Ultimate Gift Guide For Mountain Bikers

Best gifts for mountain bikers
The very best gifts for mountain bikers


Holiday gifts for mountain biking kids, moms, dads and everyone else

Do you have a mountain biker in your life?  Our 2022 gift guide for mountain bikers might be helpful as you search for the perfect gift. We’ve made our lists and checked them twice in order to compose our Ultimate Gift Guide For Mountain Bikers. You will find everything from tools and accessories to complete mountain bikes.

Looking for mountain bike gifts for less than $30, the best enduro mountain bikes for kids, or a mountain bike for your high school NICA racer? We have suggestions for balance bikes, your kid’s first pedal bike and quiver killers for teens.

best gifts for toddlers mountain bike

Don’t just say “Start ’em young”. Do it and see mountain biking gifts for 1-3 year olds.

prevelo zulu one best holiday gifts for MTB kids

Make your little ones’ first experiences on the bike memorable with these selections.

norco fluid 20 inch mountain bike full suspension

Some of the gift ideas on this list for mountain biking 6-9 year old kids include shoes and knee pads.

Prevelo Zulu Four

Need the perfect gift for your outdoorsy pre-teen? Look at our picks for bikes, protective gear, and more.

holiday gifts for teens mountain bike

Our gift ideas for teen mountain bikers will keep ’em stoked all year long.

holiday gifts for mountain bike moms

Among our choices for mom – we have clothing, gear upgrades, bikes, gloves, and tools.

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Help the old man keep his mountain bike habit going with our gift list for dad.

thule chariot cross stroller mountain bike with kids

Keep the whole squad smiling while riding the trails together with these great mountain biking gifts for families.

best stocking stuffers for mountain bikers

We hope you find these stocking stuffers for mountain bikers a relief and affordable.

mtb gifts for enduro racers

Our favorite gifts ideas to keep your enduro mtb kids race ready and stylish.

mtb gifts for nica riders and racers

Get your NICA league MTB racer something useful and/or rad for the upcoming season.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIKES - REAPER kids downhill mountain bike

Downhill mountain biking is fast ‘n furious. Lots of protection choices make the list.

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Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City - An action sports destination

Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City is to an action sports kid as what Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is to Augustus Gloop. So much so that your kids may just passively fall into the river of awesome and need to be retrieved by the staff at the end of your session. Several years in the approval process, relocation, another approval process, and finally making – this latest addition to the Woodward properties is everything a kid who cannot hold still could have hoped for. The venue is located near Parley’s Summit, just 20 miles from downtown Salt Lake City via I-80. Upon arrival you notice the main building with outdoor plaza, a lift, and a north facing slope ripe for action sports.

Woodward Park City - An action sports destination
Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City:  Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter
Plan ahead and book your sessions online. Even before covid, Woodward Park City was very popular. Walk-in visitors may not be allowed to due to capacity restrictions.    

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When you approach the building from the lot, you cannot help but get excited. It doesn’t matter if you’re just playing the role of sherpa and spectator. You see just how big the property is and all the work that went into shaping the trails, constructing the plaza and making this a true destination. Upon entering the building, the guest services and check-in counters are on your right. Reusable wristbands are issued with an embedded chip that gets scanned when you enter a zone or get on a lift. The wristbands also let staff know when an attendee’s session has expired.

Approaching Woodward Park City

Here Is An Overview Of What Woodward Park City Has To Offer

Indoor / Sports Hub

  • Skate park
  • Trampolines with foam pits* and parkour zone
  • Mini Mega Ramps with foam pit and resi-mat
  • Mini Ramps, 1 with air bag
  • Digital Media Center*
  • Spectator zones
  • Food and beverage services

* Currently closed due to covid19


  • Skiing and snowboarding terrain park
  • Tubing hill
  • Mountain biking
  • Skate plaza
  • Pump track
  • Dirt jumps
  • Connector path – a ribbon of blacktop ¼ mile asphalt pump track
Woodward Park City - air bag
Competition grade trampolines at Woodward Park City

First Time Safety Orientation Course Experiential Tour

Every first time visitor who desires to enjoy the the indoor offerings will have to take a brief Experiential Tour session. This only lasts about 10-15 minutes and during the course, guests are instructed to be aware their surroundings, how to enjoy each area at Woodward Park City, the proper way to queue up for a feature and announce “Dropping in!”, how to tuck-and-roll, and other basic skills. If you or your kids have skate park or bmx experience, this is just a well-packaged presentation focusing on how to educate everyone; and help keep you and other guests safe. This is included and is a part of your first 90 minute session. Once completed – you’re all set!

