Prevelo Bikes – Our Chat With Jacob Rheuban

Meet the Rheuban family and Prevelo Bikes

Mountain Biking With Kids had the opportunity to chat with Jacob Rheuban from Prevelo Bikes. Based in California, Prevelo is a somewhat recent entry into to the kids’ bikes marketplace and they have established a firm footing in the industry. They’ve done this by offering great looking quality bikes for kids which are also innovative and reasonably priced. You can see our reviews for the Prevelo Alpha Two and the Prevelo Zulu One to learn what we thought about them. Read on to learn about one of America’s best new kids’ bike companies and how 2018 went for Prevelo.

Meet the Rheuban family and Prevelo Bikes

MTBK: As an entrepreneur, tell us why you chose to make kids’ bikes as opposed to choosing another venture.

The decision was driven a lot by my personal passions. I love bikes. I’m a dad and I love seeing my own kids on bikes. I’ve also always be attracted to product development. We like designing and building something tangible. I like the direct sales model – I like dealing directly with customers and I like eCommerce. We wanted a business that was wholesome and fun. I wanted something that my whole family could be involved in. I like traveling overseas and spending time at factories seeing everything get made. It’s fun working in a shop that smells like new tires and coffee. Prevelo really wraps up everything that I love and really wanted in one package.

Perhaps I should have focused more on good business judgement than following my passions. But it’s too late for that now.

MTBK: Can you describe what you’ve learned over the last 12 months. Throw in some highs and lows.

I’ve learned thousands of little things. I’m not sure where to start. We learned what an ISF filing is, how to align the heating element on a strapping machine, not to run untested code on a live site, and how to say “bottoms up” in Taiwanese.

In terms of larger business philosophy stuff – always stand behind your product and take excellent care of your customers. I want my customers to know that I have their back.

Beyond that, the experience has been humbling. I used to be a sort of armchair entrepreneur – I’d look at brands and think how I would do things better. Now that I’m in the thick of it, I have tremendous respect and admiration for the hard working founders of other brands.

Also, I should listen to Sarah (my wife and business partner) more. If I had we wouldn’t have run so short on inventory in 2018. Early this year I was focused on strategically feathering the throttle on our young family business and Sarah was like “Sell the house, make more bikes.” We ended up selling the house.

Sarah and Jacob Rheuban of Prevelo Bikes
Building up a kids' bike

MTBK: What do you want Prevelo to get better at?

I think there is a lot of work to be done in improving the direct to consumer bike purchasing experience. For example, since there is often no bike shop between Prevelo and our customer, we check and tune every bike prior to shipping it. But I think there is still work to be done to improve the entire experience – things like making unpacking and assembly easier and better website features to help people get a good fit on bikes that they can’t see in person.

MTBK: What are the ups and downs of running your own business in the bike industry?

Ups: Seeing a smiling kid riding a bike that we built. The look on a parent’s face when their kid first learns to pedal. Messages from parents saying they and their kids love our bikes. Posting goofy stuff on Instagram and Facebook and calling it “marketing”. The incredible community of supportive customers. The satisfaction of building something. Meeting so many great people.

Downs: I have to deal with international trade issues. Getting inventory right is always a challenge. Bookkeeping.

MTBK: What was your top selling model of 2018 and why do you believe that bike was so popular?

The Alpha Two is our top seller. I think it’s a size that doesn’t get a lot of attention from the mainstream brands. So there’s an opening in the market there that Prevelo and other kid’s bike specialty brands slot into.

MTBK: Are you going to tweak any of your bikes’ geometries for the next round of production?

We just finished a long year of product development with the Zulu Series. While we’re definitely not going to sit on our hands for very long, we’re going to take a breather before we dive back into product improvement. I might have a more satisfying response in a couple of months.

Prevelo Zulu Four - a 24 inch wheel kids' mountain bike
Working hard at Prevelo Bikes

MTBK: Tell us about the new Zulu Four.

We’re very excited about the entire Zulu Series. When we first started Prevelo, the Zulu Series was sort of a passion project within a passion project. I built the Zulu Three because my oldest son was asking for a mountain bike and I wanted him to ride a Prevelo. But I didn’t expect it to be a huge seller. It ended up being the first bike that we sold out of. So we were like ”Wow, people like our mountain bikes” and there’s a market for mountain bikes with kid centric design. We decided to really dive into it and try to make the best mountain bike we could.

