Mountain Biking Slickrock Trail with Kids in Moab, Utah

Riding Moab's Slickrock Trail with Kids

Overview of Moab’s Slickrock Trail

Considering taking your kids to ride Moab’s renowned Slickrock mountain biking trail? We’ve given it a shot! If your kids possess at least intermediate mountain biking skills and enjoy adventures, then you might find it enjoyable too. Many consider this trail one of the best globally. Despite its toughness, it’s not as technically challenging as some other trails with numerous roots and sharp turns.

The trail primarily traverses Navajo sandstone, which offers excellent grip for bike tires. It earned the name “slickrock” because people used to ride horses here with metal shoes! Your family will relish riding on the mesa, encountering some truly remarkable landscapes, unlike those of other biking destinations you’ve experienced.\

Here are some things to consider: negotiating the hills can be tricky. Watch out for cactus plants and be mindful of the elevation. It’s advisable for a proficient adult cyclist to test the trail first before deciding if it’s suitable for your kids.

Riding Moab's Slickrock Trail with Kids

Getting To The Slickrock Trail In Moab: [1] Head east on E Center St toward S 100 E/S 1st E St (0.4 mi). [2] Turn right onto Fourth E St (0.4 mi) [3] Turn left onto Mill Creek Dr (0.5 mi) [3] Continue straight onto Sand Flats Rd (2.3 mi). There will be a toll booth. The parking lot for the Slickrock trailhead will be on your left.

Riding The Slickrock Trail With Kids

When our kids tackled this trail for the first time, our youngest rode a hefty 20-inch mountain bike with v-brakes, a heavy entry-level spring fork, and tires with tubes. His hands were as fatigued as his legs when we finished – but what an achievement!

Ascending the Slickrock Trail is genuinely enjoyable due to the rock’s grip. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised at how you can ascend climbs that appear too steep. The trick is to keep your front tire grounded and pedal smoothly. We taught the kids to zig-zag up the wider steeper slopes, and they managed almost every climb.

Slickrock Trail Practice Loop with Kids

The Slickrock Trail consists of numerous short, steep undulating climbs and descents. Furthermore, the trail is easy to follow, marked with white dots and arrows painted on the rock. The views are stunning. Approximately a quarter mile from the parking lot, you’ll encounter the 1.7-mile practice loop, serving as an excellent introduction to riding on sandstone. You can opt to ride just this loop or add it to the full Slickrock Trail, adding a mile and reconnecting with the main trail.

At 2 miles, you’ll reach the loop part of the lollipop. You can choose either direction, but we’ve only ridden it clockwise by taking a left at the fork.

Out And About On The Slickrock Trail With Family

Moab Slickrock Trail with Kids
Family Friendly Trails in Moab, Utah - Slickrock Trail

Along the way, there are optional short spurs leading to the cliff’s edge. These add minimally to the ride’s length but greatly enhance the trail experience. Additionally, we took breaks at each overlook.

There are a few places where you may need to ride or walk through sand. Also, there are numerous spots to take breaks and admire the view.

Watch out for sand-filled potholes and cacti. Once, our youngest fell into a pothole filled with cactus halfway through the trail. It was dreadful. After removing as many barbs as possible, he showed his resilience and completed the ride. He rode so slowly for a while that I feared we might not make it, but we did! Elmer’s school glue works well for removing cactus barbs, we learned.

Landscapes are big while mountain biking in Moab, Utah

Being Prepared For The Slickrock Trail

Depending on the time of year, ensure you have enough water, snacks, proper clothing, tools, sunscreen, and your camera! Your kids might need frequent breaks as there are several long climbs where both kids and adults may need to walk their bikes. Additionally, it can be quite windy. And, of course, check the weather forecast to avoid getting caught in a rainstorm miles from the trailhead.

As you plan this ride, consider the following tips:

  • Assess your kids’ biking skills to ensure they’re ready for the trail.
  • Start with the 1.7-mile practice loop to gauge their comfort level.
  • Bring plenty of snacks, water, and sunscreen to keep everyone energized and protected.
  • Dress in layers as weather conditions can change quickly.
  • Check your bike equipment before hitting the trail to prevent any mechanical issues.
  • Encourage breaks to enjoy the breathtaking views and rest tired legs.
  • Be cautious of sand-filled potholes and cacti, especially with younger riders.
  • Consider bringing Elmer’s school glue for removing cactus barbs, just in case.
  • Monitor weather forecasts and plan accordingly to avoid unexpected storms or extreme conditions.