Instructors And Staff

Woodward hires experts for each of the park’s activities. They are always available for questions and assistance. Part of the Woodward experience is the Zone Coaching, where coaches own their zones and are not only there to make sure everyone stays safe, but available to assist with tips and tricks you may be working on! You can even book private lessons if there’s a skill you want to improve one-on-one or move through areas of the hub you’d like to session.

We ran into a friend of ours who went to grade school with our oldest son back in the day and he was a scooter instructor. Not a bad gig for a high school kid.

Local pros and athletes with advanced skills and teaching know-how guide you and your kids through proper techniques in order to raise your abilities.

Coaching at Woodward Park City
Woodward Pack City has several spectator zones

Watching The Kids Throw Down

If mom and dad aren’t participating, no problem. Indoor spectator zones are available. You can watch your kids from these areas as they enjoy the bike ramps, gymnastics area, indoor concrete skate/bmx area. Free Wi-Fi is available, so if you have the ability to actually zone-out and work from a laptop while your children have the time of their lives, have at it. Large windows allow spectators to keep warm/cool as they identify their loved ones flying down the mountain outside in spring, summer, fall or winter.

Mountain biking at Woodward Park City

Mountain Biking At Woodward Park City

Our first experience mountain biking at Woodward Park City was epic! The trails were only a couple of months old and the construction of new trails was in-progress.

We took a few laps at the bike park on the Hot Laps quad and even though there’s only about 350 feet of elevation, the trails are very well planned and the terrain varies. The venue even accommodated a local, lift-served enduro race last summer. The mountain is currently laced with a few great trails and the property is big enough to build more. Beginners through experts will enjoy the bike park’s trails, pump track, dirt jumps, paved connector trail and plaza.

Mountain bike trail signage at Woodward Park City
Riding the connector ribbon at Woodward Park City

Outdoor Biking

The trails Easy Rider and EZPZ are rated as a green and they are designed to get beginning riders comfortable with downhill mountain biking. If you’ve never done this type of riding before, be ready to take it slow and pull off the trail if you or someone in your group needs a break. There is also a “Start Park” warm up area to assist new riders get comfortable with bike park style riding prior to getting onto the lift. You may get some arm pump and tired legs after just a partial lap.

Once Easy Rider/EZPZ have been mastered, move on to the intermediate trail, Parley’s Way. This line features doubles, table jumps, and a few small step-downs. The berms are built up a bit taller on this trail so you can maintain speed while cornering. The new sections on both of the green and blue trails are more like a skate park on the hill – offering several different line and feature choices keeping it interesting and allowing for progression throughout the day.

Coming in for a landing at Woodward Park City
Setting up for a jump on the mountain bike
Jump on the advanced line - Woodward Park City

Next up is the advanced trail, Spiral Jetty. Bigger jumps mean riders must possess a bigger bag of skills. A couple of the tables at the top of the track can send you pretty high up, but it’s the optional PRO jump line at the bottom half that’s composed of the BIG jumps. There are big consequences to these because when you hit them at speed, you can easily be over 8 feet off the deck and soar through the air over 25 feet. If you have the skills, check them out and give them a go.

Enjoy the outdoor pump track. Learning how shift your body weight to maintain and gain speed as you keep the wheels on the ground is an important skill to have. Progression on the pump track transfers over to trail riding and jumping. Once you’re comfortable on the pump track check our the jumps. The dirt jumps are at the east end of the property and several different lines are available. You can progress your skills from beginner to pro, as you successfully send one jump at a time.

Outdoor plaza signage at Woodward Park City
Synchronized fun at Woodward Park City
Outside play in the plaza

Woodward Park City has 2 outdoor concrete skate parks – the Central Plaza and across the bridge, the W Plaza. Each has different grades, lips and features. Last, the connector trail is like a straightened out blacktop pump track. It’s an undulating ribbon of asphalt where you can practice your bike control and jumping. It is ¼ mile long and a great way to warm up as well as keep in shape.

