Little Rider Co Jersey Review

Little Rider Co jersey review

Little Rider Co Jersey Review – Mountain bikers of all ages wear long-sleeved jerseys in order to protect their arms and upper bodies while on the trails. That way, in case of a fall, they don’t end up with severe road rash. The jersey provides some sun coverage as well, helping prevent sunburn. With that said, it’s important that the jersey be lightweight enough to be comfortable and easy to movie in. The Little Rider Co. ‘Classic’ Jersey fits the bill quite nicely.

A Great Jersey for Young Mountain Bikers And BMX Kids

The Little Rider Co. ‘Classic’ Jersey in Stealth is dark gray with black markings and a white logo. It’s designed for very young mountain bikers and comes in sizes two through five. The jersey is machine washable (a must, since it’s made for performance) since it’s made of lightweight polyester. It must be hung or laid flat to dry. One of the best things about it is the fact that it provides full coverage. The long sleeves and high neckline provide plenty of protection while allowing the rider to comfortably wear a helmet. Our review is centered on an item from the ‘Classic’ series. Little Rider Co also offers a ‘Balance’ series and a ‘Signature’ series. Be sure to check them all out.

Little Rider Co MTB jersey for kids
Life Behind Bars graphic - Little Rider Co jersey

This Is Good Stuff

The jerseys are not flimsy or hastily constructed. My wife and I have owned mtb jerseys that are outdone by the quality of the Little Rider Co. kids’ jerseys. Just by running the fabric through my forefinger and thumb, I could tell that this falls into the category of Quality Goods. Firstly, the stitching on the inside of the jerseys is even and smooth. Secondly, the dye-sublimation for the graphics is sharp and bright. Thirdly, the elasti-cuff sleeves will help keep the cuffs in place on the rider’s wrists. Finally, the color range for this jersey is shown below.

Little Rider Co, Classic jersey colors

Model Time!

We had the opportunity to run into fellow #mtbfamily @pedaladventures in St. George recently. Their youngest son was taking a break from international traveling but was still for up slipping on one of these sweet looking jerseys. Now, you wish there was a Big Rider Co, right?

Little Rider Co - jersey model
Little Rider Co Jersey Review - St. George
Little Rider MTB jersey review - wood feature
Little Rider Co sleeve detail

Little Rider Co Size Guide

Little Rider Co jersey size guide

Click the size chart to enlarge it

About The Little Rider Company

The Little Rider Company is a UK-based business that specializes in mountain biking products for kids between the ages of one and five. They were founded due to the lack of equipment available for children in that age range. Specifically, the ones who want to ride their mountain bikes alongside their parents or older siblings. They make jerseys, like the ‘Classic’ one reviewed here, as well as helmet bags, balance bike accessories, and other clothing.

Surprisingly, as this endeavor is rather new, your little one may be a candidate for the company’s Little Rider Co Army. Take a look at their site and read the ‘Little Rider Army’ page to see if your womp rat is up for the job.

Will Little Rider Co ship to your corner of the world? Chances are pretty good. As per their website: We aim to ship to ALL international locations. Shipping times will vary depending on location. We will aim to package and ship your order within 1-3 days.

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Marin Hawk Hill Jr. Review

Marin Hawk Hill Jr Review
Marin Hawk Hill Jr Review

The Marin Hawk Hill Jr mountain bike is a smaller version of the Hawk Hill. The Jr version features geometry made smaller and more proportionate for kids. The stand over height is about 24.5 inches. Tp emphasize, if you’ve been looking for a mountain bike for your young rider, one that shows just how serious he or she can be on trails – then the Marin Hawk Hill Jr is a great option.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Take This Kid’s

12 year old YouTuber OneMTB gives you an in-depth look at the Marin Hawk Hill Jr.