We redesigned the Zulu Three and Zulu Four with a new stronger and lighter frame and modern trail bike geometry (67 degree headtube angle and 74 degree seat tube angle) but we kept our low bottom bracket. I built in features that we feel are really kid appropriate. Kids lay their bikes down a lot more that adults, so we kept the rear caliper protected by using a flat mount caliper and nesting it between the rear stays. Additionally, we made custom direct mount cranks with short crank arms and narrow Q factors. And we made the bikes available with features like a custom built air fork with a carbon fiber lower and thru-axles.

MTBK: Tell us about the new Zulu One and Two

We’re also pretty excited about the new Zulu One and Zulu Two. We listened to feedback from dads that wanted true trail bikes for very young riders. There are some fantastic 14-inch and 16-inch bikes on the market, but they almost universally have BMX/dirt jump type geometries. We designed the Zulu One and Zulu Two to be legit trail bikes. They have long, low and slack geo and hydraulic disc brakes. They are ultra stable and forgiving rides, which I think is useful when you have a young rider being challenged by terrain. We also wanted to make the Zulu Two available with an air fork. Some people were building up 16-inch bikes with 20-inch air forks. But we wanted a real 16-inch fork to keep the geo correct and the bike manageable for small riders. So, we had 16-inch air forks custom made for the Zulu Two.

Ripping a trail on a Prevelo

MTBK: You’re just like any other dad when it comes to watching your children grow and progress their bike skills. Are there any big accomplishments or benchmarks that have impressed you over the last year?

I’ve simply been impressed that my oldest (7 years old) can basically ride non-stop for 7 hours at the downhill park. My younger son (5 years old) melts my heart when he asks to join me on my rides.

But we get a pretty special bike family experience. My sons have had the uncommon life experience of being part of a family starting a kids’ bicycle company. It goes without saying that they were the inspiration for Prevelo (and are our primary prototype testers). But they have also become students of the bicycle industry.

Our business is simple enough for a child to understand (we make a product that children are familiar with and we sell it). Yet it touches on an incredibly diverse range of industrial topics: design, engineering, manufacturing, importing, warehousing, marketing, sales, fulfillment and customer service. These two boys observe a whole lot of it, are eager to be involved (as much as they can) and understand far more about how the bicycle business works than most kids their age. They have a sense of ownership in the company. They are proud of our product. I’m really proud of them.

MTBK: What are your plans and goals for 2019?

I’d like to ride more. I also want to try roasting my own coffee beans at home. I’ve heard the trick is to use a popcorn popper and pay close attention to the bean color.

The Prevelo boys
Prevelo Bikes
Prevelo website icon
Prevelo Facebook icon
Prevelo Instagram icon

Th Best Chair for Mountain Bikers: Helinox

Best Chair for mountain bikers: Helinox

Best chair for mountain bikers = Helinox: Mountain biking with your family gives you lots of opportunities to sit outside.  For example: pre and post-ride meals or drinks at the car, camping, and  watching  friends and family members participate in mountain biking events. For years, we used inexpensive camping chairs purchased from a big box store. However, we were constantly dealing with broken frames or torn fabric that made the chairs unusable. We felt terrible throwing away such large pieces of equipment.

Best Chair for mountain bikers: Helinox

Last Christmas, we decided to purchase some quality camping chairs as our family gift. Our two main criteria were durability and comfort.

After lots on online research we purchased Helinox Chair Two camp chairs for our family in the hopes that these chairs that would be durable and continue to be usable for years even as our kids grow.

We purchased 4 different colors (yellow, black, blue, orange) so everyone gets to take care of his/her own chair.

Some Of The Numbers

Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Size (set up): 21.5 in wide x 25.5 in deep x 33 in tall
Size (packed): cylinder; 18 in x 5 in
Seat height: 13.5 in
Weight capacity: 320 lbs
Manufacturer Warrantee: 5 years
Price: Click button below

Helinox Chair Two review - set up
Detail of Helinox camping chair
Storage bag attached to back of Helinox camping chair

Best Chair for Mountain Bikers: Helinox Chairs Are Comfortable And Durable

Compared to the popular Helinox Chair One, Chair Two is slightly wider, deeper and adds a taller back that gives comfortable back support. The tall back rest also means the carry bag can be filled with padding (clothing or a towel) and attached to the chair back as a neck pillow.