Blacktop ribbon connector
POV on the connector ribbon at Woodward Park City

Indoor Biking At Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City - air bag jump

Sophie Gregory @that.sophie.girl sends it

Quarterpipe ramp - Woodward Park City

Luke Mallen from @thosemallentwins on a quarterpipe

Inside the facility, biking features abound. There is an indoor pump track with quarter pipes on the second level of the building. The pump track is parallel to the large indoor ramps with jumps.

Your weapon of choice doesn’t have to be a bike. Skateboards, scooters, inline skates, Woodward’s patented Park Boards and Park Skis (snowboard simulators and skis with wheels) are sent down the ramps with riders of all ages and abilities on board. The finales for these jumps are a resi mat and a giant foam pit*. It’s a lot of fun just to hang in the observation area and see what tricks people will throw in this area. There is a room with a medium size jump and an air bag for those not ready for the larger ramps previously mentioned. On the east end of the facility is large concrete indoor skate/bmx zone. Rails, stairs, bowls and step-ups/step downs are the perfect features for the freestyle bmx crowd.

Woodward Park City's indoor bike and skate park
Parkour and gym zone - Woodward Park City

Dynamic Pricing At Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City has so many pricing options, you have to visit their website to learn about them all.

Yes, grandma. Adults are welcome to rip it up, too.  Join Adult Shred after hours when they kick all the kids out for adults only on Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm. 18+ only please!

Group lessons are available for for ages 4 and up.  Private lessons are offered for all ages.

Kids age 6 and under always require adult supervision by a member or ticketed adult. Ages 4-6 have access to our indoor Action Sports Hub, Mountain Park, and tubing lanes. Ages 1-3 have restricted access to Woodward Park City:

  • Hub Sessions: 9am-10am Weekends, 10am-11:30am Weekdays
  • Tubing: Limited to snow play areas.

Choose how you play!

Woodward can facilitate everything from membership subscription passes ( similar to a gym or Netflix) to one-time visits. New this season, Woodward has launched 4 different Membership options.  The All Access pass gives members similar access to what they offered before with auto renew. This includes some pretty amazing perks like 2 buddy passes a month, access to Woodward Copper Barn and the Woodward Tahoe Bunker, one free SnoGO Bike lesson and rental, discounts on summer camps at Woodward Park City, Woodward Tahoe, Woodward Pennsylvania and Woodward West. Also 15% off MTB , ski and snowboard group lessons. There is also Mountain Park outdoor pass only. This also comes with some of the perks mentioned, and is all access to the Hot Laps Chair, Mountain Park, Outdoor Action Sports Parks and the MTB trails.

The new one-month pass options offer either All Access or access to the Mountain Park [outside only] valid 30 days from date purchased, these passes do not come with the perks.

Additional Amenities

Rental equipment is available in the lower level of the facility and full-size mountain bikes are available when in-season. There are two eateries on site with locally sourced ingredients. The Hive is the main cafeteria with the usual and some unusual fare. The Grind is more sophisticated and offers tastes to the more adult palate, along with adult beverages of all kinds, making Woodward the perfect place for a date night.

We know what you’re thinking now: Is there a gift and gear shop? You bet there is. Get a t-shirt, warm hat or gloves, cool shades, hoodie, or other souvenir.   

Hive Cafeteria
Grind Cafe

Winter Sports

Skiing, snowboarding, and tubing take place when the weather shifts from fall to winter. The resort fires up the snow making equipment as soon as the temperatures remain steady in order to supplement what nature can provide. Skiers and snowboarders are elevated to the top of the venue by the quad lift and a magic carpet gets tubers to the top of the hill on the west side of the resort. Woodward Park City boasts Utah’s longest tubing runs. For skiing and snowboarding, the north side of the mountain is adorned with rails, on-off boxes, gap jumps, and rollers. Additionally, the resort builds up some big senders and a massive half-pipe.    

Don’t Overcook It – Patrol And First Aid

Be sure to play it safe and perform within your abilities. Yes – accidents happen, but extend your sports seasons by exercising your risk-management skills in partner with your athletic skills. Due to the nature of action sports, on-site medical personnel are always present and available to evaluate and assist if needed. Alert an employee if you see someone in need.