The Marin Hawk Hill Jr Is Designed For a Smooth Ride

This Hawk Hill Jr is designed for the trails, thanks to its suspension system. Firstly, in the front, there’s the X-Fusion 120mm-travel fork. Secondly, the back features an X-Fusion O2 Pro R shock. Thirdly, there’s  Marin’s MultiTrac suspension platform that’s designed to cushion bumps while riding. Finally, the tires are 24 x 2.25″ Vee wire. All in all, the Hawk Hill Jr. give you a fun, flowy ride.

Built For Young Mountain Bikers

The bike features a Series 3 6061 aluminum frame. The handlebars are made in Marin Mini-Riser style, with a 15mm rise. Those same handlebars consist of 6061 double-butted aluminum, which is both strong and light. The Hawk Hill Jr comes with a Deore 1×10 drivetrain, a Marin forged alloy 1×10 hollow spindle crankset and nylon pedals. The bike comes with 24-inch wheels, but it you can also run mom’s or dad’s old 26-inch rims in this sled.

A Sleek Looking Kids Mountain Bike

The front and rear brakes are both Shimano BR-M315 Hydraulic Disc brakes, with the front rotor measuring at 180mm and the back 160mm. The Hawk Hill Jr comes in two color combinations – charcoal and purple and charcoal and cyan, and it has an overall sleek look. If you add a dropper post, it can be internally routed.
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Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Review

Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Bike Review


A Progression Of Perspective

The evolution of the trail bike over the last few years has taken some dramatic leaps via engineering, the ease of prototyping and materials. Several manufactures have adopted a pragmatic philosophy geared towards producing the ideal mountain bike. The Mach 6 Carbon is Pivot’s latest species in the family of full-suspension quiver killers.

Pivot Mach 6 carbon and rider
  • Large Pivot Mach 6 Carbon with Pro XT/XTR build
  • 27.5 inch wheels
  • 6.1 inches full-suspension front and rear
  • Our demo weighed in at an even 30lbs without pedals and with a plastic water bottle cage attached to the down tube
  • Enduro, All-Mountain, Medium Travel Trail Bike
  • 15 year old Utah boy
  • 5ft 10.5 in tall
  • 140 lbs with gear
  • 3.5 cumulative high school GPA
  • Enjoys enduro races, rides bike parks as well as NICA and the dirt jumps
  • Will work for cold hard cash, sushi, Hawaiian shirts and/or bucket hats.

VISIT PIVOT CYCLES: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Sizing And Specifications For The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon

Pivot Mach 6 Geometry Chart

Click on the Pivot Mach 6 geometry chart to enlarge it.

Mach 6 Carbon Frame SizeRider Height RangeStand Over Height
Extra Small4’11" – 5’4”27.9"
Small5’3" – 5’6”28.0"
Medium5’6” – 5’11”28.8"
Large5’10” – 6’3”29.0"
Extra Large6’2” +29.0"

At A Glance Geometry

The modern geometry on this bike checks all the boxes for performance and efficiency. The wheelbase on our large measures 45.43 inches. A chain stay length of 16.95 inches is common across all sizes from XS – XL and the large frame sports a 66.25º head tube angle. Each size also has a 13.6 inch bottom bracket height.

The Frame

The foundation of this bike is its full carbon frame with state-of-the art materials and proprietary molding technology. The Pivot Mach 6 double-wishbone rear triangle design with Boost spacing is borne from mechanics originating from downhill bikes. Why does this matter? The result is a stiff frame which is energy-efficient, responsive and capable of hosting wider tires. These assets carry over to the real world when when pedaling uphill as well as making split-second decisions on technical descents. A front derailleur can be added to the bike. The internal cable routing is attractive and the frame is compatible with internally routed dropper posts. Best of all, a DW-Link® suspension design complements the frame’s temperament like peanut butter and jelly; like Eddie Masters and L-O-Ls.

An Expert Has His Say

To get a bit more detailed, we spoke with Pivot Ambassador and Go-Ride rep Kris “Krispy” Baughman. He told us, “Due to the design of the DW links and the way they fit together, it not only creates a smooth ride, it makes the bike very easy to maintain.