We’ve been impressed with the quality and durability of these chairs. They have survived almost an entire year of camping including a summer of solid use and abuse by a group of wild 11-15-year old boys. The thick nylon mesh fabric is built to last. The fabric on the corners is the thickest and stiffest where you connect the chair to the frame.


Everyone in our family agrees that the Helinox Chair Two is very comfortable. The back is supportive and allows you to sit comfortably while eating, sitting around a campfire or gazing at the stars. The storage bag can be used as a pillow if you put a t-shirt in it and use the Velcro to attach it to the head rest. These chairs are low to the ground, but they are not hard for us to get out of. We actually like being closer to the fire on cool camping evenings.

The Helinox Chair Two camping chairs are comfortable
Lake day with the Helinox Two camping chairs

The Helinox Chair Two Camping Chairs Are Easy To Set Up And Take With You

Our Helinox Two chairs are compact and light taking up about half the space of our old heavy foldable camping chairs. This  helps when we road trip in the minivan. Additionally, the size makes it possible to put them into a backpack for short hikes. The carry bag has two large loops and webbing ladder to attach to the outside of a pack if needed.

These chairs assemble easily. The single shock-corded design makes setup quick. Our kids can have their chairs built in less than a minute. They are also easy to roll back up and our kids fit their chairs back in the bags with no problems.

Helinox Chair Two chairs posing on the rocks
The Helinox Two Chair is compact and easy to travel with

The only factor that may influence your decision to buy the Helinox Two camping chair is the price. Don’t let this hold you back. Our old camping chairs were purchased from a big box store for about $20 each, so that makes these Helinox chairs more than 5x the cost. However, we have learned that the the durability of these chairs will pay off in the long run. We strongly recommend the Helinox Chair Two chairs for mountain biking families and kids. These chairs do an excellent job of balancing lasting comfort and ease of transportation.

If you’re looking for the best chair for mountain bikers and active families, we highly recommend the Helinox camping chair.

The Helinox Chair Two camping chairs are comfy

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We’d love to see what MTB shenanigans your mountain biking kids and family are up to! Share your mountain bike adventures with MTBwithKids on Instagram or Facebook

7 Of Our Favorite Mountain Biking Movies

7 Of Our Favorite Mountain Biking Movies

We had no idea mountain biking movies existed until our first Canada road trip close to ten years ago. Meanwhile, we were at a small café in Kamloops and Follow Me was playing on a wall-mounted monitor. The kids were nothing short of enthralled. Surprisingly, many of the movies from this genre are very well shot and produced. A lot of the entrenched mountain biking moms and dads are well-aware of Life Cycles and many other earlier films, but for us- this was like discovering pizza or sushi for the first time. If your history with these movies is on the short side, download one now and get started on your extended education.

Arrival, MTB movie by The Coastal Crew

Click the image and watch the trailer on iTunes


The Coastal Crew – Step into our world, as we bring you a raw look at the talents of the next wave of mountain bike riders and photographers. While you come face to face with our diverse styles as we take on new lines and new places. Indeed, ARRIVAL is all about what is happening…

Follow Me - Mountain biking movie

Click the image and watch the trailer on iTunes

Follow Me 

Darcy Wittenburg, Jonathan Schramm, Darren McCullough, Colin Jones & Ian Dunn – The filmmakers who brought you the Collective, Roam and Seasons present a new mountain bike film, Follow Me. Straightaway, shot in high definition, Follow Me takes the viewer inside the action, capturing the unique perspectives and imagery the Anthill Films…

Life Cycles mountain biking movie

Click the image and watch the trailer on iTunes

Life Cycles 

Ryan Gibb & Derek Frankowski – Surely, Life Cycles is a true adventure film. Evidently, over 5 years in the making, and using the bicycle as the vehicle, Life Cycles takes you on a journey through natures most beautiful, dramatic, and sometimes unforgiving landscapes. Shot in Ultra HD, and with…

NotBad mountain bike movie

Click the image and watch the trailer on iTunes


Undeniably one of our family’s favorite mountain biking movies. Darcy Wittenburg, Darren McCullough & Colin Jones – This is a tale of epic adventure. Basically a tale of seven brave riders who set out from the four corners of the globe to gather together under one roof in a town located at the ends of the earth. Generally, a tale with no beginning and no end but where a few things…

Seasons - mtb movie from The Collective

Click the image and watch the trailer on iTunes


Jamie Houssian & Darcy Wittenburg – Seasons is a film that follows seven of the world’s top mountain bikers through the course of four seasons of one year. Subsequently, the film explores what it means to be a full time rider as told through the lives of downhill racers, slopestyle competitors,…

