Prevelo Alpha One Review

Prevelo Alpha One Review

Your child’s first pedal bike will need to be designed so it’s “easy” to ride. It will need to have the right saddle height, reach, and bar width. The cranks, wheels and pedals all need to be the proper dimensions. If you have a child who is about 3-5 years old and ready to pedal – look no further than the Prevelo Alpha One. This single-speed 14inch wheel bike retails for $359.00 USD on the Prevelo website.

Prevelo Alpha One Review

Prevelo:  Website | Instagram | Facebook

Your little one has mastered the balance bike and perhaps has a friend or sibling who can ride a pedal-powered bike. For many, the Prevelo Alpha One is going to be your kid’s second bike. It has the geometry and build that are two of the keys to learning how to ride a real pedal bike. Your child’s ability and will are going to help turn those keys and unlock a fun, new world of riding bikes together.

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Overview Of The Prevelo Alpha One

standover height icon


15.6 – 17.5 inches

drivetrain icon


Single Speed

wheel size icon



weight icon


~13.45 lbs

Set Up For the Prevelo Alpha One

Of course the Alpha One has kid-sized everything. From the cranks to the brakes, the bike is set up for smaller feet and hands, shorter arms and legs. As opposed to the Alpha Zero, Prevelo’s balance bike, the Alpha One has a front brake as well. This is a great additional opportunity and natural advancement for building one’s skills and bike control. We also like the bashguard on the front chainring as well as the quick-release seat post collar.

Prevelo Alpha One bike badge
Hand on bar - Prevelo Alpha One
Prevelo Alpha One saddle
Prevelo Alpha One rear dropout

Be Sure To Get The Freewheel Option When Ordering The Prevelo Alpha One

The Alpha One comes with a coaster brake installed as the default build, but a freewheel option is available and perhaps preferable to most customers. Our kids had coaster brake bikes when they first learned to ride. That was over 10 years ago and we simply didn’t know any better. But in our opinion, going from a coaster brake bike to freewheel bike could be a cumbersome switch or unfavorable learning curve for children who have balance bike experience.

Add-Ons And Color Options

All the add-ons and options for the Alpha One include: a kickstand, the aforementioned freewheel kit, custom color grips, a bicycle bell, rider name lettering, USB rechargeable lights, the Prevelo Trade-Up Club Membership, a riser bar, and a 13t or 15t rear cog. The bike ships with a 14t rear cog.

Internal cable routing, clean welds and optional colors make the bike visually appealing to both parents and kids. Available colors for the Alpha One include: Speed Silver, Power Purple, and Braap Blue.

The Prevelo Trade Up Club

Learn About The Prevelo Trade Up Club

Prevelo also offers a Trade-Up Club Membership. As of this writing, the cost is $69.00 USD. The program allows you to save money when sizing-up while your kids continue to ride a Prevelo. Get all the detail and terms by visiting the Prevelo website.

Prevelo Alpha One - Rear Tire/Wheel

Geometry/Numbers For The Prevelo Alpha One

Prevelo Alpha One Geometry Illustration

Click the photo to enlarge it

A Wheel Size14"
B Wheelbase26.3 in / 667 mm
C Effective Top Tube Length13.7 in / 349 mm
D Head Angle69°
E Seat Tube Angle70°
F Chain Stay Length10.7 in / 271 mm
Weight (including pedals)14.4 lbs / 6.5 kg (13.45 lbs / 6.1 kg with freewheel kit installed)
Minimum Saddle Height15.6 in / 397 mm
Maximum Saddle Height17.5 in / 445 mm
Bottom Bracket Height6.7 in / 170 mm
Gain Ratio3.7
Standover (ground to top of top tube)14in / 355.6mm

Prevelo Alpha One – Specifications

FRAME6061 heat treated aluminum alloy custom formed tubing
FORKAluminum alloy blades with chromoly steerer tube - 35mm rake
SEAT CLAMPAluminum alloy with toolless adjustment
FRONT BRAKETektro aluminum V-brake
REAR BRAKETektro aluminum V-brake & coaster brake
FRONT BRAKE LEVERTektro aluminum short reach
REAR BRAKE LEVERTektro aluminum short reach
CRANK SETPrevelo anodized alloy 3-piece square taper with 85MM crank length.
SPROCKET25T with double chain ring guard
BB SETSealed cartridge
HEAD SET1 1/8" threadless
RIMAluminum with grinded sidewalls
FRONT HUBLightweight alloy 1-piece forged CNC with low profile rounded hex bolts
REAR HUBSteel with integrated coaster brake - 14T cog
TIRE & TUBEKenda Small Block Eight Pro 14 ×1.5
SADDLEPrevelo small kid saddle
HANDLEBARPrevelo Aluminum - 470mm wide x 50mm rise - 22.2mm to 19mm taper
HANDLEBAR STEMAluminum 30mm extension
GRIPKraton rubber
PEDALSComposite with 9/16 chromoly axle
Prevelo Alpha One pedal, crank, bashguard
Quick release seat post collar - Prevelo Alpha One

Riding The Prevelo Alpha One

We found the perfect candidate to ride our Prevelo Alpha One. Derek’s a lad just shy of 5 years old who had never pedaled a bike on his own who had a year of balance bike riding under his belt. This was truly the perfect applicant for the job.

Inspecting the Prevelo Alpha One

After inspecting the bike for a moment, we adjusted the saddle height using the quick-release seat collar and Derek mounted-up. We were sure to play it safe and have the saddle low enough so the rider could easily plant both feet on the ground. He pushed around with his feet on his own for a bit so he could get used to the bar width, kid-sized grips, and the hand brakes.

The reach is an important fit factor for kids' bikes
Hand on bar - Prevelo Alpha One
Foot on the pedal - Prevelo Alpha One

Our first task was to see if Derek could coast down a gentle slope with raising his feet off the ground and then resting them on the pedals when he felt safe and confident. Getting his feet off the ground was easy enough. His balance bike experience enabled him to do this on the third try. Getting Derek to rest his feet on the pedals only took another 5 minutes or so.

Next was pedaling. This concept can tough for a kid to grasp initially. When you take a moment to think about it – it’s foreign at the very least. The physical motion that takes place when pedaling a bike involves alternating the force exerted from left-leg to right-leg in a constrained circular motion. This is one of those things that you really have to simplify when instructing.

Getting both feet on the pedals

Watching this take place in-person with a new rider who’s ready to try this and figure it out is really rewarding. Derek and his mom were both shocked when he got a couple of full rotations on the pedals. From there, it’s just a matter of maintaining forward momentum while safely controlling the bike.

Pedaling for the first time - Prevelo Alpha One

With each attempt, Derek was able to go farther and farther without having to put a foot down. We were on a paved bike path and our demo rider soon learned how to use both hand brakes evenly while making turns and even climbing slight hills.

Taking the Prevelo Alpha One to dirt

Our next location with the bike was a small skills park. We were excited to see that Derek was ready to take the Alpha One to dirt and build upon his skills.

Riding the Prevelo Alpha One

He rode the bike with confidence. As opposed to being on a wide-open paved trail – some of the terrain was bordered with weeds and sagebrush. The Kenda tires did a fine job on the dry, loose dirt and our rider was able to handle weaving the bike through the channels of trails.

Inspecting the repair stand at the skills park

It was great to see how Derek was able to brake evenly with both front and rear brake on the Alpha One. This being his first experience with handbrakes, he simply took it as fact and used them as instructed.

Prevelo Alpha One Summary

We were beyond stoked to see a kid ride a pedal bike on his own for the first time with the Prevelo Alpha One. Derek’s mom was always close by and she shouted with joy when he took off on his own.

