Prevelo Alpha Zero Review

Prevelo Alpha Zero - Review

Can you imagine the beginning a long, enjoyable story that will take several decades to consume? If the equivalent to this saga is the start of your little one’s enjoyment of cycling, then the preface can take place upon the Prevelo Alpha Zero.

Prevelo Alpha Zero - Review

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The Alpha Zero is Prevelo’s 12-inch wheel balance bike/run bike engineered for kids who, on the entry side, are about 18 months old and up. It has a standover height of just 7 inches and a minimum saddle height of 11.5 inches. The maximum saddle height for the bike is 14.6 inches. MSRP for the Alpha Zero is $199.00 USD.

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A Quick Overview Of The Prevelo Alpha Zero

standover height icon


Min ~11.5 inches

drivetrain icon


None – It’s Push-Powered

wheel size icon



weight icon


~8.5 lbs

The Prevelo Alpha One Is Minimal. And That Makes It Huge.

When we normally do a bike review, we pour over the specs in order to inform readers of all the details. In this case, the facts are minimal because the bike is minimal. The drivetrain consists of your kid’s feet, legs, and gumption. In the beginning, slowing down the bike and braking will be done with the aforementioned items. After the beginning, your little one will learn how to use the rear Tektro v-brake on the bike controlled by a hand lever on the right side of the bars. The cable for the brake streams neatly from the lever and it’s internally routed through the down tube. It’s nice looking.

Seat collar on Prevelo Alpha Zero

Colors And Add-Ons

The bike’s looks are classic and will appeal to both girls and boys. Color options for the frame include Speed Silver, Power Purple, and Braap Blue. When shopping on the Prevelo website, you can also add optional: colored grips, a bike bell, rider name lettering, or USB rechargeable lights.

The Prevelo Trade Up Club

Learn About The Prevelo Trade Up Club

Prevelo also offers a Trade-Up Club Membership. As of this writing, the cost is $69.00 USD. The program allows you to save money when sizing-up while your kids continue to ride a Prevelo. Get all the detail and terms by visiting the Prevelo website.

Hand brake detail - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Prevelo Alpha Zero - Top Tube Badge

Start With This Balance Bike Instead Of A Pedal Bike With Training Wheels

The Prevelo Alpha Zero is made to introduce your kids to the concept of balancing on a bike without the distractions of pedals or the safety net of training wheels.

The same will or gumption that drives your children to propel themselves along by walking or running the bike as they’re firmly planted on the saddle is going to allow them to progress.

Once comfortable with the physical demands of achieving basic angular momentum, your child will discover that if the thrust is increased, she/he will be able to keep both feet off the ground longer and glide greater distances without their feet touching the ground. In our experiences, this has been the most important skill that enables a young rider to safely transition to a pedal bike with confidence.

Having the right tool for the job is important. Again, that’s where the Prevelo Alpha Zero comes in. It’s made to fit small, young children. It’s made to help them succeed.

Cockpit view - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Rear end - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Tire tread detail - Prevelo Alpha Zero

Geometry For The Prevelo Alpha Zero

A Wheel Size12"
B Wheelbase22.9 in / 581 mm
C Effective Top Tube Length11.6 in / 295 mm
D Head Angle67°
E Seat Tube Angle69°
F Chain Stay Length8.9 in / 225 mm
Prevelo Alpha Zero Geometry Diagram

Click the photo to enlarge it

Prevelo Alpha Zero – Specifications

FORK22.9 in / 581 mm
SEAT CLAMP11.6 in / 295 mm
HEAD SET8.9 in / 225 mm
RIMAluminum with grinded sidewalls
FRONT HUBLightweight alloy 1-piece forged CNC with low profile rounded hex bolts and sealed hub
REAR HUBLightweight alloy 1-piece forged CNC with low profile rounded hex bolts and sealed hub
TIRE & TUBEKenda 12 x 1.75
SADDLEPrevelo balance bike specific saddle
HANDLEBARPrevelo Aluminum - 375mm wide x 50mm rise - 22.2mm to 19mm taper
HANDLEBAR STEMAluminum 30mm extension
GRIPKraton rubber

Riding The Prevelo Alpha Zero

It isn’t complicated. It’s just fun. Our rider rode this bike for better part of the summer and his confidence grew as the season went on. The Prevelo works on grass, concrete, pavement, gravel, and dirt. The absence of a top tub on the bike makes it super easy to get on and dismount. The quick-release seat post collar allows one to adjust the saddle height as needed without the needing a hex key.

The Prevelo Alpha Zero even works on grass

Getting familiar with the Prevelo Alpha Zero in safe, controlled surroundings.

Taking on a pump track with the Prevelo Alpha Zero

Little kid – big world. You gotta have guts to hit pump track. Think about it. If these rollers were scaled up for adults, these would be serious obstacles. The right fitting bike makes all the difference.

Dressed to the nines on the Prevelo Alpha Zero

With a proper sized bike for this age category, your rider should be able to straddle the bike with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Climb mode on - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Getting ready for the next leg of the ride
Looking good on the Prevelo Alpha Zero - a balance bike for kids

Riding Off Aboard The Prevelo Alpha Zero

If you have a young one who is ready, or soon to start cycling, the Prevelo Alpha Zero is a must-have balance bike. It’s sized right. It’s priced right. It is made so children can begin to learn the fundamentals of riding a bike. The kid sized saddle, handlebars, and grips are specifically designed to make your kid comfortable when they take the plunge into the world of bikes.