“The DW-Link suspension on the Pivot Mach 6 Carbon is super plush and pedals extremely well. The suspension handles rocky and sharp terrain due to the system’s traction and flat-prevention characteristics.”

Wheel Set And Tires

The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon comes with a DT Swiss wheel set. The 30 spoke aluminum M1700s are a solid option for this sled because of their durability and weight. The hoops are laced to DT 350 centerlock hubs and straight-pull spokes. Numbers for the front hub are 15×100/110mm and rear hub measures in at 12×142/148mm. Maxxis tires on our demo were of the Minion DHR II (rear) and Minion DHF (front) flavor.

DT Swiss M1700 wheel set
DT Swiss hub
Maxxis tire detail

Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Cockpit – Drivetrain, Bars, Brakes, Saddle, Dropper

Our demo was the Pro XT/XTR build and it featured the nifty 1×12 11-speed transmission with 11-46 range cassette. A 30t front chain ring mounted to a 175mm Race Face Aeffect crankset transferred power from the pedals to the ground.

Shifting the bike was managed via Shimano XT M8000 11-Speed levers and silky smooth Shimano XTR GS 11-Speed rear mech. A pair of smartly designed and comfortable pair of Phoenix Team Padloc grips adorned the 815mm wide carbon bars.

Shimano XT M-8000 brakes help slow and stop the bike along with the system’s center lock rotors. The 125mm Fox Transfer dropper post made the Phoenix WTB Pro Vigo saddle fall and rise.

Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Suspension Run-Down

The Fox suspension on the bike features a Fox Factory 36 27.5″, 44mm offset, FIT4 – 160mm fork and Fox Factory Float DPX2 shock. Front and rear travel for the bike are both spec’d at 6.1 inches (155mm). Pivot has even added a dandy of a feature called the ‘Pivot Sag Indicator’ to the rear shock. The goal of this little endeavor is to assist you with tuning the rear shock to your weight.

Pivot Mach 6 Fox 36 fork

Fox 36 Fork

The Fox 36 Fork on the Pivot Mach 6 Carbon offers 6.1 inches of Kashima coated travel. Tune it correctly for a plush, responsive ride.

Pivot Mach 6 Fox shock

Fox Factory Float DPX2 Shock

We kept a shock pump handy to get this thing dialed. It worked as good as it looks and it provided great traction while climbing.

Pivot Mach 6 linkage detail

DW-Link® Suspension Design

We learned that DW designs its linkage specifically for Pivot’s catalog of bikes. The result provides for an efficient, versatile riding experience.

Pivot Mach 6 rear shock sag setting adjuster

Pivot Sag Indicator

This is a really clever way of fine-tuning the sag on the rear shock. Bernard Kerr takes you through how to do it in this D-I-Y video.

Riding The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon – An Advanced Mountain Bike For Advanced Riders

You can certainly take this bike on your local single-track XC loops and have a great time, but it’s designed for so much more. Wyatt, our test rider for this bike, is a 15 year-old mountain biker who enjoys getting on technical terrain as much as racking up the miles. He said, “The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon didn’t limit what I wanted to do. It was comfortable to pedal and I really noticed how the suspension and frame worked together on the rocks.”

All-Mountain Riding On The Pivot Mach 6

Our first outing on the bike was to St. George, Utah where we rode the 6 mile long Barrel Roll trail. This trail undulates with a max elevation gain of about 300 feet and features expert rated technical climbs and descents. It was the perfect initial testing ground because the Mach 6 began to showcase its versatility right from the trail head. Turtle Wall and Paradise Rim were also on the itinerary.
Climbing Barrel Roll trail, Pivot Mach 6 carbon
Pivot Mach 6 carbon review - Barrel Roll trail
The carbon frame, DW-Link suspension, and dropper post all work together to make cranking uphill a pleasant chore. Wyatt was able to move the bike through all 3 axes of rotation in order to attack a series of ascending rock steps, narrow corridor, or hairpin turn on the trail. Descending the trail on this bike was simply free money; because again, the bike’s geometry and suspension worked in concert.
Kid mountain biker
The Pivot Mach 6 provides a balanced ride
Pivot Mach 6 carbon bike review - mtb kid

