The Best Mountain Bikes for 8-11 Year Old Boys And Girls

The best mountain bikes for 8-11 year olds

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 and stay-near-home guidelines, kids’ bikes have become very popular and a lot of manufacturers cannot keep inventory. You may wish to see our Kids Bikes For Sale – June 2020 post.

Hitting the trails with your 8-11 year old? If your rider isn’t quite big enough for a full sized mountain bike, but is ready to graduate from a 20-inch wheel bike, a 24-inch wheel bike may be the perfect middle ground. 24-inch bikes can last your kiddo 2-3 years and can definitely take your kid to the next level. Check out our list of best mountain bikes for 8-11 year old boys and girls below.

The best mountain bikes for 8-11 year olds

Importantly, before you shell out the money on a new mountain bike for your kid, you’ll want to be sure that your kid can straddle the bike with both feet flat on the ground (for beginners) or on tip toe (for more advanced riders). Get a good stand-over height measurement by measuring your child’s inseam.

Additionally, we recommend that you look for a bike that has the biggest wheels available for your kid’s stand-over height. Firstly, bigger wheels roll more easily over obstacles on the trail. Secondly, a bike with larger diameter wheels will be more stable and more efficient for longer rides than smaller wheels because they require less effort to keep their momentum going. Kids on the taller side may fit on a 26-inch wheel bike, so you might want to check out our list of  best mountain bikes for 11-14 year old kids before making a purchase.

Here is an overview of our top ten best mountain bikes for 8-11 year old boys and girls. These mountain bikes all have 24-inch wheels. Check out the comparison table at the end of the article to see all the size, cost and other data in one place.

Norco Fluid FS 1 24

Norco Fluid FS 1 24

The Norco Fluid FS 1 24 has been totally redesigned for 2020. Certainly, its Fox and X-Fusion suspension package is ready to handle anything your little shredder can ride. Additionally, the Maxxis Minion DHR/DHF tires and a 100mm dropper help make this bike a solid choice for your gravity minded pre-teen. Finally, you can order direct from Norco! On the fence about whether your mtb kid is ready for a 24-inch wheel? The newly modeled Norco Fluid FS 1 20 sports 20-inch wheels and a 80mm dropper post.

Buy this kids’ 24″ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height22.4 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
BrakesShimano BR-MT500 hydraulic, 180mm
Shifter(s)SRAM NX
DerailleurSRAM NX
ForkManitou J-Unit 24", Expert Air, Alloy Steerer, 145mm Travel
ShockFox Performance FLOAT 3-position, SV/EVOL, custom light tune
Live PriceNorco
Marin Hawk Hill Jr. 24 - 2020

Marin Hawk Hill Jr 24″ Bike 2020

The Marin Hawk Hill Jr. 2020 makes shredding possible for young riders thanks to a fun, full-suspension bike that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. With an aluminum alloy frame, it creates the kind of snappy feel that is great for enjoying techy single track. Your child will enjoy mountain biking every time that they hop on their Hawk Hill Jr. – a great introductory mountain bike for any young shredder.

Buy this 24-inch kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height24.44 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesShimano MT-201 Hydraulic Disc, 180/160mm Rotor
Shifter(s)MicroShift, SLM895, 11-Speed
DerailleurShimano Deore Shadow Plus Direct Mount 11-Speed
ForkX-Fusion Velvet RLC 26", 120mm Travel, Compression and Rebound Adjustment
ShockX-Fusion O2 Pro R, 120mm Travel
Live PriceJenson USA
Marin Bayview 24 - 2020

Marin Bayview Trail 24″ Disc Bike 2020

The Marin Bayview Trail features a frame that is constructed of aluminum alloy and features quality Shimano disc brakes. Markedly, some components are size-appropriate, like the smaller-sized brake levers. The drivetrain is a 7-speed and has a simple grip-shifters. Another key point is that the suspension allows for smoother rides over intermediate terrain. The Marin Bayview Trail 24 even features a bash guard. By and large the Bayview Trail is a solid choice for an entry-level kids’ mountain bike.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height22.88 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesPower CX7 Mechanical Disc, Shimano Pad Compatible, 160mm Rotor
Shifter(s)Shimano Revo Twist 1×7-Speed
DerailleurShimano Altus, 7-Speed
ForkSR Suntour XCT Jr 24", Pre-Load Adjust Coil Spring, 50mm Travel
Live PriceJenson USA
Cleary Bikes - Scout 24 inch mountain bike