Strength In Numbers mountain bike movie

Click the image and watch the trailer on iTunes

Strength In Numbers 

Anthill Films – Previously, viewed at a distance, the world of mountain biking is a disjointed network of seemingly similar but disconnected communities. Freeride. Downhill. Big Mountain. All Mountain. Dirt Jump. Slopestyle. Emphatically, a sport of individuals, however equally defined by their…

unReal mountain bike movie

Click the image and watch the trailer on iTunes


Anthill Films – unReal is for those of us who like to escape. Unquestionably, a film that celebrates breaking free from the confines of reality and venturing into a boundless world. Surprisingly, this place isn’t remote or hard to find, and yet many never see it. Eventually, glacial walls transform into…

Sunday Funday V1

Sunday Funday with Danny Macaskill and Cut Media

Danny MacAskill and Cut Media

If you can’t see the video on this page, please watch it here.

We’re introducing a new segment where we will share videos we hope your family finds interesting and fun. Maybe they’ll have bikes in them – maybe not. Perhaps you’ve seen these before – perhaps not.

To kick things off, this video is definitely one of our all time favorites. Of course part of that is due to Danny MacAskill. But the cinematography, location and music all work together to create a viewing experience you hum along with and get lost in.

There’s a nostalgia aspect to this, too. I remember seeing this for the first time with the family well over 5 years ago when our kids were just six and ten years old.

Video And Production Credit Go To Cut Media
YouTube: Cut Media
Instagram: @cutmedia

Sunday Funday with Danny Macaskill and Cut Media

Gifts For Mountain Bike Trail Dogs

Best gifts for trail dogs

Updated for 2020 – Woof woof bark. Woof woof best gifts for mountain bike trail dogs. Bark bark woof. Yip woof woof woof woof woof woof. Bark woof woof bark bark bark. Yip woof woof bark bark bark growl. Bark bark woof woof woof arf bark bark bark. Arf bark bark woof woof howl. Ruf-ruf bark woof woof woof. Bark bark bark.


The best gifts for mtb trail dogs
Ruffwear single track pack dogi gift

Ruffwear Singletrak Pack 

Ruffwear’s Singletrak Pack make it easy for your pup to carry his own on gear the trail. Five points of adjustment secure the foam-padded chest and belly straps, and Ruffwear includes two 0.6L hydration bladders that collapse when they’re empty for compact convenience. The low-profile side pockets conform to your dog’s sides to assure a full range of motion.

Compare live pricing at…

Ruffwear grip trex dog boots

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots – Set of 4 

Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots are perfect for your trail dog. These booties feature a nonmarking Vibram® outsoles with rugged lug design provide flexibility and traction on varied terrain. The tightly woven air-mesh uppers are breathable while keeping dirt and rocks out.

Compare live pricing at…

Gifts for dogs - softshell jacket

Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Dog Softshell Jacket 

The Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Softshell Jacket is made of waterproof and windproof three-layer fabric to keep your dog warm, and it’s still breathable so your pup won’t get overheated. Four-way stretch gives your dog a comfortable yet active fit.

Compare live pricing at…

Dog gift - Mountainsmith dog pack

Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack Small Red 

The Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack is highly adjustable to fit your dog perfectly. It includes a four point adjustable chest harness, an independently adjustable back harness and an adjustable belly strap to keep your dog comfortable.

Compare live pricing at…

Ruffwear gift for dogs - teather kit

Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch Dog Tether System 

Compare live pricing at…

Ruffwear Quencher Dog Bowl

Compare live pricing at…

The Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

The Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

There’s an incredible new St. George mountain bike park in southern Utah. Just across from the street on the east side of Snow Canyon High School lies the Snake Hollow Bike Park. You and the kids can explore four separate zones where the whole fam can increase your mountain biking acumen and artistry.

The Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

Mom, dad and the womp rats are encouraged to ride in a beginner to advanced level dirt jump zone, pump tracks and skills loops, gravity and progressive drop features, and gravity jump trails. When you see this for the first time in person, you will be amazed at the breadth of terrain and features. What was once a vacant wash is now yet another slice of mountain biking paradise in the St. George area. The park is expansive. The total property size is 80 acres and the is just Phase One.

