solution to fading light and shorter days with the Lumina 1000 Boost Headlight. This handy light transitions from road to trail with ease, and packs in the illumination with a whopping 1000 lumens of steady light that lasts for an hour, and battery saving options that can keep your rider going on long cruises after dusk. The Lumina 1000 boasts Cree LEDs that brings crisp, clean light to the path ahead, and seven different settings. The Lumina 1000 comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cable.

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Industry Nine's 101 Enduro S 27.5in Boost Wheelset mountain bike gift

Industry Nine’s 101 Enduro S 27.5inch Boost Wheelset 

Industry Nine’s 101 Enduro S 27.5in Boost Wheelset combines the rugged reliability that your young rider needs with a price point that won’t break the bank. I9’s hubs feature a two-toothed six-pawl design which engages constantly for quick power. They’re laced up to I9’s beefy Enduro S rim, providing a solid platform to tackle the toughest trails and the sharpest rocks.

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blackburn u-lock for MTB teen gift

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock Double Deadbolt w/120cm cable  

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Fox Speedframe MIPS Helmet gift for teen mountain biker

Fox Speedframe MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet 

The Fox Speedframe Helmet is Fox’s newest half-shell trail helmet. This helmet has lots of features for both you and your teen to love. First, the Speedframe incorporates MIPS, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which protects the head from rotational forces during impacts. Second, a 360-degree fit system allows easy adjustments to dial in the perfect fit. Third, a moisture-wicking liner provides comfort and is also washable. To top it off, Fox threw in a goggle compatible, 3-position visor.

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Dakine Knee Pads for Kids

DAKINE Anthem Knee Pads 

DAKINE Anthem knee pads offer 3D-molded, CE-certified foam front and side side padding provide reliable protection and precurved patterning for a natural fit. The hook-and-loop attachment makes for easy on/off. Silicone gripper elastic stays in place and offers 4-way stretch. The abrasion-resistant aramid fibers stand up to abuse. Thankfully, these pads include Polygiene® odor control.

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Park Tool’s MT 20 Multi-tool

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Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Pedals gift for MTB teen

Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Pedals  

New pedals are colorful gifts for mountain biking teens. Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Pedals are made of strong yet lightweight composite. Riders can choose between the large or small size based on their shoe size. This will provide for the most optimal shoe to pedal interface possible. Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Pedals also have premium bearings and a solid chromoly spindle so your teen can ride with confidence. These pedals come in a variety of colors!

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WAT is Pocket Tee.

Whether you call them trash pandas, treasure cats or mustache rats, raccoons are cool. This shirt is 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton with front left chest pocket.

Just one place to pick this one up…

GoPro Hero6 black 4k for MTB teen

GoPro HERO8 Black 4K Ultra HD Camera 

GoPro’s HERO8 Black HD camera can transform your teen’s adventures into incredible QuikStories right on your phone. This camera includes next-level video stabilization, voice control and a durable waterproof design. The device features a simple one-button control, touch zoom, 2-inch touch display with enhanced, easy-to-use UI and updated voice control for improved function. Help your teen fulfill their desire to capture and share adventures.

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JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker teen gift

JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Your teen mountain biker will love the JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker. They’ll enjoy playing their music while getting ready at the trailhead or chilling after a ride. This little speaker is rechargeable and delivers up to 10 hrs. of playtime on a single charge. It’s also durable and waterproof in case of unexpected adventure. JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker offers Bluetooth® wireless ease. The built-in carabiner clip makes it easy to hang the speaker just about anywhere.

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Rokform Fuzion Pro Case For IPhone gift for mountain bike teen

Rokform Fuzion Pro Case for IPhone

Protect your teen’s iPhone during mountain biking adventures with the Rokform Fuzion Pro Case. The Fuzion uses military-grade aluminum for excellent durability. The unique design protects all six sides of the phone. As an added bonus, the Fuzion maintains a low-profile design that slides easily into your pocket or bag.