Cleary Bikes Scout 24in Bike

The Cleary Bikes Scout 24 is hardtail mountain bike for kids. Cleary’s highest goal is to get kids comfortable on their bikes. Subsequently, they design bikes that ensure  a balanced, responsive ride for kids. Particularly, the Scout 24 is a good fit for kids who are ready to get off the pavement and start pedaling the single track. Significantly, the hydraulic brakes and junior-sized levers will build confidence. Additionally, the 1×10 drivetrain is sure to allow your young rider to increase her/his mtb skills.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height26 inches
Frame Material4130 Chromoly
BrakesTektro HD-291 Hydraulic Disc
Shifter(s)Shimano Deore M6000
DerailleurShimano Deore M6000 Shadow Plus
ForkSuntour XCR LO 24
Live PriceCompetitive Cyclist
Cleary Meerkat mountain bike for kids

Cleary Bikes Meerkat

You can fuel your youngster’s growing love for mountain biking by introducing them to the Meekrat 24in 5-speed mountain bike. Its steel alloy frame construction is built to last at a price-point which will appeal to a lot of families. The bike’s build features Tektro hydraulic brakes and a Shimano drivetrain. The Meerkat fits riders with 22 to 30in inseams. As a result, this is one of the best mountain bikes for 8-11 year old boys and girls.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height22 inches
Frame Material1020 Alloy Steel
BrakesTektro HD-291 Hydraulic Disc
Shifter(s)Sturmey Archer DLC-50 trigger shifter
DerailleurSturmey Archer DLC-50 5-speed
Live PriceCompetitive Cyclist
Trailcraft Maxwell 24, full-suspension mountain bike for kids

Trailcraft Maxwell 24

The old saying goes that “you get what you pay for”. Unquestionably, you get one of the best trail riding kids’ mountain bikes in the business if you buy the Maxwell 24. Your mtb kids can dominate any kind of trail thanks to this full-suspension bike. With attention to detail, all of the components used on this Maxwell 24 are of the highest caliber and kid-sized.  Never worry about the quality that you are getting with the Trailcraft Maxwell 24. Without reservation, these bikes get our highest recommendation.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height25 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Drivetrain1×10, 1×11
Brakes3 Options, Shimano
Shifter(s)2 Options, Shimano
Derailleur2 Options, Shimano
ForkRST Snyper 100mm
ShockMonarch R-100mm travel
Live PriceTrailcraft
Transition Ripcord 2020 - full suspension mountain bike

Transition Ripcord

Transition’s affinity for the trails of the pacific-northwest is embodied in the brand’s Ripcord – a full-suspension mountain bike for kids. Once the front and rear air suspension are dialed-in, your kiddo with will be ready for everything from Galbraith to Gooseberry Mesa. The Ripcord is lightweight with high quality components. To be sure, this is a premium mountain bike for kids who are eager to ride the bike parks and advanced single track.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height26.57 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
DrivetrainSRAM NX 11 speed
BrakesShimano MT400
Shifter(s)SRAM NX 11spd
DerailleurSRAM NX 11spd
ForkRockShox 30 Silver TK 26, 100mm Travel
ShockRockShox Monarch R
Live PriceEVO
Rocky Mountain Reaper 24 - mountain bike

Rocky Mountain Reaper

The Rocky Mountain Reaper is a design that allows your young mtb enthusiast to send it big and pedal on demanding trails. It’s a full-suspension kids’ mountain bike that allows you to switch out the 24-inch wheels for 26-inch wheels. On account of this versatility. you can keep the bike in the family for an extended period of time.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24-inch (stock)
Min. Standover Height27.24 inches
Frame MaterialFORM(TM) Alloy
DrivetrainShimano 1×10
BrakesShimano MT200 2 Piston / Shimano RT30 180mm / Shimano RT30 180mm
Shifter(s)Shimano Deore
DerailleurShimano Deore
ForkSuntour Raidon 32 LOR DS 120mm
ShockRockShox Monarch R
Live PriceRocky Mountain

Comparison chart: Best 24-inch wheel mountain bikes for 8, 9, 10 or 11 year olds 

Wheel SizeMin. StandoverDrivetrainBrakesForkShockMSRP USDLive Price
Norco Fluid FS 1 2424-inch19.6 inches1×10Shimano BR-MT500 hydraulic, 160mmManitou J-Unit 20", 145mm TravelFox Performance FLOAT 3 Position, 120mm Travel$2,499.00Norco
Marin Hawk Hill Jr 24" Bike 202024-inch24.44 inches1×11Shimano MT-201 Hydraulic Disc, 180/160mm RotorX-Fusion Velvet RLC 26", 120mm Travel, Compression and Rebound AdjustmentX-Fusion O2 Pro R, 120mm Travel$1,599.00Jenson USA
Marin Bayview Trail 24" Disc Bike 202024-inch22.88 inches1×7Power CX7 Mechanical Disc, Shimano Pad Compatible, 160mm RotorSR Suntour XCT Jr 24", Pre-Load Adjust Coil Spring, 50mm TravelNone$419.99Jenson USA
Cleary Bikes Scout 24in24-inch26 inches1×10Tektro HD-291 Hydraulic DiscSuntour XCR LO 24None$840.00Competitive Cyclist
Cleary Bikes Meerkat24-inch22 inches1×5Tektro HD-291 Hydraulic DiscRigidNone$594.00Competitive Cyclist
Trailcraft Maxwell 2424-inch25 inches1×10, 1×113 Options, ShimanoRST Snyper 100mmRockShox Monarch RVariesTrailcraft
Transition Ripcord24-inch26.57 inches1×11Shimano MT400RockShox 30 Silver TK 26, 100mm TravelRockShox Monarch R$1,699.00EVO
Rocky Mountain Reaper24-inch (stock)27.241×10Shimano MT200 2 Piston / Shimano RT30 180mm / Shimano RT30 180mmSuntour Raidon 32 LOR DS 120mmRockShox Monarch R$1,799.00Rocky Mountain

Demon United Hyper X Knee Pads For Kids Review

Demon United knee pads for mtb kids

It’s important to send your kids out on the trails with a complete set of pads and safety equipment. They may not want to wear them, unless, of course, those knee pads are the Demon United Hyper X knee pads. These pads are both comfortable and stylish, and they’ll help protect your child’s knees from the rough stuff when they fall off of their bike.

Comfort Is As Important As Safety

The Demon United Hyper X knee pads are gear that’s comfortable to wear, thanks to the perforated neoprene fabric that allows your child’s skin to breathe. At the same time, the knee guard is highly protective, due to the D30 (which is also reflected in the name of the knee guard, by the way) foam padding. It’s designed to absorb the shock of falling on any surface. The exterior portion of the guard is made of Kevlar, the same thing that bulletproof vests are made from, ensuring that the protection won’t break down due to a fall. It’s sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about cracks forming in the surface.

On top of this, sweat is no match for the interior of this knee guard, which consists of terry cloth material designed to wick away moisture. When you combine this with the mesh panel on the inner section of the knee, you end up with a very well-built protective device that really takes a number of different things into consideration.

Demon United knee pads for kids
Best MTB knee pads for kids - side view
Comfortable mtb knee pads for kids

MTB Pads For Kids Designed To Stay In Place

A big issue with most knee pads is the fact that they tend to slip. No matter how tight you make them (without cutting off blood flow, of course), they still might move around as your child pedals up and down the hills.

This has not happened with our Demon United knee pads. They fasten into place with high-quality Velcro. The straps are wide – and that makes them both comfortable and durable. Overall, the stitching on the pads, which holds the Velcro segments into place, is sturdy. There aren’t any loops or uneven sections.

mtb knee pads for kids

Demon United Knee Pads Are Sized To Fit

The Demon United Hyper X knee pads come in four different sizes. In order to determine which one fits best, you’ll need to measure your child’s leg both above and below the knee. We received a size small to test out.

Our test “model” has an upper knee measurement of 12.5 inches, and the guard fit fine. According to the specifications, this size is designed for a 16.5-inch upper knee/leg and a 14.5-inch lower knee/leg. Since the Velcro straps are adjustable, it makes plenty of sense to have some wiggle room in there. However, you don’t want to go too small, because the pad might begin to slip. It’s best to measure first and then check with the manufacturer, just to be on the safe side.

Speaking of the safe side, your child will certainly be there thanks to these knee pads. They are high quality, comfortable, and sized to fit. You can’t ask for much more.

Demon United knee pads for mtb kids
DH knee pads for kids - washing instructions
D30 foam - mtb knee pads for kids

We Have Used These Kids’ Knee Pads For Months And They Have Held Up Very Well

We received these pads in the late spring and have used them hard for over four months. Our travels have included multi-day stops in Winter Park, Park City, Bellingham, Whistler, and BC’s Sunshine Coast.

Our kid took his first rough tumble in these a couple of weeks ago. We were storming down a trail and he clipped a tree with his bar. The result was a nice little over-the-bars experience where the pads certainly limited the damage. They protect the entire knee and the sides of the knees. That makes a big difference when doing a high speed dirt inspection.

Demon United knee pads
Cornering with the Demon United knee pads for kids

The pads have also been washed more than a couple of times. Their stitching has not failed or become loose. The Velcro still functions as if the pads are brand new. And, the graphics have not deteriorated.

Overall, these knee pads for kids from Demon United have been among the best protective gear we have owned. We are excited to have them be a part of our most used equipment as we enter Utah’s second season of winter desert riding.

Best mtb knee pads for kids
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Commencal Clash Jr. Review

Commencal Clash Jr review

Attention parents! Are you looking for an all-around bike that will help your child build confidence on the up and shred on the down? One that won’t blow your budget in one sitting? Look no further than the 2019 Commencal Clash Jr. – one of the sickest kids bikes on the market to date.

Commencal Clash Jr review

This bike embodies everything a solid built kids bike should be. Touted as a “mini enduro” the Commencal Clash Jr. checks all the boxes. Firstly, the Clash boasts 27.5 wheels. Secondly, a well designed junior cockpit and frame. Most importantly, this bike boasts 160 mm of rear travel with 160mm fork to balance it all out. Commencal has put a lot of thought into this build, specifically for kids that weigh maybe 80lbs wet. Obviously, the suspension is dialed-in for the weight of a lighter rider ripping down the mountain and tackling climbs.

VISIT COMMENCAL: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Commencal Clash Jr. at dusk

Commencal bikes is entering its 20th year of production, and has taken the reins in offering well-built bikes for kids. Over the past few years, we have noticed a shift in the way bike companies market and build, specifically for the big kid/ tween sizes. Even just a few years ago, there were very limited options for this age group. Meanwhile, Commencal bikes realized there was a missing link, and proceeded to design and built solid junior bikes to fill that void.

Commencal is coming out gangbusters with their Jr. Cartel, and Commencal CoFactory riders. They have been snapping up some of the best jr. riders world-wide to push their bikes to the max. Subsequently, this company is now at the forefront of big kid/tween technology.

No Dealers, No Problem. You Buy Direct From Commencal.

Commencal provides factory-direct pricing. This is yet another way this progressive company has made their mark on the industry. Commencal offers brand-new, well–made bikes at a fraction of what you would find at your local bike shop. They also understand that kids grow. Correspondingly, the Commencal website includes a second hand section, to make it easier to afford a “new” bike.

Rear linkage
Head tube - Commencal Clash Jr

The Commencal Clash Jr.s is an apt machine for enduro and gravity riders due to its linkage, absence of a front derailleur, and internal cable routing.

Crankset - kids mountain bike review
Rear cassette Commencal Clash Jr

A 1 x 12 drive train slims down the equipment on the bars and allows the bike to save some ounces in the weight department.

After market brake calipers
Rockshox fork - junior mountain bike

Our demo is shown with aftermarket pedals, brakes, wheels and tires. Take a look at the build chart below to see the stock make up on the Commencal Clash Jr. 650b.

Stock Build On The Commencal Clash Jr. 650b

Our demo has several after market parts as seen in our photos. The picture below is from the Commencal website.