Snake Hollow Overview

The majority of the dirt jumps are tables and they have take-off ramps with welded steel foundations and wood ladder surfaces. The angles and transition of the jumps on the beginner and intermediate lines are very well crafted and they encourage you to hit them at speed in order to clear them.

A couple of bigger features in the park include an elevated table with a step-up step-down and a tall whale-tail.

In addition to the bike skills zones, there is a covered pavilion with picnic tables, drinking fountains, and restrooms.

How The Bike Park Was Funded

Financing was obtained from two resources in order to build the facility – the RAP (Recreation, Arts & Parks) tax from the city of St. George and transient room tax dollars from Washington County.

Why a bike park with this money? Marc Mortensen, the Assistant City Manager of St. George told us that the bike park was included in the original appeal to have the RAP tax approved so the tax would gain the support of the cycling community. Other types of activities that qualify for RAP funding include art, music, theater, dance, cultural arts, and natural history. Marc also said, “Our city council understands the importance of mountain biking and what it’s done here. We think mountain biking is in the top five reasons of why people come to St. George and we want to capitalize on that.”

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association
FlowRide Concepts
The city of St. George, Utah
Washington County, Utah
Washington County RAP tax
Mountain biker at the Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

FlowRide Concepts from Boulder, Colorado was selected to build the bike park. They worked closely with City of St. George Park Planning Division and their existing park architects on staff to create the venue. The area’s local trail organization, DMBTA (Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association) also played a role with the development of the area.

Advanced zone at the Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George

How To Get To The Snake Hollow Bike Park

  • Get off I-15 at the St. George Blvd. exit and head west.
  • Turn right on Bluff Street
  • Turn left on Sunset Blvd.
  • Turn right on Lava Flow Drive (2400 West)
  • The Snake Hollow Bike Park will be on the right side of the road across the street from the Snow Canyon High School

NOTE: the label on the Google Map is incorrect. The bike park is there, though – we promise!

Phase Two Of The Bike Park And The NICA Influence

NICA stands for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. It’s the organization responsible for developing high school mountain biking leagues across the united states. Over the last few years, St. George has hosted Utah NICA races including this year’s state championship races.

Phase Two development of the the Snake Hollow Bike Park will include a brand new cross country loop suitable for NICA events. Marc Mortensen said, “Funding for a 5 to 5.5 mile long race course has already been approved through the previously mentioned tax funds. After we get the trail flagged, its construction will rely on a lot of volunteer hours from our local high school kids, the DMBTA, and others willing to help.” The new course will undulate through an environment accented with lava rocks, sage brush. Since there is a high school across the street, it offers ample paved parking.

The estimated completion time for the Phase Two race loop is during the late spring of 2019. Other improvements for the second phase of the bike park will include more shaded pavilions and additional parking.

St. George Is Excited To Have You Visit And There Is More To Come

As the only year-round bike park the state of Utah, Marc exclaims “This is going to be a very popular [bike] park and hopefully another reason for people to spend an extra day in St. George.”

St. George already has 300 miles of trails in the area, so this new venue is only going to help solidify the city’s commitment to drawing active families down to southern Utah. In order to keep the good times going, Washington County has established a trails committee to explore additional projects.

Above all, we strongly suggest you make the effort to spend some time at this place. Undeniably, there seriously is something for all to enjoy.

Map - Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

View a large version of the Snake Hollow Bike Park map.

Snake Hollow Bike Park Map


Snake Hollow Bike Park Map: Click to visit our page featuring the Snake Hollow Bike Park.

Large map - Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George, Utah

Woom Bike Helmet Review

Woom kids' bike helmet review - featured image
Woom kids' bike helmet review - featured image

Every single bike riding kid needs to have her/his head protected in case of a fall. This is where the Woom Kids Bike Helmet comes in. This helmet contains all of the safety features that your child needs, whether they are riding on some basic trails or on the sidewalks. It retails for $69.00 USD.

Safety Matters With This Kids’ Bike Helmet 

Woom believes that kids need additional protection because they fall in different ways and their brains are still developing. This  helmet was developed by Matthias Gurtner. Gurtner says “A helmet that’s truly safe for a child is not simply a smaller version of an adult helmet.” This means that the safety features on the Woom are quite different.

The Woom helmet extends protection to the back of the head, as well as the temples. Additionally, the interior of the helmet has padding that can be adjusted as necessary. Importantly, the visor bumper provides some extra padding in the forehead region, and the exterior of the helmet is made of polycarbonate plastic. The Woom logo on the helmet is reflective. And, similar to the line up of Woom bikes, the size of the Woom kids’ helmet is specifically designed for the physiology and head measurements of each age group.