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Five Ten Sleuth DLX Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Sleuth DLX Mountain Bike Shoes

These stylish shoes make a seamless transition from the trails to the city. These come in both men’s and women’s sizes and are favorite gifts for mountain biking teens.The Sleuth DLX PU Mountain Bike Shoes blending casual sneaker style with a pedal-gripping Stealth rubber sole. Your teen can easily transition from school to the local pump track and their favorite single track with these shoes, The DLX model gives you a bit more grip than the standard Sleuths. The polyurethane-coated leather adds durability and weather-resistance to keep them looking fresh for several seasons.

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My Medic The Solo First Aid Kit 

Give your teen the tools they need to deal with accidents and emergencies on the trail. Small waterproof and lightweight, the Solo First Aid Kit comes in a small bag (4”x1.5”x6”) that will fit perfectly in most backpacks or hip-packs. Includes essentials like lip balm, sunscreen, antibiotic cream, hand sanitizer, hydrocortisone cream, gloves, tweezers, EMT shears, a whistle, paracord, Tylenol, Benadryl, Advil, band-aids in multiple sizes, Liquid Skin®, gauze, and more.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 Carbon S Mountain Bike teen gift

Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 Carbon R Mountain Bike

A new bike tops our list of gifts for mountain biking teens. The Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon R mountain bike is an adult sized bike that will fit teens with an inseam of at least 27.1 inches. Your teen will turn obstacles into jumps with this short-travel shredder. This mountain bike includes many features to love. First, the 5010 has a progressive geometry with slacker head tube and longer reach. Second, the steep 77-degree seat tube makes pedaling comfortable, Third, the Sant Cruz lower-link VPP suspension has a smooth predictable feel. Fourth, this 27.5 wheel bike was built with SRAM GX Eagle group with wide range 10 – 52t cassette.

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Ibis Ripley Deore Mountain Bike

 Ibis Ripley Deore Mountain Bike

The Ibis Ripley Deore is an adult sized mountain bike that will fit kids with an inseam of at least 28 inches. The Ripley Deore Mountain Bike has newly formulated geometry capable of quick-rolling power and nimble control. First, the steep seat tube angle improves comfort and pedaling efficiency. Next, the slightly slacker headtube improves descending stability. Additionally, short chainstays keep things lively and playful. The DW-link suspension for small-bump compliance and supple support. The Ibis Ripley Deore is a speedy 29er that climbs like an XC bike, descends like a trail bike.

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Devinci Troy 29 SLX 12s evo Complete Mountain Bike

Devinci Troy 29 SLX 12s EVO Complete Mountain Bike

The Devinci Troy 29 SLX 12s evo Complete Mountain Bike is an adult sized mountain bike that will fit kids with an inseam of at least 28 inches. The staff at EVO have built this bike with all the bells and whistles. The aluminum framed Devinci Troy 29 SLX 12s evo Complete Mountain Bike includes components from some of Evo’s favorite brands. Shimano’s new SLX group controls the starts and stops, Tenet has a wheels roll. This is a 140mm travel bike that’s an absolute blast to ride, kitted out for speed and longevity.

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Gifts For Mountain Bike Moms

Holiday gifts for mountain biking moms

Gifts for Mountain Bike Moms – Our mountain biking mom’s the bomb, and yours is, too! She’ll tell you the only gift she wants is to go on a mountain bike ride with you – but that’s a BIG FAT LIE.

Through the years, dad and kids have learned that if you treat mom like the princess she is and adorn her with mountain biking gifts, she’ll actually WANT to spend time with you instead of her wine club (aka book club) cronies. Check out our list of gifts for mountain biking moms below.


Holiday gifts for mountain biking moms

Osprey Savu 4L Pack 

Mom will love this lightweight minimalist pack. The Osprey Savu 4L Pack has internal organization pockets to keep her supplies organized. This hip pack also includes rigid (but removable) water bottle pockets.