The Pivot Mach 6 On It’s Home Turf

We dialed things up a notch and rode some more advanced terrain in Sedona. Even if you’re a capable rider, the bike will continue to inspire calm and cool confidence. The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon partnered with the Hiline Trail like a margarita and your favorite molé. Getting to the downhill section of Hiline requires a bit of work via technical ascending and the bike did not hold our rider back at all. Wyatt was able to onsight Hiline’s descents and leave me in the dust. I’d love to share some photos of this ride with you, but really – the kid got in a state of flow and simply could not stop.
Climbing the Hiline trail - Pivot Mach 6 carbon

Downhill Trails With The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon

After chalking up some aggressive trail riding, it was time to hit full-on downhill terrain with the Mach 6. During the winter months, our favorite local trails are covered in feet of snow so we had to continue our travels in order to see if we could break this bike. Nevada’s Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park is a great zone to see how durable your bike really is. In our experiences at Bootleg, we have had to replace wheels, derailleurs, and tires because of the area’s hard, sharp rocks. And this is just on the intermediate trails.
The Pivot Mach 6 looks great standing still, too
Pivot Mach 6 mountain bike review
Consider the Pivot Mach 6 carbon for your rippin' mtb teen
Following a warm-up run, we shuttled to the top of Snakeback and let loose. The Mach 6 carbon once more flaunted its functionality. The overall configuration of the bike was again happy to strike off-camber, sharp rocks at speed. The Mach 6 scrambled over abrupt technical terrain as surefooted as the canyon’s bighorn sheep. The Maxxis tires performed admirably on loose gravel in the turns on the bike park’s dual slalom course.

Getting This Bike In The Air

Wyatt said, “Getting the bike in the air is a lot of fun. Again, the suspension allows you to make small mistakes without big consequences.” Is it really cliché if it’s true? The bike IS flickable. The bike IS playful.
Jumping with the Pivot Mach 6
Rampage site jump on the Pivot Mach 6
Step-up jump on the Pivot Mach 6
Gap jump on the Pivot Mach 6 carbon

Summing Up The Pivot Mach 6 Carbon

After carefully selecting the design and engineering characteristics that have made other bikes in the Pivot catalog successful, the company has evolved the Mach 6 carbon into lively and witty bike.

There’s just no other way to say it. Whether you’re churning out the watts to get to the top of the next hill or bombing down technical terrain – the Mach 6 carbon yearns to help you build and release the kinetic energy that makes this sport so rewarding and fun.

The Pivot techies are just as concerned about the ride up the mountain as the ride down and it’s all on display with this bike. Furthermore, we’re convinced that Pivot Cycles is nothing less than a team of number crunchers who like to get loose. And because they have families of their own, they even went the extra mile to create a size range of bikes that most other manufacturers do not match. This allows your entire family to enjoy higher, longer and faster rides together on premium mountain bikes.

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Easter Gift Ideas for Mountain Biking Kids

Easter gifts for mtb kids
Easter gifts for mtb kids

Easter Gifts for Mountain Biking Kids- Easter is right around the corner! If you do an Easter basket or an egg hunt for your kids, why not include some MTB goodies?

Our kids look forward to our Easter egg hunt tradition. Since these kids insist on continuing to grow, we need to buy them some new MTB clothing for spring/summer anyway. Therefore, we often include these items in the Easter egg hunt to make it more fun.Not surprisingly, our kids are way more stoked to find new MTB gloves in an egg than they would have been had we just handed them to them before our next ride.

Here are some ideas for your upcoming spring event!

osprey kids mtb hydration pack

Osprey Moki Kids’ Hydration Pack

Instead of a basket, your kiddo can collect Easter goodies in a useful hydration pack! The Osprey Moki is a great choice for your little one. With just enough space for a 1.5L hydration bladder, a few extra snacks, and an extra layer of clothing, the Moki works great for short bike rides or hikes with the family. Finally, your little ride can carry their own MTB supplies!