By following these tips and being well-prepared, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable biking adventure for the whole family on the Slickrock Trail in Moab.

Best Mountain Bike Trails for Kids In St George, Utah

Best mountain bike trails for kids and families in St. George, Utah

Mountain bike trails for kids in St George: The riding scene in the St. George area has developed into one the best places to mountain bike on the planet. Famously known for its proximity to the Red Bull Rampage events, the local trail group, bike shops, and other trail constructing individuals and local government entities have developed several areas where riding can be enjoyed by your entire family. Best of all this list is just scratches the surface for where you can ride. You can also take a look at our Gooseberry Mesa article.

Best mountain bike trails for kids and families in St. George, Utah

Please do your best to get current trail conditions by stopping by one of the local bike shops and speaking with staff. Chances are good that the people you speak with will have had a hand in building or maintaining the trails and they will be able to set you up with a great ride. Consider donating to the Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association when you plan your visit, too. These guys are experts on mountain bike trails for kids in St George.

Be prepared with the proper clothing, protective gear, tools, food and water. Don’t get caught off-guard when riding these areas. We always suggest that a responsible adult in your family with at least strong intermediate skills pre-ride each of these trails so you can properly gauge your family’s abilities for technical features, attention span and distance. Also, some of these rides are accessed via dirt roads and take a bit of time to find for the first time. The same goes for route-finding. You can help ensure a good time when you share these trails with your clan by knowing the route. Often, there will be other riders around who can assist, but don’t rely on this. It’s up to you to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe.


Bearclaw Poppy

The Bearclaw Poppy trail is best suited for mountain bikers with beginner through expert skills.

This trail is definitely one of our favorite mountain bike trails for kids in St George. Bearclaw Poppy will always be near-and-dear to our hearts because it’s where our kids learned to ride their mountain bikes in the desert. Start on the Bloomington end [south of St. George] and make this trail as long as you like. This trail is directional, meaning that you pedal up on the south side of the trail and descend on the north side of the trail. Take a look at the map and you can see the “rungs” where you can bail-out if your young/novice kids have reached their limit.

Best mountain bike trails in St. George - Bearclaw Poppy
Family-friendly mountain bike trails in St. George, Utah

Once you’re near the top of the directional section, you’ll see some light colored hills called the “acid drops”. These are great fun to roll down and jump once you’re up to the task. If you can pedal to the top of the acid drops, consider yourself a fit rider.

After the acid drops you can continue towards Green Valley through a wash and head to the top of what’s called the “Lion’s Paw”, “Clavicle Hill”, or “Three Fingers Of Death”. However long you choose to make this ride, be sure to return on the “downhill only” trail. It’s a lot of fun.

Snake Hollow Bike Park

The Snake Hollow Bike Park is suited for mountain bikers with beginner through expert skills. 

This area opened in 2018 and we always stop by for a session when we’re in town. There are four separate zones that comprise the bike park and it’s really, really cool.

Snake Hollow Bike Park pump track
Snake Hollow Bike Park jump line

There are jump lines, elevated features, drops, and pump tracks. Even if you’re in town for just a day, check this place out. Kids on strider bikes through bros [brōz] on dirt jumpers will be able to spend hours here. Here is our full post for the Snake Hollow Bike Park.

St. George Area Trail Organization And Bike Shops

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association
Make a donation

Bicycles Unlimited
St. George, Utah

O-T-E Hurricane
Hurricane, Utah

Red Rock Bicycle Co.
St. George, Utah

Rapid Cycling
St. George, Utah

Zion Cycles
Springdale, Utah


The Zen trail is best suited for adventurous intermediate through expert mountain bikers.

One of our new favorites for  mountain bike trails for kids in St. George. This trail makes you a better mountain biker because there are several climbs and descents that will only be completed by strong, competent riders. Personally, I’m just not good enough to ride small sections of this trail, so I have no problem walking parts of Zen. It used to take us several hours to do the loop with the kids because we are adhere to the old adage, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. This is not a joke. The trail is very pedally. There is plenty of hike-a-bike for anyone less than an expert rider. The trail has a few spots of exposure. When you max out at elevation, you’re on a cliff. If you eff up and screw around on the cliff, you could die. Other than that, this trail is a must.