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Bontrager Blaze WaveCel Helmet mountain bike mom gift

Bontrager Blaze WaveCel Helmet

This mountain bike helmet is built for style, comfort, and performance, and equipped with the industry’s best safety tech for whatever trails mom loves. The Bontrager Blaze WaveCel offers the best in performance and protection. First, this helmet is safe! WaveCel is a collapsible cellular structure that lines the inside of the helmet. Additionally, the Drop-in coverage on back of helmet offers extended protection. Second, this helmet fits securely and comfortably. The BOA® Fit System lets mom easily secure and adjust helmet fit with just one hand. The Fidlock magnetic buckle fastens effortlessly for a quick, secure fit. Third, this helmet has lot of additional perks. For example, the NoSweat pad with silicone channel keeps sweat out of eyes for constant clarity.

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YETI Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler mom gift

Yeti Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler

The Yeti Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler allows mom to enjoy a glass of wine around the campfire without the hazard of broken glass. Its durable, kitchen-grade stainless steel construction won’t shatter when dropped and is resistant to dents and dings. The temperature of the wine will be prefect thanks to the double-walled vacuum insulation. Bonus – the YETI Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler is dishwasher safe!

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Pivot Firebird Carbon 29 Race XT Mountain Bike mom gift

Pivot Firebird Carbon 29 Race XT Mountain Bike

Does your mom need a better bike to match her awesome skills?  Pivot’s Firebird 29 may be just what the doctor ordered. Check out this list of features to see if this is the bike mom needs. First, the Pivot Firebird utilizes 162mm of rear travel and slack geometry to eat up technical drops and rock gardens. Second, the responsive DW-link suspension design retains a supportive and efficient platform while climbing. Third, he Firebird 29’s super-short chainstays and Superboost Plus spacing allow for snappy handling, quick power transfer, and easy lifting of the front wheel up and over techy climbs. Finally, Pivot works closely with its component partners which results in a better complete bike. The Firebird Carbon 29 includes a FOX Factory X2, FOX 36 Factory fork and a mix of Shimano XT and XTR 12-speed drivetrain components.

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Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket - Women's gift

Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket – Women’s

What mountain bike mom doesn’t love a hooded down jacket? The Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket is a tried-and-true insulated layering staple. This super cute jacket is responsibly-sourced and water-resistant. The DWR-finished nylon ripstop shell gives mom some added protection against abrasion and light precipitation. The streamlined fit, scuba hood, and elastic binding throughout ensures mom moves easily. Additionally, the included stuff sack safely stashes this jacket compactly not in use. Mom will love to wear this jacket fall through spring!

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Troy Lee Designs Gambit Glove - Women's mountain bike

Troy Lee Designs Gambit Glove – Women’s

Mom needs new gloves! Troy Lee Designs gloves are meticulously tested before they make their way on to the hands of great athletes around the world. This three-layer softshell fabric has a soft fleece liner. The dual-layer palm mutes the trail chatter and the D3O knuckle protection adds a barrier against abrasions and branch strikes.

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Juliana Furtado Carbon CC X01 Mountain Bike - Women's gift for mom

Juliana Furtado Carbon CC X01 Mountain Bike – Women’s

Mom deserves a bike made with women in mind. With 130mm of rear travel in a 27.5in wheel platform, the Furtado is playful yet efficient. The updated Furtado has progressive geometry with a slacker head tube and longer reach. The lower-link VPP design provides more efficient pedaling and more fun on the descents. This build pairs the Furtado Carbon CC frame with SRAM’s X01 Eagle drivetrain and RaceFace wheels for a bike that’s ready for the feature-packed trails of your local mountain or park.

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Five Ten Freerider Pro Women’s Mountain Bike Shoe

Five Ten Freerider Pro Women’s Mountain bike shoe will help mom transition from the bike to the ground and back again in comfort. These flexible shoes feature a grippy Stealth® Phantom rubber outsole. The quick-drying synthetic upper keeps mom ready for the elements, and a cushioned sockliner delivers all-day comfort.