Woodward Is Designed For Action Sports Progression

It doesn’t matter if it’s gymnastics, freestyle skiing, in-line skating, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, etc. Woodward Park City is designed for action sports athletes to improve their skills. An athlete’s performance relies on a combination of physical and mental abilities. And, Woodward has the instructors, features and terrain for those ready to improve their style, ride with confidence, jump higher, go faster, or simply have fun. Woodward is open year-round, so it doesn’t matter if your sport is in mid-season or mud-season. There’s always something to do at family-friendly Woodward Park City.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Go To Whistler During Crankworx

8 reasons why you should go to Whistler during Crankworx

It’s safe to say that while Crankworx Whistler is in session – it’s the biggest party on the planet. Mountain bikers from all over the world come to compete. Amateur mountain bikers and spectators gather to ride and attend events so they can see the best riders put it all on the line during the festival. If you have never visited Whistler during Cranxworx, you must. Here are our eight reasons why you should visit Whistler during Crankworx.

The Whistler Village during Crankworx

It’s The Epicenter Of All Things Mountain Biking

Remember that scene in The Ten Commandments when Moses (played by Charleton Heston) makes his way down from Mt. Sinai and sees everyone partying like it’s 1999. It’s like that, but with mountain bikes. There are idols, booze, debauchery and shenanigans. Don’t worry – most of it’s family friendly. Ha ha ha. You will make memories that last a lifetime.

Serious stuff does down at Crankworx Whistler

You’re Gonna See Some Serious Shiz

For spectators, you get to see how big the jumps at Crabapple Hits really are when you attend the Whip-Off. The Joyride and the Pump Track Challenge courses are perennial works of art. Crankworx Whistler is also a stop for the Enduro World Series. For amateur participants, you can ride a lot of the same trails the pros do. Sorry, but the Red Bull Joyride course is off-limits to the amateurs.

MTB Helmets For Kids

Make sure your kids have proper, well-fitting head protection.

Mountain Bike Helmets For Kids

G-Form knee pads for kids

Knee Pads For Kids

Knee pads are another level of protection for young riders.

MTB Knee Pads for Kids

Camelbak LUXE hydration pack for kids

Hydration Packs For Kids

Is your kid big enough to carry their own water and supplies?

MTB Hydration Packs for Kids

Brandon Semenuk - mountain biking and Crankworx legend

You’ll See Past, Present and Future Mountain Biking Legends

The Ladies and Lords of mountain biking royalty assemble to compete, ooooh and ahhhh at everyone throwing down fast times and their latest slopestyle bangers. You may even catch a lift ride with one of your heroes. The Kidsworx events are absolutely wonderful. They are well-organized and geared towards nurturing the next generation of riders to flat out stomp it.

An autograph session with the pros during Crankworx Whistler

Free Swag

Every day at Crankworx, our kids descended upon the expos like rabid raccoons. They came away with things like hats, mini-cowbells, vuvuzelas, air-horns, decals, t-shirts, trading cards, posters, energy bars and lots of other stuff. Riders will have autograph sessions promoting their latest film or brands.

The vibe at Crankworx Whistler is awesome

The Vibe Is Over-The-Top

The buzz in the air at Crankworx Whistler is thick and palpable. Everyone is amped to be there so they can say they were there and experience Crankworx in-person. We love strolling through the village to see everyone. If you have smaller kids aged 2 through 10-ish, be sure visit is the playground near the Whistler Olympic Plaza. While your kids run off some energy, just watch the crowd.

Demo bikes and gear and Crankworx Whistler

See The Latest Bikes And Gear

Mountain bike manufacturers and retailers are just as excited to be there as you are. You will see the latest bikes, components, protective gear, attire, energy bars, action cameras and more. There are several drawings to enter and deals to be had. You may be able to demo a bike, fork, neck brace, and so on.

Deals on swag following Crankworx Whistler

Deals Following The Event

In the past, retailers have sold leftover Crankworx branded clothing and swag for up to 50% off the day after the festival ends. If you’re there the Monday after the festival, it will seem like the the day after Christmas with presents left to open. And you’ll be saying, “Did all that really happen?”.