Climbing the Zen Trail in St. George, Utah
A narrow passage on the Zen Trail in St. George, Utah

Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll [not to be confused with Barrel Trail] is a great time for mountain bikers with at least intermediate skills.

This trail is in the Santa Clara vicinity. We love it because it offers great technical climbs and descents. Once you max out in elevation you look off the mesa to the west into a zone of untraveled desert landscape. It’s remarkable that there are vacant expanses like this. Ride it clock-wise. The last mile or so has you meandering in and out through a few small gulches. Barrel Roll is absolutely one of our favorite mountain bike trails in St. George.

Mom does a technical section of the Barrel Roll trail
Barrel Roll - one of the best mountain bike trails in St. George, Utah


The Guacamole trail is recommended for mountain bikers with at least intermediate skills.

From St. George, head towards Zion National Park/Springdale. After you pass through Virgin, you need to make your way up to Guacamole by taking a left on Dalton Wash Road. On your way up, please be respectful of the small watermelon and pecan farm on the left side of the road when you approach the fork ahead. Slow down and don’t kick up dust. Head left when you reach the first fork for the mtb trails as directed by the sign. Stay right at the second fork. You’ll eventually end up on the top of a mesa where there’s a prominent parking area.

Optional drop on the Guacamole trail
Best mountain bike trails in St. George - Guacamole

The Guacamole trail is a giant chunk of rock sprinkled with fun, punchy climbs and techy descents. If you’re able to ride this trail a few times during the year, you’ll challenge yourself to clean climbs and descend without dabs. There are several areas along the trail where you can session features such as steppy climbs, rock rolls and jumps. Review the map and explore options such as Holy Guacamole and Salt On The Rim. There are a few sections of the trail with cliff exposure.

The Old Red Bull Rampage Site

The Old Red Bull Rampage site is recommended for mountain bikers who like to get loose, get air, and get rowdy.

This area is where O-G’s Wade Simmons, Cédric Gracia, Lance Canfield and many others made their mark in the Utah desert. Now, led by local riders such as Logan Binggeli, Jeremy Hottinger, Ethan Nell, and Jaxson Riddle, the “Old Rampage Site” is pretty much a free-for-all where you can rip you own lines and experience what has been built up over a couple of decades.

Old Red Bull Rampage site - near Virgin, Utah
POV of a line at the old Red Bull Rampage site

To get to the old Rampage site, turn north out of Virgin on Kolob Terrace Road. Drive past the BMX track on Kolab Terrace Road about a mile and there’s an accessible area with a power line on a shallow arete on the left side of the road up a bit from a BLM campground on the right side of the road. You can see a couple of lines from this area, but the good stuff is west of this first parking area. Head up the dirt road to the left. You may have to ride from here if you don’t have a high clearance vehicle. There are a lot of features and lines in this zone and it’s all unsanctioned. None of the trails in this area are formally named and therefore will not appear on the maps. The Wild Wild West still does exist. You just have to know where to look.

Dropping in at the old Red Bull Rampage site
Old Red Bull Rampage site - getting air

The Best Mountain Biking Trails In St. George Are All Over The Place

The best way to find the best mountain bike trails for kids in St George is going to be speaking with someone at a bike shop in the area you’re visiting. Whenever we travel, we stop by a local shop and politely ask where we should ride. We are sure to communicate our skill level, how old the kids are, what type of bikes we have, and if we’re up for something easy going or ambitious. Bike shop staff are going to have to the most up-to-date and accurate information. Take advantage of this, and when you’re getting data- pick up a shop t-shirt or shop stickers. Better yet, come prepared with a six-pack and hand it over to an employee of age. A little kindness goes a long way.

There are several more trails in the St. George are that are just out there waiting for you. Gauge your family’s riding experience; get out there and explore!