Due to your child’s size and abilities, your kid’s first pedal bike may not be the Prevelo Alpha One. The company also offers bikes with 16inch wheels and 20inch wheels. Although they’re different sizes, they still serve the same purpose: enabling kids to have fun on bikes. The Alpha One is definitely the right tool for the job if you have a young child who’s ready to give it a shot. If you want to ensure success, start with a balance bike such as the Prevelo Alpha Zero. This will properly prepare you daughters and sons to build the foundation necessary to advance to pedaling.

Taking off on the Prevelo Alpha One

Introducing The Specialized Carbon Hotwalk

Specialized Carbon Hotwalk - Balance Bike for Kids

Would you pass up the opportunity to make something like this if you had the resources to do so?

Specialized Carbon Hotwalk - Balance Bike for Kids

From Specialized…

The team at Specialized just built the ultimate first bike. Full carbon and only 2.1kg/4.63 lbs… Now don’t you wish you were younger?

On December 3rd, cycling fanatics will be able to share their love of carbon race machines with the future performance rider in their lives. The new super lightweight Hotwalk Carbon features a purpose built carbon frame for better handling and more control. No details were spared on this build, including a lightweight FACT 9r carbon frame, fork, and handlebars. The wheels are carbon, too, and feature Rhythm Lite tires with super-light casing. The grips feature a 38% smaller diameter, offering a better grip for little hands. And to top it off, the Hotwalk Carbon is equipped with a Low friction Body Geometry Saddle, with an integrated carrying handle.

Starting as a daydream napkin sketch, the Specialized team quickly took action and utilized their decades of knowledge in carbon layups to bring this bike to life. Because, hey, if the parents get to play around on the best bikes all day, why shouldn’t the kids!

And yes, of course it’ll cost you, just a cool $999 USD. What was that about the N+1 rule? Gotta start ’em young 😉

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Specialized Carbon Hotwalk in the shop

Chill – It’s Still Just A Balance Bike

The first real, good kid mountain bikes were one-offs created by parents, designers and/or craftspeople who had the skills, tools, and materials to bring an idea to life. Our son’s first quality purpose-built kid-sized bike was made out of a need from moms and dads who worked at major bike brands.

The sport has aged well, and with more and more 1st generation mountain bikers having families of their own – the market is growing for quality bikes and gear for kids.

Obviously, this bike was designed and created as project that can be akin to a concept car that that graces the pages of Motor Trend or Car And Driver. But like all things in the mountain bike world – if you have means, then there is a premium product for the having.

Riding the Specialized Carbon Hotwalk

15yo Aiden And 17yo Wyatt Ride Kong

POV Video - Kong - Virgin, UT

Our friend Aiden Parish stitched together this POV video of him and our oldest son Wyatt hitting Kong for the first time over the 2020 Thanksgiving break near Virgin, Utah. We owe Aiden a big thanks for sharing this video with us.

Follow Aiden on Instagram @aiden_parish83 and Wyatt @wat_is_good. Aiden and his brother Alex @alex_parish1 are the initial members of @parish_brothers_racing.

If you’re not familiar with Kong, it’s a line near the Red Bull Rampage site that many pros ride and advanced riders can test their mettle on. The trail is accessed via Flying Monkey and its notable features are a series of exposed ridge-to-ridge drops and rolls that leave zero room for big errors.

The boys were supposed to ride this with friends who were familiar with the trail, but following a hard crash by one of them earlier in the day, the ride was put off. Nonetheless, after Aiden’s dad offered to shuttle them up so they could check it out – it was go time.

For over a year, Aiden and Wyatt have been riding together because they’re members of the Racekraft Gravity Development MTB Team. They decided each of them had the ability to do this due to their experiences riding together. This being their first time down Kong, they took the time to inspect each feature, determine the lines, and only ride it if they knew they would succeed.

Aiden is 15 years old and rides a Santa Cruz v10 in this video. Wyatt is 17 years old and rides his Transition Sentinel. One of the more interesting details is that you can hear Aiden clipping in and out of his pedals. That’s just next level.

Wyatt said one of the toughest moves on the trail was on the first feature where the trail made a slight dodge to the right when you had speed after the initial slab. You can see that based on how the video is spliced up, both riders were sure be patient and stay on line when starting to roll in on a drop.

When they had the opportunity to ride the trail again the next day, they exhibited their smarts once again and decided to ride other lines nearby.

Prevelo Alpha Zero Review

Prevelo Alpha Zero - Review

Can you imagine the beginning a long, enjoyable story that will take several decades to consume? If the equivalent to this saga is the start of your little one’s enjoyment of cycling, then the preface can take place upon the Prevelo Alpha Zero.

Prevelo Alpha Zero - Review

Prevelo:  Website | Instagram | Facebook

The Alpha Zero is Prevelo’s 12-inch wheel balance bike/run bike engineered for kids who, on the entry side, are about 18 months old and up. It has a standover height of just 7 inches and a minimum saddle height of 11.5 inches. The maximum saddle height for the bike is 14.6 inches. MSRP for the Alpha Zero is $199.00 USD.

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A Quick Overview Of The Prevelo Alpha Zero

standover height icon


Min ~11.5 inches

drivetrain icon


None – It’s Push-Powered

wheel size icon



weight icon


~8.5 lbs

The Prevelo Alpha One Is Minimal. And That Makes It Huge.

When we normally do a bike review, we pour over the specs in order to inform readers of all the details. In this case, the facts are minimal because the bike is minimal. The drivetrain consists of your kid’s feet, legs, and gumption. In the beginning, slowing down the bike and braking will be done with the aforementioned items. After the beginning, your little one will learn how to use the rear Tektro v-brake on the bike controlled by a hand lever on the right side of the bars. The cable for the brake streams neatly from the lever and it’s internally routed through the down tube. It’s nice looking.

Seat collar on Prevelo Alpha Zero

Colors And Add-Ons

The bike’s looks are classic and will appeal to both girls and boys. Color options for the frame include Speed Silver, Power Purple, and Braap Blue. When shopping on the Prevelo website, you can also add optional: colored grips, a bike bell, rider name lettering, or USB rechargeable lights.

The Prevelo Trade Up Club

Learn About The Prevelo Trade Up Club

Prevelo also offers a Trade-Up Club Membership. As of this writing, the cost is $69.00 USD. The program allows you to save money when sizing-up while your kids continue to ride a Prevelo. Get all the detail and terms by visiting the Prevelo website.

Hand brake detail - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Prevelo Alpha Zero - Top Tube Badge

Start With This Balance Bike Instead Of A Pedal Bike With Training Wheels

The Prevelo Alpha Zero is made to introduce your kids to the concept of balancing on a bike without the distractions of pedals or the safety net of training wheels.

The same will or gumption that drives your children to propel themselves along by walking or running the bike as they’re firmly planted on the saddle is going to allow them to progress.

Once comfortable with the physical demands of achieving basic angular momentum, your child will discover that if the thrust is increased, she/he will be able to keep both feet off the ground longer and glide greater distances without their feet touching the ground. In our experiences, this has been the most important skill that enables a young rider to safely transition to a pedal bike with confidence.

Having the right tool for the job is important. Again, that’s where the Prevelo Alpha Zero comes in. It’s made to fit small, young children. It’s made to help them succeed.