Progressing your bike skills with your family while attending Crankworx Whistler

Your Bike Skills Will Progress

If you’re a novice or an expert; grom or grandma; riding in Whistler during Crankworx makes you a better mountain biker. It is inspiring. The trails inside the bike park and outside the park are designed to challenge you and reward you. For instance, during our family’s most recent trip, all four of us rode Top Of The World for the first time at the end of our stay. Whistler in the summer is all bikes, all the time. Your fitness is going to improve. You will be a little bit faster or you will be able to do a section of a trail you have not done before.

What do you think? Do you have a different opinion?  Maybe you’ll want to check out 8 Reasons NOT to visit Whistler During Crankworx

Mountain Biking The Slickrock Trail In Moab, Utah

Riding Moab's Slickrock Trail with Kids

Overview of Moab’s Slickrock Trail

Many bikers consider this one of the best trails in the world. And, although this trail is often rated “high technical” difficulty, it does not require the same skills needed to ride over roots and on sharp turns through some alpine trails. This scenic trail is mostly on Navajo sandstone, which is a tacky surface for bike tires. We learned the name “slickrock” was given to the area by people riding horses with metal shoes.

This ride is on a mesa and it features beautiful landscapes. If you haven’t been on terrain like this, it is fun and unique sandstone mountain biking

The transitions between climbing and descending can be tricky. Watch for cactus. Be mindful of the exposure. We suggest a skilled adult with at least intermediate skills pre-ride this trail before determining if your kids are ready for it.

Riding Moab's Slickrock Trail with Kids

Getting To The Slickrock Trail In Moab: [1] Head east on E Center St toward S 100 E/S 1st E St (0.4 mi). [2] Turn right onto Fourth E St (0.4 mi) [3] Turn left onto Mill Creek Dr (0.5 mi) [3] Continue straight onto Sand Flats Rd (2.3 mi). There will be a toll booth. The parking lot for the Slickrock trailhead will be on your left.

Riding The Slickrock Trail With Kids

When our kids rode this trail for the first time, our youngest was on a heavy 20-inch mountain bike with v-brakes, heavy entry-level spring fork, and tires with tubes. His hands were as tired as his legs when we finished – but what an accomplishment!

Climbing the Slickrock Trail is really fun because the rock is grippy. Once you become comfortable, you’ll be amazed at how you can ride up climbs that look way too steep. The key is keeping your front tire on the ground and pedaling smoothly. We taught the kids to zig-zag up the steeper slopes that were wide enough and they can make almost every climb.

Slickrock Trail Practice Loop with Kids

The Slickrock Trail is made up of many short and steep undulating climbs and descents. The trail is easy to follow – white dots and arrows painted right on the rock. The views are breathtaking. A quarter mile from the parking lot, you’ll hit the 1.7-mile practice loop. This is a great introduction to riding on sandstone. You can just ride this loop, or add it to the full Slickrock Trail. It will add a mile and re-connects with the main trail.

At 2 miles, you’ll get to the loop part of the lollipop – you can ride either way, but we have only ridden it clockwise by taking a left at the fork.

Out And About On The Slickrock Trail With Family

Moab Slickrock Trail with Kids
Family Friendly Trails in Moab, Utah - Slickrock Trail

Along the way, there are optional short spurs that will take you to the edge of the cliff. These only add a bit to the length the ride – and add a lot to the overall experience of the trail. We took breaks at each overlook.

There are a few places where you have to ride/walk through sand. And many, many places to take breaks and enjoy the view.

Keep an eye out for potholes with sand and cactus. One time we rode this trail, our youngest managed to fall off his bike right into a pothole filled with cactus about mid-way through the trail. It was awful. His butt and leg were full of cactus barbs. After we removed as many of the barbs as we could, he demonstrated his toughness and completed the remainder of the ride. For a while he rode so slowly that I thought we might die out there, but we made it! If you’re wondering about the best way to remove cactus barbs, it turns out Elmer’s school glue works well. We initially used duct tape.

Landscapes are big while mountain biking in Moab, Utah

Being Prepared For The Slickrock Trail

Depending on the time of year, you want to make sure you have plenty of water and snacks for the ride. Bring proper clothing, tools, sunscreen and your camera! Your kids may want to take a lot of breaks because there are several long climbs where both kids and adults may need to hike-a-bike. It can also be quite windy. And, of course, be sure you check the weather so you don’t get stuck in a rainstorm several miles from the trailhead.