Check out our Destinations and Trails page for more fun places to ride and visit! We’d love to hear about your favorite places to ride bikes with your family, too. Share your faves with us on Instagram or Facebook

Eight Reasons Why You Should Go To Whistler During Crankworx

8 reasons why you should go to Whistler during Crankworx

It’s safe to say that while Crankworx Whistler is in session – it’s the biggest party on the planet. Mountain bikers from all over the world come to compete. Amateur mountain bikers and spectators gather to ride and attend events so they can see the best riders put it all on the line during the festival. If you have never visited Whistler during Cranxworx, you must. Here are our eight reasons why you should visit Whistler during Crankworx.

The Whistler Village during Crankworx

It’s The Epicenter Of All Things Mountain Biking

Remember that scene in The Ten Commandments when Moses (played by Charleton Heston) makes his way down from Mt. Sinai and sees everyone partying like it’s 1999. It’s like that, but with mountain bikes. There are idols, booze, debauchery and shenanigans. Don’t worry – most of it’s family friendly. Ha ha ha. You will make memories that last a lifetime.

Serious stuff does down at Crankworx Whistler

You’re Gonna See Some Serious Shiz

For spectators, you get to see how big the jumps at Crabapple Hits really are when you attend the Whip-Off. The Joyride and the Pump Track Challenge courses are perennial works of art. Crankworx Whistler is also a stop for the Enduro World Series. For amateur participants, you can ride a lot of the same trails the pros do. Sorry, but the Red Bull Joyride course is off-limits to the amateurs.

MTB Helmets For Kids

Make sure your kids have proper, well-fitting head protection.

Mountain Bike Helmets For Kids

G-Form knee pads for kids

Knee Pads For Kids

Knee pads are another level of protection for young riders.

MTB Knee Pads for Kids

Camelbak LUXE hydration pack for kids

Hydration Packs For Kids

Is your kid big enough to carry their own water and supplies?

MTB Hydration Packs for Kids

Brandon Semenuk - mountain biking and Crankworx legend

You’ll See Past, Present and Future Mountain Biking Legends

The Ladies and Lords of mountain biking royalty assemble to compete, ooooh and ahhhh at everyone throwing down fast times and their latest slopestyle bangers. You may even catch a lift ride with one of your heroes. The Kidsworx events are absolutely wonderful. They are well-organized and geared towards nurturing the next generation of riders to flat out stomp it.

An autograph session with the pros during Crankworx Whistler

Free Swag

Every day at Crankworx, our kids descended upon the expos like rabid raccoons. They came away with things like hats, mini-cowbells, vuvuzelas, air-horns, decals, t-shirts, trading cards, posters, energy bars and lots of other stuff. Riders will have autograph sessions promoting their latest film or brands.

The vibe at Crankworx Whistler is awesome

The Vibe Is Over-The-Top

The buzz in the air at Crankworx Whistler is thick and palpable. Everyone is amped to be there so they can say they were there and experience Crankworx in-person. We love strolling through the village to see everyone. If you have smaller kids aged 2 through 10-ish, be sure visit is the playground near the Whistler Olympic Plaza. While your kids run off some energy, just watch the crowd.

Demo bikes and gear and Crankworx Whistler

See The Latest Bikes And Gear

Mountain bike manufacturers and retailers are just as excited to be there as you are. You will see the latest bikes, components, protective gear, attire, energy bars, action cameras and more. There are several drawings to enter and deals to be had. You may be able to demo a bike, fork, neck brace, and so on.

Deals on swag following Crankworx Whistler

Deals Following The Event

In the past, retailers have sold leftover Crankworx branded clothing and swag for up to 50% off the day after the festival ends. If you’re there the Monday after the festival, it will seem like the the day after Christmas with presents left to open. And you’ll be saying, “Did all that really happen?”.

Progressing your bike skills with your family while attending Crankworx Whistler

Your Bike Skills Will Progress

If you’re a novice or an expert; grom or grandma; riding in Whistler during Crankworx makes you a better mountain biker. It is inspiring. The trails inside the bike park and outside the park are designed to challenge you and reward you. For instance, during our family’s most recent trip, all four of us rode Top Of The World for the first time at the end of our stay. Whistler in the summer is all bikes, all the time. Your fitness is going to improve. You will be a little bit faster or you will be able to do a section of a trail you have not done before.

What do you think? Do you have a different opinion?  Maybe you’ll want to check out 8 Reasons NOT to visit Whistler During Crankworx