Cockpit view - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Rear end - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Tire tread detail - Prevelo Alpha Zero

Geometry For The Prevelo Alpha Zero

A Wheel Size12"
B Wheelbase22.9 in / 581 mm
C Effective Top Tube Length11.6 in / 295 mm
D Head Angle67°
E Seat Tube Angle69°
F Chain Stay Length8.9 in / 225 mm
Prevelo Alpha Zero Geometry Diagram

Click the photo to enlarge it

Prevelo Alpha Zero – Specifications

FORK22.9 in / 581 mm
SEAT CLAMP11.6 in / 295 mm
HEAD SET8.9 in / 225 mm
RIMAluminum with grinded sidewalls
FRONT HUBLightweight alloy 1-piece forged CNC with low profile rounded hex bolts and sealed hub
REAR HUBLightweight alloy 1-piece forged CNC with low profile rounded hex bolts and sealed hub
TIRE & TUBEKenda 12 x 1.75
SADDLEPrevelo balance bike specific saddle
HANDLEBARPrevelo Aluminum - 375mm wide x 50mm rise - 22.2mm to 19mm taper
HANDLEBAR STEMAluminum 30mm extension
GRIPKraton rubber

Riding The Prevelo Alpha Zero

It isn’t complicated. It’s just fun. Our rider rode this bike for better part of the summer and his confidence grew as the season went on. The Prevelo works on grass, concrete, pavement, gravel, and dirt. The absence of a top tub on the bike makes it super easy to get on and dismount. The quick-release seat post collar allows one to adjust the saddle height as needed without the needing a hex key.

The Prevelo Alpha Zero even works on grass

Getting familiar with the Prevelo Alpha Zero in safe, controlled surroundings.

Taking on a pump track with the Prevelo Alpha Zero

Little kid – big world. You gotta have guts to hit pump track. Think about it. If these rollers were scaled up for adults, these would be serious obstacles. The right fitting bike makes all the difference.

Dressed to the nines on the Prevelo Alpha Zero

With a proper sized bike for this age category, your rider should be able to straddle the bike with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Climb mode on - Prevelo Alpha Zero
Getting ready for the next leg of the ride
Looking good on the Prevelo Alpha Zero - a balance bike for kids

Riding Off Aboard The Prevelo Alpha Zero

If you have a young one who is ready, or soon to start cycling, the Prevelo Alpha Zero is a must-have balance bike. It’s sized right. It’s priced right. It is made so children can begin to learn the fundamentals of riding a bike. The kid sized saddle, handlebars, and grips are specifically designed to make your kid comfortable when they take the plunge into the world of bikes.

Following dad's lead on singletrack aboard the Prevelo Alpha Zero

Shred Til Bed Book – From Kids Ride Shotgun

Reading the Shred Til Bed book

From the makers of the Kids Ride Shotgun bike seat comes the most captivating page-turner of the year: Shred Til Bed – The MTB Animal Alphabet.

Reading the Shred Til Bed book

A-B-C… Don’t worry. We won’t ruin the ending. This hard-cover book has 52 pages of wonderful illustrations featuring members of the animal kingdom mountain biking across terrain that would send Curious George back to the hospital.

Shred Til Bed - Cover
Shred Til Bed - Gg

Written by Kids Ride Shotgun Co-Founder, Dan Necklen – along with art by Mike Hearsey, the book cleverly pairs mountain biking vernacular with animals that begin with the same letter.

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The illustrations are a a lot of fun and you can keep your kids engaged with the sport rain or shine while introducing and/or reinforcing a tad of extracurricular learning.

Shred Til Bed book - Kk
Ll - Shred Til Bed book from Kids Ride Shotgun

Mountain Biking In Bellingham With Kids

The best mountain biking trails for families and kids in Bellingham

Cascadia’s backwoods are home to some of the best mountain biking in the country. Tall old trees, mossy granite, exposed roots, and dirt that deserves its own seat on the periodic table are what you are here to see. This is a sample of some of the best family friendly mountain biking trails in Bellingham, Washington.

Bellingham is just thirty minutes south of the Peace Arch border in to Canada. The town is also headquarters for Evil, Kona, and Transition bike companies. We have the luxury of having friends who live in the area – and through their generosity of playing tour guides, our family has experienced some of the best riding in the region.

WMBC - Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition

The WMBC Is The Local Trail Organization

If you’re planning on riding Bellingham or have enjoyed the trails in the past, take a moment and donate to the WMBC right now. The Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition is composed of a board and volunteers who are among the most active mountain biking communities on the planet. And, because of contributions from families like yours and mine, the WMBC can build more trails so we can all enjoy the outdoors together.

In addition to being stewards of the trails, the WMBC sponsors events, youth programs and service learning opportunities.

Galbraith Mountain

Galbraith Mountain Trail Map

Examine the embedded map and you’ll see that the Galbraith mountain biking trails mimic a Paris street map. If you can spend a few days here, you’ll reap the rewards. You can ride the north of the mountain or the south. The south side is most popular because that’s where most of the trails are accessed. Park on Samish Way just west of Galbraith Lane. An early arrival in the day will guarantee parking. If you have a hitch mounted tray rack, be sure to move it in upright position. This is so you maximize the available space for vehicles to maneuver in a parking area with limited space. If the lot is full, you can park on the side of the road, but make sure your car is completely off the road.

Parking: Google Maps
Who It’s For: balance bikes through advanced mountain bikers

Galbraith is privately owned and as mentioned above, the WMBC (Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition) is the trail organization responsible for preserving the relationships that keep the area accessible. The WMBC also creates new trails, maintains the existing trails, and is also responsible for the majority of the fundraising. Bellingham’s mountain biking community is among the best and strongest in the nation. Citizens put in the volunteer hours and pony up the dough to make things work.

We can’t write about everything on Galbraith, but we strongly encourage you to explore and plan your family’s bike rides based on your abilities and levels of interest. Always keep in mind that when you’re riding with your kids, it’s not your ride. It’s your job to keep the itinerary fun and safe. Carefully cross Samish Way to get on Galbraith Lane / Pipeline Road. Once you’ve crossed the road, head north.

You get to earn your turns on Galbraith. There are no lifts, paid shuttles, or self-shuttling. Check the weather and bring appropriate clothing. Plan ahead and be sure to have space in your pack for your kids’ extra clothes, additional food and water, whatever they need to make the ride a success. Always keep in mind that you’re responsible for creating positive experiences for your young riders.

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Beginner Trails On Galbraith Mountain

Once you’re on Pipeline Road, continue north to the southwest zone of the mountain. Here you’ll find trails like Bunny Trails, Little Dipper, Art’s Trail, and more. You can make loops from these trails that use Pipeline Road as the main corridor. You can get creative and make a route that resembles a figure-eight. Clock-wise or counter-clockwise, out-and-back and so on. You could even incorporate a couple of blue/intermediate trails like Pony Express or Mole Trap if your group is up to the task. Galbraith can keep everyone in your family pedaling and interested.

Crossing a bridge on Galbraith Mountain's beginner / family-friendly mountain bike trails
Getting back to Pipeline Road on Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, WA
Mountain biking with kids in Bellingham, Washington - Lost Giants trail

Evolution, Unemployment Line, And Atomic Dog

These three trails are for adventurous intermediate riders through advanced riders. There are steep, elevated features; jumps and drops. Link these three trails together by pedaling to where Evolution starts. From the south parking lot on Samish Way, here’s how you get there: Cross Samish Way. Go north on Pipeline Road / Galbraith Lane and continue on Last Call. Cross Pipeline and get on Lost Giants. Take a right on Dog Patch. When you reach Towers at the end of Dog Patch, take a left on Towers. Get on RD 2300 at the intersection and take a left on Three Pigs. At the next intersection, get on Huff and Puff. At the end of Huff and Puff, go right and meander to the start of Evolution.

Evolution starts off fine and well, and the first challenging move is a sweeping left turn on to a wood feature that leads into a long, elevated laddered log. We have nothing like this in Utah and I’m always enamored with this feature. I’m not good enough to ride into the start of it yet, but I always like seeing it. Once you’re on the log, it’s well over 30 feet long and roll off sends you into another ramp with steep roll-down. From there, it’s hooting and hollering through more features and jumps. The trail ends on the Towers access road. Take a left on Towers. Pass the Pump Track trail and you’ll arrive at Unemployment Line.