Following dad's lead on singletrack aboard the Prevelo Alpha Zero

Create A Free MTB Achievement Certificate

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Create a free mountain biking certificate for kids!

Create a personalized achievement award! Commemorate your child’s first bike ride. Celebrate race results. Or officially take note of their positive attitude (i.e. lack of whining) during your last ride.  Above all, this certificate is an excellent way to recognize mtb accomplishment.

By all means, you can create a unique mountain biking certificate for kids with a photo of your little rider. Put it on the fridge or frame it for their room. Without a doubt, your mini mountain biker will love it! Have a group of groms that ride together?  Give them a team award! It’s FREE and available right now. Click the button above to get started.

Once you have completed your MTB certificate, check out our Destinations and Trails page for more fun places to ride!

Additionally, we’d LOVE to witness those accomplishments, so we can celebrate, too. share your kid’s videos and pics with MTBwithKids on Instagram or Facebook

10 Ways Mountain Biking Prepares Kids To Be Successful In Life

Mountain biking can teach your kids life skills

Mountain biking is a dynamic sport that can teach lots of important lessons that can be applied to real life. As our kids grow up, we often use mountain biking as a metaphor to talk about the things they are experiencing in their non-mountain biking life – from homework to social issues. We think that mountain biking can help kids build the character and skills to help them deal with whatever life throws at them. Here is our list of ways that we feel that mountain biking helps kids be successful in life.

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balance bike success
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Here Are 10 Life Lessons That Mountain Biking Has Helped To Teach Our Kids:

1. Planning And Preparation Is Important

Getting out on the trails for a day of biking helps to build skills to prepare for the unexpected. Now that our kids are older, we let them pack their supplies. What do you think you might need?  Snacks, water, maybe a rain coat? Sometimes, forgetting to bring what you need is the best way to remember next time. This skill can definitely transfer to preparing for a school day, camping trip or college.

Mountain biking builds grit

2. You Can Do Hard Things

You’ll hear the word “grit” to describe kids that know how to persevere through challenges. Mountain biking provides so many opportunities to practice digging deep and developing grit- from climbing hills to riding longer distances. On one memorable ride, we were at the mid-way point on the Slickrock trail in Moab when our youngest crashed his bike and rolled right into a cactus. After we removed as many of those tiny spikes as we could, our kid had no choice but to pedal the 6 miles back to the trail head.  It took a very long time, but we made it back to the car, and our kid often talks about how he rode 6 miles with cactus in his leg with a proud smile on his face.

3. Look Ahead, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

When your kid first starts riding a bike on trails, it is natural for them to notice and avoid all the rocks, roots and bumps in the trail. Seasoned mountain bikers know that looking at every little obstacle is a great way to get hung up and potentially crash. As your kid spends more time on the trail they’ll learn to see the small obstacles, but look ahead to where they want to go. There are so many ways that this lesson applies to real life!

Fixing a flat mountain bike tire

4. Things Don’t Always Go Your Way

In the last year, our oldest has had two races derailed by mechanical issues with his bike. One of them may have been prevented by checking tire pressure before a race (see lesson 1), but the other seemed to be a random occurrence. Each DNF felt awful to him. After each he spent a bit feeling upset and then started to look for the good in the situations and moved on.

5. View Obstacles As Challenges

What would mountain biking be without rock gardens, roots and corners? BORING!  Our goal is to try to teach our kids to view life obstacles in the same way they view mountain bike obstacles. Problems that can be solved and even enjoyed with creativity, practice, patience and persistence.

mountain biking can teach kids to take healthy risks

6. Be Brave, Seek “Healthy Risks”

Mountain biking can be scary. A large part of why I enjoy mountain biking more than trail running is that feeling of exhilaration from trying something that scares me. The more time they spend on the trails, the more our kids know their abilities and feel comfortable taking “healthy” risks. In mountain biking, as in life, many obstacles look worse than they are. Through mountain biking, kids can learn to trust themselves to try new things.

7. Failure Is The Way You Learn And Get Better

We’ll often stop during our rides to session a challenging part of the trail. Sometimes, you can get over the obstacle by just pedaling harder, sometimes, you need to attack it from a different angle and sometimes, even after several attempts, you have to be willing to let it go and try again next time you ride the trail.

mountain biking is good for your mental health

8. Moving Outside Is Excellent For Mental And Physical Health

Several years ago, our youngest son would almost always start family rides with a bad attitude. He did NOT want to go on a mountain bike ride and his gloomy mood and frequent tears often made us question our will to get the family out.  However, when we persevered, it would take less than 20 minutes for him to be riding along and singing or chatting up a storm.  He has recently started to recognize the direct connection between mountain biking and his mood. Knowing how to take care of their own wellbeing is something we hope our kids learn from mountain biking.

9. Be Humble

Mountain biking can be extremely humbling. Just when you think things are going great, you strike a pedal on a rock and take a dive over the bars, or have a mechanical issue, or fall into a cactus. Mountain biking provides lots of chances to practice living with grace and humility.

find your mtb people

10. Community Is Important, Find Your People

Mountain biking can create a strong connection between people. Our boys love to ride with family, but adding friends to the mix makes things even better. Building a network of mountain biking friends can be positive and meaningful for your kids. Good mountain biking friends are supportive, helpful and up for adventure.

Are you already riding with your kids?  We’d love to hear what life lessons your family has gained from mountain biking.  Share your lessons with us on our MTB with kids facebook page

Wanting to get your kids out on bikes with you?  Visit our Tips for Mountain Biking with Kids articles to help you get started.

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