Fastening the magnetic Fidlock magnetic clasp on the Woom bike helmet is a cinch - not a pinch
Detail view of the magnetic chin strap clasp on the Woom Kids Helmet
Extra bumper pads are included with the Woom Kids Bike Helmet

Additional Features Of The Woom Kids Bike Helmet

The Woom Kids Helmet is designed to cushion the head in case of a mountain bike accident, and it’s also incredibly comfortable. There are 24 different vents and four internal air channels built into the top to provide plenty of airflow. In addition, fly nets covering each vent. These allow air to flow through, but help keep pesky insects out. The side cords won’t twist up (in fact, they are untwistable!) and the helmet fastens securely to the head with a cleverly designed magnetic pinch-free buckle that fits under the chin.

You can see the fly netting in the vents of the Woom kid-sized bike helmet
Woom helmet review. Three-quarter view.

Colors and Sizes

The Woom Kids Helmet comes in five bright candy colors, including purple, blue, yellow, green, and red. Your child can choose his or her favorite! There are three sizes to choose from as well. Firstly, the small helmets are for heads that measure 18.9 to 20.9 inches in circumference. Secondly, the mediums will fit 20.5 to 22-inch heads.Finally, the largest is for kids with a head circumference of 21.7 to 23.6 inches. Each helmet comes with a size adjustment dial. However, for the best protection, you should measure your child’s head to see where it falls on the chart.

Final Thoughts On This Kid Lid

Your kids need a helmet that’s designed specifically for them. The Woom Kids Helmet proves this case, thanks to the additional coverage zones, bright colors, and extra features. Our test rider loves her helmet because she knows it helps keep her safe. She also thought the fit was comfortable and it looked cool. When you’re looking for your kid’s next helmet, know that this award winning design is not just a sized-down adult helmet – it has been crafted to fit children to provide the fit and protection parents want.

Five Big Deals On Mountain Bikes For Big Kids

Kids mountain bikes on sale

Deals On Mountain Bikes: Earlier this week, we ran through 10 great mountain bike options for NICA racers. We heard from some of you that the bikes we highlighted might be a bit outside your current disposable income window. We decided to start researching some less expensive mountain bikes that would be good for pre-teen/teen NICA riders. In the process, we ran across some killer deals on some 2018 bikes. If you want to buy new, the fall is almost always your best bet because shops are generally looking to get rid of remaining inventory to make room for newer models. While not super-light, these five mountain bikes have good quality components and are available now – but not for long!

Ghost Asket 4.9 AL 29 Bike (2018) for high school mountain bikers

Ghost Asket 4.9 AL 29 Mountain Bike (2018) | ONLY Small Size Left!

Ghost Asket is a modern trail hardtail at an affordable price. The Asket geometry concept includes a low top tube, slack steering angle, short rear and low bottom bracket to makes the ASKET a playful and comfortable all-around trail bike. The hydroformed aluminum alloy frame is strong, stiff and lightweight (28 lbs 7 oz). The SRAM 1×11 drivetrain offers a wide gear range and the hydraulic disc brakes and progressive rotors provide reliable stopping power. Maxxis Minion tires and 29” DT Swiss rims and hubs keep you rolling over whatever the trail has to offer.

Niner Air 9 1 Star 27.5+ (2018)

Niner Air 9 1 Star 27.5+ (2018)

Niner’s Air 9 stiff and light frame is made of hydroformed aluminum for optimal shock absorbsion and power transfer. The 2018 Air 9 features SRAM NX components giving it precise and reliable feel. The 1 x 11 drive train features an 11-42T cassette that to keep your rider pedaling through any grade. The Race Face cockpit is wide and low, offering optimal control. Niner’s 27.5 Alloy wheels have a low rotating weight and terrific integrity. Complete with a 120-millimeter Rockshox Judy fork up front, this bike is built to smooth out the trail. This 1-Star NX build completes the bike with 2.8-inch Maxxis Rekon+ tires that roll over loose rocks, bumpy roots, and other trail obstacles. The Niner Air 9 1 Star 27.5+ is available in sizes XS- L with a minimum stand-over height of 26.7 inches.