The Evolution sign on Galbraith Mountain
Point-of-view screen grab of the elevated bridge on Galbraith's Evo trail.

The start of Unemployment Line was rebuilt a couple of years ago and it’s more of an art installation opposed to the drop-in of a mountain bike trail. When you see it in person, you’ll understand. The trail is only 3,800 feet long and it’s rated intermediate, but riders with good jump skills will get to enjoy it the most. There are a couple of berms on this trail that rival the Daytona Speedway. Unemployment Line ends on RD 2300. Take a right and pedal over to Atomic Dog.

Atomic Dog is another intermediate rated trail that will leave everyone in your group barking with joy. The features aren’t as big as Unemployment Line, but the flow of the trail is top-shelf. Keep your speed and you can clean a step-down, step-up which is one of the trails biggest moves. The trail ends at the intersection of Gate and Switch and Towers. From here, you can head back to the car, or prep for another lap on the mountain.


Mohawk is an advanced trail riddled with jumps and berms. It was built by a group of diggers known as The Shire Crew. Follow them on Instagram at @shire.built. The jumps at the bottom of Mohawk are world-class, if you or your kids have the skills to ride these – they look like a lot of fun. Our oldest and a couple of his friends where able to experiment and unlock the entire line. Get to the top of Mohawk by pedaling to the top of Huff and Puff. Take a right.

The Mohawk trail on Galbraith is a Shire Built endeavor
Riding Mohawk on Galbraith Mountain

Galbraith Mountain Is Big

There’s about 80 miles of trails packed into this zone. If you’re in town for more than a couple of days, you’ll get to find what works best for your family when you add mountain biking on Galbraith to the mix. We’ve been on several more trails here, but your experience will be your own and there is plenty to choose from. If you’re not from the area, you’ll be pleased to find that most of the climb trails are in shaded trees and they’re not straight up. Our youngest made it to the Evolution trail when he was 9 years old. Every rider is unique and Galbraith can accommodate everyone who likes to mountain bike.

Cedar Dust Jump Lines - Gabraith Mountain - Bellingham

Cedar Dust Jumps

Located near the west-central zone of Galbraith Mountain are the Cedar Dust Jump Lines. There are four trails rated from easiest to most difficult: Green, Blue, Black, and Expert.

Do laps and improve your skills; carefully working up from one line to the next. The Green line has tables where novice and beginning riders will learn to build speed and get their wheels off the ground. The Blue line has a couple of drops and doubles. The Black and Advanced lines have gaps.

People come to Galbraith just to ride these jumps for hours on end. They’re just another good reason to plan a trip and get this mountain biking destination off your bucket list.

Blue Steel

Opened in September of 2020, Blue Steel is a jump line composed of 7 BIG features. The line was designed and constructed by pro Nico Vink in partnership with Transition Bikes. Prior to dropping in on the jumps, you’ll see a sign with “Tips From Nico” that can help you complete the jumps in one piece.

Entry gate at the Blue Steel jump line – Galbraith Mtn.
Hitting a jump on the Blue Steel line

Chuckanut Mountain

Chuckanut Mountain Trail Map

Our family has only ridden a couple of trails on this mountain and they’re very challenging. I’m not ashamed to admit that I walk a few features because I don’t have the skills to get down them on my bike. If I put in the work at build up my skills, maybe I’ll be able to clean ’em when we return. On the other hand, our kids were able to ride from top-to-bottom when they were 13 and 9 years old. Gauge your family’s skills properly. Play it safe and have a rider in your group with at least strong intermediate skills pre-ride these in order to ensure a good time for all.

Drop Off: Google Maps
Pick Up: Google Maps
Who It’s For: strong intermediate through advanced mountain bikers

Double Black Diamond And Double Down

The route we describe here is a shuttle ride. Chuckanut Mountain is south of Bellingham. When you approach the mountain on Chuckanut Drive turn on to Hiline Road. Hiline will merge into Cleator Road. Keep going until you reach the viewpoint where you can see the ocean far, far below. Cleator Road is three miles long. If you park facing the road, ride or hike up the Double Black walk up for a few hundred yards. Double Black Diamond will begin on your right.

Double Black Diamond is a mile long and it’s wonderful. Exposed steppy roots and switchbacks, narrow lines through trees adorn Double Black Diamond. In my opinion, the toughest move on this trail is short bumpy strait with roots that leads into left turn. I have to dab it with a foot to get through. The rest of the trail is composed of similar goodies. Double Back Diamond ends at the Fragrance Lake Road. Cross it and you’ll begin Double Down.

During the summer, we traveled through the PNW with our friends, the Parish family. Aiden @aiden_parish83 and Alex  @alex_parish1 make brief appearances in these videos.

I don’t enjoy Double Down as much as Double Black Diamond, but that’s only because I can’t ride it all. There are roots on off-camber slopes and tricky rock sections. On our most recent trip, I was able to do a section for the first time and that made me feel like a pro. Double Down has a couple of optional features that easily qualify as expert. One is a rock drop that carries riders about a dozen feet from leap to landing. Another is a booter that launches qualified riders through the uprights of a couple of tall, thin trees. Score!

When you reach the bottom of the Double Down trail, merge on to the Fragrance Lake Road and head south. This is where you get picked up by your shuttle, at the Lost Lake Parking Lot. On one side of the lot, there is 15 minute parking so you can avoid paying the day use fee.

Waterfront Pump Track

Bellingham Waterfront Bike Park Map

Pump tracks and skills parks are great because everyone can enjoy them. Young ‘uns on balance bikes, moms on dirt jumpers, dads with bmx bikes, and groms on hardtails can all have a good time at the pump track. Access the Bellingham Waterfront Pump Track via Granary Road or West Laurel Street. The area is marked by old red-orange tiled storage tanks remaining from a paper processing plant. There’s plenty of parking and space to work on your cornering, jumping, etiquette, diction and vocabulary.

Location: Google Maps
Who It’s For: everyone

Riding at the pump track - Bellingham, WA
Taking a break at the Waterfront Pump Track - Bellingham, WA

Lake Whatcom Park

Lake Whatcom Park Map

Location: Google Maps
Who It’s For: strong intermediate and advanced mountain bikers

Chanterelle Trail And Brown Pow

This area is home to the multi-use climb trail Chanterelle and the downhill romp Brown Pow. When ascending Chanterelle, be conscious of hikers and trail runners. Be on your best behavior and yield to foot traffic. If you have a bell, the Chanterelle trail is where you want to use it. This route can be busy on the weekends and we had several hikers thank us for using our bells. For our family, coming from dry and dusty Salt Lake City, climbing the three miles on close-to-sea-level Chanterelle is nothing short of pleasant. There are a few road crossings where you can take a break. At the top of the lower section of Chanterelle, there’s an overlook where you have a wide open view of Lake Whatcom.

Climbing the Chanterelle trail by Lake Whatcom.
Side show attractions. Mushrooms on the Chanterelle trail.

When you start Brown Pow, it’s on the stunning side and sans rock slabs – it embodies what makes the PNW famous for mountain biking. Compared to what we normally ride in Utah, the dirt can be considered tacky – even in blown out corners.

Near the bottom of Brown Pow there’s a couple of spaced out roots with small drops that warrant the trail’s advanced rating. An eager intermediate rider will enjoy the trail no problem even though he/she may have to hop off the bike and walk a couple of sections. Put this ride on your to-do list if you have more than a couple of days in town. It’s worth it. If you’re visiting in the heat of summer, a jump in the lake on the way back to the parking lot is a no-brainer.