Buy this kids’ hydration pack from:

Easter gift for mtb kids 2019 shuffle youth led mips

Specialized Shuffle Youth LED MIPS Helmet

Every mountain biker loves a new lid! The Specialized Shuffle Youth LED MIPS Helmet is a child sized helmet that includes a magnetic buckle for easy fastening. Additionally, the integrated LED tail light will increase your child’s visibility for evening or morning riding. Most important, this helmet features MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which helps to reduce the energy from certain impacts to better protect your child’s head.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike helmet from:

Easter gift 2019 kids mountain bike shoes

Five Ten Freerider VCS mountain bike shoes

The Five Ten Freerider VCS mountain bike shoes are made with Stealth Marathon rubber. Basically, this will help your little ripper’s feet to stick to platform pedals. Also, the colorful suede and synthetic mesh uppers breathe well. They come in bright colors, too! All in all, your kiddo will love these shoes! Check out our Five Ten Review.

Buy these kids’ mountain bike shoes from:

Easter 2019 gift kids dakine mountain bike jersey

Dakine Prodigy S/S Jersey

Set out on that spring ride in style!  The Dakine Prodigy S/S Jersey is a made with the same quick-drying, odor-fighting, stretchy material as the adult ones. This is a raglan-sleeved concert tee for the trails and a uniform for getting rad.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike jersey from:

Easter gift 2019 kids mountain bike gloves

Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves – Youth

Gloves are perfect Easter gifts for mountain biking kids. The Troy Lee Designs Air Glove is a well ventilated and lightweight glove designed to provide superior protection and comfort. Specifically, they are meticulously tested with acute attention to detail and a fearless sense of style. Perhaps most important, they come in a vast color selection!  Your young rider will be hitting the trails in style.

Buy these kids’ mountain bike gloves from:

Easter 2019 gift kids mountain bike knee pads

G-Form Pro-X2 Knee Pads – Youth

From after school trail rides to cruises around the neighborhood, the G-Form Pro-X2 Knee Pad keeps your kids protected on the bike without any unnecessary weight or bulk. These lightweight and flexible pads are body-mapped for a comfortable fit. However, they are specially designed to harden upon impact. to this end, they will absorb the energy of unexpected spills and tumbles.

Buy these kids’ mountain bike knee pads from:

timber bell Easter gift for mountain biking kids

TIMBER Quick-Release Mountain Bike Bell

Keep an ear on your little rider with a TIMBER Quick-Release Mountain Bike Bell. This bell provides awareness when you need it, silence when you don’t. The simple on/off lever controls the internal clapper. In addition, the timber bell can be easily mounted anywhere on your handlebars for instant shifting between ring and silent mode. Compared to other bells, the ring of this bell is downright pleasant.

Buy this kids’ mountain bike bell from:

Easter gift 2019 kids mountain bike shorts

DaKine Kids Pace Shorts

Stretchy and adjustable, the DaKine Kids Pace Shorts won’t just inspire your kids to get out and ride.  They’ll have ’em looking like the prodigies that they are destined to be. Firstly, these shorts are designed to fit with and adjustable waist. Second, they are durable, Finally, they look legit! Besides, kids love wearing mountain bike specific clothing.

Buy these kids’ mountain bike shorts from:

Easter 2019 vivofit jr kids activity tracker gift

Garmin VivoFit Jr activity tracker

Garmin created the VivoFit Jr. for young kids seeking an activity tracker. The VivoFit Jr. doubles as a stylish watch with fun-loving graphics. Featuring a built-in accelerometer, the VivoFit Jr. tracks steps taken throughout the day, as well as sleep throughout the night. It’s fully waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about ruining it from submersion in the bath or neighborhood pool. Another cool feature is the replaceable battery, which lasts up to a year of use and doesn’t require constant re-charging. You kids will love this gift!

Buy this kids’ activity tracker from: