Bell Super 2r Helmet Review

Bell Super 2r Helmet Review - Mountain Biking With Kids

UPDATE: Read our review featuring the Bell Super 3r, too.

Our kids have both hit their faces while falling off a mountain bike. A few years ago, we were making them wear their full-face helmets on any ride that was even slightly technically difficult. They hated wearing their hot full face helmets on cross country trails. But I was traumatized by visions of knocked out teeth and fractured jaws inspired by their previous falls.

The Bell Super2R was a great solution for all of us. This helmet covers more of the head than a regular cross-country helmet – extending farther on the back, sides, and forehead. Bell helmets are comfortable and are easily adjustable to fit securely. The 23 large vents keep it much cooler than a traditional full-face helmet.

  • Bell Super 2r Helmet Review - rear clasp being done by 10-year old
  • 10-year old fastening the side clasp of a Bell Super 2r chin bar- mountain biking with kids
  • Accessory mount for Bell Super 2r helmet review - mountain biking with kids

Chinbar Details

We love that the removable chin-bar can easily be secured hydration packs (and can fit inside a small backpack) for the climbing portion of the trail. The bar can snap onto the helmet while you’re still wearing it, but we usually are not in that big of a rush.

There are three lever buckles that secure the chin-bar to the helmet. These latches are easy for the kids to do by themselves. Note that it is possible to close the latches without having them secured to the helmet, so it’s a good idea to give the chin-bar a tug before you start to ride. Once the chin bar is snapped on, the helmet feels very solid.

Where To Buy The Bell Super 3r

Bell Super 3r MIPS for sale 01

Bell Super 3r MIPS available for kids and adults at Backcountry.

Bell Super 3r MIPs for sale - red

Bell Super 3r MIPS available for kids and adults at Jenson USA.

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There’s a mount on the top of the helmet which is formatted for a GoPro camera. Additionally, we also discovered that some light manufactures also offer adapters to fit this bolt-on connection.

We have had these helmets for over a year. We have not had any problems with durability. Personally, I feel more confident on descents when I have the “face saver” chin bar snapped into place. Luckily we have not had the opportunity to test the ability of the chin-bar to protect the face in a crash yet. Knock on wood. However, the Bell Super2R helmets are certified with CE EN1078 and CPSC standards, so I still feel that this helmet would be much more protective than a half shell in the event of a crash.

Dakine Shuttle 6L Hydration Pack

Dakine Shuttle 6L Hydration Pack

A Hydration Pack For Kids

Our family refers to the modern hydration pack accessory as a “bike bag”. For instance: “Wait. You forgot your bike bag?” Or, “Why the hell is your bike bag so heavy?” And, when we’re road trippin’… “Hey! We’re not there yet because we have to make a pee stop every half hour. Why do you keep drinking from your bike bag?!” See? It just doesn’t roll off the tongue with the same eloquence. Maybe we’re too lazy to utter those additional syllables that give the Dakine Shuttle 6L Hydration Pack its due.

  • Dakine Shuttle 6L Hydration Pack - wearing it
  • Dakine Shuttle 6L - inside
  • Dakine Shuttle 6L - back
  • Dakine Shuttle 6L - zipper detial

My younger son really likes his Hydration Pack. Why? Simply because it fits him and it doesn’t hold that much stuff once you have a 2-liter water bladder in there. Sure, there’s still plenty of room for a decent sized knife or small machete, rocks, billions of bullet casings and shotgun shells, stinky old animal bones, and oddly shaped- sharp metal debris he scavenges while on a ride. But, these were designed to fit women. The shortened height/length of the pack and its narrow girth fit my 10 year old, 65 lb kid like tread on tires.

Features of the Dakine Shuttle 6L Hydration Pack

  • Size: about 17 in. tall x 7.5 in. wide
  • Holds a 2L / 70 oz. water bladder
  • Breathable air mesh back panel and shoulder straps
  • Fleece sunglass pocket
  • Removable waist belt with plastic buckle

The zipper tabs/pulls have thin nylon cord looped through them with an additional molded plastic grip so your womprat can get to their snacks with gloves on. The mesh shoulder straps are quite breathable and durable. For additional comfort, there’s a bit of stitched-in padding along the length of the interior that goes against the user’s back. And, on the outer exterior, there are 2 more decent sized pockets. One runs horizontal across the top. The other is a vertical pocket. Adults could use these for car keys, a cell phone, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. My kid use this additional storage to lovingly ripen his leftover sandwiches. Once I pulled something out of here in a sealed bag and I couldn’t tell what it was… P-B and J? Ham and cheese? Fruit? When it’s green and mushy, your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, the Dakine Shuttle 6L Hydration Pack has been a wonderful piece of equipment for my son. If you’re looking for a hydration pack for kids, I strongly recommend this. Because it fits my kid, he feels comfortable carrying some of his own stuff for a change. Just don’t tell him that I usually hide one of my spare 27.5 tubes and full-size hex wrench set in there.