Mom rides Brown Pow - a Bellingham fave
Go jump in a lake after you ride Brown Pow near Lake Whatcom

Ultimate Gift Guide For Mountain Bikers

Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers
Best gifts for mountain bikers


Holiday gifts for mountain biking kids, moms, dads and everyone else

Do you have a mountain biker in your life?  Our 2020 gift guide for mountain bikers might be helpful as you search for the perfect gift. We’ve made our lists and checked them twice in order to compose our Ultimate Gift Guide For Mountain Bikers. You will find everything from tools and accessories to complete mountain bikes.

Looking for mountain bike gifts for less than $30, the best enduro mountain bikes for kids, or a mountain bike for your high school NICA racer? We have suggestions for balance bikes, your kid’s first pedal bike and quiver killers for teens.

Gifts for cycling / mtb boys and girls 1-3 years old

Don’t just say “Start ’em young”. Do it and see mountain biking gifts for 1-3 year olds.

Prevelo Zulu One kids' bike

Make your little ones’ first experiences on the bike memorable with these selections.

Bell Sidetrack II MIPS Child and Youth Helmet

Some of the items on this list for mountain biking kids include shoes and knee pads.

helinox swivel chair gift for teen mtb

Need gifts for your pre-teen? Look at our picks for bikes, protective gear, and more.

JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker teen gift

Our gift ideas for teen mountain bikers will keep ’em stoked all year long.

Helly Hansen W Seven J Jacket rain jack for mountain bike mom

Among our choices for mom – we have clothing, gear upgrades, bikes, gloves, and tools.

Help the old man keep his mountain bike habit going with our gift list for dad.

Kids ride shotgun seat gift for mountain bike dad

The items in this list were chosen so your entire family can mountain bike together.

We hope you find these stocking stuffers for mountain bikers a relief and affordable.

Smith Squad goggles gift for mountain bikers enduro

Our favorite gifts ideas to keep your enduro mtb kids race ready and stylish.

PNW Loam Grips nica gift mountain bike

Get your NICA league MTB racer something useful and/or rad for the upcoming season.

Atlas Prodigy Youth Neck Brace 2020 mountain biking kids

Downhill mountain biking is fast ‘n furious. Lots of protection choices make the list.

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The Best Mountain Bikes for 8-11 Year Old Boys And Girls

The best mountain bikes for 8-11 year olds

Hitting the trails with your 8-11 year old? If your rider isn’t quite big enough for a full sized mountain bike, but is ready to graduate from a 20-inch wheel bike, a 24-inch wheel bike may be the perfect middle ground. 24-inch bikes can last your kiddo 2-3 years and can definitely take your kid to the next level. Check out our list of best mountain bikes for 8-11 year old boys and girls below.

The best mountain bikes for 8-11 year olds

Importantly, before you shell out the money on a new mountain bike for your kid, you’ll want to be sure that your kid can straddle the bike with both feet flat on the ground (for beginners) or on tip toe (for more advanced riders). Get a good stand-over height measurement by measuring your child’s inseam.

Additionally, we recommend that you look for a bike that has the biggest wheels available for your kid’s stand-over height. Firstly, bigger wheels roll more easily over obstacles on the trail. Secondly, a bike with larger diameter wheels will be more stable and more efficient for longer rides than smaller wheels because they require less effort to keep their momentum going. Kids on the taller side may fit on a 26-inch wheel bike, so you might want to check out our list of  best mountain bikes for 11-14 year old kids before making a purchase.

Here is an overview of our top ten best mountain bikes for 8-11 year old boys and girls. These mountain bikes all have 24-inch wheels. Check out the comparison table at the end of the article to see all the size, cost and other data in one place.

Norco Fluid FS 1 24

Norco Fluid FS 1 24

The Norco Fluid FS 1 24 has been totally redesigned for 2020. Certainly, its Fox and X-Fusion suspension package is ready to handle anything your little shredder can ride. Additionally, the Maxxis Minion DHR/DHF tires and a 100mm dropper help make this bike a solid choice for your gravity minded pre-teen. Finally, you can order direct from Norco! On the fence about whether your mtb kid is ready for a 24-inch wheel? The newly modeled Norco Fluid FS 1 20 sports 20-inch wheels and a 80mm dropper post.

Buy this kids’ 24″ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height22.4 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
BrakesShimano BR-MT500 hydraulic, 180mm
Shifter(s)SRAM NX
DerailleurSRAM NX
ForkManitou J-Unit 24", Expert Air, Alloy Steerer, 145mm Travel
ShockFox Performance FLOAT 3-position, SV/EVOL, custom light tune
Live PriceNorco

Raleigh Redux 24-inch wheel bike for kids

Raleigh Redux 24″ Bike

New Bikes are the most popular gifts for mountain bike kids 10-12 years old. For youngsters who are ready to explore beyond the concrete and blacktop, this aluminum alloy bike with mechanical disc brakes allows them to build their riding skills on the dirt. The Redux 24 comes with a 1×7 drivetrain to ensure a smooth ride while learning about the benefits of a multi-gear bike.

Buy this 24-inch kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height23.7 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesAlloy Mechanical Disc Brakes
Shifter(s)Shimano Revo, 7 speed
DerailleurShimano Tourney
Live PriceMoosejaw

MTB Helmets For Kids

Make sure your kids have proper, well-fitting head protection.

Mountain Bike Helmets For Kids

G-Form knee pads for kids

Knee Pads For Kids

Knee pads are another level of protection for young riders.

MTB Knee Pads for Kids

Camelbak LUXE hydration pack for kids

Hydration Packs For Kids

Is your kid big enough to carry their own water and supplies?

MTB Hydration Packs for Kids

Prevelo Alpha 4 24 inch bike for kids

Prevelo Alpha 4

The Alpha Four is an excellent bike for kids moving up to 24 inch wheels. There are many things to love about this bike. First, the Prevelo confidence inspiring low and narrow geometry. Prevelo geometry keeps the rider low, balanced and in control. Second, the lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with custom formed tubing and aluminum alloy fork with chromoly steerer keep the weight manageable. Third, the Tektro front and rear v-brakes make speed control and stopping a breeze. Fourth, the Shimano ALTUS 8-speed drivetrain with Shimano smart cage. This unique pulley cage permits the use of a shorter pulley cage without comprising gear ratio width. Finally, this bike comes 95% assembled. Just install the handlebar, seat-post, front wheel and pedals.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height22 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum/Alloy
BrakesTektro aluminum alloy V-brake
Shifter(s)Shimano Acera RAPIDFIRE Plus
Derailleur8-speed Shimano Altus
Live PricePrevelo/span>
Cleary Bikes - Scout 24 inch mountain bike

Cleary Bikes Scout 24in Bike

The Cleary Bikes Scout 24 is hardtail mountain bike for kids. Cleary’s highest goal is to get kids comfortable on their bikes. Subsequently, they design bikes that ensure  a balanced, responsive ride for kids. Particularly, the Scout 24 is a good fit for kids who are ready to get off the pavement and start pedaling the single track. Significantly, the hydraulic brakes and junior-sized levers will build confidence. Additionally, the 1×10 drivetrain is sure to allow your young rider to increase her/his mtb skills.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height26 inches
Frame Material4130 Chromoly
BrakesTektro HD-291 Hydraulic Disc
Shifter(s)Shimano Deore M6000
DerailleurShimano Deore M6000 Shadow Plus
ForkSuntour XCR LO 24
Live PriceCompetitive Cyclist
co-op cycles Rev 24 plus kids bike gift

Co-op Cycles REV 24 mountain bike

For young mountain bikers ready to build skills on single-track, the Co-op Cycles REV 24 bike might be a great start. Firstly, the 6061 aluminum frame is strong and lightweight. Secondly, this mountain bike includes 7 gears of easy, intuitive shifting to offer power for climbing and speed for cruising. Thirdly, the mechanical disc brakes provide confidence-inspiring, responsive braking power in all conditions. Fourthly, the  24-inch wheels and plus-size tires are 2.6 inches wide soften the little bumps and stick to the trail.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height23.5 inches
Frame Material6061 aluminum
BrakesMechanical Disc Brake
Shifter(s)Shimano Tourney Revo Twist
DerailleurShimano Tourney
Live PriceREI
Woom 5 mountain bike for kids

Woom 5 – 24 inch wheel bike

The Woom 5 gives children fun and safety on two wheels. There are many features to love about this 24inch wheel bike. Firstly, the frame is made of light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminium with butted tubes. Secondly, the geometry is designed for agile and easy handling. The low entry, very low sitting position and forgiving steering geometry to provide good control and more riding fun. Thirdly, there are 8 speeds. The SRAM X4 twist shifter make for easy transitions. Fourthly, two independently operated V-brakes with braking power are adapted for children. Finally, the high-quality, lightweight tires for good shock absorption, low rolling resistance and maximum grip. Read our full Woom 5 review.


Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height20.28 inches
Frame Material6061 aluminum
BrakesV brakes Brake
Shifter(s)SRAM X4 twist shifter
DerailleurSRAM X4
Live PriceWoom
Trailcraft Maxwell 24, full-suspension mountain bike for kids

Trailcraft Maxwell 24

The old saying goes that “you get what you pay for”. Unquestionably, you get one of the best trail riding kids’ mountain bikes in the business if you buy the Maxwell 24. Your mtb kids can dominate any kind of trail thanks to this full-suspension bike. With attention to detail, all of the components used on this Maxwell 24 are of the highest caliber and kid-sized.  Never worry about the quality that you are getting with the Trailcraft Maxwell 24. Without reservation, these bikes get our highest recommendation.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height25 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Drivetrain1×10, 1×11
Brakes3 Options, Shimano
Shifter(s)2 Options, Shimano
Derailleur2 Options, Shimano
ForkRST Snyper 100mm
ShockMonarch R-100mm travel
Live PriceTrailcraft
Transition Ripcord 2020 - full suspension mountain bike

Transition Ripcord

Transition’s affinity for the trails of the pacific-northwest is embodied in the brand’s Ripcord – a full-suspension mountain bike for kids. Once the front and rear air suspension are dialed-in, your kiddo with will be ready for everything from Galbraith to Gooseberry Mesa. The Ripcord is lightweight with high quality components. To be sure, this is a premium mountain bike for kids who are eager to ride the bike parks and advanced single track.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24 inches
Min. Standover Height26.57 inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
DrivetrainSRAM NX 11 speed
BrakesShimano MT400
Shifter(s)SRAM NX 11spd
DerailleurSRAM NX 11spd
ForkRockShox 30 Silver TK 26, 100mm Travel
ShockRockShox Monarch R
Live PriceEVO
Rocky Mountain Reaper 24 - mountain bike

Rocky Mountain Reaper

The Rocky Mountain Reaper is a design that allows your young mtb enthusiast to send it big and pedal on demanding trails. It’s a full-suspension kids’ mountain bike that allows you to switch out the 24-inch wheels for 26-inch wheels. On account of this versatility. you can keep the bike in the family for an extended period of time.

Buy this 24″ kids’ mountain bike from:

Wheel Size24-inch (stock)
Min. Standover Height27.24 inches
Frame MaterialFORM(TM) Alloy
DrivetrainShimano 1×10
BrakesShimano MT200 2 Piston / Shimano RT30 180mm / Shimano RT30 180mm
Shifter(s)Shimano Deore
DerailleurShimano Deore
ForkSuntour Raidon 32 LOR DS 120mm
ShockRockShox Monarch R
Live PriceRocky Mountain

Comparison chart: Best 24-inch wheel mountain bikes for 8, 9, 10 or 11 year olds 

Wheel SizeMin. StandoverDrivetrainBrakesForkShockMSRP USDLive Price
Norco Fluid FS 1 2424-inch22.4 inches1×11Shimano BR-MT500 hydraulic, 160mmManitou J-Unit 20", 145mm TravelFox Performance FLOAT 3 Position, 120mm Travel$2,499.00Norco
Raleigh Redux24-inch23.7 inches1×7Alloy Mechanical Disc BrakesRigidRigid$450.00Moosejav
Prevelo Alpha 424-inch22 inches1×8Tektro aluminum alloy V-brakeRigidNone$539.00Prevelo
Cleary Bikes Scout 24in24-inch26 inches1×10Tektro HD-291 Hydraulic DiscSuntour XCR LO 24None$840.00Competitive Cyclist
Co-op Cycles REV 24 mountain bike24-inch23.5 inches1×7Mechanical Disc BrakeRigidNone$379.00REI
Woom 524-inch20.28 inches1×8V BrakesRigidNone$499.00Woom
Trailcraft Maxwell 2424-inch25 inches1×10, 1×113 Options, ShimanoRST Snyper 100mmRockShox Monarch RVariesTrailcraft
Transition Ripcord24-inch26.57 inches1×11Shimano MT400RockShox 30 Silver TK 26, 100mm TravelRockShox Monarch R$1,699.00EVO
Rocky Mountain Reaper24-inch (stock)27.241×10Shimano MT200 2 Piston / Shimano RT30 180mm / Shimano RT30 180mmSuntour Raidon 32 LOR DS 120mmRockShox Monarch R$1,799.00Rocky Mountain

Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City - An action sports destination

Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City is to an action sports kid as what Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is to Augustus Gloop. So much so that your kids may just passively fall into the river of awesome and need to be retrieved by the staff at the end of your session. Several years in the approval process, relocation, another approval process, and finally making – this latest addition to the Woodward properties is everything a kid who cannot hold still could have hoped for. The venue is located near Parley’s Summit, just 20 miles from downtown Salt Lake City via I-80. Upon arrival you notice the main building with outdoor plaza, a lift, and a north facing slope ripe for action sports.

Woodward Park City - An action sports destination
IMPORTANT: A lot of images in this article were created prior to the pandemic. With COVID19 being prevalent, you will have to follow guidelines set forth by Woodward Park City and Summit County. Masks are required. Woodward has taken above-and-beyond precautions. Check out their Health and Safety page. Woodward has also installed Airphix machines to assist in the disinfection of the space – information is here. We strongly suggest you email ahead to learn how the venue is defending against the spread of the the coronavirus and become informed of offerings/equipment that may be unavailable due to the pandemic. They are also limiting the number of guests for certain areas of the venue in order to follow social distancing protocols.
Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City:  Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter
Plan ahead and book your sessions online. Even before covid, Woodward Park City was very popular. Walk-in visitors may not be allowed to due to capacity restrictions.    

Follow MTB With Kids on Facebook  Follow MTB With Kids on Instagram

Follow MTB With Kids on Facebook and Instagram

When you approach the building from the lot, you cannot help but get excited. It doesn’t matter if you’re just playing the role of sherpa and spectator. You see just how big the property is and all the work that went into shaping the trails, constructing the plaza and making this a true destination. Upon entering the building, the guest services and check-in counters are on your right. Reusable wristbands are issued with an embedded chip that gets scanned when you enter a zone or get on a lift. The wristbands also let staff know when an attendee’s session has expired.

Approaching Woodward Park City

Here Is An Overview Of What Woodward Park City Has To Offer

Indoor / Sports Hub

  • Skate park
  • Trampolines with foam pits* and parkour zone
  • Mini Mega Ramps with foam pit and resi-mat
  • Mini Ramps, 1 with air bag
  • Digital Media Center*
  • Spectator zones
  • Food and beverage services

* Currently closed due to covid19


  • Skiing and snowboarding terrain park
  • Tubing hill
  • Mountain biking
  • Skate plaza
  • Pump track
  • Dirt jumps
  • Connector path – a ribbon of blacktop ¼ mile asphalt pump track
Woodward Park City - air bag
Competition grade trampolines at Woodward Park City

First Time Safety Orientation Course Experiential Tour

Every first time visitor who desires to enjoy the the indoor offerings will have to take a brief Experiential Tour session. This only lasts about 10-15 minutes and during the course, guests are instructed to be aware their surroundings, how to enjoy each area at Woodward Park City, the proper way to queue up for a feature and announce “Dropping in!”, how to tuck-and-roll, and other basic skills. If you or your kids have skate park or bmx experience, this is just a well-packaged presentation focusing on how to educate everyone; and help keep you and other guests safe. This is included and is a part of your first 90 minute session. Once completed – you’re all set!