Diamondback Overdrive Carbon Pro 29 for NICA riders

Diamondback Overdrive Carbon Pro 29

The Diamondback Overdrive 29C 1 Carbon is a great lightweight race ready bike that’s surprisingly affordable. Overdrive 29C 1 Carbon components include RockShox’s Recon Gold RL fork with 100 mm of travel. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes will help your racer effectively control speed and the simple and precise SRAM NX single-ring drivetrain will keep them moving. The big 29inch wheels will maintain their speed incredibly well and roll easily over rock gardens and roots. Bonus: they’re also tubeless compatible. Diamondback Overdrive 29C 1 Carbon is available in S-XL and should fit riders ranging from 5’4” to 6’4″ with a minimum stand-over height of 30.5”.

Co-op Cycles DRT 2.1 mountain bike for kids

Co-Op Cycles DRT 2.1 Bike | ONLY Medium Size Left!

The Co-op Cycles flagship DRT 2.1 hard tail mountain bike will have your rider tackling rugged trails with confidence. The 27.5” tubeless ready wheels and wide 2.8” tires provide extra traction for easier climbing and cornering. The Air-sprung X Fusion 27.5+ suspension fork provides 120mm of travel and a remote lockout. The DRT 2.1 includes a 1 x 11 Shimano SLX drivetrain. The aluminum frame includes internal cable routing for a dropper post upgrade. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power on the trail. The DRT 2.1 is available in sizes XS-L with a minimum stand-over height of 26.7inches. (Medium size stand-over height = 28.8 – should fit riders 5’6”-5’9”)

Ghost Kato 7 27.5/29 kids mountain bike

Ghost Kato 7 27.5/29 Bike (2018)

The Ghost Kato 7 is a fast, agile aluminum hardtail with balanced geometry to climb efficiently and descend confidently. The RockShox FS 30 Silver TK shock provides 100mm travel to keep the ride feeling smooth. The Shimano SLX drivetrain is a 2×11 for 22 gears that are capable of tackling any trail; lets you shift quickly and precisely. The Alex MD 21 rims spin smoothly around Shimano hubs and with Continental X-King 27.5 or 29 in. x 2.2 in. tires for great traction. Small and Medium frame sizes have 27.5 in. wheels; Large and Extra-Large frames have 29 in. wheels. The Ghost Kato 7 is available in sizes S-XL with a minimum stand-over height of 26.4 inches.

Trailcraft Maxwell 26 Review

Trailcraft Maxwell 26 at Trailside Bike Park

Meet the Trailcraft Maxwell 26. You don’t have to worry about making any modifications to this kids’ mountain bike designed for 26 inch wheels unless you purchase one of the frame only sets. Our son Tyge had the chance to try out one of the Special Build models in orange with a 32-tooth chainring. The price of Maxwell 26 varies due to build options.

Trailcraft Maxwell 26 at Trailside Bike Park

Five Ways to Purchase A Maxwell 26

One of the most interesting things about the Trailcraft Maxwell 26 is the fact that you have five different options. You can purchase one of the ready to ride models, like the Pro XT M8000, the Pro Deore M6000, or the Special Build Maxwell 26. You could also buy just the Frame (which comes with the frame, the headset, the derailleur hanger, and the seat collar) or the Rolling Frameset Package. This makes it incredibly easy to customize (or not) for your kid’s exact needs.

Performance Boosters

This kids’ mountain bike has 28h Stans Crest MK3 wheels paired with Joytech Boost Hubs. For tires, you can choose from 2.25 inch Schwalbe Nobby Nics or a pair of 2.1 inch Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires. The aluminum spindle has 152mm direct-mount cranks and the Horst link suspension system is designed to take on an uneven patch of trail with ease.

Rockshox Judy air fork on Trailcraft Maxwell 26 kids' bike
Schwalbe Rocket Ron mountain bike tire on the Trailcraft Maxwell 26
Trailcraft Maxwell 26 kids' mountain bike
Trailcraft Maxwell 26 brand detail

Depending on which model you choose, the bike either comes with a Rock Shox Reba RL fork or a Rock Shox Judy fork. The former is on the Pro XT and the Deore models, while the others feature the latter. Since both options are designed for high performance, the choice really is yours.

A Rockshox Monarch RT with 120mm of travel is the rear shock for all Maxwell 26 builds. All models include a Trailcraft Precision Sealed Cartridge headse and Trailcraft lock-on grips.