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Helly Hansen W Seven J Jacket rain jack for mountain bike mom

Helly Hansen W Seven J Jacket

Mom can stay dry when she heads out for adventure in this Helly Hansen rain jacket. This jacket is made from HELLY TECH® Protection fabric. Which means that it is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

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Smith Caper Sunglasses

The Smith Caper Sunglasses work with mom’s whole closet, from MTB togs to sun dresses and beyond. Built with ChromaPop lenses, the Capers improve color clarity and your overall field of vision, all while blocking harmful UV light. And with their medium fit and slight cat-eye style, they’re the perfect combination of vintage flair and modern comforts mom will take with her on all your adventures. Sunglasses are one of the least expensive and most practical gifts for mountain bike moms.

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Yeti Cycles SB130 Carbon C1 GX Eagle Mountain Bike

Yeti Cycles SB130 Carbon C1 GX Eagle Mountain Bike

Does mom love epic rides on raw backcountry singletrack? Hot laps at the bike park? Enduro racing? The Yeti SB130 offers do-it-all performance in a mid-travel 29er. The Yeti SB130 combines stiff carbon construction with a plush yet efficient Switch Infinity suspension platform to rip any trail with a perfect balance of stability and playfulness. The geometry makes the bike feel like an enduro sled on the descents without sacrificing pedaling efficiency on the way back up the mountain. The SB130 Carbon GX Eagle Complete Mountain Bike, comes with a great list of components that hits a sweet spot in value and performance. For example, the 150mm travel Fox Performance fork smooths out the sharpest rocks. Additionally, a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain offers crisp shifting and a wide gear range.

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Yeti Cycles Norrie 2.0 Short - Women's MTB gift

Yeti Cycles Norrie 2.0 – Women’s MTB shorts

Your mom will love these Yeti Cycles Norrie 2.0 enduro-style shorts. First, the Norrie 2.0 shorts are comfortable with or without knee pads. Second, they provide plenty of coverage to protect mom’s skin from overgrowth and the occasional skid. Third, the Norrie 2.0 features 2-way stretch construction to ensure mom can move as-needed to navigate technical terrain. Finally, glide patches ensure that mom’s pedal strokes won’t be inhibited by friction, while a webbing adjustment and silicone grip strip hold the waistband in place as mom shreds the gnar.

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hat for mountain bike mom gift - skida

Skida Alpine Hat

Mom might need several of these versatile hats. Skida alpine hats come in a variety of unique designs and colors. They are perfect for chilly winter activities and can fit comfortably under a bike helmet to keep her head toasty warm. The poly-spandex outer fabric wicks moisture and the fleece lining is soft and cozy. All Skida products are handmade in Vermont.

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Patagonia Black Hole 55L Duffel Bag

Mom will love a new Black Hole 55L Duffel Bag.  This stylish duffle has plenty of storage capacity for gear-intensive weekend travels or longer trips. The ripstop fabric will withstand wear and tear from endless adventures. It’s also highly water-resistant to keep mom’s stuff dry in case of wet weather. Deployable backpack straps make it easy to carry while wheeling your bike. Read our full review.

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PNW Rainier Dropper Post (Gen 3) mom gift MTB

PNW Components Rainier Dropper Post (Gen 3)

Whether mom already has a dropper and could use an upgrade o she’s been riding without one, you’ll make her smile with this gift. The Rainier dropper post is known for its consistency and reliability. This new iteration builds on these principles while fitting more bikes and providing refined adjustability for the rider. You’d be crazy not to pair this gift with a loam dropper lever and matching loam grips!

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Ion Seek AMP Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's mountain bike mom gift

Ion Seek AMP Long-Sleeve Jersey – Women’s

The Seek AMP Jersey is a long sleeved jersey ready for shredding. The relaxed fit provides a comfortable feel. The fabric provides moisture-transfer to keep mom cool and dry. This jersey feels as soft as her favorite well-worn cotton tee. To keep mom’s vision clear, the jersey comes equipped with a microfiber lens wipe so mom can polish up her shades trailside.

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