Instructors And Staff

Woodward hires experts for each of the park’s activities. They are always available for questions and assistance. Part of the Woodward experience is the Zone Coaching, where coaches own their zones and are not only there to make sure everyone stays safe, but available to assist with tips and tricks you may be working on! You can even book private lessons if there’s a skill you want to improve one-on-one or move through areas of the hub you’d like to session.

We ran into a friend of ours who went to grade school with our oldest son back in the day and he was a scooter instructor. Not a bad gig for a high school kid.

Local pros and athletes with advanced skills and teaching know-how guide you and your kids through proper techniques in order to raise your abilities.

Coaching at Woodward Park City
Woodward Pack City has several spectator zones

Watching The Kids Throw Down

If mom and dad aren’t participating, no problem. Indoor spectator zones are available. You can watch your kids from these areas as they enjoy the bike ramps, gymnastics area, indoor concrete skate/bmx area. Free Wi-Fi is available, so if you have the ability to actually zone-out and work from a laptop while your children have the time of their lives, have at it. Large windows allow spectators to keep warm/cool as they identify their loved ones flying down the mountain outside in spring, summer, fall or winter.

Mountain biking at Woodward Park City

Mountain Biking At Woodward Park City

Our first experience mountain biking at Woodward Park City was epic! The trails were only a couple of months old and the construction of new trails was in-progress.

We took a few laps at the bike park on the Hot Laps quad and even though there’s only about 350 feet of elevation, the trails are very well planned and the terrain varies. The venue even accommodated a local, lift-served enduro race last summer. The mountain is currently laced with a few great trails and the property is big enough to build more. Beginners through experts will enjoy the bike park’s trails, pump track, dirt jumps, paved connector trail and plaza.

Mountain bike trail signage at Woodward Park City
Riding the connector ribbon at Woodward Park City

Outdoor Biking

The trails Easy Rider and EZPZ are rated as a green and they are designed to get beginning riders comfortable with downhill mountain biking. If you’ve never done this type of riding before, be ready to take it slow and pull off the trail if you or someone in your group needs a break. There is also a “Start Park” warm up area to assist new riders get comfortable with bike park style riding prior to getting onto the lift. You may get some arm pump and tired legs after just a partial lap.

Once Easy Rider/EZPZ have been mastered, move on to the intermediate trail, Parley’s Way. This line features doubles, table jumps, and a few small step-downs. The berms are built up a bit taller on this trail so you can maintain speed while cornering. The new sections on both of the green and blue trails are more like a skate park on the hill – offering several different line and feature choices keeping it interesting and allowing for progression throughout the day.

Coming in for a landing at Woodward Park City
Setting up for a jump on the mountain bike
Jump on the advanced line - Woodward Park City

Next up is the advanced trail, Spiral Jetty. Bigger jumps mean riders must possess a bigger bag of skills. A couple of the tables at the top of the track can send you pretty high up, but it’s the optional PRO jump line at the bottom half that’s composed of the BIG jumps. There are big consequences to these because when you hit them at speed, you can easily be over 8 feet off the deck and soar through the air over 25 feet. If you have the skills, check them out and give them a go.

Enjoy the outdoor pump track. Learning how shift your body weight to maintain and gain speed as you keep the wheels on the ground is an important skill to have. Progression on the pump track transfers over to trail riding and jumping. Once you’re comfortable on the pump track check our the jumps. The dirt jumps are at the east end of the property and several different lines are available. You can progress your skills from beginner to pro, as you successfully send one jump at a time.

Outdoor plaza signage at Woodward Park City
Synchronized fun at Woodward Park City
Outside play in the plaza

Woodward Park City has 2 outdoor concrete skate parks – the Central Plaza and across the bridge, the W Plaza. Each has different grades, lips and features. Last, the connector trail is like a straightened out blacktop pump track. It’s an undulating ribbon of asphalt where you can practice your bike control and jumping. It is ¼ mile long and a great way to warm up as well as keep in shape.

Blacktop ribbon connector
POV on the connector ribbon at Woodward Park City

Indoor Biking At Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City - air bag jump

Sophie Gregory @that.sophie.girl sends it

Quarterpipe ramp - Woodward Park City

Luke Mallen from @thosemallentwins on a quarterpipe

Inside the facility, biking features abound. There is an indoor pump track with quarter pipes on the second level of the building. The pump track is parallel to the large indoor ramps with jumps.

Your weapon of choice doesn’t have to be a bike. Skateboards, scooters, inline skates, Woodward’s patented Park Boards and Park Skis (snowboard simulators and skis with wheels) are sent down the ramps with riders of all ages and abilities on board. The finales for these jumps are a resi mat and a giant foam pit*. It’s a lot of fun just to hang in the observation area and see what tricks people will throw in this area. There is a room with a medium size jump and an air bag for those not ready for the larger ramps previously mentioned. On the east end of the facility is large concrete indoor skate/bmx zone. Rails, stairs, bowls and step-ups/step downs are the perfect features for the freestyle bmx crowd.

Woodward Park City's indoor bike and skate park
Parkour and gym zone - Woodward Park City

Dynamic Pricing At Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City has so many pricing options, you have to visit their website to learn about them all.

Yes, grandma. Adults are welcome to rip it up, too.  Join Adult Shred after hours when they kick all the kids out for adults only on Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm. 18+ only please!

Group lessons are available for for ages 4 and up.  Private lessons are offered for all ages.

Kids age 6 and under always require adult supervision by a member or ticketed adult. Ages 4-6 have access to our indoor Action Sports Hub, Mountain Park, and tubing lanes. Ages 1-3 have restricted access to Woodward Park City:

  • Hub Sessions: 9am-10am Weekends, 10am-11:30am Weekdays
  • Tubing: Limited to snow play areas.

Choose how you play!

Woodward can facilitate everything from membership subscription passes ( similar to a gym or Netflix) to one-time visits. New this season, Woodward has launched 4 different Membership options.  The All Access pass gives members similar access to what they offered before with auto renew. This includes some pretty amazing perks like 2 buddy passes a month, access to Woodward Copper Barn and the Woodward Tahoe Bunker, one free SnoGO Bike lesson and rental, discounts on summer camps at Woodward Park City, Woodward Tahoe, Woodward Pennsylvania and Woodward West. Also 15% off MTB , ski and snowboard group lessons. There is also Mountain Park outdoor pass only. This also comes with some of the perks mentioned, and is all access to the Hot Laps Chair, Mountain Park, Outdoor Action Sports Parks and the MTB trails.

The new one-month pass options offer either All Access or access to the Mountain Park [outside only] valid 30 days from date purchased, these passes do not come with the perks.

Additional Amenities

Rental equipment is available in the lower level of the facility and full-size mountain bikes are available when in-season. There are two eateries on site with locally sourced ingredients. The Hive is the main cafeteria with the usual and some unusual fare. The Grind is more sophisticated and offers tastes to the more adult palate, along with adult beverages of all kinds, making Woodward the perfect place for a date night.

We know what you’re thinking now: Is there a gift and gear shop? You bet there is. Get a t-shirt, warm hat or gloves, cool shades, hoodie, or other souvenir.   