At-A-Glance Numbers For The Trailcraft Maxwell 26 With Special Build

cost icon



standover height icon


26.5 inches

drivetrain icon


1 x 10

wheel size icon


26 inches

weight icon


About 26 pounds

age icon


Approx. 10 – 13

Brakes And Drivetrain

Our demo bike featured Shimano M396 hydraulic disc brakes. The more we have been able to demo and test kids’ bikes, the more our riders appreciate this brake technology. Well designed hydraulic brakes enable kids to control their speed efficiently without tiring out their hands and arms. This means longer rides and and more fun for the entire family.

The Maxwell 26 Special Build is powered by kids, but that power is sent to the wheels via a 1×10 Shimano drivetrain composed of a Zee 10 speed shifter with Deore derailleur. Our model even had a rear cassette with a 46-tooth ring.

Trailcraft Maxell 26 Special Build brake detail
Front chainring and crankset on Trailcraft Maxwell 26
Detail of rear drivetrain - Trailcraft Maxwell 26

Sizing Specs And Geometry

The Trailcraft Maxwell 26 is designed to fit young riders who are approximately 10 – 13 years old with a minimum inseam of 27 inches; and who are 4ft 10in tall to 5ft 2in tall. The chainstay length is 420mm (millimeters), while the wheelbase is 1.082m. The angle of the seat tube (74 degrees) and the head tube (68 degrees) are designed for comfort while on the trails. On top of this, the bottom bracket height is 320mm, and the standover height is 675mm. All of this adds up to a very well-designed mountain bike.

Not only is the Trailcraft Maxwell 26 a high performance, lightweight mountain bike designed specifically for kids, but it also comes in four different colors – neon green, deep orange, turquoise, and orange. Trailcraft branded Lizard Skins protective chain slap wraps are fashioned around the chainstay and seat stay tubes on the drive side. Cable ports for an internally routed dropper are included. The quick-release seat collar made it easy for Tyge to adjust the saddle height when the terrain told him to. It’s these details that make the ride even more enjoyable.

The Trailcraft Maxwell 26 is a full-suspension kids' bike

Riding The Trailcraft Maxwell 26

We say it over and over –  a proper fitting child’s mountain bike enables your young-un to benefit from all of the research and development that goes into a high performance bike like the Trailcraft Maxwell 26. Because our rider fit the bike so well, he was able to use it as it was intended.

Trailcraft Maxwell 26 getting put through its paces

Getting on the bike for the first time, our kid was immediately comfortable. The bars on our Maxwell 26 were about 10mm wider than his normal bike. This allowed him to have a more “open” stance as it forced his elbows out a bit more.

The 46t rear ring on the Maxwell 26 made climbing easier for our kid.

As previously mentioned, our demo bike featured a rear cassette with 46t ring. When we hit our first tough climb during a test ride, Tyge down shifted and started chugging away. After a ascending a couple dozen yards, he said “Wow. This is a lot easier than my other bike!” This bike’s drivetrain allowed our kid to obtain new heights when getting to the top of some hills. We did run into some hike-a-bike (for all of us) during our demo period, but again – the weight of this bike makes it easier to push it up a hill, too.

Trailcraft Maxwell 26 climbing the Big Thunder Mountain Trail
The Trailcraft Maxwell 26 handling the rough stuff
Good lightweight kid bikes are good for pushing too

When the trails we rode got technical on climbs and descents, the front and rear 120mm suspension performed beautifully. The lock out on the fork was used when climbing smooth surfaces and switched to the open position for choppy terrain. The Rocket Ron tires kept kept our rider on-trail and in control – even through a few loose sections on Thunder Mountain Trail.

The Maxwell 26 in the skate park
This artificial berm was no match for the Trailcraft Maxwell 26
The Trailcraft Maxwell 26 was very maneuverable in the terrain park

Maneuvering the bike through a terrain park and skate park were done with enjoyment and ease. The combination of the crankset length, bottom bracket height, and 26-inch wheels made getting through features and over obstacles a fun time on the bike.

The Trailcraft Maxwell 26 is one of the best kids' mountain bikes out there

Is The Trailcraft Maxwell 26 The Best Kids’ Mountain Bike?

Taking into account the build quality and weight of this bike, you’re not going to find anything better in the do-it-all category than the Trailcraft Maxwell 26. Pair it with a skilled rider and she or he will have no problem on XC rides, enduro races, dirt jumps and the in the bike parks. Compare it to other bikes. You will find that they are going to be heavier or not full-suspension. And remember, with the multiple build options Trailcraft offers, you can start with a fabulous frame and build this bike however you like.

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