Commencal Clash Jr. 650b review
Frame2019 CLASH JR, 650b , 160 mm travel
ShockROCKSHOX DELUXE SELECT + RT, 210 X 55, rebound, 2 positions
ForkROCKSHOX 35 GOLD RL, 160 mm travel, rebound, compression
HeadsetACROS Fiber ZS44 / ZS56, sealed bearings, IPS Technology
StemRIDE ALPHA FREERIDE, 40 mm, 31,8 mm, 0° angle
BarRIDE ALPHA, Alloy 7050, double butted, 15 mm rise, 760 mm, 31,8 mm
GripsRIDE ALPHA, DH Grips, ultra soft compound, single clamp
BrakesSRAM GUIDE T, 200 mm / 180 mm
ShiftersSRAM NX EAGLE, 1 x 12 speed
Rear MechSRAM NX EAGLE, 1 x 12 speed
Bottom BracketSRAM DUB, Press Fit BB 92
CranksetSRAM DESCENDANT 6K EAGLE 6K, 34 t, 165 mm
ChainSRAM NX EAGLE, 1 x 12 speed
CassetteSRAM NX EAGLE, 10 - 50, 12 speed
RimsWTB ST i29, 32 holes, tubeless ready, 29 mm inner width
HubsFORMULA, 32 holes, sealed bearings
Spokes / NipplesSAPIM LEADER spokes, stainless steel, 2.0 mm
TiresVEE TIRE CO FLOW SNAP, 27.5 x 2.35, tackee compound, skinwall, tubeless ready
SeatpostKS Ragei, 31.6 mm, 100 mm travel
Weight15,5 kg / 34,17 lbs
Pedals IncludedYes
AccessoriesDown tube protector, chainstay protector, seatstay protector

Geometry For The Commencal Clash Jr.

Not ready for a 27.5 inch wheel? Take a look at the other options for the Commencal Clash Jr.

20 inch24 inch650b*
(1) SEAT TUBE LENGTH260320370
(2) SEAT TUBE ANGLE7275.575.8
(4) HEAD TUBE LENGTH105.0105.0105.0
(5) WHEELBASE929.51034.41136
(6) TOP TUBE LENGTH469490530
(7) CHAIN STAY LENGTH345390434
(9) FORK LENGTH436506558
(11) REACH320350380
(12) STACK457543593

*The 650b is featured in our review

Commencal Clash Jr Geometry - 650b

Click the image above to enlarge it.

Riding The Commencal Clash Jr.

The Commencal Clash Jr. is designed to get roughed up – in the air and on the rocks. Young riders will appreciate its suspension, geometry and wheel size. Especially riders who are ready to take their skills to the steeps, and jumps.

Elevated ladder - Commencal Clash Jr. review

The Commencal Clash Jr. is not a XC bike. It is built for the bike parks, jump sessions, and rowdy trails.

Taking a tight corner in Deer Valley, Utah

Our riders enjoy the Commencal Clash Jr. because even though it’s designed for the gravity minded, it remains versatile.

The Mallen twins
MTB kid headed to the top of the jump line

“I like the Commencal Clash Jr. because it’s the mountain bike that lets me ride how I like to ride. And, what I like to ride.”

Mountain Biking With Kids Test Rider

Commencal Clash Jr. in Keystone, Colorado
Commencal Clash Jr. review - technical terrain
Getting air with the Commencal Clash Jr.

Final Words On The Commencal Clash Jr.

My boys have both progressed insanely on the Commencal Clash Jr. Above all, this bike has the strength, structure and sizing to accommodate their type and style of riding. Moreover, they feel safe and stable in all aspects of climbing and riding. As a result, the Clash Jr. has served them well on the technical trails up in the PNW, the flow trails in Colorado and Whistler or desert and high alpine trail riding in our home state of Utah.

Without doubt, Commencal is leaps-and-bounds ahead of the game on junior tech, creating “mini” versions of adult bikes. For kids that range in height from 4’7” – 4’11 the Clash Jr is the perfect fit. In conclusion, the Clash 20 and the Clash 24 are perfect to accommodate smaller rippers looking to progress their skills.

Launching the Commencal Clash Jr. into the sunset
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