Hive Cafeteria
Grind Cafe

Winter Sports

Skiing, snowboarding, and tubing take place when the weather shifts from fall to winter. The resort fires up the snow making equipment as soon as the temperatures remain steady in order to supplement what nature can provide. Skiers and snowboarders are elevated to the top of the venue by the quad lift and a magic carpet gets tubers to the top of the hill on the west side of the resort. Woodward Park City boasts Utah’s longest tubing runs. For skiing and snowboarding, the north side of the mountain is adorned with rails, on-off boxes, gap jumps, and rollers. Additionally, the resort builds up some big senders and a massive half-pipe.    

Don’t Overcook It – Patrol And First Aid

Be sure to play it safe and perform within your abilities. Yes – accidents happen, but extend your sports seasons by exercising your risk-management skills in partner with your athletic skills. Due to the nature of action sports, on-site medical personnel are always present and available to evaluate and assist if needed. Alert an employee if you see someone in need.

Woodward Is Designed For Action Sports Progression

It doesn’t matter if it’s gymnastics, freestyle skiing, in-line skating, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, etc. Woodward Park City is designed for action sports athletes to improve their skills. An athlete’s performance relies on a combination of physical and mental abilities. And, Woodward has the instructors, features and terrain for those ready to improve their style, ride with confidence, jump higher, go faster, or simply have fun. Woodward is open year-round, so it doesn’t matter if your sport is in mid-season or mud-season. There’s always something to do at family-friendly Woodward Park City.

Six Mountain Bike Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

MTB Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

As your growing family makes more mountain bikers and acquires more mountain bikes, you’ll soon notice that you inherently acquire more bike maintenance duties. Learn how to take care of minor tasks on your own. Once you acquire a base set of tools and skills, you can save a little money and keep your bikes rolling without waiting on a bike shop for service. Sure, there are infinitely more maintenance tasks you can do on your own – but we’ll start with these six basics.

MTB Maintenance You Can Do Yourself
Bike repair stand

Bike Repair Stand
Shop at Competitive Cyclist

Nitrile work gloves

Nitrile Gloves
Shop at Amazon

Lint-free shop towels

Shop Towels
Shop at Amazon

Bleeding Hydraulic Mountain Bike Brakes

One of dad’s goals in life is to have everyone in the family run the same brand brakes and model – just so we only have to stock one type of fluid and pads. Until then, we have to use the right tools for the job. SRAM even went above-and-beyond and created an additional $20 proprietary tool for some of their brakes called the “Bleeding Edge Brake Bleed Tool”.

When you bleed brakes, be sure to wear gloves and have the lint-free shop towels handy. Brake fluid is nasty stuff and it can stain anything. Also be sure to avoid getting brake fluid on the brake pads or rotors. Parts contaminated with fluid can be cleaned up, but that’s for another article.

Shimano Brakes

SRAM Brakes

SRAM Bleeding Edge

SRAM bleeding edge tool

SRAM Bleeding Edge Tool
Shop at Competitive Cyclist

Shimano brake bleed kit

Shimano Bleed Kit
Shop at Amazon

Shimano mineral oil

Shimano Mineral Oil
Shop at Competitive Cyclist

plastic mtb tire levers

Plastic Tire Levers
Shop at Competitive Cyclist

Changing Mountain Bike Brake Pads

This task only takes a few minutes and it really helps if you keep a spare set of pads on hand so if you really need them, you’re ready to go. Some pads require a set of pliers to remove a cotter-pin that helps keep the pads in the caliper. Some require a small hex key to remove the retaining bolt that keeps the pads in the caliper.

SRAM brake pads

SRAM Brake Pads
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Shimano brake pads

Shimano Brake Pads
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Centering or Aligning Disc Brakes

This is one of the first things we taught ourselves because it was necessary and not that difficult. Over time, your rotor may get just tiny bit warped or bent and you hear that steady chime whenever the out-of-whack portion of the brake rotor passes across the brake pads. In some instances, you may have to replace your rotor – but a lot of the time you can fix this yourself.

Centering brakes on your mountain bike
Tightening the brake mount post bolt

Put your bike in a repair stand. Then, lightly loosen the bolts that attach the caliper to the brake mount adapter. Notice that these fastening points are not an exact round hole. There is a little bit of wiggle room or tolerance for the caliper to float on the brake mount adapter. Next, squeeze the brake lever. You may need another person to help. This will align the caliper on the rotor. Then, tighten the mounting bolts. Release the brake lever and spin your wheel. You may have to do a bit of fine tuning if you still have some rubbing.

Lightly loosen the mounting bolts, and one at a time – carefully pivot the caliper so the rotor spins without contacting the pads. Mind your fingers so they don’t get bit by an spinning wheel. Go through this with each caliper mounting bolt until your rotor spins without making a noise and the bolts are tightened.

You may be surprised by just how small an adjustment needs to be made so the noise is eliminated. If you still have rubbing noises, try spreading the pads in the brake the same way you would when your replacing your brake pads as explained above. This may get you the fraction of a millimeter you need to get your caliper aligned and end the brake rub.

Aligning Brake Calipers

Swapping Out Bike Pedals

Some pedals require a hex key, others require a pedal wrench. Regardless of what tool you use, it’s important to know which way you have to rotate the wrench to remove and install pedals from the cranks. If you attach the tool facing the front of the bike, parallel to the ground, the tool always has to rotate up [counter-clockwise] to loosen the pedal. This is same on both the drive side and non-drive side of the bike because the non-drive side is reverse threaded. Be sure to keep the proper-sized hex keys or wrench in your tool kit.

Installing And Maintaining Tubeless Tires

Although setting them up for the first time can be tough, the pros of going tubeless far outweigh the cons. Save time. Save money. And once again – save time. Just as early as last spring when we demoed a bike, we got 2 tube flats on the same ride. It was rotten. Yes – proper air pressure with tubes makes a difference, but we have had no problems with our tubeless set ups for for years.

Installing and maintaining tubeless mtb tires

In order to go tubeless, you need a combination of tubeless compatible rims, tires, valves, and sealant. A lot of rims come tubeless-ready with rim strips. For some, you will need to tape yourself. What does taping a rim ensue? It helps create the air-tight seal required. Every couple of months or so, depending on how often you ride or how much wear-and-tear you’ve put your tires through; you have to keep sealant in the tires. Seating a tire on a rim without a compressor can be a bit tricky, too. We just went to the neighborhood gas station with a Presta compressor valve adapter.

Floor pump with chamber

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Valve core removal tool

Valve Core Remover
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Presta adaptors for air compressors

Presta Compressor Adaptor
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Installing Internal Housing For Brake Cables, Shifting Cables, And Dropper Posts

We needed to build up a our son’s mountain bike from the bare frame last year for the first time and it was quite a learning experience. In order to get the internal housing through the frame we used the Park Tools Internal Cable Routing Kit. Be cautious! This kit will drastically reduce the coinage in dad’s swear jar.

Internal housing routing kit

The kit comes with a set of cables composed of magnets and other adapters that allow you to quickly get a lead cable through the bike. Once you have the lead cable running through the bike, you can pull the housing you need through the frame. It took a bit of practice and coordination to gently use the external guide magnet, but the overall performance of this tool is five out of five stars.

Park tool cable routing kit

Internal Cable Routing Kit
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Have Your Kids Help You Maintain the Family Mountain Bikes!

When our kids were younger, we would have them help us maintain the bikes as much as they could. For instance, they can play the role of assistant mechanic by organizing and handing off tools when doing a repair. They can operate a floor pump, help tighten bolts, etc. As the years have gone by – the kids have learned how to build up demo bikes, bleed their dropper posts, adjust derailleurs, replace derailleur cables, adjust their suspension, and so on. You can even watch a video of our youngest as he converts his bike to a 1x drivetrain.